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The group walked deeper into the forest, choosing not to take the road, as they followed Luna’s direction toward the nearest World Tree Dungeon. This happened to be next to what was considered the largest town in the province. They needed to avoid using Kara's werewolf form, in case they were seen. meaning the indirect trip would take them a few days, lacking horses. Gunthar would be spending this time making sure Rainer was preparing as much as possible for the challenge that awaited him.

Rainer had some concerns as to why there was already a couple strong parties close by enough to take advantage of the changed dungeon, but any reason they were originally here for he believed his party could handle.

Realized that original 1 month was waaaaay too far, no idea where I came up with that. And it also made it seem like all the stone used for construction was just magically teleported along with all the hunters at the dungeon. This is why I usually let a chapter sit for a day before I post Tongue

Rainer already regretted the decision to take a roundabout way as they walked in the forest. However, his complaining thoughts ignored his lack of money and that it wasn’t so much a decision but a necessity. Made even more so apparent as Kara explained why she had a conflict with the Baron.

“He was quite irritating. Especially since he inherited his position quite early as his father retired to prepare for his 2nd class Quest,” Kara said as she explained her conflict with the very city they were heading to. “It wasn’t too much of an issue until I wrongly assumed he was even a fraction as capable as his father. He tried to grab my tail, and I threw my drink at him. But being the incapable one that he is he got cut with glass. We left immediately after and I do not know if I am wanted in the city.”

“What do you think the chances are that his father has reached the 2nd class by now?”

“None at all. He’ll likely train and prepare for several more years if not decades before he attempts it. Even then he’ll probably fail as a vast majority do.”

Kara herself was worried about Rainer wanting to try it so soon after hitting Level 25. Rainer’s primary goal was to return to Nalmar in time to finish the quest, but even with all his abilities beyond his powerful class she couldn’t help but worry.

Luna being able to go with him and him wanting to stay in town to train for as long as he could are the things that stopped her from outright kidnapping Rainer and holding him hostage for 6 months. That and the insanity of such an action. Either way, she’d try to convince him when they finally settled into town to abandon the quest. Gunthar had come with them; there was little reason in her mind to return. 

“Then who cares. Not even mentioning you, but I doubt there is anyone below the 2nd class as strong as me when under [Arcane Rage].” He said while rechecking his improved level 25 status.

[Primary Classes: Arcanist Lvl 25/25]
[Titles: Arcane Scholar, Fae Contractor, Arcane Elementalist, Dungeon Pioneer, Philanderer, Trollsbane, Immortal Slayer, Wielder of Space and Time]
[Exp: XX]
[Sub-classes: None]
[Race: Human]
[Skill Points: 17]
[Talents: Excellent Arcane Affinity, Human Growth, Gift of the Fae(Luna)]
[Stamina: 15/16]
[Stamina Regen: .1% per second]
[Mana: 63/63(67)]
[Mana Regen: .0048 per second]
[Arcane Power: 36/36]
[Conversion Ratio: 1-8]
[Arcane Aura: 5/5]

[Constitution: 13(+2)]
[Affinity: 67]
[Vitality: 12(+2)]
[Endurance: 14(+2)]
[Strength: 14]
[Dexterity: 14]
[Intelligence: 65(+2)]
[Willpower: 24]
[Arcane Attunement: 36]
[Aura Control: 5]
[Aura Attunement: 5]
[Attribute points: 6]

“Sorcerer, are you referring to that ability of yours that causes your magic to surge and you to glow with its power?”

“Yeah at full power it increases my attributes by 80 or more percent,” Rainer said hoping to surprise Gunthar again, but to his disappointment, he immediately changed the subject. Though in paying attention to Gunthar Rainer had missed how Kara’s eyes lit up at the revelation.

“It should be useful in training your aura then. Either way, we need to start with the basic Aura skills.” Gunthar responded quite commonly, though his lack of facial expressions as a skeleton hid any visible emotions.

As they talked, Kara took the lead through the forest on the lookout for anything of concern. It was Rainer’s assumption that the reason there were already parties of higher level hunters nearby was because there was a monster that required their attention.

Though now the dungeon had taken away their attention from such a thing.

