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Chapter 046: Level 2 Dungeon (II)


After killing the last Phalanx, Chrono had 5,700 dungeon coins, a couple of HP and MP potions and two large HP potions; Yuki and Abaddon at level 5 and 25.



Level: 25 (Exp to next level: 20,770)

Race: Titans

Classification: Giants



Level: 5 (Exp to next level: 750)

Race: Winged Serpents

Classification: Reptile




“Rawr” An Orc rushed straight at them the moment they descended from the staircase.


Orc Warrior

Level: 20

Vitality: 500

Mana: 500


Offensive Power: 500

Defensive Power: 300




  • Lunge (Mana cost: 5)


Attack with your weapon with double the force.


  • Shield Bash (Mana cost: 20)


Stun the enemy for 1 second.


*A battle hungry and savage species. Majority of the Orcs are warriors that live to battle.


Yuki used <Viscous Goo I> while Abaddon advanced to block and countered the Orc’s attack. However, the Orc who was carrying a tower shield easily blocked the attack of Abaddon. In addition, the shield bash was an irritating skill that caused Abaddon to receive more damage than usual when he used <Shield Bash> followed by <Lunge> as a combo. 





<Viscous Goo I> was stacked for 5 times and the Orcs movement was visibly slower and his shield started to corrode due to the effect of <Viscous Goo I>.

“Argh” The Orc groaned as he was punched in the stomach continuously by Abaddon when his speed failed him.

[Dungeon Coin] x20 obtained.

Looks like enemies with shields are a bane to Abaddon. Considering that he does not have any defensive skills and only <Fist of Destruction II> which does not affect inanimate objects. Thankfully we have our cute little Yuki…

 As if she could hear Chrono calling her cute, Yuki hissed at Chrono and attacked him.

 “Okay okay. Stop! I won’t call you cute anymore. Is that alright?” Chrono said.

Stopping her attack, she stared at Chrono venomously.

“My cute little Yuki.’ Chrono have not finished his sentence as he continued teasing her.


Once again, Yuki chased Chrono as she tried to punish him for calling her cute. Shortly after, an Orc who noticed the commotion attacked. For the rest of the floor, the monsters were all Orcs; just that they wielded different weapons which resulted in different skills used.



Level: 25 (Exp to next level: 15,770)



Level: 6 (Exp to next level: 2,750)


Dungeon Gold: 8,700 DG


Loot: Orc’s helmet x 80

         Broken weapon shard x 30


[Orc’s Helmet] - A helmet worn by the Orc that can be sold for 10 DG.


[Broken weapon shard] - Can be used to upgrade weapons.






“Ogre SMASH!”


A massive club slammed down at the position Abaddon was standing at. However, with Yuki stacking 5 stacks of <Viscous Goo I> on the Ogre, Abaddon was able to dodge the Ogre’s attack easily. Considering that the Ogre was almost five times bigger than Abaddon, it looked exactly like the scene in the parable “David and the Goliath”.


Twin-headed Ogre 

Level: 25

Vitality: 1000

Mana: 300


Offensive Power: 500

Defensive Power: 500




  • Club Smash (Mana cost: 20)


Smash your club down with full force and stun your enemy for 3 seconds.



*An Ogre that is always confused what to do due to having two heads.


Whew. Finally, the last floor. It’s been like seven hours? I hope the last floor drops [Home Teleport] or something…

After clearing the ninth floor that was occupied with many different types of ogres, from two headed ones, to one-eyed ones and to those with horns. Chrono and his two companions have finally reached the last floor.





A scene of carnage appeared before Chrono’s eyes. There were three huge army fighting each other, goblins, ogres and orcs. Dead bodies were strewn all over the ground and trampled over as the war raged on. A barrier separated the chaos from them.

What the heck?

Just then, a notification popped out.


[War of Dominance]

Once a year, the goblins, orcs and ogres will wage over the seat of dominance.  The victor will have control over the dungeon for a year until the next “War of Dominance”.

  1. Bet on who will emerge victorious and earn ten times the amount if you win.   

         (Option 1 is not available if option 3 is chosen)

  1. Join a faction and earn twice the experience for each enemy killed if your faction  

         Wins. (if this option is chosen, option 3 will not be available)

  1. Fight for the seat of dominance as your own private faction. The other three         

         factions will attack you at the same time. Triumph and take control over the

         dungeon. (One time event)


Victor of “War of Dominance” for the past 10 years:


  • Goblin
  • Ogre
  • Ogre
  • Orc
  • Goblin
  • Goblin
  • Orc
  • Orc
  • Orc
  • Orc



An introduction was portrayed and three options were made available for Chrono to choose. The victor for the past ten years were also shown for those who wants to bet on who would be the victor. Without thinking much, Chrono made his decision.


