The Arcane Emperor



Chapter 24: Rising Caverns and Falling Flames

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Rainer, now heavily affected by his near death experience, portrayed a far more serious mood than before. It hadn’t fully hit him at first, but now he understood he was quite literally at death’s door. For a swipe of a claw that was only slightly weaker than Kara’s to do anything less than kill him would be a miracle.

He alternated between all his detection skills while Gunthar and Kara kept a lookout for Wyverns.

Apart from a few distant screeches, the Wyverns seemed to keep their distance from the party as they made their way forward. Once more they came upon the entrance to a cavern. Immediately Kara decided to begin shifting, and Gunthar took the lead into the darkness.

Rainer on full alert increased the light of his armed [Arcane Bolt]s and followed closely behind. 

They walked a few steps in before he called out.


He held out a finger over his mouth in an attempt to keep them quiet, but it had the opposite effect.

“One, One what?” Kara asked confused. The vibrating effect of her Werewolf voice added to the noise.

“Dammit, it means to be quiet.” Rainer whispered.

“How can it possibly mean that?” She asked again still quite loudly.

Rainer sighed and looked toward the hole at the bottom of the cavern wall. It was small, likely nothing larger than a cat could get through but either way, it didn’t look safe.

He leaned against the wall and cast [Spatial Domain]. He searched the small tunnel and soon found what he suspected, a monster. It had a long Serpentine body that stretched deep into the tunnel. An Arcane-Fire formed on Rainer’s hand before he covered the small tunnel and cast [Cone of Arcane-Flame]. The serpentine like creature didn’t even get a chance to cry out before it combusted in the Arcane-Fire.

“There was a snake-like monster inside.” He said to the confused duo.

“As always Sorcerer an impressive magic. Is this the one you suffered that head pain for?”

“Basically. It’s called [Spatial Domain], it lets me sense all the space around me.”

“Every time I am still overcome with surprise, had I a heart it’d be bad for it…” Gunthar spoke to himself as he walked further into the cavern now on the lookout for similar tunnels.

Kara put her finger to her wolven mouth trying to understand Rainer’s gesture, her other three paws on the ground. He walked up to her and brought his face close to hers surprising her. Accidently she put her finger to his lips instead. Though in her werewolf form the finger covered his whole face.

“See” He said moving her hand away from himself.

“It works on other people too.”

“I suppose…”

Rainer turned around and snapped back to attention on the lookout for anything else. In this case, it was good to have a fully armored undead leading the way. Ailments like a snake’s poison caused little fear to someone who lacked blood.

Every time Gunthar noticed a small opening he’d wave Rainer over before Rainer would cast [Spatial Domain] and then act accordingly.

Once more the cavern had a gently upward slope but contrary to before it seemed to head directly deeper into the mountain. This would be a far longer trip in the darkness than before.

Gunthar dodged and weaved as a multi-headed hydra lashed out at him.

[Serpentine, Female, Young Lesser Hydra lvl 11]

Rainer looked at the result of his appraisal and soon realized that class was highly important to monsters as well. It was the same with that [Ghoul Ogre] in his first dungeon. Far more powerful than its level alone suggested.

He rode on Kara’s back as he prepared another [Arcane-Fire Bolt]. The Hydra tried to target him but anytime it approached Kara would only jump away, far too fast for the beast.

Gunthar would capitalize on the beast’s mistake and inflict significant damage.

Its healing ability was superior, but the Arcane-Fire caused wounds that would not heal. Once more, similar to the trolls, it prevented the lesser but still monstrous vitality from repairing itself.

And with a final charged [Arcane-Fire Bolt] the Hydra lost its last head and collapsed, its 4 severed heads hissed as steam came off them.

[Mini-Boss: [Young Hydra] has been defeated. 10% Static Experience Gained for the first time having defeated her.]

[First to defeat Mini-Boss: [Young Hydra]. 20% Static Experience Gained]

[Arcanist has leveled up to lvl 17/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

Rainer jumped off of Kara as she shifted back to her usual form.

