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“Oh man, I wish you had a face I could see the look of, Gunthar,” Rainer said while catching his breath, Mana-Well in hand, “Because then…you…would,” The words coming out of his mouth ceased as he took in the scenery around him.

The sky was a deep crimson, filled with various pieces of rock in the distance. The land around him was an empty wasteland of black rock. Mountains and the occasional crag jutting up from the ground. Crumbled stone ruins dotted the distance.

Entering an unfamiliar world was not a new experience for Rainer. He immediately calmed his wayward thoughts as he reached for his Familiar bond. Still feeling his connection to Luna, and even a strange sense of direction toward her, most of his panic receded immediately.

He looked down at the Mana-Well in his hand, recalling the surge of magic that had exploded off the enchantment as the teleportation broke it. Such an explosion led him to slip from the void and land unto this world.

Rainer looked at his status checking his mana, much of which had been depleted from a combination of maintaining [Arcane Awakening] and using [Void-Walking].

[Primary Classes: Archon(2nd) Lvl 14/25, Chronomancer lvl 10/25]
[Titles: Immortal Slayer, Arcane Scholar, Fae Contractor, Arcane Elementalist, Manipulator of the Elements, Basic Elementalist, Dungeon Pioneer, Philanderer, Trollsbane, Wielder of Space and Time, Master of Space and Time, Wielder of Fire and Brimstone, Wielder of Light, Wielder of the Arcane, Energy Drainer, Voidwalker, One who defies Divinity]
[Exp: 16%, 98%]
[Sub-classes: None]
[Race: Human]
[Skill Points: 46]
[Talents: Excellent Arcane Affinity, Human Growth, Gift of the Fae(Luna)]
[Stamina: 6/30]
[Stamina Regen: .1% per second]
[Mana: 12/215]
[Mana Regen: .0206 per second]
[Arcane Power: 34/120]
[Conversion Ratio: 1-12]
[Arcane Aura:19/19]

[Constitution: 29(+2)]
[Affinity: 215]
[Vitality: 28(+2)]
[Endurance: 30(+2)]
[Strength: 28]
[Dexterity: 28]
[Intelligence: 210(+2)]
[Willpower: 103]
[Arcane Attunement: 120]
[Arcane Alacrity: 16]
[Gravity Control: 16]
[Aura Control: 19]
[Aura Attunement:19]
[Attribute Points: 37] 

He looked at the title he had received alongside [Voidwalker].

[Title Gained: Master of Space and Time]

[Master of Space and Time: A true master of the magic that controls the very fabric of the universe's existence. Space and time are no longer existences beyond this one's control. 15% Experience Bonus.]

[Experience Gained: 212%, Deferred]

He had not a clue how the deferred portion worked. Whether it was exclusive to [Chronomancer] or to any class, he reached the 2nd Tier with once more.

He then sensed for his connection to Luna. [Void-Walking] gave him a general feeling that he could Void-Walk using her as a target, but the mana cost was astronomical. Large enough to where he couldn’t fathom how he made it out of Earth in the first place. Something had either opened the way or provided a source of power. What that something was, escaped his knowledge.

And while he could set her as a target, he didn’t exactly know how to get there, even with more mana. It was a confusing feeling. Like looking at Luna’s location on a map but with a giant hole in the middle of it.

He took in his surroundings and opened [Spatial Domain] for a moment to make sure he was as alone as he appeared. But a strange sensation hit him.

The space…it feels…loose.

Loose was the only way Rainer could describe it. The very laws that held space together were weakened. He did a quick cast of [Gravity Domain] and the power of it multiplied in this world, cracking the ground beneath his target.

He reasoned that he had slipped through the void to here not just because of the Mana-Well but, more importantly, because of the weakness of this space. Otherwise, he assumed to have just ended up at his destination an immeasurable amount quicker.

He discounted it as an intentional act of the Divine power, even if it were capable of such a thing, why not just smite him directly? Such a premise did not, however, ease his anger. The Mana-Well was not even at the forefront of his rage.