“Aura can be divided into 4 primary skills. Manipulation, Cladding, Manifestation, and Enhancement. Manipulation is the general control of Aura and is required for every other skill we will…”

“I already have General Aura Manipulation.”

“Then Cladding…” Gunthar said without missing a beat.

“I already have Cladding,” Rainer said as he covered his hand in a thin amount of Arcane Aura. Different from direct Manipulation this Aura was only visible to those who can detect it.

“Then Enhancement!”

“I don’t have that yet.”

“Hah!” Gunthar triumphantly pointed at Rainer before he realized he hadn’t won anything. Rather Rainer just ignored years of Gunthar's hard work and now he’d have to watch it all over again with Enhancement and Manifestation. In this case, he’d just prefer if Rainer knew them all already.

“I assume you used that strange sleeping ability of yours. Then I will simply explain and demonstrate everything before we move on to something else and you can just practice it, while...sleeping…” The frustration in Gunthar’s voice was evident. 

He had to a degree looked forward to actual training with Rainer, but now it seemed he would be little different than a talking book. The idea of Rainer’s Academy came to mind brightening his mood back up.

“All Aura skills are based on these four. Kara’s skill to lighten her blades is a combination of Enhancement and Cladding. My Aura blade I’ve modeled after your magic is based primarily on Manifestation and Manipulation."

“Cladding is at its base to mold aura as a protective force around you, but it can be repurposed. Kara clads her blades and then uses enchantment on that clad to alter the weight in the simplest terms. Manifestation wields the aura in an offensive manner. Enhancement increases the power of the body or changes the property of Aura. Manipulation is at the center of all of this and brings the Aura forward or shapes it.

Gunthar had Kara demonstrate Enhancement a few times as Rainer looked on with [Aura Detection]. This continued as the group made their way forward until nightfall. Gunthar showed his Aura Blade a few times for Rainer to watch, but Rainer would focus his [Sleep Learning] on his enhancement.

They found a large enough clearing where they could make camp. Gunthar would stay on guard the whole night needing no sleep as an undead allowing Rainer and Kara to rest as they pleased. Though just before they went to sleep Rainer needed to check something.

“Gunthar spar with me.”

Gunthar shot over excited, but Rainer seeing that immediately clarified.

“I just need you to test if my Cladding is stronger than it should be. I have 5 Aura control and Attunement along with level 3 in the Cladding skill.”

“Punch me in the chest with an Aura Clad fist, use a single point of aura in cladding it,” Gunthar said slightly disappointed though he was curious in what exactly Rainer wished to test.

Rainer did as told, and Gunthar clad himself in Aura. Having [Bare-Fist Fighting] at level 1, Rainer, while not a fighting expert in any manner Rainer punched quite well. Yet Gunthar budged not an inch, as if a stone wall.

The cladding encompassed not only his skin but also his bone and muscle meaning apart from the minor shock that traveled up his arm Rainer was mostly unharmed.

“I guess it doesn’t apply,” Rainer said prematurely seeing Gunthar not even affected. But within Gunthar’s head, he couldn’t believe how strong Rainer’s cladding was with only a single point of Aura.

“I do not know what you mean, but your Aura is beyond abnormal…”

Rainer grew ever more excited concerning his Aura training at the mention of this.

“I guess once more, Sorcerer, that this is a result of your class.”

“Correct,” Rainer said not paying attention and staring at his own fist.

“Well, I have some preparations to make,” Rainer spoke while Kara went off to meditate and Gunthar as well.

As Rainer sat down, he recalled how useful the Arcane Weaved chain was and began creating it once more. He was in no hurry as he weaved the Arcane energies as strong as he could. With the spatial ring, he didn’t need to worry about the upkeep as he could just store it away. Though until he could create his own space he’d have to resort to manually taking it out of the ring and not being able to attach it to a spell.

Getting an idea he tried adding in his Aura and while it strengthened the chain, his control over it lessened prompting him to abandon his idea for now. He spent the next hour making the chain as tough as he could manage while also making sure it didn’t drain too much Arcane Power to maintain it. Having his Arcane Power depleted just taking the chain out of the spatial ring would certainly not be an ideal situation. 