Still in top form, the party headed around the Hydra and continued without rest.

Gunthar took the lead not needing to use much aura for the fight as Rainer and Kara recovered their own partially used resources.

The cavern became steeper and steeper as they went further in. It was gradual, but they could also feel as if it spiraled. The originally vast cavern began narrowing down to a tunnel, and after close to 5 hours of this climbing they finally reached the intended destination.

The tunnel they had been trekking opened up wide and revealed a massive underground space, far larger than before. Rainer held back the group as they decided to sit and rest a bit before entering such an obvious encounter. Obvious at least to Rainer. The rest took his word on the Manner seeing no reason not to rest in any case.

“Kara tell me when you’re fully recovered, I’m already fine.”

She nodded and began to meditate. Gunthar already at full capacity stood next to Rainer carefully inspecting the wide area ahead.

“Hey Luna, what do you know about the 2nd Class advancement Quest?” Rainer asked.

Luna popping out of Rainer’s pocket had thought for a moment before she responded.

“Not very much. Luna says Fae don’t usually take the quest, so we don’t know much. Luna also says it can vary widely from little that Luna knows.”

“Fae don’t take the quest?”

“Fae, as chosen of World Tree, can advance in a different way. Luna was originally supposed to do it that way…”

“And you will. I’ll make sure of it.” Rainer spoke out interrupting her.

“Can I take you with me for my quest?” He asked changing the subject.

“Yes, Rainer can take one familiar.” Luna responded. Her mood improved.

“I do not know how similar they are, but I can explain to you what my people knew of the 2nd class advancement.” Gunthar said.

“The Lady of the Fae was correct in saying it varies but the trial caters to the class. For Sorcerers, it is beasts of magic. For Warriors, beasts of strength. For the Cunning, beasts of such of a kind. For the Crafters, it is to hunt and craft the required item from a specific beast. For lesser classes, I do not know. This can be considered the first part. The second part is what truly varies not just from class but for each individual.”

“I fear yours, Sorcerer, may truly be at a high level of difficulty to match the unbridled irrationality that is your very existence.”

Rainer sat back in thought. It wouldn’t be as easy as simply reaching level 25 and going straight to the second class quest as he initially thought. He assumed he would be tested no differently from any mage. And he was partially correct, but the second part worried him. He’d need to be as prepared as possible.

“Luna put me under a sleeping spell until Kara is ready to go.”

He said before closing his eyes and laying on the ground. Gunthar maintained a watchful eye towards the wide open cavern at the end of this tunnel.

The spell was cast unto him and sleep took him. Varied scenes of people and places flashed through his sleeping mind as [Spatial Domain]'s sensory abilities were extended to its utmost under a state of unlimited mana and [Arcane Rage].

Several hours later Rainer awoke on his own. Gunthar was missing, and Kara stood in front of him leaning against the wall looking out of the tunnel.

[Arcane Rage has reached level 4]

He gave himself a good slap shocking Kara who was on watch.

Of course it didn’t level up even once. With a name like [Spatial Domain], how could its only purpose be for sensing?

He quickly understood that being able to sense the space around him was a welcome byproduct but the true goal of the spell was to assist in the manipulation of space, increasing gravity at only a single point away from him like when he tried to fly required an extreme amount of control and mana. But would it with [Spatial Domain]?

He cast [Spatial Domain] quickly testing out his theory. He created a minor gravity locus, but different from before not only was it easier to control, and the mana cost decreased. 

With the [Spatial Domain] such a thing was made far easier so long as it was within its range. 

With [Arcane Rage] leveling once more he started to feel that brute force wouldn't work as well anymore for this skill.

What he had been doing up until now was getting used to unleashing the Arcane power inside him. To understand the effects and how to activate it more quickly. But how to improve the actual power of it was another matter. He guessed that [Arcane Rage] was heavily tied to [Arcane Energy Manipulation] and that he’d need to improve them in concert. The percentage itself per Arcane Power Rainer had figured to be his [Arcane Energy Manipulation] level and his Arcane Power Maximum multiplied by 3 divided by 100. 