He understood, why an object outside of the system might warrant such an action. An object of untold power. Whether he won it in the fight or lost it, he’d get over it eventually…


But forcing Gunthar to stay in Nalmar, Rainer could never let such an unreasonable action go.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud roar in the distance. He immediately used [Appraisal] on the horned blackened giant.

[Devil, Male, Devil Lord lvl 17]

Seeing its class Rainer only fired an [Arcane Bolt] toward the charging devil, that stood nearly twice his height. He had defeated a [Devil King] at a much lower level, and so only held little fear toward this creature.

And yet his bolt merely splashed into the skin. Rainer had no idea the [Devil King] he faced in the dungeon had been sealed. And while his Arcane Magic partially broke said seal, it hardly revealed the Devil’s true strength.

The [Devil Lord] reached Rainer in an instant slamming its fist toward him. No longer taking it lightly Rainer flared his [Arcane Awakening] and used [Gravity Domain] to jump backward. Forgetting the peculiarity of this world, he instead jumped straight into the sky.

He calmed himself and shut off [Gravity Domain] while forming another [Arcane Bolt] in his hand. Different from before and in his state of [Arcane Awakening] he charged the bolt with more power. Its violet light did not shine or spread outward, completely contained within the bolt. Such was the difference in attributes of Rainer now.

As he descended from the sky, the bolt shot forward, quiet as the wind, and hit the [Devil Lord]’s head. Its contained magical power ravaged the [Devil Lord]’s insides shattering his bones and killing him. He collapsed in a heap, life no longer present.

Gently using [Gravity Domain] Rainer slowed his descent and landed.

[Experience Gained: .01%, 63%]

[Chronomancer has leveled up to lvl 11/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. ]

He immediately canceled [Arcane Awakening] though he stayed alert. He needed to conserve his limited mana until he could recover. His focus did not falter for several minutes, but it seemed that the Devil had been alone.

The looseness of the space would help him home, but he needed some clue as to how to navigate the void. He opened the descriptions for both [Void-walking] and the subsequent title.

[Void-Walking: Step through the omnipresent void.]

There is no specification that it can even be used to travel between worlds…

He noted the spell itself was tier 7. It was created from the constant study of sciences and, importantly, reverse engineering of the only two spells he had known; [Arcane Bolt], and the one that was a spell no longer [Sleep Learning]. He recalled [Sleep Learning] did not require mana.

[Voidwalker: A being capable of crossing the omnipresent void. There is no path they cannot tread, no destination outside of their reach. 35% Experience Bonus.  Total 25% General Improvement to Space and Time Magic and Skills.]

A total bonus…

It was not additive but applied at the very end of all his bonuses; such was his inference in the past, and it had not changed.

Yet even the greatest ship in the world can accomplish little without a proper way of navigation. He had a target, in the form of Luna, but he lacked a path.

Omnipresent. Then it is not related to crossing worlds; crossing worlds is only a capability.

Even in such a situation where he may be stranded he could not help but grin at this prospect. And with the oddity of the space around him he had no better place to find a way to navigate through this void.

But first, he decided to recover his mana fully.

About 3 hours…

As his mana increased with his Affinity, the time to fully recover did not change much. But compared to his initial mana regeneration, 215 points of mana in 3 hours could not even be imagined.

He sat with his back against a rock and looked out in the distance toward the strange ruins that dotted the landscape. Within him existed a curiosity to explore, but the premise of more Devils in the surroundings kept him in place. He did not know why the [Devil Lord] was so much stronger than the [Devil King] he faced, only assuming it was related to the dungeon, in any case, having no wish to face one here despite his questions.

As the time passed, he kept a constant eye on his Familiar bond with Luna. He could get a general feel of her state. He was a bit confused, at her not panicking at his absence as the minutes passed, but knew of her faith in him and could only assume she was sure in his return.

As he waited, a strange genderless and emotionless voice resounded in his mind.


He felt a slight burning as the rune on his shoulder lit up through his clothes and out came his mysterious second familiar.

A translucent serpent of violet color. He took this chance to use [Appraisal] only to find it lacking as before.


He didn’t understand why it would be considered unknown, while the Mana-Well displayed a different result.


“Hello?” The serpent responded back.  It repeated the phrase a few more times, twisting its body a bit.

“What’s your name, little friend?”