With the sun completely set Kara and Rainer prepared to go to sleep, with Luna already tucked away still tired from her ordeal. Both Rainer and Kara filled the [Incubation Ring] with Mana and Aura. Rainer only gave it a bit of his Arcane Aura and left the rest to fill for Kara per Gunthar's direction. 

“Where do you think we should stay once we get in town?” Kara asked as Rainer and her laid together.

“Hopefully I’m right about the higher level parties being here due to a monster hunt. Should be easy enough for us to make enough money and maybe we can buy a house of some sort. It wouldn’t be bad to have a place to call home, if only for a little while. I can personally speak with the lord’s father. I have an extra [Ring of the Nalmar Knighthood] I can offer. I doubt he’d refuse such a thing given his current goal. I’d rather not have even another enemy unless I need to.”

“That would be enjoyable…”Kara said while closing her eyes and hoping they could stay there longer than he planned. Seeing that Rainer’s Aura was even affected by his class made her even more fearful at the trial he would face. 

Demons, herself partially included, respected power. She always enjoyed the feeling of Rainer’s Arcane power, but this did not mean she wanted him to take such a risk to get stronger.

Late at night, nature called. Rainer got up gently from Kara and nodded to Gunthar still awake on guard before he went into the forest. After sleeping for a few hours, he hadn’t had any success with Enhancement. Perhaps because he already learned to clad from internal protection, he struggled to change that into an Enhancing force instead.

Manifestation was even worse from his few experiments. Every time he would just call upon extra Arcane Power instead of Aura. But, he didn’t particularly desire this skill. He had a small Aura capacity, and he certainly wouldn’t be using it on attacks.

He checked Luna was still sleeping in his pocket before starting his business in the forest.

Immediately after Rainer found himself overtaken with a thought, exploration.

He walked straight into the forest intent on the search for something of interest. Several minutes had passed before Rainer finally understood what was happening. Were it not for his fear of getting lost and his [Mental Resistance] he would not have so easily escaped the implanted thought.

A key point of mind magic is unless you have significant power over the target you cannot get them to do something that deeply disagrees with their personal being, such as getting Rainer to kill himself.

Fira had tapped into Rainer’s natural curiosity, but his fear of getting lost was eventually stronger. She had set a trap further ahead of where Rainer was walking, but now she had to act unprepared, they were too close to the town, and she had overheard Rainer's conversation of attempting his 2nd advancement. Though, she missed the part where he would train for a while. 

Immediately Rainer activated [Spatial Domain] and [Arcane Rage] shaking off the magic that had been affecting him. He upped it to 21% and empowered his 8 armed [Arcane Bolt]s, something now possible at level 6 of [Arcane Energy Manipulation].

Slowly he extended [Spatial Domain], but felt nothing out of the ordinary, that is until a shard of ice entered his range. Just barely he managed to dodge it with the forewarning, though it shredded through his shirt and caused a small cut on his chest.

“Rainer, What’s going on!?” Luna asked as she flew out of his pocket, awakened by the magic.

“A trap...Someone used mind magic on me and led me out here.” He spoke quietly with all his focus on sensing around him. At the same time he then also clad his body with an extremely thin amount of Arcane Aura. Just enough to give him a little extra time to dodge.

Rainer summoned an [Arcane-Fire Bolt] causing Fira in the distance to tense up thinking he found her, but instead he fired it straight into the air causing a resounding boom.

Fira rushed, still hidden by illusion magic and fired two more ice shards before promptly moving to a new position. This time on full alert Rainer fired an Armed [Arcane Bolt] in the direction of the shards, their speed too fast for the automated part of the spell.

The ice shard easily shattered under the force of the Arcane and the bolt slammed into a tree soaring past Fira’s original location. Fira’s face paled at the strength of such a casual spell, but she continued, confident in her ability to stay hidden.

“Luna, can you find whoever is doing this?” Rainer asked as Mana and Magic detection essentially went haywire only reporting that everywhere around him there was magic and mana.

“I’m sorry Rainer I can’t.”

“Just heal me if I get hit and stay inside, protect yourself any way you can.”