[Fight for the seat of dominance as your own private faction. The other three factions will attack you at the same time. Triumph and take control over the dungeon.] has been chosen.


Please name your faction.



A moment later, Chrono inputted the name of his faction.


[Faction BLΛƆKPIИK has joined the War of Dominance. Good luck and may the war be in your favour.]


The barrier lifted and the “War of Dominance” commenced. Unknown to Chrono, this war was much easier than the past few years because the goblin and ogre faction were in a temporary alliance against the orcs. If the Orcs were to win the “War of Dominance” again, making it five years in a row, they would receive a mythical artifact which would greatly help them to win five more times and obtain a legendary artifact from a ten year win streak.




After ten minutes of battling, Chrono realised that the goblins and ogres were pushing the orcs back and not much attention was given to him. This made him very happy as the experience gained from this war was massive.

An hour into the war, the orcs were making their last stand as their last line of defense struggled to stop the goblins and ogres from destroying their faction flag. The Orc King was fighting valiantly as his remaining warriors were surrounded and getting slaughtered at a very fast rate.


Orc King Okould the Fifth

Level: 30

Vitality: 100,000

Mana: 50,000


Offensive Power: 5,000

Defensive Power: 3,000




  • Vital Slash (Mana cost: 100)


Slash at an enemy’s vital and deal critical damage.


  • Tornado slash (Channeling) (Mana cost: 1,000)


Create a violent tornado to attack all enemies in a ten metre radius.


  • Summon Wolf Pack (Cooldown: 1 hour)


Summon a pack of wolf to attack the enemies or as mount for orc warriors to increase offensive power.


  • Earthquake (Ultimate)


Borrow the power of the earth by stabbing your great axe onto the ground and shift the tectonic plates. Enemies in a 100 metre radius will be knocked down and stunned for 5 seconds.


  • Aura of Dominance LV4


Increase the vitality, attack speed and movement speed of all troops by 40%.



*The first King of the Orcs who is only one step away to win five “War of Dominance” in a row.




Orc King Okould the Fifth gave a loud and savage roar and he stabbed his great axe into the ground and initiated his ultimate <Earthquake>. The dungeon floor started to shake violently and the goblins and ogres in a 100 metre radius were knocked down and received massive damage as they were crushed by the power of the earth.

After witnessing the destructive power of <Earthquake>, the Ogre King and Goblin King finally made a move. They rushed towards the Orc King as they too unleashed their ultimate.


Ogre King Morg

Level: 30

Vitality: 70,000

Mana: 100,000


Offensive Power: 3,000

Defensive Power: 3,000




  • Ignite (Mana cost: 1,000)


Set the enemy on fire for 10 seconds (100 burn damage/sec).


  • Fireball (Mana cost: 100)


A flaming ball of fire.


  • Empower (Mana cost: 1,000)


Boost the attack and movement speed of your troops in a 10 by 10 metre area.


  • Meteor strike (Ultimate)


Rain down meteors from the sky to destroy your enemies in a 100 by 100 metre area.



*The King of the Ogres who is proficient in fire magic that burns the enemies of his people into barbeque.



Goblin King Oggle

Level: 30

Vitality: 80,000

Mana: 50,000


Offensive Power: 4,000

Defensive Power: 4,000




  • Raining Daggers (Mana cost: 1,000)


Throw a barrage of daggers in a 10 by 10 metre area.


  • Acidic Gas Bomb (Mana cost: 1,000)


Throw an acidic gas bomb and corrode the armor of enemies in a 10 by 10 metre area.


  • Boom, boom and more boom! (Ultimate)


Throw a barrage of smoke, poison, acidic, explosive, stun, sleeping bombs in a 100 by 100 metre area.



*The cowardly goblin king who prefers to use daggers and bombs to battle.


Bombs and meteors rained down at the last few orcs that were surrounding the Orc King.

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SS20x3 on Chapter 045: Level 2 Dungeon (I)ago

When I imagine a winged serpent, I can't help but think of Quetzalcoatl.

-Quetzalcoatl is too long, so i decided not to use it. HAHAHA.


zimbimbaroo on Chapter 031: Revivedago

 Who the heck is Titan?

zimbimbaroo on Chapter 027: Leginago


How did his speed stat go from 30 to 26? 

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Dogface2016 on Chapter 045: Level 2 Dungeon (I)ago

Hmmmm Welp the serpent might look cute , I wish there was someone to draw the monsters and maybe chrono too. Thx for the chap.

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RAAN on Chapter 045: Level 2 Dungeon (I)ago

What are the conditions to evolve?

-Nothing too complicated, you'll find out soon =D

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