“Has no name?” The serpent responded twisting in confusion eliciting a laugh from Rainer. He imagined a dog tilting its head.

“Then how about I give you a name?” Seeing no response, Rainer assumed it was something he could do as the Familiar’s master. It stands to reason, he thought, that a parent altered the system when naming their child.

“Are you a boy or a girl?” Rainer asked as he thought of names but the serpent only twisted in response. Just now, he realized, that the serpent had willingly come out when he wasn’t in danger.

So not only is the space strange, is this place free from whatever influence is after it…?

“Then for now let’s go with Little Snake,” Rainer struggled to think of a name, lacking anything identifiable other than its serpent form.

Little Snake did not seem to mind, wrapping around Rainer’s arm in contentment before retreating into the rune, not providing him a chance to ask any more questions. After a few attempts at trying to get Little Snake to come back out, he gave up. It was likely still afraid, only wanted to explore a bit.

He sat and thought over ideas for using [Void-Walking] while waiting for his mana to recover enough. During this wait, he refilled his Arcane Power to the maximum.

Not wanting to waste too much time, Rainer stopped resting when his mana had reached 50. He knew not how reliable his connection with Luna was regarding sensing if she was in danger, and decided to make haste. He, however, made a point to memorize the feel of this space before leaving, in the hope of replicating it in [Sleep Learning].

Rainer opened [Spatial Domain] and activated [Arcane Awakening] half way. He prepared to use [Void-Walking]. He, of course, did not target Luna but a space in front of him. Focusing and activating the Magic, he stepped forward, into the void and found himself instantly at his destination a few feet away. Only a flash of blackness, nearly imperceptible, occurred. Were it not for his intelligence surpassing 300 under the effects of [Arcane Awakening], this sight would never enter his perception.


It was, of a far different nature to that of the [Arch-Lich]’s he discerned, but it accomplished the same nonetheless.

But even in his giddiness, he was no closer to discovering how to reach Luna. He spent only a single point of mana moving this small distance. Though he imagined, the cost would not be so cheap in a normal world.

He repeated [Void-walking] trying to get a grasp on the brief flash of the void he experienced. Extending forward his will and activating [Arcane Sight] he hoped for his [Archon] class to get him the rest of the way.

As he consumed nearly 40 Mana, he had gained the skill he desired. It left him partially thankful for ending up here. He had no idea if he could use [Void-Walking] in [Sleep Learning] and without the strangeness of this world he certainly couldn’t use [Void-Walking] so easily.

[Skill Gained: Void Detection lvl 1/10]

[Void Detection: Extends one senses out into the omnipresent void.]

Now, even without using [Void-Walking], Rainer could glimpse into the void. He too no longer needed to use [Spatial Domain] in picking his target. Yet it was only feeling; he still lacked the ability to truly see even with the aid of [Arcane Sight].

Rainer sat down and held his back straight. Every part of his will focused on his Familiar bond. He extended [Void Detection] as he tried to find the path to her.

[Void Detection has reached level 2]

He could not openly navigate such a distance yet, but with the aid of Luna’s location, he knew he could reach her and her world. Even if the actual distance within the void was hardly larger, the mana cost grew astronomically.

He was stuck.

Even with the benefit of the space he had not a clue how to make up for the mana cost. After recovering his mana for a bit, he went out into the plain of black rock and toward the nearest ruin. He constantly thought over possibilities as he made his way forward, though he took breaks looking over some of his newly gained skills and titles.

An occasional use of [Spatial Domain] to check behind jutting crags and rock formations told him he was still alone.

[One who defies Divinity: To resist the power of Divinity, to deny their providence, to ignore their proclamation. One who stands above normalcy and complacency. Cannot Channel Divine Power. 50% Bonus Experience. Hidden from Divine Sight.]

[Divine Resistance: Improves one’s resistance against all forms of Divine Power.]

[Arcane Awakening: Final Arcanum: Unleash upon your target the full power of Arcane Awakening in a single instant at the cost of all one’s Arcane Power. Temporarily disconnects one from their Mana pool. ]


As he looked over this ability, he remembered the skill description of [Arcane Energy Manipulation]. It had confused him slightly at the time, but he gave it no further thought, until now.