Ice shard after ice shard came at Rainer, the speed and strength increasing and decreasing at random causing Rainer to waste magic. Some were even so weak he could have taken them bare skinned and been unharmed. Not being able to realize that quick enough he wasted an armed bolt in any case and had to hastily re-arm another. 

Getting pissed off Rainer upped [Arcane Rage] to 56% and poured more mana into [Spatial Domain] expanding it further. In reality, if this went on he’d run out of mana and Arcane power long before he could do anything to his hidden foe. And it seemed that somehow Gunthar didn’t get his message yet or he traveled far further than he expected. He tensed his legs in preparation as he activated a localized [Gravity Domain] to only affect his body. Luna sensing the damage occurring to Rainer’s body began healing proactively.

The moment the next ice shard came he jumped forward. A chain flew out of his spatial ring as he used yet another armed [Arcane Bolt] to block the shard.

Fira had yet to get far enough away and was caught just at the end of his [Spatial Domain]. The [Spatial Domain] extending beyond the normal senses and couldn’t be fooled by an illusion of this caliber. As if attacking thin air Rainer cast an [Arcane Bolt] with the chain attached straight towards his foe.

Fira with her hundred years of age and magical prowess dodged the bolt, sensing it long before it hit her. She, however, had not expected to be caught or for a mage to burst out with such speed. She couldn’t understand the opponent she was facing in the slightest. So how could she have predicted the unreasonable magic that would control the bolt to come back and catch her in the chain?

Before she could even react the chain slammed into her back and brought her out of the illusion as she flew toward Rainer.

The [Arcane Bolt] soared past him bringing Fira with it. His Arcane Clad fist slammed straight into her stomach sending her flying back. Fira collapsed a few feet away, and sooner than she could reactivate her illusion, Rainer already controlled the chain to wrap around her completely.

Unhesitantly he tightened the chain until her arms and hands became immobile and then he brought an [Arcane Blade] to her neck.

Gunthar had arrived just in time to see the ending of the fight.

“What the hell happened Sorcerer?” Gunthar said as he ran over replacing Rainer in threatening her with his own sword.

Rainer sat on the ground as Luna continued healing him with her fire.

“Mind Magic and Illusions.”

[Fairy, Female, Illusionist lvl 25]

Just as the Fae was about to speak Gunthar slammed his hand into her head knocking her out and deciding it’d be best to interrogate her with Kara around as well.

“It seems she is alone. Though with how well she hid I cannot be sure…” Gunthar said as he grabbed and put her over his shoulder. All this time neither Gunthar nor Rainer noticed the fearful look on Luna’s face as she stared at this Fae.

Back at camp, they had awoken Kara as they all sat around the unconscious Fae. Angry and no longer willing to wait Kara slapped her a few times and awoke the severely injured Fae.

The Fae coughed a bit more and to everyone’s surprise immediately began laying out terms.

“I will tell you anything you want, any information you need. I only need you to change me with your strange mana as you did The ex..Luna. So that I may hide from my Queen.”

Rainer had contemplated for a moment before he looked toward Luna who was finishing up healing the damage from [Arcane Rage]. At only 56% and his recent skill level increase to 7, it wasn’t too significant, though that is only because he has Luna.

“What do you think Luna? It could be useful.”

Luna paused for a moment, and her face slightly shook when she made eye contact with Fira, but to Fira’s relief Luna hid it right after.

“It's fine Rainer...Luna says Rainer should work with her.”

But unfortunately for Fira, Rainer had noticed. He recalled Luna speaking of her nightmares, which were, in fact, glimpses of a forgotten past when she first told him her real identity. He had not hesitated when he killed those who would only have the possibility of threatening Luna, Kara, and Him, and while he still did not fully accept such an action from himself, there was no hesitation in his decision once more. This time faced with someone who was clear as his enemy and a source of such pain. 

“It's alright Luna, you won’t have to see her again after this.”

Luna nodded her head, but the shock was clearly evident as before Fira could even get out another word an [Arcane Blade] stabbed into her head.

