Chapter 5 – The Jottenhiem Project
Edwin had won the fight.  But even as he was looking over all the status messages that had popped up in front of him, the nervous-excited battle energy that had left him cool and collected suddenly deserts him.  With everything that was going on, all he suddenly felt was tired.  Bone dead weary.
The crowd had finally waken up from its shock after Edwin's short speech, and now they were screaming. Cheering. Cursing.  Most were with arms lifted in joy; while others were not.  
Edwin had won the fight for control over Jottenhiem, but it was the residents and commoners that'd either see it succeed or fall into ruin all over again.
But his work wasn't done, and he waves over Lucien.  There was still something to do.
“Lucien, contact... er, Cormic and bring him here.  There's something to do before we return to the Citadel.” Edwin orders, although he slurs on remembering the dwarf's name for a moment.  He's really tired.
Lucien simply nods and goes off at a trot; but thankfully returns in only a couple of moments.  Cormic and his 'boys' had remained nearby after finishing their assigned task; much to Edwin's relief.
“Hah! I bet Krash and those bloody nobles didn't even imagine this sort of thing would happen! Good for you, lad!” Cormic is in high spirits, stroking his beard.
Edwin can only nod, before turning the subject back to his plans.
“Cormic, I need you and your boys to secure to estates of the nobles I just did away with.  I also want you to pick one a residence in Upper Jottenhiem from one of those now available and set up shop.  I'm going to reinstate the Jottenhiem Patrol, so you'll be able to use it as your new headquarters.  But I don't want any of those estates looted.  Everything in them, valuables, servants and otherwise now belong to the city.
“Also see if you can find a couple of good scribes to go over everything available.  I'll need that report as soon as possible.  Rebuilding Jottenhiem is going to be a nightmare, even with everything we have.”
Edwin's words have a sobering effect on the dwarf, and for a moment the older man was silent; a pondering look on his half-hidden face.  But finally the dwarf nods; and raises his right hand to his heart in salute.  
“Alright lad, I'll get it done.” Cormic says, although he seems to be a bit in shock at the sudden change.  Edwin actually grins at the dwarf.
“The Patrol isn't going to be how it was, Cormic.  Once you get things straightened out on your end, come to the Citadel and we'll work out a proper charter and make it all official.  Bring with you any information on the city, the previous Patrol, and a basic tally of how many guards you have and how many we really need along with what you'll need to do the job.”
Cormic actually flinches at that though, but there's a new light in the dwarf's eyes and he gives a slight bow; which is definitely awkward for a man who stands only to Edwin's waist.
“I'll get it done, my lord.  I'll send Lucien a report in a couple of hours to get things rollin'.” Heh, it seems that Cormic wasn't looking forward to all the paperwork involved, after being literally freelance for quite a while.
Edwin can only shrug in way of apology.
“Carry on then.  Lucien, bring the rest of the nobles here.  I need a word with them.” Edwin says, switching tracks once more and nodding toward the three 'lords' that had been left outside of the killing.  They were heatedly talking amongst themselves; probably trying to assign blame or the like.
Edwin didn't really care.
Lucien nods and goes to fetch them himself, and the three nobles walk toward Edwin and his group with an apparent show of hesitation.  Edwin only waves them closer, and they pick up the pace, finally.
“I'll get right to the point, gentlemen.” Edwin starts, before any of them have the chance to say anything.
“On Lucien's good word, I have refrained from killing you outright, but I will not put up with any resistance.  The City of Jottenhiem's government is going to be reformed, and along with it the laws will be changed.  The nobility class itself is likely to be demolished, unless another option is brought up.
“What I want from you three is access to information, manpower, and favorable trade for the city itself.  I would rather not centralize commerce under the city itself though.  Therefor I want you three to work out an agreement for a 'Commerce Guild', and bring the proposal to the Citadel in three days.  If things look good, I'll personally sign the charter into commission myself.
“But there will be no caste system.  All forms of trade, crafts, and artisans are to be represented equally.  Business owners, land owners, even farmers are to qualify and be able trade as required or needed.  Am I understood?” Edwin's tone became cold at the end, especially at the end.