“Has your strange magic finally broken you.” Kara asked jokingly to Rainer as she stared at him. Though beneath the joking mood concern was evident from the tension in her face.

“No, It's fine, I just wasted some time. Where’s Gunthar by the way?”

“He went a bit farther behind us to practice some technique. He didn’t specify. Use that Arcane speech of yours to call him.” She replied with a bit of excitement unbeknownst to him.

He had done it subconsciously when yelling at the Wyvern, but he learned the skill could be aimed to some extent and so he yelled down the tunnel.


Kara had her eyes closed enjoying the feel of Arcane in the air.

It took only a few moments for the sound of steel against the ground to ring out in the tunnel as Gunthar approached.

“Ah Sorcerer, you have awoken, excellent.”

“Then let us head forth towards this ominous room as you called it. Though I looked thoroughly, and I cannot see what concerned you.”

“No matter how you look at it Gunthar it's a boss room. “

“As you say, Sorcerer…”

Kara seeing Rainer’s foresight in their first dungeon trip believed him without question. 

She shifted as Rainer stood and the party prepared to move forward.

“Luna.” Rainer said while gently taking her out of his pocket.

“Start casting [Gift of Lightning] on Kara.”

Luna nodded her sleepy head before flying over the shifting Kara.

Rainer hopped on to Kara and Luna onto Rainer as they made their way inside, Gunthar leading the way still unconcerned.

The nonchalant attitude turned to shock before becoming a disappointment in himself for underestimating the Sorcerer once more.

A disturbing creature dropped down from the ceiling, hidden entirely up until this moment. It had long arms covered in high black fur that stood straight up. Its face was reminiscent of an ape covered in that same fur and it had three large red eyes. Its legs had far too much length for its body. It stood at nearly twice the height of Kara at 17 feet.

The creature gave out a strange cackle before it leaped over the group and began jumping between the walls and ceiling of the massive cavern.

[Primate, Male, Agogwo lvl 15]

“Rainer jump off me.” Kara growled out noticing the beast had only focused on her.

Rainer moved away, saving his armed bolts for a more opportune moment as he cast a [Spear of Holy Arcane-Light]. The beast’s taunting fit in with the longer cast time of the spear.

The monster jumped forward aiming directly for Kara yet before it could even reach her Rainer fired his spear that lacked anything beyond its standard strength.

And yet the beast was helpless as its head exploded from the Arcane-Light.

The whole group stood in shock as the headless corpse smashed into the ground and rolled in front of them. They were positive it was a trick. Even the Hydra was a reasonable challenge. The Vampyr had nearly killed Rainer, but this...

[Mini-Boss: [Agogwo] has been defeated. 10% Static Experience Gained for the first time having defeated him.]

[First to defeat Mini-Boss: [Agogwo]. 20% Static Experience Gained]

“Well, shit. Let’s get a move on, yeah?” Rainer spoke.

Kara shifted back and licked her lips as she watched Rainer's departing form.

“Can you at least hide such things a bit, little wolf?”

“I’ll try...but I can’t help it here.” Kara said while now biting her lip.

“I’ll give you this one little wolf. It was impressive.” Gunthar spoke before following Rainer out.

They exited the cavern at high noon. They made their final climb toward the mountain top as the tunnel opened up. Kara at Rainer’s behest shifted to her Werewolf form. He assumed the top of Wyvern’s Roost would stay true to its name. The path widened as it came to the peak or rather a flat peak of the mountain. Overhead was a Wyvern with a far different appearance than before.

A sharp roar broke out as the beast descended and landed before them.

[Draconic Avian, Male, Adult Scaled-Wyvern lvl 2]

Beige scales tinted with red covered the Wyvern. It’s wingspan stretched to twice as far as any Wyvern before it. The level had caused Rainer to draw in a sharp breath. A Draconic Wyvern must truly be superior to anything they faced before for it only to need to be at level 2.