[Arcane Energy Manipulation: Allows the user to directly manipulate his own Arcane Energy and pull on Arcane Energy that exists beyond this dimension. Mastery will improve all Arcane skills and spells.]

Pull on Arcane Energy that exists beyond this dimension.

He only cared about this point when he first gained the skill because it reduced the cost of Arcane spells.

The whole reason he could use [Void-Walking] to cross back into Nalmar was because some Divine power had already opened the pathway for him. If his issue were too little mana, he would simply use another source.

Rainer decided to rest in the first ruin he reached, and recover his mana fully before his attempt. He used [Arcane Sight] every so often, along with [Spatial Domain] to try and get a feel for the space around him. He soon reached the closest ruin.

He looked at the crumbling stone construction in front of him. He knew not what it was in the past, only a cornered wall it appeared now. Its grey stone contrasted the black rock that covered the whole landscape. After wiping away the dust that covered the small floor of gray stone, he sat down.

He took out the Mana-Well he kept in the coat pocket often saved for Luna. The plain black cube occasionally glowed with blue runic lines. He cycled through his draining skills in a simple test, the most relevant one, [Mana-Drain], had no effect.

Not noticing it before, Rainer could now feel something off about the Mana within the Mana-Well. As if it had a different quality to it. He imagined this was the primary issue in using it directly for magic.

[Stone Block]

[Devil’s Rock]

He took a moment to use [Appraisal] on the material around him. He wished to know what these stones were made of, but his [Appraisal] did not give any truly useful information.

Lacking his spatial rings, and not in a position to take a nap, he instead spent his time working on a weave to replicate the string of a guitar, using as little Arcane Power as he could manage. In his work time passed, yet just before his mana returned to his maximum, he felt a distressing sensation from his Familiar bond with Luna.

He stood up immediately, but he knew he couldn’t rush. If he failed, he would be forced to wait for another shot. He focused on Luna’s location with [Void Detection]. At the same time, he began casting [Void-Walking] while manipulating Arcane Energy.

He brought [Arcane Awakening] to 100% and focused on the pathway to Luna. He grasped for more and more Arcane Energy and his plan came to fruition. A pathway tore open, yet it was still not enough, he judged the mana cost still too high.

Torrents of Arcane Energy rushed by Rainer as he drew more power, tearing apart his magically constructed clothes leaving his chest bare. He could feel the energy burning against his skin.

[Arcane Resistance has reached level 2]

He ignored the pain as he pulled more and more. Streams of Arcane Energy radiated out behind him attracting the attention of Devils. The violet light shining against the black stone beneath.

The stomping of feet rang out in the background, but they were far too late as Rainer vanished through the open pathway. In an imperceptibly longer time, he arrived just a small distance away from Luna.

[Arcane Awakening] still flared to its maximum, Rainer prepared to fight even having only a fourth of his mana remaining.


Nothing was wrong.

Kara hugged Gunthar as Luna grabbed the top of his head. Neither paid any attention to Rainer, apart from a longing glance of Kara’s at his half-naked form, as if he had not been missing.

“Of course, the Sorcerer would only need to spend a few dozen extra seconds to take the Mana-Well away from a Divine Power…” Gunthar responded after seeing Rainer appear.

“How could Gunthar have any doubt, after he brought Gunthar back too. Luna already knew the conclusion. Luna was never worried. ”

Rainer immediately understood. He had not felt panic from Luna, but rather joy. It was an influx of emotion that he mistook for something negative. The existence of the place he had been at only grew stranger, realizing he was not gone for long at all.

For now, he was only glad to make it back.

Night surrounded the party, with the only source of light the stars and the torches on the wall surrounding the dungeon.

“Let’s get someplace warmer,” Rainer said. With his attributes, he was not cold as he was before, but he could still tell it had gotten colder, and the feeling was unpleasant to his bare chest. He noted that on top of the suitcases was exactly the rewarded coat Rainer had thrown away in anger. Theodore had taken everything that had been previously dropped.

Rainer walked over giving a thankful nod to Theodore as he put his rings back on. He [Appraised] the coat, bringing him a sense of joy at having taken both the original and new reward from the Divine power.