Back on Earth, commerce was a mess.  Capitalism is all well and good, but when you start creating various agencies with competing agendas and criteria of what can or cannot be done and who may trade with whom; it dissolves into a massive mess.  Edwin wasn't going to let that happen here.
He'll hold everything together under a single umbrella and see how it works for now.  Changing it later may be a hassle, but if it comes right down to it, he'll do it.
“That is a... tall order, my lord.  But we'll work it out.” One of the nobles speaks up, the merchant.  He was likely to lead the other two in this, given that its his area of expertise; but even he seemed troubled.
“There are already several trade guilds, though.  They won't take kindly to being replaced.” The man finally says, speaking his mind on the subject after a glance to Lucien and Cormic, who's still standing there, watching the going-ons with a couple of his men he'd brought over.
“They aren't being replaced.  They're being folded into a larger organization.  Each group will have a say, but the primary mission of the Commerce Guild is to work out problems and smooth out all the issues.  Bring them in on the setup, and if there are any outstanding problems, send a message to Lucien and I'll work it out.  If they don't like it, they can disband and then be replaced.” Edwin says, coldly; giving one of his glares at the man who'd suddenly broken out in sweat.
“Yes, my lord.  It will be done.” The merchant says hurriedly.  Edwin simply nods and waves them off.  
“Now... Its time to go home.  Lucien, bring the carriage, please.”
“Of course, my lord.” Lucien doesn't even bat an eye at the commanding tone, and instead goes to do what he was told to do.
The crowd though makes that a problem, at least at first, but soon enough Lucien and the carriage arrives, and Edwin climbs into it without even waiting for Lucien to open the door for him.  He almost collapses into seat, closing his eyes and leaning back into the rather thin cushion.
The ride back to the Citadel is a longer affair than getting to the training grounds had been, though; and although the fight had started at noon, the sun was already sinking down under the mountainous horizon by the time they made it back to the Citadel's courtyard.
At the top of the stairs was Allisa, looking worried and relieved at the same time.  Some time earlier a pair of guards had also showed up and were standing on either side of the open gate, as well.  Cormic's idea, no doubt.  Edwin was grateful for that as he claims out of the carriage.
Edwin lets Lucien drive the carriage back into the stables and stable the horses for today, while he claims up the steps until he comes to where Allisa was waiting.
“I'm home, Allisa.” He finally says, after several moments of silence, looking at the blue-skinned woman.
“Yes, my lord.  Welcome back.” Allisa says, finally breaking into a bright smile; although her eyes are red from either crying or holding back the tears.  But she catches herself and curtsies him after a moment.
“Don't do that, Allisa.  There's no need.” Edwin says, waving off her show of obedience before chuckling softly.  
“I'm going to go take a bath and eat.  Today has been long, and I want nothing more than to sleep now.” He finally says wryly, which causes Allisa to giggle.
“I'll start on the meal then, my lord.” Allisa says with a smile, having regained her bubbly composure.
“I've also been contacted by some people interested in joining the staff here at the Citadel.  After the showing during the fight, there are quite a few hopefuls wanting to show off their skills.” Allisa comments then, although her own tone had turned cold.
“Ah, several of those who left before? Talk it over with Lucien.  If they can be used, put them to work.  If not, tell them 'no'.” Edwin says, laying out clear instructions.  That part, at least, was easy.  With everything that's going to start happening, they are definitely going to need more staff.  
“Alright, time for that bath.  I shall see you in a bit, Allisa.”
After all of that, Edwin finally gets to drop into bed, and is literally asleep before his head hit the pillow.  
-|- -|- -|-
That night, Edwin dreamed.  
It was the first time he'd had any sort of dream since he came into the world of Eternia.  And like most dreams, he didn't realize he was having it.  At least at first.  
That soon changed though.
He was back in the nothingness; the place he'd come to know as the 'Void'.  Except this time he has his body, and could see himself clearly even in the utter nothing.  It was like he was floating, and yet he felt as if his feet were on solid ground.
It was rather creepy.
But he wasn't alone, either.
Only a short distance in front of him was -something- that was hovering.  It looked like a wisp; a tangle of glowing deep purple and red light so intertwined that it didn't seem to have a beginning or an ending.
-I've been waiting for you- A voice echoes out suddenly, and Edwin jerks and looks around himself.
“Ah... Sorry.  I didn't know.” Edwin says, although it was a rather deadpanned response.