A torrent of air rushed into the mouth of the Wyvern as it inhaled.

“Get Behind me!” Gunthar yelled out as his aura began pouring into his shield. Kara grabbed Rainer as she crouched in her Wolf form behind Gunthar but not before Rainer unleashed all 8 of his armed bolts.

They soared forward and smashed into the Wyvern and yet the beast completely shrugged them off only moving slightly before it unleashed a torrent of fire towards the party.

Gunthar expended nearly half of his Aura blocking the inferno with the shield. Rainer started to cast a spear as the flame continued but the Wyvern immediately took to the sky escaping his reach.

“Split and take cover.” Rainer called out as Kara carried him behind one of the large pillars on this flat plateau-like area. Gunthar headed in a different direction as the Wyvern shot down a ball of fire in their previous position.

Rainer activated [Mana Detection] and noticed alongside the [Draconic Wyvern]’s massive mana pool was that it was recovering quickly.

Then what is a true dragon like?

He couldn’t help but wonder even in this situation.

The Scaled-Wyvern continued its flight and flew to an even higher height as new screeches came at the party.

6 Adult Wyverns flew up and over the edge and made a reckless dive towards the party.

“Hold on tight.” Kara growled out before gripping her claws into the ground and making an aura-aided dash toward a Wyvern.

The beast barely had time to react before Kara’s teeth ripped out its throat. Another Wyvern came from behind to strike at her but before Rainer could even call out Kara whirled and sliced the beast up and down the middle before she charged forward once more grabbing a Wyvern who tried to fly up by its tail and slamming it into the ground. The sickening crunch of its bones rang out before a clawed foot crushed its neck.

During this Gunthar had dealt with the 3 Wyverns who attacked him. He even took a bite to his armor yet contrary to the Wyvern’s expectations its teeth did not penetrate and instead its head was left on the armor as life left its decapitated body.

“Again, Cover!” Rainer called out as a powerful wing beat rang through the air as the Scaled-Wyvern dove. A torrent of flame marked its descent, but the group already took cover behind the pillars.

Without pause, Rainer activated [Arcane Rage] and increased it to 30%. A [Spear of Holy Arcane-Light] formed in his hand. Just as the Flame ended Kara rushed out from cover before Rainer launched his spear not having time to give it a full charge.

It slammed into the side of the Scaled-Wyvern causing a few of its scales to fall on the ground, yet the beast only staggered before it once more took flight signaling the approach of 6 more adult Wyverns.

Suspecting something Rainer used [Mana Detection] before his thoughts were confirmed. The Scaled-Wyvern had lost nearly half his mana. Some from the flame it unleashed but most likely…

“It has some kind of magic protecting itself.”

Rainer jumped down off Kara before rushing behind a pillar away from the other Wyverns.

“Protect me I’ll bring it down.”

It needs to be a sustained assault.

As Rainer prepared his tactic, visible fatigue began showing on Kara as she finished off another 3 Wyverns. Gunthar’s Aura too started to reach a low as he needed it to deal with the Adult Wyverns. In the end, this wasn’t a challenge meant for such a small group.

The Scaled Wyvern took a little longer this time but once more it dove, its mana fully recovered.

Rainer held a [Spear of Holy Arcane-Light] in his hand as he increased [Arcane Rage] by another 20%, now feeling pain tingling all across his body.

Changed from the spell before this spear looked more solid. It was another way to cast the spell as described in the tome, to focus on its penetrating power rather than its magical power.

“Kara over here!” He called out showing her the chain, and she instantly understood taking it in her mouth.

Just as the clout of fire ended Rainer left his hiding spot only to find the Scaled-Wyvern had instead this time rushed toward Gunthar, not taking flight.

But it did not matter as the charged Spear flew from Rainer’s hand, taking the Arcane Weaved chain with it. The pointed end of the chain was incorporated into the very point of the spear and was serrated for hold.

The Wyvern resisted the spell once more, but there was just enough damage for the chain to take hold. Kara already gripping the other end before the Wyvern even realized the fast spell that had hit it.