[Overcoat of Arcane Constitution: A coat of Arcane Enchantment. 1/4 of its wearer’s Arcane Attunement is added to constitution.]

One fourth, in other words doubling my constitution to nearly 60... I’ll need to test this…

Rainer knew the power of such a thing. He imagined normal arrows and swords may not even be able to harm him at all under [Arcane Awakening]. At the very least nothing beyond his skin. He did not believe it equal to the Mana-Well, but it seemed the Divine powers hadn’t been completely against him giving such an item.

His anger toward nearly losing Gunthar, however, did not change in any way. He slipped on the long black overcoat with faint violet runic lines across it, to Luna’s complaint.

“Humph. Rainer no longer cares about Luna. Now where Luna sleep?”

“Can’t you just make a pocket on this coat?”

“Luna doesn’t want to hear such afterthoughts. Rainer should have consulted Luna first.”

“Ah, you’re right Luna. Then I won’t ask you to make a pocket; you can travel on your own now. You’ve gotten bigger,” He responded with a grin.

Luna’s original pouting face changed as she flew over to Rainer.

“Luna was only kidding, Luna will make pocket right away,” She said as she also reconstructed Rainer’s missing shirt.

As the group made their way past the wall, unstopped by the guards, Rainer realized they had left all their money back at the Baron’s guest mansion.

“Looks like we should head back instead, we can’t exactly afford a room.”

No one disagreed, but after two hours of walking, Kara fell behind the group only standing still with her arms held out. Rainer chuckled as he recalled his earlier promise and after picking her up began casting [Arcane-Wind Ascent], encompassing the whole group. At a far different power from when he first traveled this way, he easily carried the whole group the rest of the way to Grimlar’s pass, cutting down the travel time to only a couple hours.

He landed outside of the town. Recognizing the Lord Magus, guards made no effort to block his way and opened the gate, despite the late hour. Though, one left to inform the Baron.

As Rainer walked through the town, he regretted not having Luna make him a cloak. Even at this time of night the few outside all could not help but stare at Rainer as he passed. Kara acted not even the slightest as a guard and instead wrapped her arm around him as they walked.

Back in civilization and recalling the possibility of Fae, Rainer posed a question to Theodore.

“Hey Theodore, can [Soul Detection] tell the difference between races?”

“It can. Given our current group, I imagine it shouldn’t take you long.”

“Are you worried about more Fae?” Kara asked.

“Always,” And Demons, Rainer mentally added. But given the power of [Soul Detection] he had an advantage. He could easily assume any Demons or Fae he detected to be his enemy.

He used [Soul Detection] and alternated between any people he could detect, Kara, and Luna. Gradually he got a feel for the difference. He did not know what that difference meant, only that it existed.

[Soul Detection has reached level 2]

Such a conclusion he gained from the [Archon] assisted level up.

As they reached a dozen feet from their mansion’s gate Rainer harshly called out.

“Stop…there’s Fae inside…”

He narrowed his eyes as he felt the presence of two Fae Souls within his mansion. Of all the actions these Fae agents had done to him, ignoring past transgressions to Luna, nothing angered him more when they had been watching him outside of his house.

And now they were inside. Acting as if the place were their own.

“Step Back; I won’t give them a chance even to know their cause of death.”

[Arcane Awakening] flared to 100% and Rainer began channeling two Mana packets.

From within the mansion, Elru had sensed Rainer activating [Arcane Awakening]. She, of course, only knew that it was like the magic she failed to track beyond the forest. He had returned far earlier then he mentioned to the Baron.

She felt two powerful surges of Mana and instantly rushed toward her aide. Runes flared across her body, shining through her mithril armor as long white hair flowed through the air.

She grabbed her aide and in response to a massive surge of Magic formed a bubble around them desperately trying to fly outside the building. But taking the time to grab her aide, she was too late to escape the magic fully.

A pillar of Arcane-Fire erupted from the sky and the ground, engulfing the mansion in a coalescence of Arcane and Flame. The massive pillar lit the entire city in a powerful violet light as the sound of combustion and explosion rang out.