-Fear not, I am not here to harm you.  This is only a dream, after all.- The voice says this time, although it sounds rather amused.  Edwin couldn't tell if the voice was male or female or something else.
As if sensing the thought, the wisp-thing bounces up in down in apparent amusement.
-I am me.  I am here.  This place is mine, although of the other realms.  I am the Void.-
“Oh... So are you like a god, then?” Edwin couldn't help but ask after a moment of thinking on the things words.  
-Alike, but different.  I have no power, no influence.  The 'gods' you speak of are beings connected to their physical worlds.  Their powers allow them to influence the places they were born into.  I am different. I simply am.-
Edwin couldn't help but nod at that.  It was simple enough that even he could understand.
“Alright.  But why were you waiting for me?” Edwin finally asks, bringing things back onto track.
The wisp-thing hovers back up again, and this time starts to glow with a pale purple light, casting back some of the darkness; although there is nothing else in existence here.  It did make Edwin feel more  comfortable though.
-You are here because I have need of you, Edwin Cast.  The summoning ritual used to bring you into Eternia is... incomplete.  They drill holes through the world in order to pull the immaterial into the material world.  But part of you remained here, stuck on the other side of the the boundary that separates the world from the Void.  It makes you... unique.  But it also means you are incomplete.-
“What do you mean? I already know that the ritual was messed up; but it was still successful. I'm alive again.” Edwin says, suddenly weary.  Something was wrong with this.  He could feel it.  He just couldn't figure out what it was.
-You do not even remember, Edwin Cast.  It is fine for now.  You may regain what you are missing later.  With part of yourself trapped here though, you will gain something else.  I will fill the part of you that is empty with a part of myself.  You will gain power over the Void, and will be able to use it even in your new world.-
Edwin was at a lost.  He couldn't really understand what was going on now.  Had he forgotten something? He goes back through his memories, about his previous life and his death.  Of his work.  He couldn't find it though.  There didn't seem to be any blank spots in his memory.
Except that there was.  He couldn't even remember what he had forgotten.  He didn't know anymore.
But before Edwin could say or ask anything else, the wisp before him suddenly shoots right at him.  He couldn't even react as it slams right into his chest. Except he didn't feel any sort of impact.  It simply disappears into himself.  
At first, nothing feels any different, and he looks around and then down at himself.  Where his heart should have been, a black mark resembling a spiral had appeared; like a thick, heavy tattoo right over his heart.
-Use this power to forward your goals and plans in Eternia.  We will meet again when the time is right.- The voice finally says after a moment, still echoing in the nothingness which had gone dark all over again.
Edwin tries to speak, but his surprise had taken precious moments from him; and his consciousness falls into darkness of real, heavy sleep.
-|- -|- -|-
Edwin woke with a start, sweat-drenched and with his chest on fire.  Sitting up in bed, he jerks the sheets from his chest; where the same black mark he'd seen on himself in his dream had appeared.  It was burning with an purple-like glow around his red flesh, and was painful to the touch.
Thankfully the pain disappears after only a couple of minutes, and he breaths deeply; in and out.
“That hurt.” He mutters to himself, before looking out the nearby window.
The sun was only starting to come up, painting the horizon with vivid colors.  With the snowcapped mountains in the distance, it was a grand view; and he cannot help but relax while looking at it.
Soon enough though he climbs out of bed and goes to clean himself up, changing into proper clothing after another quick bath.
“So it wasn't all a weird dream.” He muses to himself; remembering the entire experience rather vividly.  Part of him is still stuck in the Void, huh.  He simply shrugs.  At this point it wasn't important.
The mark on his chest was still glowing slightly though.  
He'd been told that he'd gain new power; but so far he hasn't felt any different.  Maybe he'll have to figure it out on his own.
But first things first.  It was the first day of his new rule, so he had a great amount of stuff to do.
Edwin set off after getting his thoughts in order, and leaves his chambers.  He makes his way down to the kitchens; and is quite surprised at the sight before him once he walks in.
There were three new people, being lectured by Allisa and Lucien.  Two women dressed as maids, and a man dressed as a manservant, similar to Lucien.