It cried out ignoring its current target and tried to take flight once more. Rainer increased his [Arcane Rage] to a maximum 70% he could now do with his level. The unleashed Arcane power wracked his body as he spun around and poured as much mana and Arcane Power into a second and final spear as he could.

The spear thrummed with an unrelenting power. Rainer’s mana depleted completely as his Spear finished charging. The chain snapped as the Wyvern reached its end. Yet, it was enough. The beast staggered back, completely immobile for just a brief moment. 

And in this brief moment, the air sang with power as a spear rushed straight through the stomach of the beast and exploded within, its barrier powerless before such might with partially depleted mana. It made one last dive toward the ground lacking any life within its body.

[Wyvern’s Roost has been completed. 25% Static Experience Gained for the first time having cleared it]

[First to complete Wyvern’s Roost. 75% Static Experience Gained]

[First to complete Stage 1 of the Mountains of Tal'Yorn. 50% Static Experience Gained, Title already held: Dungeon Pioneer. 5% bonus experience gained added to title.]

[Small Party Bonus added: Wyvern’s Roost has been completed. 25% Static Experience Gained]

[Small Party Bonus added: First to complete Wyvern’s Roost. 75% Static Experience Gained]

[Small Party Bonus added: First to complete Stage 1 of the Mountains of Tal'Yorn. 50% Static Experience Gained]

[Arcanist has leveled up to lvl 18/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Arcanist has leveled up to lvl 19/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Arcanist has leveled up to lvl 20/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

Looking over at Kara he could see that she too couldn’t believe the messages in front of her. Luna rubbed her eyes in disbelief, though you could tell she was just playing along. Nothing could overwrite the shock of gaining 4 levels and a whole new look she had previously experienced with Rainer. Every other level gained played for second best. 

[Calculating Boss rewards.]

[Bonus Added for being the first to defeat the boss.]

[Party Leader Item Awarded: Wyvern Egg]

[First Completion Bonus: Wyvern Egg upgraded to Scaled-Wyvern Egg]

[First Completion Bonus: Incubation Ring]

[Items Available: None]

[Contribution Reward: Return Stone x 3, Accept Y/N]

Rainer stared down in shock at the new ring that appeared on his hand. Rather than the choice given before, the dungeon simply forced this on him. Not that he minded. He hit yes on Contribution reward and with the other 3 already in his spatial ring added them to it.

Kara was staring at her screen likely looking at the different reward offered to her.

Did my leader reward use up all the bonuses or something...fucking none for that?

But he calmed down after looking at his ring. He couldn’t deny the envy he felt seeing that [Lich] flying on a wyvern.

He glanced over at Kara and thought how nice it’d be if she could fly. Kara, seeing Rainer staring intently at her, slightly smiled, though, the real reason likely wouldn’t cause such a reaction.

In the center of the open mountain, a portal had appeared for a similar rest area that was at the end of the Dungeon of the Fallen City of Nalmar.

Just as Kara and Gunthar were about to go through a now collapsed Rainer called out.

“Hey...aren’t you guys forgetting someone?” He grunted amidst the quite noticeable after-effect from [Arcane Rage]. At a 70% boost, he had essentially been the equivalent of a level 35 Arcanist, were there such a thing. But the toll was far greater. Even though increasing the level of [Arcane Rage] had increased how much unleashed Arcane power his body could take it did not seem to decrease the after effects as Rainer laid far more immobile than before.

Kara hurried over and gently carried him to the portal leading to the rest area.

“Ah, what about the body, or the blood?” Rainer struggled to ask.

Both Gunthar and Kara paused.

Gunthar rubbed the back of his skull awkwardly while Kara set Rainer down and went back toward the Scaled-Wyvern before being joined by Gunthar.

“Rainer throw a couple of containers of wine over here. The blood of a dragon is an incredible treasure for many things, and even though this can barely be considered of draconic nature, nonetheless it may still be useful. “ Gunthar called out.