Gunthar moved his sword away from the dead Fae and went back on night watch making sure such a thing wouldn’t be repeated. It had taken him Rainer’s message to understand that the Rainer he sensed nearby was just an illusion.

Kara too had been surprised as it was a great deal for getting information, but seeing the relief and tears forming on Luna’s face she understood. She went on watch with Gunthar, no longer able to sleep after such an interruption.

Luna watched on as Fira’s body started emitting particles of mana. Over the course of several minutes, the body disappeared completely leaving nothing behind. Rainer looked at the little fairy sitting in his lap. He could have waited to get the information, but given how much stronger his mana made Luna his mana could have let this Fae escape. He had no interest in putting Luna through such a thing in any case. The faster this Fae disappeared, the better he thought.

As usual for Luna and Rainer, there were no thanks that needed to be exchanged as she leaned into him.

“Good night.” Rainer said as Luna headed back into his pocket. Her size shrunk so she could fit comfortably inside. At nearly 9 inches now after his infusion of Aura into her, she didn’t stay her max size too often. According to her, this was a unique ability most Fae didn't have as they gradually grew over many years to their true size. This information only made Rainer angry at whatever they had done to Luna to get her all these abilities and at the Fae he met to illicit such a response. 

Luna gave an appreciative look before heading to sleep. Just the presence of Fira had made her recall everything. And seeing her disappear and to be taken care of by Rainer so simply made her feel safety she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Rainer looked at where the Fae's body had been a moment ago. Her clothes were primarily magical constructs, though, two rings were left behind.

[Ring of Mental Distortion: Increasing the effect of Mind and Illusion Magic by 10%]

[Ring of Magical Concealment: Increases the effect of concealment type Illusion Magic by 25%]

He held both in his hand and clad it in Aura just in case. With a surge of Arcane energy, he destroyed both similar to how he handled the Lich's necklace in the past. They weren't much use to Rainer and he didn't know enough about magic to understand if they could be tracked from within his spatial ring or otherwise. With all the enchanted items he already had, these simply weren't worth the risk. 

None, but Luna slept the rest of that night as they all stayed on guard till morning. Rainer recited one of the books he had sleep learned back in high school to keep them entertained. 

Kara still fumed at Rainer being attacked right under her nose. She was finally reminded that she too could be found and put Rainer at risk, that it wasn’t just the completion of the quest alone that pressured Rainer.

Just as they were preparing to leave Kara spoke to Rainer.

“Rainer, if it is the danger I bring why you are rushing in such a manner toward the 2nd class perhaps we might separ…”

But the look of anger on Rainer’s face stopped her from finishing her thought.

“If you pull some stunt like leaving in the middle night, I promise you’ll just add another person hunting you to the list. If you leave, I’ll just take the advancement quest sooner to catch you. So stay with me and make sure I train properly until then if you really want to protect me.” he said while pulling her to him. “Demon Prince or whoever the fuck else. Let’s see them try.”

Rainer and Kara stayed together a moment longer before they followed behind Gunthar.

Rainer as well wanted the Mana-well along with the magical heritage of Nalmar. He couldn’t bring himself to pledge his allegiance to the Mage Guilds of this world, and this was the best way he could properly learn greater magics. But if he could use the same method to protect the people he cared for than what was better?

[Jotin, Male, Young Yeti lvl 13]

The sizeable white-furred monster swung a tree at Kara as she danced around him and Gunthar took a long way to his back. Rainer abstained from this fight as just as he was about to launch a spell Kara stopped him. Apparently, the Yeti’s fur and bones were quite valuable to be simply destroyed and burned by his magic.

Something quite important for a group that had no money and no desire to declare themselves still alive to the Hunter’s Guild.

The Yeti swung down the tree once more as Kara dodged and Gunthar in position effortlessly stabbed an Aura Blade right into its heart.

[Half-Demon/Wolfkin, Female, Blade Dancer lvl 15, Demonic Werewolf lvl 12]

At a total level of 27, such a monster was quite easy for Kara to play with.

[Undead, Male, Death Knight lvl 18]

Rainer was once more disappointed that Gunthar hadn’t gained any experience from the dungeon as an undead. Though they still had the 5 forts to capture when it was time to return to Nalmar.