“... Got it? Betra is assigned to kitchen duties.  Eltrude is assigned to the first and second floors, except the great hall.  I'll be overseeing your work as well as the rest of the floors.” Allisa was saying, and Lucien nods beside her.

“Mark is to oversee the courtyard, as well as the couriers; including the stables and the mounts.  You'll also to bring all the messengers to me personally.  No one is to enter the Citadel without one of us accompanying them.” Lucien finishes up the lecture, and then spots Edwin standing there.

“Ah, our lord has arrived.  Greet him properly, you three.” Lucien says smoothly; while the three newcomers jumpy and turn around.

They are a bit slow to catch on with what is happening, but eventually Edwin gets proper bows and curtsies, but he waves them off.  It still made him nervous.

“Its alright.  No need to be so formal.” Edwin says, to the rather aghast response to those three.  Lucien actually cracks a smile behind their back, but its a fleeting thing that disappears quickly.

“Quite right, my lord.  Off to work, you three.” Lucien finally says, although Allisa to his side is trying to not giggle at the scampering salutes that come before the three new servants rush out of the kitchens.

“Ah, you came at a good time, my lord.  Those three had only just arrived this morning.  We got them situated in the servants quarters and was just filling them in on their duties.” Lucien explains, motioning to the nearby table.

Edwin takes a seat and nods.  “I'd heard we might be getting some new staff, I just didn't expect it to be this soon.”

“Heh.  It was easy enough to pick out a couple of new hands.  Things have already been quite busy this morning.  You've received some thirty-odd letters and other bits of news this morning alone.  Your actions yesterday has turned the whole of Jottenhiem into an ants' hill that's been kicked over then flooded, my lord.” Lucien says, although he's in obvious good cheer.  It was actually a bit disconcerting, but Edwin simply gives a wry grin.

“Well, there isn't any helping it.  We didn't start the fight, but I plan to finish it.” Edwin says, leaning back even as Allisa shows up with their breakfast.  No doubt such meals together with the three of the mare going to become rare rather quickly.

“Indeed, my lord.  I'll give you a summary of the missives' contents after we retire to the study after breakfast.” Lucien says, to which Edwin can only shrug.  He hasn't had time to learn to read as much as he'd like here yet.

“Also, you should know that the Citadel Tower has been unlocked for you.  It was sealed, waiting for a new ruler to claim Jottenhiem.” Lucien says simply, which causes Edwin to raise a brow.  But he soon shrugs it off and they get down to eating the steaming breakfast.

It was good and filling, and Edwin feels quite full afterwards.

“Thank you, Allisa.  I suppose you're quite happy to have help here now.” Edwin says after setting his silverware down on the empty plate.

“Haha.  Yes, my lord.  Betra was a restaurant owner before she went into debt.  She's a great hand in the kitchen, but she cannot really bake.  So we're splitting that duty.” Allisa says, smiling and no longer looking so worried.  In fact, she seemed rather happy now.

“Ah.  There's going to be a lot to cook here shortly.  I'm going to have part of the Jottenhiem Patrol stationed here in the Citadel's barracks full-time; so some fifty-odd soldiers are going to need three meals a day.” Edwin says teasingly, to which Allisa grins; with just the slightest hint of a blush.

She's no longer so awkward now, and Edwin is glad for that.

“Anyway, lets go, Lucien.  Business comes first, after all.” Edwin says, standing and waiting for the old man to lead him back to the study; although he is sure to wave bye to Allisa before they get out of the kitchens.

Once in the study, Lucien locks the door while Edwin takes his usual seat.  On the coffee table before him, is a neatly stacked pile of already opened letters.  Some of them are plain, while others are more expensive and pure white instead of cheap off-colored.  On top is one that even has gold embroidery.  

Edwin cannot help but pick that one up, but after opening it he cannot read the writing at all.  Its all slanted and curved.

“Ah, that one was sent by Lady Gallon; the previous' Lord Gallon's wife.  Or rather, widow.  In it she's saddened to learn of what had befallen her husband, but has offered her unconditional support.  She's taking a stipend and is moving to a rural villa provided by her parents, and is releasing all rights, holdings, and titles to you, my lord.” Lucien's tone is calm and even; but Edwin glances up at the man who was standing at his shoulder with an arched brow.

“Hmm.  I take it the families of the nobles I had done away with did not take kindly to how I dealt with the lords, then?” Edwin asks, to which Lucien nods.

“Yes, my lord.  But you didn't leave them any choice.  Several of the more wealthy ones are leaving as quickly as possible; but some of the others are unable to do so.  They are currently seeking shelter with the last three nobles.” Lucien says, finally taking his seat to the right of Edwin.

