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Chapter 044: T-Rescue (IV)


Chrono, who knew about them already, was hiding in the canopy of a tree. After making sure that they were in good hands and that he had received years from saving them, Chrono headed back to see if he could do something for the other half that was left behind.

Moving from tree to tree, Chrono used <Omniscient> to evade the pirates as he tried to see if there were any girls that have not been recaptured by the pirates. After scouring for half an hour, Chrono managed to locate five more girls. Giving each of them a [Healing potion I] and [Energy potion I], the girls were able to get to the dock safely; earning him an additional fifty years.


[Lifespan] 401 years (+10 years)


Hearing gunshots resounding through the air, Chrono figured that the police have started to attack the base of the pirates. Checking his quest log, he saw that he gained a new quest and that the previous one had disappeared.


[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 100 points (1 x Skill Tree Upgrade)


Heaving a sigh of relief, Chrono deactivated <Omniscient> and a surge of exhaustion hit him. Checking his inventory, he realised that he did not have any [Home Teleport] left. Thus, he chose the next best alternative.

<Instant Arena> 

After washing off the blood and grime on his body, Chrono changed his clothes and collapsed on the bed.




“Urgh why does my head hurt so much whenever I try to recall what happened?” Mina groaned as she massaged her temple.

“Mina, just have a good rest and stop trying to recall what happened. It is just a few days before your birthday. Nothing of significance happened.” Akira (Mina’s dad) said to her.

“Really? I feel that I have forgotten something important and it is causing my heart to ache.” Mina closed her eyes as she lied down on her bed .





Chrono sat up and stretched his body lazily. Looking at his watch, he saw that there was still a couple of hours before the dungeon would reset. Leaving Fei’s house, he walked over to the Arena restaurant to have his lunch. As he sipped his tea, Chrono opened up his status screen.



[Name] Chrono Feldman

[Lifespan] 401 years


<<Life Merchant>>

Ability to shorten one’s lifespan and transfer the number of years to a target or increase one’s lifespan by receiving a specific number of years from a target’s lifespan.



Power/Strength - 50 +

Intelligence - 50 +

Speed - 50 +

Agility - 50 +

Stamina - 50 +

Luck - 50

Charm/Charisma - 35

Recovery - E

Control/Accuracy - D



<Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)

<Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)

<Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)

<Lucky Draw> - (What new skills will you obtain?)

<Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes

<Omniscient LV2> - See everything within a 5 metre radius

<Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena

<Forever Not Alone> - Create a clone.

<Feld Gear> - Summon a nodachi and wakizashi and/or a tanegashima

<Gear Upgrade> - Improve the weapon prowess with materials

<Midas Touch> - Turn an item into gold (once per day)

<I am a Stalker> - Acquire the direction of a target using an item that belongs to the target.




[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 100 points (1 x Skill Tree Upgrade)





Tanegashima (+1) - A matchlock configured arquebus (+1 - auto reload and unlimited ammo)

Nodachi (+1) - A traditional Japanese field sword (+1 - anti regeneration)

Wakizashi (+1) - A traditional Japanese side sword (+1 - Keen eyes)


401 years… Looks like it’s time for a lucky draw spree! <Lucky Draw>


[Lifespan] 301 years (-100 years)


[Dragon Kidney LV1] - 10% chance for poison immunity to occur (Passive). 

Nice, a new skill. 3 more to go!


[Lifespan] 201 years (-100 years)


[The ultimate indestructible socks] x1 obtained.


[The ultimate indestructible socks] - A pair of socks made by the latest technology and made by the best material in the Universe to protect your foot from all external threats.


[Lifespan] 101 years (-100 years)


[Save Token] x1 obtained.


[Save Token] - Save your progress and can be loaded once after death (10 days).


[Lifespan] 1 year (-100 years)


[Artistic talent Lv1 (0%)] - Newbie skills and poor talent to create fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc.


Delighted that he only had one pretty useless draw out of the four draws, he walked back to Fei’s house and decided to try out [Artistic talent LV1] as it was the only skill he had that have a progress bar. Taking out his [Magic Pen], Chrono started to draw on the papers he found in Fei’s house. He started with drawing the furnitures in Fei’s house and proceeded to drawing portraits of his family and friends. After an hour of drawing, a notification sounded in his mind.

[Artistic talent Lv1 (100%)] reached.


[Artistic talent Lv2 (0%)] - Elementary skills and talent to create fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc.


Elementary skills and talent? Looks like [Artistic talent] can be leveled just by practicing drawing and other form of art.

With a new goal in mind, to level [Artistic talent], Chrono got absorbed in drawing and only stopped when he ran out of paper.


[Artistic talent Lv2 (5%)] - Elementary skills and talent to create fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc.


The progress bar filled up only by 5% after he drew for almost five whole hours. At this rate, he most probably would need four to five days before he is able to reach level three. Feeling his stomach growling, Chrono went to grab a quick bite before visiting The Arena.




<The Arena>

Arriving before the dungeon, Chrono decided to try level 2 for the companion dungeon, considering that he had already gained all the tomes possible.


Level : 2🔽

Stage : 1🔽

Companion : Abaddon🔽 &                    🔽




As Chrono only had one companion for the time being, he left the second option blank and pressed start. “Please fill up all the selections” a pop up appeared.

Sheesh, i do not have a second companion. Does this mean that I cannot enter? Damn it. Fei will only be back in a week. I wonder if I can go and contract a companion by myself.




“Hi. I would like to enter the card zone.” Chrono said to the sprite behind the counter.

“That would be 1,000 AP please.” The sprite replied.

“Is it possible to pay on credit? My manager is currently on off.” Chrono scratched his head and asked.

“Sure. Please place your hand on this scanner.”


“Alright. You may enter the card zone now.” The sprite handed the token to Chrono and gave him a smile.

Stepping into the portal, as per before; when Chrono opened his eyes, he found himself standing on nothingness. The view of the outer space was still as breathtaking, with the stars dotted all around him.


Chrono was surrounded but billions and billions of cards. The cards were spiralling like a whirlpool around him. As the cards spiralled around him, cards started to be attracted to him and drew closer to him. Suddenly, all the cards that were surrounding him disappeared except a single card that was floating right in front of him. My second companion. Stretching out his hand, Chrono grabbed the card. The next moment, Chrono found himself back in The Arena.

A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Dogface2016 on Chapter 043: T-Rescue (III)ago


I could care less about the pirates as long as the ark reaches a satisfying end. Thx for the chapter


adiwsp on Chapter 043: T-Rescue (III)ago


Honestly this arc is your worst arc compared previous arc of your story and the gap of quality i think is large


Frique on Chapter 043: T-Rescue (III)ago


Yeah as long as the ending is good that's fine. Though the revelation sure is close to none based on its previous arcs quality. Anyway, pretty cool story keep it up laughing


-Will do to make the subsequent arcs at the same standard before the party arc. Thanks for your support!!!

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