Rainer still laying down managed to give Gunthar a pointed look before bringing his head back to the ground.

“Apologies Sorcerer.” He said as he took the ring off him and took what he needed himself. Either aura or mana activated the ring.

What a waste…

Rainer thought as he heard the spilling of wine from their containers. They didn’t carry water due to Luna’s magic, so all they had were Wine Jugs to carry the blood. The blood could be put directly into the ring as a liquid, but it would likely soak into everything around it.

This time having properly looted, the party headed toward the portal and entered the rest area.


Rainer looked around with half-opened eyes noticing the rest area was themed to the occasion. The floors, walls and, tables were all made of plain wood. The Hall, as it would be appropriate to name it, had a curved ceiling and walls. The table itself contained simpler meats and loaves of bread than other rest areas before it, but the aroma didn’t suggest that it was lacking.

“Kara I’m exhausted, can you take me to a room.” He said as Luna’s flame covered him. It couldn’t do much about his inability to move, but it helped with the pain.

She nodded and Gunthar went off on his own to train his technique once more.

Kara helped Rainer take off his coat while Luna flew to her usual sleeping place within. Having laid down on the bed, Rainer thought over what he’d sleep learn on before the sound of his belt unbuckling interrupted him.

“I’m not sure I have the energy for that.”

“How can I not reward my dragonslayer.”

She crawled up over him and while gently pressed against him, whispered into his ear.

“That strange action with my mouth you had suggested, is it not fit for the occasion?” 

She then disappeared from his view.

It did not take long for Rainer to find [Arcane Rage] didn’t render dull all of his body as he felt her tongue around him. She maneuvered slowly and carefully as if savoring the moment. 

She followed his explanation to the letter as her mouth wrapped around him and her movements changed to vertical ones.  

An increase in attributes meant an increase in lung capacity that far made up for any deficiencies in technique as the night came to a satisfying close. 

Rainer awoke with Kara still sleeping by his side, her arm wrapped around him and her head on his chest.

His body was still incredibly sore but when he found a need to he could likely move.


He had chosen to spend use [Sleep Learning] on [Gravity Domain] and [Spatial Manipulation] in concert. He couldn’t do [Spatial Domain] yet. The reality of using [Spatial Domain] simply had too many components. It wasn’t just casting the spell and then altering the amount of mana or energy; it was then using the [Spatial Domain] to manipulate space itself. Until he figured out what that entailed completely, there wasn’t much point. 

And seeing as how gravity was a factor of this manipulation increasing [Gravity Domain] and [Spatial Manipulation] certainly wouldn’t hurt in this endeavor. He had even theorized that he might be able to use [Spatial Domain] to assist him in teleporting. Rather it would be more accurate to say this was his deepest hope. [Spatial Domain] seemed to be [Spatial Manipulation] in the form of a spell. He needed to figure out how to use that to its full potential. 

[Spatial Manipulation has reached level 4]

[Gravity Domain has reached level 10]

[Reached the maximum proficiency of a Tier 2 spell: Rewarding 2 skill points.]

Next time he’d like to see a Wyvern try and fly away from him.

Rainer took a moment to look at his [Incubation Ring]. He didn’t need to appraise it as the message from when he received both the [Scaled-Wyvern Egg] and the [Incubation Ring] still existed, he just temporarily hid it.

[Incubation Ring: Creates a space that allows the ideal storage of a single Wyvern Egg. Mana and Aura may be inputted to influence the growth.]

[Scaled-Wyvern Egg: An egg of the [Draconic Avian] Variety. A Scaled-Wyvern is a Wyvern that has a minuscule portion of its ancient dragon bloodline unlocked.]

Miniscule huh…

Remembering the fight with that level 2 adult version he grew excited as he began inputting his mana, laced with Arcane Power, into the ring. It took a total of 23 Mana and almost all of his current Arcane Power before the ring prevented him from feeding it anymore.