“Hmm.  Very well.  Offer the families amnesty for their previous lords' actions, as well as a generous stipend.  Those with children can stay here in the Citadel in the guest wing.  Once reconstruction starts, we'll let them pick out plots for new homes here in the city if they wish to stay.  But we cannot spare materials for building 'villas' and the like outside of Jottenhiem.  

“Also, send word to Cormic and have him set aside some of his guards.  I want these families to tour through Lower Jottenhiem and see personally just how bad things are for the rest of the commoners.  If that doesn't get through to them, then we don't need them here in Jottenhiem at all.” Edwin says, detailing his instructions.  

Lucien actually pulls a small bound journal from his pocket and jots down Edwin's instructions.  He hadn't done that previously, but now things are different.  These were official orders, after all; so they need a proper paper trail.  

“Very well, my lord.   Now, for the rest of the letters...” Lucien says after a moment, snapping the booklet shut and setting it within easy reach.

“Cormic has sent a preliminary report.  The noble houses are being guarded, and already the scribes are at work cataloging everything that'll be of use to us.  He's also chosen a residence quite close to the Citadel to set up as headquarters for the new Patrol.  At the moment he has around fifty guards and volunteers under his command, but he wants to increase that by several fold.”

Edwin nods to that. “I already figured it would.  Once the scribes report comes in, we'll buy up a large set of land surrounding Cormic's new headquarters and have the buildings torn down in order to build a proper Patrol.  Estimates should be around a thousand guards here in the city itself.  After that, we'll start setting up Patrol posts in the surrounding territories.  Especially the farms, timber lands, quarries and mines. People need food and the city needs resources.”

Lucien had grabbed his booklet and started jotting things down, no doubt in order to keep track of everything.  

“Okay.  Now then, there are several letters from the various trade and crafting guilds.  Some welcome their support for the new Commerce Guild; while others are already criticizing it as futile.  I've taken the liberty of sending replies to the nay-sayers that such complaints should be issued to the three nobles who are working on the proposal.

“There is also a letter from the village of Lotash, roughly four hours from the city.  They're the only village within the territories Jottenhiem controls; and also the closest to hear word of what has happened.  Traditionally Lotash is considered little more than a way-stop to Jottenhiem, but they're also the biggest farming community we have left.  Most of our food comes from there, and it has made the village relatively wealthy.  But they are not a proper city, and thus fall under your direct control as well.”

Lucien explains this at last, pulling out a rather thick letter.  Edwin simply nods, with a thoughtful look on his face.

“We need that food, but I'm guessing that Lotash has its own troubles.  Bandits and the like, right?” Edwin asks after a moment, turning back to look at Lucien.

“Yes, my lord.  Lotash has also become something of a refugee camp for people leaving Jottenhiem.  But there isn't enough work to go around for everyone, so the place has become almost as bad as lower Jottenhiem.  Lotash also sits on the edge of the Raven Forest, and the Wellshire creek.  They have several mills set up on the waters edge.” Lucien explains in detail about the village and its environs, to which Edwin nods.

“The Raven Forest is mostly unexplored, and over the years has been home to many bands of bandits and other criminals.  There aren't any real dangerous animals or beasts there; but the area is plentiful in herbs and the like; both for cooking and medicine.”

“Ah.  Then we'll set up a logging camp there.  Dead wood and old growth only though.  We'll also need to keep people out of the areas the herbs grow and see about setting up a way to use the land to grow the herbs ourselves.” Edwin says after a moment of thought.  

Most of the buildings in the city are built out of stone, and are bigger and stand taller than the buildings and homes in villages, which are often made out of more common materials, like wood.

But part of the problem back on Earth was that people learned to late on how to gather resources and still be conservative in their management.  Clear-cutting whole forests and the like is a great short-term policy; but is really bad once things run out.  Edwin isn't going to repeat that here.

“Lotash will be the first place we set up a Patrol Post as well.  We need to clear out the bandits and set up security in order to get things done.  Make a note for Cormic about that.” Edwin finally says, which leads to Lucien nodding; jotting it down in his booklet along with everything else.

All of this was getting more and more complex.

“Ahem.  The rest of the letters are congratulations on your victory and the like.  Only a few of them deserve a reply, so I'll see to that myself, my lord.” Lucien finally says, closing his booklet once more before standing up.

