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A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Sorry for the one week lag post. Was lacking inspiration and was busy going out. Lol.

Btw, I've noticed a couple of people commenting that this arc is shit.

Please do vote whether I should rewrite this arc, like remove the pirates and make the party more normal.

BTW, i made some changes in the previous chapter. Please do read it again!

Chapter 043: T-Rescue (III)


Seeing that they had escaped, Chrono heaved a sigh of relief and moved on to his next task : butchering pirates one by one.




“Captain! We are under attack!” Someone banged on CJS’s door.

 “Again? How many?” CJS, stark naked, opened the door.

“Just one. He appeared out of nowhere about ten minutes ago at the captives’ warehouse and our men have been attacking him since then.”

“What? You can’t even get rid of one person with over three hundred men?”

“Captain, he is hiding behind the female captives and we don’t dare to open fire, so we can only engage in close combat; however, he’s very strong and he’s cutting us down like vegetables.”

“Are you stupid?! Who cares about the captives?! Destroy him by any means necessary. Go! Don’t disturb me again! Imbeciles!” CJS slammed the door and went back to his unfinished business.




Looks like they are finally going to use firearms. Time to evacuate, wouldn’t want them to kill of my sources of income..


Chrono teleported out of the warehouse as soon as he saw the pirates bringing in all sorts of firearms.

“He is gone! Search for him!” The pirates were stunned when Chrono suddenly vanished into thin air just as reinforcement arrived.

“He’s here!” Someone outside of the building shouted in alarm.

After making sure that the pirates had left the warehouse, Chrono2 slowly crawled out of the crate in which he was hiding and released the girls closest to him. He cut the ropes of fourteen captives and used his remaining [Home Teleport] to send them back to Singapore.

The unlucky ones, realizing that Chrono2 might be their only chance to get out of the hell they were in,  started to shout at him to save them. But when the pirates noticed the clamour, Chrono2 and the fourteen girls were already long gone.


[Lifespan] 101 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 111 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 121 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 131 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 231 years (+10 years)


Nice. 231 years in an instant. I should retreat for now.

Chrono thus left on that thought. The pirates continued the manhunt, leaving no stone unturned on the island, but to no avail. After that, he appeared every now and then, killing a couple pirates until midnight.




“What do you mean you haven’t found him?!” CJS roared at the pirate that had just given him the report.

“Captain, he appears and disappears like the wind. He’s magic, one second he’s here and the next he had slitted one of our brothers’ throat.” The pirate said despairingly as he recounted what had happened again and again in the past few hours.

“Damn it!” CJS cursed. He immediately called all his executives to brainstorm on how to settle this problem. Unknown to them, the solution was as simple as releasing the captives or to killing them all.

In addition, the pirates were too busy to spare any attention for the girls and they were left unattended. Previously, the girls were regularly splashed with water, which prevented them from getting too dehydrated; but now they had nothing to quench their thirst.




<Instant Arena>

As the clock struck twelve, Chrono entered the Arena, intending to farm more [Home teleport].


Level : 1🔽

Stage : 10🔽

Companion : Abaddon🔽


Name: Abaddon

Level: 24 (Exp to next level: 15,020)

Skills: Fist of destruction II (Passive)


[Healing potion (I)] x3 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x3 received.

[Home Teleport] x7 received.

[Feather of an Angel] x3 received.

[Tome of Seraphine] x1 received.


[Tome of Cherubim] - Increase Charm by 5, Luck by 1, Power/Strength by 5, Intelligence by 5, Speed by 5 and agility by 5


Power/Strength - 45 (+5)

Intelligence - 47 (+5)

Speed - 45 (+5)

Agility - 45 (+5)

Luck - 51 (+1)

Charm/Charisma - 40 (+5)


Seeing that his stats were about to hit 50 points, Chrono decided to increase his stats completing the ongoing quest that had been there for like forever.


Power/Strength - 50 (+5)

Intelligence - 50 (+3)

Speed - 50 (+5)

Agility - 50 (+5)

Stamina - 45 (+5)


[Lifespan] 1 year (-230 years)


Okay! Looks like I can finish the quest later when I save a few more girls.