He looked over at Kara and realized he had forgotten to ask her what she received. But seeing nothing new, or rather nothing at all but her [Ring of the Nalmar Knighthood] he took a moment to admire the view.

Rainer inspected his status screen before deciding they should head to the next stage. He may have reached his goal of level 20, but there was no reason to risk capturing the other forts when a 2nd Class undead may be searching for them. And when it came to using [Arcane Rage] every level he gained as an [Arcanist] was nearly equal to 2, for a dungeon that had a level 25 limit this was a unique advantage. 

He still had [Return Stone]s in any case. This was, in fact, the most deciding factor in his choice. 

[Primary Classes: Arcanist Lvl 20/25]
[Titles: Arcane Scholar, Fae Contractor, Arcane Elementalist, Dungeon Pioneer, Philanderer, Trollsbane, Immortal Slayer, Wielder of Space and Time]
[Exp: 67%]
[Sub-classes: None]
[Race: Human]
[Skill Points: 12]
[Talents: Excellent Arcane Affinity, Human Growth, Gift of the Fae(Luna)]
[Stamina: 9/9(15)]
[Stamina Regen: .1% per second]
[Mana: 28/51(56)]
[Mana Regen: .0040 per second]
[Arcane Power: 2/33]
[Conversion Ratio: 1-7.5]

[Constitution: 12(+2)]
[Affinity: 56]
[Vitality: 11(+2)]
[Endurance: 13(+2)]
[Strength: 13]
[Dexterity: 13]
[Intelligence: 54(+2)]
[Willpower: 20]
[Arcane Attunement: 33]
[Attribute points: 0]

He closed his eyes for a moment longer awaiting what the day would bring.

Walking out of the room fully clothed Rainer left a sleeping Kara behind as he ventured into the main room.

Standing still off to the side Gunthar held his sword upright in front of him. One palm on the side of the blade as he channeled his Aura around him. Though what exactly that channeling accomplished Rainer wasn’t sure until an all too familiar blade encased Gunthar’s sword.

Extending past and covering the entire blade was a black aura reminiscent of Rainer’s own [Arcane Blade], where a thicker back supported the cutting front. This was the only way Rainer got the spell to work and it seems Gunthar wanted to create his own version that had just as effective cutting potential.

“Are you willing to clash with me, Sorcerer?” Gunthar in a jovial tone asked.

“Fuck no. But hold it out from you, and I’ll slash at the part your sword isn’t at and see how it compares.”

Gunthar complied and were his face capable of a smile he’d have one. Quite proud of his new creation. 

As an [Arcane Blade] formed in Rainer’s hand, he spoke.

“So you’ve been studying my magic?”

“Of course.” Gunthar said while holding the cutting end of the blade upwards and his sword out in front of him.

“It would be foolish not to study such an astounding blade. When I saw it cut through enchanted stone as if it did not exist, I had been entranced. My aura had never even come close to such a feat. Even the aura of a second class [Paladin], a [Holy Guardian], would struggle at the very least. “

“Give it a test!” He then shouted out excitedly.

Rainer, careful not to cut Gunthar’s sword itself, swung down at the aura blade. His [Arcane Blade] met resistance for a moment before it then slashed through the aura blade.

Contrary to disappointment Gunthar instead yelled out in happiness.

“To think it held fast for such a time!”

“That was long?”

“Of course? A clash between swords can be but an instant. Though yes were, we to match blades mine would falter. But you Sorcerer are not my foe.”

“Good point, we are friends.” Rainer replied.

Gunthar had paused a moment before he asked a question.

“Do you mean those words, Sorcerer? Even if I am forever stuck as I am now? To have me follow you to your world at the end of this. To walk around assumed as if you are a necromancer?”

“Assumed if I’m a necromancer?” Even with Gunthar’s somber tone, Rainer burst out into laughter.

“Assumed if I’m a necromancer? Not even close. Not even close. If that were the worst thing people knew of me I would be beyond happy.” He squeezed out after catching his breath.

“What do you mean…?”