“On the last piece of business, let me show you to the Tower.  I imagine you'll be quite pleased.” Lucien says, sounding all mysterious all of the sudden.  He even goes so far as to grin at Edwin.

Edwin simply nods and stands up, following the old man out of the study.  Instead of going to the hall and using the stairs, they instead walk toward the central wing of the citadel, close to the place where Edwin had gotten his Status Crystal before.  But they don't enter that great hall, but instead go off to one side, which has another staircase leading up. And up, and up.

The tower soon reaches past the six lower floors, and still goes up and up.  Lucien appears as cool and collected as ever; but Edwin is sweating and huffing for breath slightly after only about halfway up.

Finally though they come out on a landing, which is just like any of the others.  Bare dark stone and only a little wood can be seen.

But the large double-doors on the other side are impressive, iron-bound and carved with an lovely and very complex set of glyphs.  Edwin had learned about such things with his study with Allisa.  They are wards and magic circles.  He recognizes a few of them, for protection and locking; but the rest make no sense to him.

“Here we go, my lord.  Beyond this point only yourself may enter.  It is perfectly safe though.  I shall be here when you come out.” Lucien says formally, motioning to the doors.

Edwin looks at the doors once more before straightening, and walks right up to him.  On the way, he can feel a force pulling his right hand up; and before he even realizes it he's touching the doors.  A bright flash of light comes from his Status Crystal embedded in his wrist, and he has to squint before it fades.


The Tower is unlocked!
The Citadel Tower is where the ruler of Jottenhiem comes to review information about the city.

Other features are also available.

The doors open as soon as Edwin waves the new message away; and even he cannot make anything out on the other side of the newly opened doorway.  He glances back at Lucien, who nods; and after taking a breath and steeling himself, Edwin steps into the room.

Once past the doorway, the doors close shut silently behind him; and for a moment the pitch blackness reminds Edwin of the Void. The thought sends a shiver down his spine.

But soon enough light appears.

In the center of the circular room, a large crystal is floating; and it gives off a pale blue glow that grows after a couple of moments, filling the space with light.

The sight makes Edwin gasp.

The floor is white marble, shot through with veins of deep blue lapis lazuli.  The ceiling arches high overhead, supported with pillars and arches of more marble, with wooden struts elegantly carved and polished to a shine.  The ceiling itself is lost in shadow.

Off to one side, a comfortable looking couch along with an end-table is set; both of exquisite quality.  Behind the couch, a bookshelf stands, also of good quality; but sadly empty.  

But what really catches Edwin's attention is that the room has no walls.  Indeed, there's nothing but empty space beyond the flooring; showing off the mountains surrounding Jottenhiem and the city below.  And yet there's no wind.  And the temperature is comfortable.  It reminds Edwin of a lighthouse, actually.  A beacon at the top of the world.

In fact, from the city below, it looks just like that; a shining blue lighthouse at the tallest tower of the Citadel.

But soon enough Edwin's attention is brought back to the floating crystal in the center of the space, which has started to rotate; spinning first slowly, then more and more quickly; a sudden -beat- coming from it, as if it were a heart suddenly pumping after being so long and still.

It beats again, and again, and again; slowly and then more and more rapidly; growing louder and louder until Edwin has to clamp his hands over his ears.  But finally it stops the noise, and instead continues to spin.

“Welcome, Demon Lord.  I am Jottenhiem.” A soft voice suddenly comes from the crystal, and Edwin starts for a moment.  


The Heart of Jottenhiem
The Heart of Jottenhiem is a Heart Crystal, one of the few ever found.

It is a mass of crystallized mana that houses the spirit known as 'Jottenhiem'.  It oversees the entire city of Jottenhiem, as well as its territories.  The previous Demon Lords used it in help controlling the information and development of the city it resides over.  

The spirit Jottenhiem is bound to the power of its ruling Demon Lord.  The greater the Demon Lords' power, the more influence the spirit gains; and its control can reach out over a greater area.

In ancient times, the spirit was considered a 'god', but as that knowledge faded from legend to myth and then into obscurity, no one remembers who or what it was before.
New information about Jottenhiem has been added to the Codex menu.

That was a bit of a shock, but Edwin is quick to read the new information that popped up, before giving a soft chuckle.

“A pleasure to meet you, Jottenhiem.  I'm Edwin.” He finally says, speaking to the crystal as if it were a person.  In truth, it probably was, at one point in time or another.  The Heart Crystal had probably been asleep for a long time now.