Both are still alive…

He needed not to use [Soul Detection] as he watched a Fae, carrying another, fly away. Burns were slightly visible on both, yet with [Mana Detection] he could determine the primary Fae was injured but not weakened. Rainer thought to pursue, but his [Appraisal] told him otherwise.

[Fairy, Female, Justicar(2nd) lvl 18, Grand Rune Knight(2nd) lvl 9]

Perhaps an intentional lowering of her guard, Rainer thought as he easily appraised her.

Instead, he cast a [Spear of Arcane-Fire] in his hand. The spear glowed vibrantly as he charged it further with power. The moment it launched, another instantly formed. He recalled the strange runic power of the [Grand Rune Knight] from before to phase out of his magic.

The violet spear hummed as it soared at an unmanageable speed toward its target. A streak of Arcane-Fire lined the night sky.

From nothingness, a spear of blue light formed in the [Justicar]’s hand and coalesced into a solid weapon. It shined in runic patterns as she swung with one arm toward Rainer’s magic, her body and weapon improved with Runes and Mana.

Rainer’s [Arcane Awakening] closed the gap partially between their levels, yet for one as old as Elru, who had all four of her subclass slots filled, 2 with level 25 1st Tier classes, as well as her second 2nd Tier Primary class equipped, it was not enough.

Her spear collided with Rainer’s sending her flying back, after which she accelerated even further, out of Rainer’s reach.

Reluctantly Rainer dissipated the second [Spear of Arcane-Fire] in his hand.

For her to block the magic like that, she could have likely just as well dodged even at the spear’s speed, it’s good I didn’t chase her alone…

Rainer gripped his hair as he looked at his destroyed mansion, the combusting Arcane-Fire already ran its course, and the guards led by the Baron ran toward him. He quite liked the place and imagined Charles certainly didn’t wish to see it destroyed. He, however, having the set of armor for the Baron knew, Charles would be more than forgiving.

“Theodore, do you mind staying around for a while?” Rainer asked knowing an ambush from such a Fae would be dangerous.

“I am in no hurry to leave, Rainer,” Both him and Gunthar were completely covered wearing masks and a cloak, alongside their enchanted armor.

Rainer nodded with a thankful smile as they awaited the Baron’s men to reach them.

Elru landed far outside of the town as she used the stored mana in one of her rings to heal her aide.

Level 14…

Elru thought with surprise. Yulia, Elru reasoned, had to have known Elru would at least appraise the [Archon] before fighting him, so there would be no reason to lie.

And that [Holy Guardian]. I have never heard of such a class. Yulia left out too much. I need to find a way to speak with the [Archon]. I cannot even be sure he even has a Fairy. It is far too convenient for the [Archon] to supposedly hide her presence so perfectly.


She thought in anger once more as she looked down at her injured aide. The [Archon]’s strength far surpassed the information given. The [Archon] as well was a legendary class, and as a legend, it was difficult to know what exactly was true from the stories leading her to underestimate him in many ways.

He had caused her to consume one of her one-time use Runes to escape his first spell largely unharmed. It would not be easy to replace.

She watched on in shock as it took her a far larger effort to heal the burns on her aide. Different from the earlier Fae, Elru’s powerful attributes allowed her to overcome the damage of Arcane-Fire and properly heal her aide, though at a far larger cost than normal.

She carried her unconscious aide farther into the forest, lest the [Archon] give chase.

“Lord Magus,” Charles called out, avoiding using Rainer’s name in public. He rode on his [Adult Nightmare] and wore but casual clothes and a sword.

“It’s alright Charles, let’s head back to your mansion to talk.”

Heading back, with minor discussion along the way, they soon entered Charles's office. Rainer spoke first.

“I’m sorry Charles, someone seeking me, stayed in my home. I couldn’t restrain myself and I made a mess.”

“It’s alright…It is I who should not have allowed an intruder.”

“Its fine, rather allow them in the future, no sense in you dying over it. On the note of you dying,” Rainer said as he waved his hand and produced a full set and sword.

[Grand Paladin’s Full Plate Set: An enchanted full set of plate armor and helm of blessed steel: +18 Constitution, +18 Endurance, +18 Strength, +9 Aura Attunement]

[Grand Paladin’s Sword: An enchanted sword of blessed steel: +6 Strength, +6 Dexterity, +6 Aura Attunement.]

