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Chapter 47: Chapter 046: Level 2 Dungeon (III)


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<Feld Gear>



<Meteor strike> coupled with <Boom, boom and more boom!> covered the whole area in a thick and dense smoke; the ogre army and the goblin army waited patiently at the edge of the smoke filled area. After a minute, the smoke started to thin out and disperse.

Orc King Okould the Fifth could be seen slumping on the floor with his head missing from the body. The two kings seeing that they did not get the last kill was enraged. Thinking that the other party sneaked an attack during the smoke, they commanded their army to attack and get back the head.


[Head of Orc King Okould the Fifth] x1 obtained.

[Heart of Orc King Okould the Fifth] x1 obtained.

[Dungeon Coin] x10000 obtained.

[Head of Orc King Okould the Fifth] - Proof that you killed Orc King Okould the Fifth

[Heart of Orc King Okould the Fifth] - Increase both Power/Strength and Stamina by 10 permanently when consumed.



Level: 30 (Exp to next level: 31,000)



Level: 15 (Exp to next level: 16,000)


Dungeon Gold: 18,700 DG

Loot: Orc’s helmet x 80

Broken weapon shard x 30

Heart of Orc King Okould the Fifth x1

Head of Orc King Okould the Fifth x1

[Evolution for Abaddon is possible, do you want to let Abaddon evolve from Tiny Titan to Titan?] [YES/NO]


Sorry Abaddon, we are trying to be low key. I’ll let you evolve later.

As the battle raged on, Chrono, Abaddon and Yuki stayed at the peripheral of the huge army to kill some stary goblins and ogres. After an hour, the war started to tilt in favour of the Ogre army.

Time to join in the battle…


[Evolution for Abaddon is possible, do you want to let Abaddon evolve from Tiny Titan to Titan?] [YES/NO]


A bright light engulfed Abaddon as he started to grow in size. One metre… Two metre… Three metre… Slightly pass three metre, Abaddon stopped growing and the light disappeared. Other than the size, Abaddon looks exactly the same as before.



Level: 31 (Exp to next level: 31,500)

Race: Titans

Classification: Giants

Evolution possible:

Tiny Titan - Titan - Colossus Titan - Supreme Titan - Titan Overlord

Offensive Power: 3,000

Defensive Power: 1,500

Vitality: 10,000/10,000

Mana: -/-



  • Fist of destruction III (Passive)


Cold hard fist that destroys everything in their way.


  • Buff lord (Passive)


Increase vitality drastically and reduce damage from piercing and slashing.

*A giant with unknown origins.


Let’s go.

<Feld Gear>




Ogre King Morg realised that his army was suddenly attacked by an unknown party and now he is under a pincer attack. On the other hand, Goblin King Oggle was delighted that the pressure from the ogre army was reduced. With an unknown ally helping him, he increased his firepower to try and get rid of the Ogre King once and for all; considering that Oggle was only left with 10% of his original army. Abaddon was on a rampage after evolving into a Titan and crushed the ogres and goblins easily.

After an hour, the battle was finally over with Ogre King Morg falling in battle first followed by Goblin King Ogle.

[Head of Ogre King Morg] x1 obtained.

[Head of Goblin King Oggle] x1 obtained.

[Heart of Ogre King Morg] x1 obtained.

[Heart of Goblin King Oggle] x1 obtained.

[Dungeon Coin] x10000 obtained.

[Dungeon Coin] x10000 obtained.


[Head of Ogre King Morg] - Proof that you killed Ogre King Morg

[Head of Goblin King Oggle] - Proof that you killed Goblin King Oggle

[Heart of Ogre King Morg]- Increase Intelligence by 20 permanently when consumed.

[Heart of Goblin King Oggle]- Increase both Speed and Agility by 10 permanently when consumed.


Level: 32 (Exp to next level: 20,634)



Level: 20 (Exp to next level: 12,938)


Dungeon Gold: 51,150 DG

Loot: Orc’s helmet x 80

Ogre’s mace x 90

Goblin’s cloth x 30

Broken weapon shard x 150

Heart of Orc King Okould the Fifth x1

Head of Orc King Okould the Fifth x1

Heart of Ogre King Morg

Head of Ogre King Morg x1

Heart of Goblin King Oggle x1

Head of Goblin King Oggle x1


[Ogre’s mace] - A sturdy weapon of the ogre’ race that can be sold for 15 DG

[Goblin’s cloth] - A smelly cloth worn by goblins that can be sold for 5 DG


After winning the war, a notification appeared when Chrono picked up both the heads of the ogre and goblin king.

Congratulation! You have won the “War of Dominance”! Please select your reward:


Option 1: Increase in luck by 5 points

Option 2: Increase in charm/charisma by 5 points

Option 3: Improve the grade of recovery from E to D


After contemplating for a few minutes, Chrono decided on option 3 and consumed the three hearts to increase his stats.


[Name] Chrono Feldman

[Lifespan] 1 years


<<Life Merchant>>

Ability to shorten one’s lifespan and transfer the number of years to a target or increase one’s lifespan by receiving a specific number of years from a target’s lifespan.



Power/Strength - 60 +

Intelligence - 70 +

Speed - 60 +

Agility - 60 +

Stamina - 60 +

Luck - 50

Charm/Charisma - 35

Recovery - D

Control/Accuracy - D



<Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)

<Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)

<Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)

<Lucky Draw> - (What new skills will you obtain?)

<Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes

<Omniscient LV2> - See everything within a 5 metre radius

<Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena

<Forever Not Alone> - Create a clone.

<Feld Gear> - Summon a nodachi and wakizashi and/or a tanegashima

<Gear Upgrade> - Improve the weapon prowess with materials

<Midas Touch> - Turn an item into gold (once per day)

<I am a Stalker> - Acquire the direction of a target using an item that belongs to the target.

<Dragon Kidney LV1> - 10% chance for poison immunity to occur (Passive)

<Save Token> - Save your progress and can be loaded once after death (10 days cooldown).

<Artistic talent Lv2 (5%)> - Elementary skills and talent to create fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc.



[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 100 points (1 x Skill Tree Upgrade)




Tanegashima (+1) - A matchlock configured arquebus (+1 - auto reload and unlimited ammo)

Nodachi (+1) - A traditional Japanese field sword (+1 - anti regeneration)

Wakizashi (+1) - A traditional Japanese side sword (+1 - Keen eyes)


Affter selling all the miscellaneous drops at the shop, Chrono had 53,450 DG.


The Arena Level 2 Shoppe

Power/Strength elixir (Increase Power/Strength by 1 point permanently) x5 - 10,000 DG each

Wind sylphid wings (Equip to enable flight mode) x1 - 1,000,000 DG each

Jerky (Satiate your hunger for 24 hours, do not stack) x100 - 10 DG each

Spring water (Quench your thirst for 48 hours, do not stack) x50 - 20 DG each

Bento (Satiate your hunger for one week, do not stack) x10 - 1000 DG each

[Refresh] (Cooldown 23 hours]

Chrono bought a ten jerky and ten spring water to be kept as emergency ration if he is not able to buy any food or water. Exiting The Arena, Chrono found himself on the branches of the tree that he previously was on.


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