Just as the group relaxed, Kara raised her blades in a combat stance. Gunthar turned as well toward the direction of the new arrivals.

A group of 11 made their way towards them. The one in the lead called out after a quick look at the fallen Yeti.

“Look at our luck. We killed a Yeti without even trying, the reward shouldn’t be too bad for one of this size.”

[Human, Male, Brawler lvl 14]

Like most of the group approaching, he wore a leather armor lined in furs to keep the cold out. On his hands were sharp spiked gauntlets.

Just as Rainer was about to tell him otherwise, the person behind him slapped the back of his head.

Similar to the [Brawler] this man had brown hair and green eyes looking just like an older version. Though on his back was an ax.

[Human, Male, Axeman lvl 16]

The rest of the group was 7 men and 2 women, but Rainer paid them no mind, fully protected by his 8 armed [Arcane Bolt]s in any case. With his increase in [Arcane Energy Manipulation] and in the sunlight, they were almost invisible. Though move close enough, and they’d be quite clear.

“I am sorry for my brother. He did not have the best upbringing. How about as an apology we help you drag that Yeti of yours to town?” He said while pointing to the several sleds they had behind them.

Kara and Gunthar moved back over to Rainer as the group got to work. Rainer noticed they all had Hunter's Guild Plates around their neck though they had a bluish tint to them and an additional marking likely denoting their rank.

Gunthar was about to speak in disapproval before Rainer stopped him. He had no interest in dragging this thing to town. And it wouldn’t be hard to dissuade them from their current course of action.

The [Axeman] walked over while the rest of the group combined the sleds to drag the 9 foot Yeti back to town.

“Are you recent arrivals for the bounty? The guardsmen will surely be happy to have such capable individuals after most of the higher level and stronger parties abandoned the bounty for the newly evolved dungeon.”

“We are. It'd be a big help if you take us to whoever we need to see for that.”

“Of course, it's the least I can do after my brother threatened you. My name is Tom.”

“Francis,” Rainer said seeing no reason to reveal his actual name.

Tom waited for Rainer’s other two group members to answer, but they only stood there, laughing awkwardly Tom went to help the rest of his group. Gunthar's entire face was hidden, and Kara hid both her tail and ears.

“Sorcerer, you understand that once we get to town…”

“I’m well aware Gunthar. Don’t worry; it won’t be hard convincing them what a poor idea it is.”

“Huh? What are you two talking about?” Kara whispered a bit confused.

“It's a basic scam. Someone threatens you, someone else plays the hero and in the end that hero is the real scammer. At least I think it is...The moment we get to town under the safety of the guards they’ll just say it's their Yeti. In the end, it’ll be our word against a team of Hunter's Guild members. “

Had Rainer not seen a similar situation on television before this he wouldn’t have noticed. Rather, it was a bit silly for someone to threaten them after how easily they took care of that Yeti in any case.

“From now on actually, I think it’d be best if you two played as my guards. I can come off as a Lord Magus quite easily that way. A flash of your Aura and the simple fact I have two guards of such capability would make my status high even if I were a terrible mage.”

“You just don’t want those two women who have been staring at you like starving hounds to know we are together,” Kara said jokingly. Rainer’s second increase to his charisma had been just as noticeable as his first, if not more.

“If you didn’t have a hood on the situation would be much more in your favor.” He replied.

Rainer walked back over toward Tom with Kara and Gunthar now slightly behind him and flanking him on either side. While they were waiting for the sleds to be put in place, Rainer started speaking.

“You know I just recalled a story about my father.”

Tom looked at Rainer strangely, but didn’t interrupt.

“He would switch off with my uncle. One would play the unscrupulous merchant overpricing a product to someone clearly from out of town. And then the other, usually my father, would swoop in as the hero who saved them from being scammed.”

Tom did his best to keep his face expressionless as Rainer continued.

“Of course he wasn’t the hero. He sold it for an insanely high markup. Just not one anywhere near as high as the first offer. But you know something about my father...he had a thing for picking people out.” Rainer said now infusing arcane into his voice and his armed bolts, that were now more than visible and teeming with extra power.