“Ah, a polite one.  Some of the previous Demon Lords were rather crass.” The crystal responds, sounding oddly excited for some reason.  But Edwin could understand that after a moment of thinking about it.  All alone, locked in a room for decades.  Anyone would get lonely.

“In any case, I'm here to help you govern your territory.  So far that means the city of Jottenhiem and the village of Lotash and the surrounding lands.  Things seemed to have fallen quite a ways~ Aah, I remember when my presence used to touch almost every part of the North Lands.  There was always so much to do, to see back then!”

Yep, the spirit was acting just like a person.  That made it easier for Edwin, and he gives a slight smile.

“Well, I do plan on reuniting the Northern Lands, so you may get the chance to experience that again, Jottenhiem.” Edwin finally says.

“Haha! I look forward to it, Edwin! But first, please step up to me and touch your right hand to my Heart.  I need to synchronize with your Status Crystal.”

“Okay..” Edwin replies, slightly hesitant when he remembers the pain that happened the last time he touched a crystal.  But he does it anyway.  Thankfully that doesn't happen this time.  Indeed, a golden glow comes out of the Heart and wraps over his hand and wrist, soft and surprisingly warm before it fades.

“Oooh, it seems you've unlocked quite a few menu's already, Edwin.  But here is the best place to use them.  Simply say 'City Status Mode'.” Jottenhiem instructs then; and Edwin nods once more.

“City Status Mode.”


With the sound of a new message opening, the world goes away, except for Edwin and the Heart Crystal.  For a moment everything is black again; but then it starts filling up with blue lines; rapidly building one on top of another.  After a moment Edwin recognizes it as similar to the Dungeoneering skill; a blueprint screen.  All around him the city and territories of Jottenhiem come up in outlines; before it falls away and he's left looking down at everything under his control. Its rather cool.

Every person is marked with a blue dot, all of them moving around within their places.  Animals are green, and dangerous beasts that are recognized are red.

Buildings are seen as solid blue outlines, while the land itself has gone white around them; while resources are marked with different symbols.  He recognizes a few of them, like the symbol for 'grain crops', which is a simple wheat stalk on a golden background.  Others he doesn't though.

But it isn't just the physical things he sees, either.

Several large blue message boards had popped up, including the City Management screen and the Resources screen.

It was quite a bit overwhelming.  

“With the synchronization done, all the information you could pull up normally is represented here through my projection, Edwin.  I have also taking the liberty of setting up the Jottenhiem Project based on the plans you have stated to Lucien and others.  I will now mark those projects on the map in orange.” Jottenhiem says clearly; and after a moment several new orange buildings and symbols have popped up, replacing or overriding the previous normal blue ones he'd seen.

The Patrol Headquarters and its surroundings, the details about Lotash and its farmlands and the Raven Forest near it; as well as messages about the Commerce Guild and some of the plans he'd stated with that.

It was quite a bit of information; but set out like this, it was like he was working on it in a computer.  It was that cool.

“Wow.  You're just like an AI.” Edwin says then, looking over everything.  He also found out that he could move his view and the like by moving his hands and manipulate the projection with his fingers, like using a touchscreen.  He could zoom in and out and rotate and everything.

“An AI?” Jottenhiem asks, sounding rather confused at the word.

“Ah.  In the world I came from, Artificial Intelligences are theoretical constructs possessing self-awareness.  But their ability to process information is thought to be several times greater than that of a living beings.” Edwin explains after a moment, a but chagrined at the slip.

“When I lived there, AI's were still theoretical.  Impossible to make.  My old world didn't have magic; so everything we did relied upon technology that is more advanced than what's available here in Eternia.”

“Ooooh! It sounds like a rather unique world! Most of the worlds we know of that border Eternia have similar disciplines of magic and technology.” Jottenhiem says, once more excited about the whole thing.  Edwin can only shrug though.

“Anyway! What's first on the list that you'd like to do? I can pull up the Planning menu and we can finally get to work!”

-|- -|- -|-

Here's chapter 5, and its quite the read! Sorry it took so long to get out; but I've been distracted. Haha.

There isn't any fighting or the like, but picks up right where chapter 4 left off!

Some new things happen, new people are introduced, and plans are made.  Things are progressing.  There will be more action soon though, I promise!