“Return them whenever,” Rainer said, truly having little attachment to the items. 

The shock on the Baron’s face when he lifted the sword and checked his own status screen was worth the effort.

“I…do not know what to say….”

“Then don’t. Just come back alive.”

“That, I shall do Rainer. No matter your offer you have at least my undying gratitude, whatever that may be worth to you.”

“It’s plenty,” Rainer said as he left the room. They had discussed along the way a part of the Baron’s mansion he could stay.

As they walked toward that part, Rainer noticed the maids leaving the section of the mansion pausing to stare at him. The effect of his charisma showing its might. Rainer titled his head at one maid who was frozen in front of his new room. Her friend needed to rush back and drag her away, causing her face to blush.

The party entered the windowless room with laughter.

They would be going through their spoils. But first, Rainer took out the research notes for creating an immortal body.

The process and ingredients numbered many, and circled in the center was the Unicorn Heart with different parts branching from it. Rainer concluded the ritual had been designed off the Unicorn Heart.

“To think I came across an injured Unicorn outside of their usual territory. Legendary beings rumored of an immortality surpassing even the tenacious trolls. A true being of powerful Magic brought down with but a single blow. How fragile, the living. The flesh I seek, perhaps this body holds the answer…” Rainer read the note left by the [Arch-Lich].

“4 vials of Draconic essence,” Rainer immediately recalled the spoiled ones in the mage towers and understood dozens of those would be needed, “The intact body of a True Vampyr…”

Rainer handed the paper over to Theodore afterward, a variety of strange ingredients he could barely pronounce were included, having no useful translation for him.

“Only the Unicorn Heart, the essence, and the True Vampyr should be of real issue…”

“We have more than enough blood of Scaled-Wyvern, enough for two rituals and the one eventually to be born from the [Incubation Ring]. I imagine it won’t be hard for the Sorcerer to learn the method for extracting the essence with your aid.”

Theodore nodded in agreement.

“Once the issue of that Fae is put on hold, I will begin scouting your Northern lands. Do not worry for me,” Theodore added after seeing the strange looks he drew, “I will stay on the outskirts. I only wish to gather the full extent of the land where the weakening begins.”

“Good. I should be able to head right to you through Luna, as well.”

“I had wondered how you fought against that teleportation, Sorcerer. It seems your world-traveling extends beyond the accidental now. To turn the interface of the Divine into your own benefit, how can I expect anything less.”

“You should rest Rainer,” Theodore spoke, “I will be using [Soul Detection] throughout the night. None shall approach without forewarning.”

Just before Theodore left the room the word [Incubation Ring] finally hit him. He rushed over in front of Rainer.

“You…have an [Incubation Ring]. That I can only assume you are feeding with your abnormal mana…”

“It is a Scaled-Wyvern Egg, and Little Wolf is assisting in feeding it as well,” Gunthar in a rare moment of being on the opposite side of shock happily added.

“Incredible! Utterly Incredible! But then if I leave I may miss its hatching…” Theodore mumbled to himself, “Excellent, I shall postpone my trip until the egg is hatched. Rainer, you must learn to create Draconic Essence as soon as possible lest you are late for the hatching.”

Just as Theodore was about to speak more, he looked at Rainer’s tired face and instead excused himself to guard duty. Gunthar chuckled slightly as he followed his Father, quite happy at his change in mood as of late.

Luna already slept in his pocket, and as Theodore and Gunthar left the windowless room, Kara resisted the urge to jump onto Rainer. Following the Death of the [Arch-Lich] they had been awake for over 24 hours, and Rainer too had expended his mana pool numerous times leaving him exhausted.

The two quietly laid in bed as Rainer used [Sleep Learning] to level his [Arcane Bolt of Death], [Arcane-Deathbolt], and subsequently [Arcane-Death Manipulation]. He had a long day ahead to look through all the tomes he collected but had not even opened. Most were not tomes of magic but explanations on enchantment. And therefore, he used [Sleep Learning] on auto-pilot.