“He knew when someone was bound to be explosive.” He finished as a small [Cone of Arcane-Fire] erupted from his hand into the air.

Rainer started laughing at the end.

“I love finishing the story that way. Fun isn’t it?”

“Quite entertaining Lord Magus. I’ll go assist my group so that we may head to town faster.” Tom said his face now visibly pale and no longer keeping the facade he had.

“Good, I’ll accept your apology for your little brother then.” Though both knew, that wasn’t the apology he was accepting.

They went on in silence the whole trip to the town. All of Tom’s party kept away from Rainer. This was not the first time they performed a trick like that in their long career. It was, however, the first time they ran into someone they should not have tried to cheat. It wouldn’t even matter if they weren't lying about the Yeti being their's to the guards. No one would take Tom’s word over a powerful mage’s. Especially one that had two such guards and waved around powerful magic.

There was often only two types of powerful mages. Those who had high status or those who were outlaws. Neither of which it would be a good idea to piss off. Especially one who so calmly bragged right in front of a level 16 [Axeman]’s face that he knew he was being tricked. Only a powerful mage would be okay in such a close combat encounter, or one with just as strong guards.

Finally reaching the town and skipping the long line Tom went ahead to explain the situation to a now very happy town guard.

“Greetings Lord Magus, my name is Thaddeus. Would your excellency mind coming with me to meet with the guard captain and receiving your reward for the Yeti Bounty?” The guard tried to hide his happiness, but it was ineffective.

“Let’s go.”

Rainer followed the guard through the town gates and into the barracks. The town itself was quite large with a stone wall over 10 feet in height, housing thousands of people. Were it not for the Yeti they were carrying they would have had to wait in line.

Even amidst the Yeti sightings trade was booming. The Town of Grimlar’s pass held the only safe tunnel through the mountain it sat against. Any trade heading to the other side would come through here. And a distance to the left of the Town was a Branch denoting a World Tree Dungeon. This Branch was a massive tree in its own right as Rainer looked at it from the town.

Building a town around the tree itself would mean they couldn’t stop anyone from accessing their city without huge fallback. Whether criminal or army they’d have to let them in if they claimed they wanted access to the world tree dungeon, hence the town being farther than a ballista's firing range instead.

Of course, there was the tunnel filled with spiders Rainer had come through, though such a zone was quite off-limits to even seasoned Hunters for various reasons.

The barracks was a flat stone building that covered a decent amount of land next to the wall. Rainer’s magic floating behind him and his two bodyguards attracted attention.

“Please wait here a moment Lord Magus, I’ll tell Guard Captain Mayer of your coming.”

It had taken less than a minute before the door opened and now a Guard Captain was trying to keep his happiness under the surface. The dungeon evolving while good in the long term for their town meant that all the Hunters they had gathered under the promise of a large reward had left. More accurately the most capable among them left, and all that remained were the rejects. The Baron’s father himself was going to be joining the hunt now.

“Welcome to our Grimlar’s Pass Lord Magus.” He had already been briefed that the two with the Mage were just guards and paid them no mind.

Rainer sat in a chair across from the desk of the Guard Captain and just waited expectantly. When you were telling or a lie, or in this case being one, the fewer details, the better. Something Rainer understood decently enough. Rainer also used [Appraisal] right after on the Captain and then on Thaddeus.

[Human, Male, Spearman lvl 15]

[Human, Male, Soldier lvl 3]

Rainer could only assume guards controlled the city through their reputation and authority rather than actual power. This gave him some hope about this world; that law still had some effect amongst people of high levels. Hope he also had from that the Baron’s father didn’t personally take revenge for his son.

Though, of course, the late-middle ages of Earth in comparison was a cesspool of corrupt but educated, nobility and inbred kings, so he didn’t particularly expect much. Although a world where a single person could be an army onto himself perhaps prevented the truly corrupt and incompetent from holding power. Even if a high-level individual was only worth 200 men, it wasn’t as if you could fit 200 men into a noble’s room. All it takes is a noble pissing off the wrong person, case in point Rainer himself if the Baron's Father didn't accept his deal, and an entire line could die. 