After exiting the Arena, Chrono resumed his hit the pirates and run tactics while Chrono2, still wearing his mask, saved seven more girls with the [Home Teleport] he had just obtained. This time round, the girls were  too thirsty, hungry and tired to take note of their surroundings, and the seven chosen ones were released from their bindings without a word.




Meanwhile at the villa, KS was having a headache as he tried to churn out reasons a normal person would believe as to why there would be so many sick and injured girls as he dialled the hospital hotline.




[Lifespan] 11 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 21 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 31 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 71 years (+10 years)


Lying on Fei’s sofa, Chrono upgraded stamina to 50 points and completed the quest.


Stamina - 50 (+5)


[Lifespan] 21 years (-20 years)


Upgrade all stats to 50 points (1 x Lucky Draw LV2) completed. 

Lucky Draw LV2 x1 received.


Alright. Level 2 lucky draw. Here we go!

 A wheel similar to the one featured in the show “Wheel of Fortune”, materialised in front of Chrono. The words that filled up the partitions were “Item”, “skill”, “Consumable”, “Try again next time” and “Level up”. “Consumable” occupied 50% of the wheel, “Item” occupied 30%, “Skill” occupied 10%, “Try again next time” occupied “9.99%” and “Level up” only represented around 0.01% of the wheel.


The wheel came to a stop as the pointer arrived at the item section.


 [Heretic’s lighter (upgradable)] - A lighter that produces the sinner’s flame that cannot be extinguished and will continuously spread for an hour (Charge: 1)


Good thing I'm not a redhead. Chrono thought, as the lighter’s name reminded him of Inquisition times he had heard of in school.

Before leaving The Arena, Chrono put some thought into what he should do to save all the girls without having to wait another day for more [Home teleport].

In the  building literally at the opposite of the captives’ warehouse, Chrono took out his [Heretic’s Lighter], held it near the edge of a wooden crate and watched the fire spread. A minute later, alarms could be heard all over the island as it was discovered. The reddish flame was  steadily consuming one  building after the other, completely disregarding the pirates’ attempts to extinguish it. 

As planned, the pirates were too busy putting out the fire that had suddenly appeared to remember that there was an intruder in their headquarters, and guarding the the warehouse had become the least of their concerns. In the meantime, Chrono and Chrono2 were cutting free every girl they could find. In the end, there were 64 of them. Looking at the big crowd after handing out water bottles, Chrono wondered how he was going to lead them out and get on a boat big enough to bring them to safety.

“Listen up! Currently there is a fire spreading throughout the base. If you don’t want to either get burnt to death or ‘saved’ by the ones who abducted you and took good care of you those last hours, you better gather whatever strength you have left and run towards the docks as if your life depended on it.I will kill any pirates in the way, but that’s about all I can do. Escape and survive or be caught and live a life worse than death, your fate rests on your own shoulders. We go at three. One. Two. Threeeeee!!”

With only half an hour left till the fire stopped burning, the girls ran out of the warehouse after Chrono2.

“The prisoners are escaping!” A pirate holding a fire extinguisher shouted.

“Get them!” CJS who was not far away roared as he picked up his shotgun and fired randomly at the runaways.

*Clink* “Clank*

Chrono deflected the bullets with Soul and Fate from the rear of the group, still marveling at the wonders he could do. But when the pirates let go of their fire extinguishers to grab their guns, and bullets flew all over the place, primal instinct took over. Weaker girls were pushed to the ground as stronger ones tried to get closer to the protection provided by the two men. Yet, it was impossible for two person to deflect that much ammunitions. Some were shot and crashed to the ground bleeding. By the time they reached the docks, only half of the original number had reached their destination.

“STOP! DON”T MOVE!” Beams of light flooded the dock as a voice blasted out of a loud hailer. Squinting their eyes, the girls despaired, convinced that they were done for, squinting their eyes to see to whom they owed their demise. “It’s the police!” Someone finally realized.


[Lifespan] 31 years (+10 years) 

[Lifespan] 41 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 51 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 351 years (+10 years)


Chrono, who knew about them already, was hiding in the canopy of a tree. After making sure that they were in good hands and that he had received years from saving them, Chrono headed back to see if he could do something for the other half that was left behind.


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