“I have a fairy princess chased after by her Queen and anyone who wants a fairy, on the one hand, and a...Half-Demon that can enter normal dungeons and is wanted by a Demon Prince in the other. Hell, the whole world may be after her if the information got out."

“I suppose I may need to rethink traveling with you, Sorcerer.” Gunthar tried to speak seriously before letting out a laugh with Rainer.


“I am glad you feel as such Sorcerer. I had often thought to end myself should I ever get a chance at completing my vengeance. Joining you in your quest I had rethought such an action. I would like to continue my journey with you so much time as I am able.”

“Then how about as a teacher, teacher.”

“In what manner?” Gunthar said with interest keen in his voice.

Rainer took a moment to lay out his idea for a school. In which Gunthar would be responsible for training those with not enough Affinity to be a mage but enough to be a Paladin. Along with perhaps leading any training related to Aura given his talent in it.

“And you wish to provide this at what cost?”

“High prices for anyone of nobility. A working contract for those unable to pay. Where they work in various ways for the school, rather academy, after they graduate. We’d make the conditions good enough they’d want to stay permanently, though of course, some would leave.”

“I cannot imagine many mages who would wish to permanently leave such a place they could study magic freely at.” Gunthar said after pondering. 


“I would deeply desire to join you in such an endeavor Sorcerer.” Gunthar answered without hesitation.

"Then I accept." Rainer said holding out his hand. Both just looked at one another before Rainer spoke.

“It’s a handshake. You take my hand in yours and with a slight grip move it up and down.”

“...why would anyone do such a thing?”

“Not you too. Dammit just do it.”

Gunthar had hesitated for a moment before he took off his steel glove. He stopped for a moment but seeing Rainer showed no issue to his hand accepted the strange gesture.

“You accept things too easily Sorcerer.”


“What kind of man shows not even a reaction to touching a walking skeleton.”

“Gunthar...Are you...Coming onto me? I’m sorry I quite enjoy your company, but my interests point in the other direction.”

“Go rejoin your lady, Sorcerer. I will continue to practice.” Gunthar said a bit seriously, but Rainer could tell if he was human he’d be hiding a smile.

“Ah, one more thing. Did you get a reward from the Dungeon?”

“No reward, unfortunately. And as I mentioned before no Experience.”

“Kara say anything about hers?”

“I asked as well when we were gathering blood. She said she gave it up to add to yours. Honestly, I did not know such an action was possible. Perhaps it was a unique choice given?”

Rainer looked down at the ring. Her choice had, in fact, helped the whole group’s future but the reality of it didn’t lighten the meaning of the gesture.

That was only a level 2 [Adult Scaled-Wyvern], What if it was a [Scaled-Wyvern] nurtured and affected by my mana? Fed the blood we collected as it grew?

“Thanks. I’m not sure if it helps but the reason my blade is shaped the way it is deals with the chaotic nature of Arcane Energy. I use the back of the blade to control and strengthen the front into a cutting edge.”

“Anyways, I’ll see you in 2 hours for when we continue to stage 2.”

“Sorcerer.” Gunthar nodded his head before returning to hold his sword in a similar upright position as before.


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11/1/2016 6:01:20 AMNaoggeddon Wrote:

Love this story


Thanks for reading and the compliment :)


Hours of work read within less than 10 minutes. ~cries author tears~  :P

 Took more then 10minutes just felt like commenting early, was abit worried about the getting a high tier spell like spatial domain early but I very much enjoy how you showed he was limited in his current uses of it but that he understands just how much potential it has in concert with gravity domain and possible teleportation


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11/1/2016 6:05:52 AMAternus Wrote:
11/1/2016 6:01:20 AMNaoggeddon Wrote:

Love this story


Thanks for reading and the compliment :)


Hours of work read within less than 10 minutes. ~cries author tears~  :P

 Took more then 10minutes just felt like commenting early, was abit worried about the getting a high tier spell like spatial domain early but I very much enjoy how you showed he was limited in his current uses of it but that he understands just how much potential it has in concert with gravity domain and possible teleportation

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