Silence had reigned for a moment before Guard Captain Mayer broke it.

“Lord Magus you have likely heard of the evolved and unconquered Dungeon not far from here. This, while a boon to our city, has caused all the Hunters we called over for hunting a group of Yeti to leave,“ Seeing no disagreement Mayer continued, “Speaking frankly we were only left with the weakest and the cowards. Of course, yourself is like a shining beacon to us. If you would be willing to join in the Yeti Hunt, we would be more than glad to compensate you even if we do not come across Yetis on the hunt.”  Mayer paused and waited with hope.

“I want a house in the town and the remainder of anything I earn on the hunt paid afterward. The house shall be mine regardless if I make enough to pay for it. I’ll let you choose a house worthy of myself. Secluded as possible.” Rainer spoke while looking at his nails seemingly checking them for dirt. He had one leg over the side of his chair while appearing completely relaxed.

Seeing the hesitation on Mayer’s face Rainer only waved his hand towards his guards. Gunthar understood right away with Kara following after feeling the buildup of Aura from Gunthar.

Both their Aura’s burst out, more than clear to even those incapable of sensing it. Though, Kara hiding her Demon half had less power than usual.

Thaddeus who had brought them here paled at the sight. Mayer while not an aura user himself had seen a similar display from the former Baron. And it was not of this capacity. This was a far different standard.

“An exceptional deal Lord Magus. I shall send someone to inform the Baron, and he would be more than happy to lend a guest house to such an individual as yourself until we find more permanent quarters. You may wait here until then. I’ll have someone bring you food.” He said, his voice a little high pitched.

Mayer found his own hand still shaking as he left the room. He had no idea what kind of mage would warrant such guards. In fact, he was now incredibly nervous about the hunt. What if such a mage was harmed? He considered the former Baron one of the strongest people he’d ever met, a god compared to himself. Yet what were these people?


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wezard @wezard ago

  • Thank you for the chapter :grin:


Aternus @Aternus ago

11/9/2016 6:02:38 AMwezard Wrote:
  • Thank you for the chapter :grin:

 How did you beat my own comment i posted the same time as the chapter...

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Thanks for reading :)

BestBe @BestBe ago

"My; youAura blade I’ve modeled after your magic is based primarily on Manifestation and Manipulation." Should probably fix this, I think it's supposed to be something like. "My Aurablade I've modeled after your magic is based primarily on Manifestation and Manipulation." 


Aternus @Aternus ago

11/9/2016 6:09:10 AMBestBe Wrote:

"My; youAura blade I’ve modeled after your magic is based primarily on Manifestation and Manipulation." Should probably fix this, I think it's supposed to be something like. "My Aurablade I've modeled after your magic is based primarily on Manifestation and Manipulation." 

 The editor chapter thingy was just attacking me this whole chapter :P

Thank you :)

BestBe @BestBe ago

Not a problem, thanks for the awesome series I've fallen in love with it. Also I'm so glad we didn't beat around the bush with the whole Fira thing, after seeing her point of view we all knew for damn sure she couldn't be trusted; so seeing him kill Fira so quickly was incredibly satisfying. Oh yeah, Thanks for the Chapter! :D


Aternus @Aternus ago

11/9/2016 6:28:38 AMBestBe Wrote:

Not a problem, thanks for the awesome series I've fallen in love with it. Also I'm so glad we didn't beat around the bush with the whole Fira thing, after seeing her point of view we all knew for damn sure she couldn't be trusted; so seeing him kill Fira so quickly was incredibly satisfying. Oh yeah, Thanks for the Chapter! :D

 Thanks for reading :) Glad you liked it. 

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MimeofDeath @MimeofDeath ago

Is Rainer going to spend 2 weeks or so training some of his other possible classes, so that he has secondary classes when he goes into the dungeon, or is he going to wait?

What exactly do the secodary classes position do?

Mackoy @Mackoy ago

I was about to sleep but this came out hahaha

I was worried with some of the themes going out of balance or repetitive but I guess this story isn't going to be boring at all.

So happy for various reasons that I can sleep well tonight :)

I don't want to analyze too much as I think it's better for you to just keep being your awesome self.

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