He awoke to a few messages after sleeping a bit longer than the usual 8.

[Arcane Bolt of Death has reached level 10]

[Reached the maximum proficiency of a Tier 3 spell: Rewarding 3 skill points.]  

[Arcane-Deathbolt has reached level 4]

As a tier 4 spell, Rainer was already surprised at gaining 4 level in auto-pilot, only assuming it was less complex than his other tier 4 spells.

[Arcane-Death Manipulation has reached level 3]     

Gunthar, Luna and Kara across from him seemed to be organizing all the books, tomes, and notes collected. Kara, unable to read the language, provided the muscle for the small fairy.

Rubbing his eyes, Rainer walked over to the stack that seemed to be related to enchanting. The term Arcane Enchantment on his new coat had brought him great interest. And until it was time to use [Sleep Learning] again Rainer had no intention of practicing new magic outside of it.

Kara smiled as she watched the tired look on Rainer’s face instantly vanish as he opened the first book on enchantment.

“Thanks for the help.”

“It is of no issue, Sorcerer, I cannot wait to see your creations.”

“Luna says it is of issue. Luna expects a proper reward,”

Kara licked her lips as Luna spoke and added on, “Add me to the list.”

“Those who hold out their hands in prayer, cannot choose the miracle that comes to them…” Gunthar whispered, understanding Kara’s implication, to her entertainment. She had gradually grown less embarrassed by Gunthar’s reactions.

Rainer looked down at the first book; Gunthar seemed to have ordered them in some manner.

He would start with the very basics of enchantment. Opening the book, quite literally titled the Basics of Enchantment.

Enchantment is based on three principles: Mana, Change, and Runes. Mana is the source, of which is needed in massive quantity for even simple enchantments. Change is to alter the very reality of the object or to store such a reality change within it. And it is then the Runes which guide this mana and this change into the desired effect.

The basic skills were listed after, giving Rainer an idea of what he was required and the benefit his [Archon] class would then give him.

General Enchantment, Mana Object Infusion, Runic Engraving, Faraan Runic Language, Mana Manipulation.

All those who study enchantment begin with the basic and yet most difficult requirement, and that is to Manipulate Mana.

With great interest, Rainer read just how different the methods of an entirely different world would be from his own.

Fredrick Nvos could only give a self-depreciating laugh at the result he received. He had paid a hefty price to have someone use divination magic to see if Rainer was still alive and try to find his location. Rainer was very much alive, yet the location could not be seen. Fredrick could only assume Rainer went somewhere beyond this world.

Fredrick, however, couldn’t get the spell working beyond what he already accomplished. He had an idea to how Rainer went beyond this world. It was the very seal he placed on Rainer to keep him out of trouble. He placed it so that the council would agree to ignore the presence of another Arcanist and keep him a secret, and extend their protection as well.

An Arcanist was a threat to all mages, and while attacking Fredrick as he was now would be mutually assured destruction, Rainer not so. Add on to that, Rainer’s horrible talent with mana, Fredrick thought, and it would be many years before Rainer could fight even a common mage equally.

Fredrick, of course, didn’t fully count on their word. He constantly loaded the seal with additional power whenever he would meet with Rainer. It had little offensive purposes but would form a powerful barrier for a short period. Long enough for help to arrive. It was a unique feature of the seal, and in no way, was it designed to be used as a power source for anything else. Such a thing shouldn’t have been possible…

And yet it likely was…

Looking at the spell of Rainer’s in front of him, he couldn’t help but wonder if he made the wrong choice. If he had at least offered Rainer to hide away for several decades, if not longer, and properly become able to defend himself, that the conclusion may have been different.

Sarah, Rainer’s sister, did not let either him or Rainer’s mother forget that she had opposed keeping him in the dark from the start. She refused even to talk to Fredrick as of late.

Fredrick returned his focus onto the spell in front of him.


A note from Aternus

Thanks to the kind offers of several readers I have decided to open up a Pateron account, with the link right below here. I don't plan on artificially lowering my release rate, so until I reach a point where I am far enough ahead of my 18,000-word goal, I'm afraid I cannot offer any proper rewards beyond my continued hard-work. XD 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my story! :)

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