I'll be working on the first Codex post here soon too.

I'm going to post the Spells table here as well, so check it out!

Feel free to comment, leave suggestions, criticisms and reviews.

I'll also be leaving an updated Status chart here in the credits after each chapter.  So far its only the Status Screen, but I'll eventually add others like Skills and the Codex.

Status – Chapter 5
Spoiler :

NAMEEdwin CastRACEVoid Demon
Demon Lord / Master of Dungeons7
Physical AttributesStrengthDexterityConstitution
Mental AttributesIntelligenceWisdomCharisma
Applied AttributesHealthManaStamina
Unused Stat Points30

Skills – Chapter 5
Spoiler :

NAMEEdwin CastRACEVoid Demon
Demon Lord / Master of Dungeons1

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
The skill required to create the 'Absolute Domain' of a dungeon. By using this skill, the Creator has the ability to set the size of the dungeon to be created.  The features found in the chosen location will affect the nature of the dungeon created.  Strong stone will reduce the effective size, but will increase overall stability.  Valuable materials, ores, etc. That are within the chosen location can be harvested as minable materials or incorporated directly into the dungeons design.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Dungeon MiningF10.0%
The skill required to clear out the interior of the dungeon.  Similar to the regular mining skill, this one is specific in its usage within the 'Absolute Domain' of the dungeon.  May be granted to others in order to rapidly create, fix, or change the layout of an already established dungeon.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Dungeon FillingD211.0%
A skill used in conjunction with Dungeon Mining.  This skill allows the Creator to close in gaps within the dungeon.  Sometimes natural faults or cave-ins cause new parts to be added to the dungeon, in which Dungeon Filling is required to fix.  This skill generates material already found in the dungeon based upon its location.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Dungeon TrappingF10.0%
The skill required to create various physical and magical traps within the Dungeon.  Used along with forging skills to create, repair, and replace traps.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Dungeon CommandF10.0%
The skill used to command the various creatures residing within the Dungeon.  Within the 'Absolute Domain' of the Dungeon, the Creator's words are law, and all creatures set within the dungeon are governed by such law.  As skill level increases, more and more powerful beings can be set and commanded within the dungeon.  Beings able to overpower the Dungeon Command skill may choose to leave without other considerations.  This skill is also used to create Demon Contracts for freelance beings who may choose to join the Dungeon.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Dungeon TreasuresF10.0%
The unique crafting skill of Dungeon Masters.  Along with crafting skills, this skill allows the creation of unique treasures which can be used both inside and out of the dungeon.  With every death of a creature within the dungeon, the Treasure stored within the dungeon gets progressively stronger and more valuable.  Some are considered to be 'living', and provide a variety of effects.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Combat StanceF24.0%
Proper stance is important in both attacking and defense.  Without this foundation, the ability to defend yourself and retaliate against attack is degraded severely.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Blunt WeaponF155.0%
The skill that governs the attack attributes of blunt weapons.  Increases both attack power and speed, as well as defense when using blunt weapons.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
An skill that governs all things related to defense.  The ability to take hits and remain standing, as well as dodging and parrying.  A high defense also raises combat awareness and the ability to see or sense attacks that cannot normally be seen by the eye.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Blow AbsorptionA293.0%
A unique skill that supplements both Defense and Constitution when it comes to taking blows.

Greatly increases defense when it comes to taking blows from blunt weapons.
Increases defense when it comes to taking blows from bladed weapons.
Slightly increases defense when it comes to taking blows from piercing weapons.

Negates part of the damage received from falling or getting struck with non-weapon objects.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Elemental MagicC135.0%
The skill that governs the ability to use elemental-type magics.  The higher the level, the more powerful that the related spells can be.  

Part of the Magic series skill set.

Skill Name:Skill Rank:Skill Level:Skill Experience:
Hide of EarthPassive1-
A unique skill! The Hide of Earth is an advanced form of the common skill 'Stone Skin'.  It is also a passive skill, and cannot be leveled up.

Greatly increases defense.
Greatly reduces fall damage.
Objects with a total durability lower than the Constitution stat can be broken on impact with your body!

Magic Screen – Chapter 5
Spoiler :

NAMEEdwin CastRACEVoid Demon
Demon Lord / Master of Dungeons1
Affinity Levels
50 + 100505050
50 + 50505050

Usable Magic


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