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Chapter 042: T-Rescue (II)


After contemplating for almost thirty minutes (3 days to be exact, while waiting for the polls to finalise), Chrono finally decided on leveling <Omniscient> to level 2. Even though he was really tempted to get lucky draw to lv 2 which would allow him to get better skills and items in the future, he decided to make saving Tiffany, like a knight in shining armor, his priority.

Choosing the option on the skill tree, the branch that pointed to the option [See and hear everything within a 100 metre radius and ability to blink to any location covered by <Omniscient> every 100 seconds] brightened and Chrono was subsequently able to observe everything in a 100 metre radius.

After his skill leveled up, Chrono elected to exit The Arena after buying and storing a bag of pastries and a few bottles of water. Arriving back on the tree, he analyzed the area that was covered by <Omniscient> and made up his plan on how to sneak into the well-protected compound. He descended from the tree and ran towards the enemy base.


He appeared under a jeep parked near the barbed wire.


He landed on a supporting beam on the roof of a huge warehouse. Coincidentally, the building was right next to the one in which the girls were held captive. Seeing them, Chrono teleported inside an empty crate lying around in the captives’ warehouse.

What the heck. Why are they hanging from the ceiling like pigs waiting to be slaughtered? One… two… three…

Chrono started to count the women, after making sure Tiffany was among them.   

Wew. 87 altogether. If I manage to save them, it would be 870 years in total. I’m rich!

Just as he finished counting, the pirates on duty made their rounds. When he saw what they were doing, Chrono almost lost his composure and nearly rushed at them in rage, even more so when he noticed he noticed that they punched Tiffany more than the other girls.

“Wel, well, well. How are my precious girls faring?” CJS walked into the warehouse and asked in a loud voice.

Suddenly, the girls, as though they were in front of their saviour, shouted at CJS, begging him to free them, that they will do anything for him. It was a sight to behold; CJS was enjoying all the commotion and attention directed at him.

“Shark, who is the first girl who asked to be freed?” he questioned Shark who was standing behind him.

“Captain, it is that girl over there in the light blue bikini.” Shark replied obediently.

“No! It’s me! You retarded pirate!”

“It’s me! You dumb shit. Are you blind?”

The girls started to curse and swear, lying through their teeth to be the first person freed from the torture -and subsequently the first one  to serve CJS. Ignoring them, CJS walked up to Tiffany and lifted up her chin. “So... Are you going to give up and follow me to my room?”


Tiffany, who had apparently reached a new level of spitting mastery, accurately landed a glob of watery saliva right on  CJS’s eye.

“Bitch!”, CJS screamed and slapped Tiffany as he flinched from the sudden spit attack. “Shark, bring the metal pegs and take care of her with them for a while. I don’t believe she won’t be begging for mercy soon. And where the f*ck is Cross? It’s been so many hours. Just how long does he need to kill a kid ?! He better have completed his mission, otherwise he’ll get it when he comes back!”

Shark hurriedly left to retrieve torture tools as CJS carried the girl in light blue bikini towards his room. Shortly after, he came back with a basket of customized metal pegs with sharp jagged edges on their clipping side. Arriving before Tiffany, he stripped her, revealing her cold and shivering body. He then began to pull her skin to attach  the pegs to her delicate shape. Tears flowed down Tiffany’s face freely as she shut her eyes, biting her lips and trying  to endure the pain.

F*ck this! <Feld Gear>


Soul and Fate in his hand, Chrono appeared like a ghost behind his friend's tormentor. Somehow feeling something, Shark turned around and was greeted by an unfamiliar face. “Who a…” Chrono chopped off his head in a single swipe before he could finish his sentence. He then cut the rope tying up Tiffany’s hand and she collapsed into his arms. Chrono gently but swiftly removed the pegs.

“I knew you would come.” Tiffany smiled at Chrono and looked at him with an unwavering gaze. She leaned her head against Chrono’s chest, closed her eyes and passed out.

“Who are you?” A girl who hanging nearby calmly asked as she saw the whole situation unfold.

“What’s your name?” Chrono asked quietly. 


“Melissa, can you help me bring her to the hospital if I send you out of this place?”

Hearing that she could be saved, the girl nodded her head enthusiastically. Chrono then released her from the ropes and caught her swiftly and helped her to the ground.


Suddenly a girl beside screamed. Shark’s head was lying at her feet, its landing had apparently traumatized her.

Shit! Got to hurry!

Taking out two [Home Teleport], Chrono handed one to Melissa and tore the other one for Tiffany.

“Intruder!” A guard yelled after realizing that there was an unknown man squatting among the captives before charging at the trespasser.

“Tear it and you will be teleported to a safe place. Hurry! Bring Tiffany to the hospital, and get yourself checked when you're at it, you seem to need it. I will distract them.” Chrono instructed Melissa as the circle formed around Tiffany. After hearing Chrono, Melissa weakly tore the [Home Teleport] and lightly shrieked when another circle appeared to surround her.



Chrono was suddenly in front of the incoming pirate and beheaded him. He then ran towards the entrance where dozens of pirates were rushing in.


[Lifespan] 81 years (+10 years)

[Lifespan] 91 years (+10 years)


Seeing that they had escaped, Chrono heaved a sigh of relief and moved on to is next task : butchering pirates one by one. 




“Oh my gosh!” Yoona exclaimed when she saw an unconscious Tiffany materialize along with a stranger in Chrono’s room.

“Shit!” KS who had been with Yoona in the room yapped as he scampered to his phone to dial the urgencies number.

Yoona hurriedly ran to retrieve two towels, throwing one at the girl and using the other to wrap the badly injured Tiffany.

*Wee-woo* *Wee-woo* *Wee-woo* 

The ambulance arrived at Chrono’s summer house, filling the previously calm neighbourhood with sirens. Yoona followed Tiffany and Melissa in the ambulance and left to the nearest hospital. KS continued to stay back in the house to wait for Chrono.

Making sure Tiffany and Melissa had been sent for treatment, Yoona went to the ward where Shane was, to tell the rest what had happened and that Chrono was still missing.




Mina’s dad gestured the doctor to approach.

“It seems like your daughter just need some rest, and she should should be fine.” The doctor told Mina’s mother who was looking anxiously at him.

“Oh thank God. I’m so glad it is nothing serious.” Mina’s mum touched her daughter’s face gently, sighing in relief.

The two men then walked out of the room.

“I think your daughter have amnesia, also known as memory loss. To what extent I am not sure. We need to run a few more tests to find out. However, it shouldn’t be too serious.” The doctor said after making sure the mother wouldn’t hear them.

“I see. Thank you very much Doctor Rilk.” Please allow my butler to send you out, we will transfer you the payment later.

“It’s my pleasure. See you.” Doctor Rilk retrieved his hat and coat as he followed the butler out of the house.


A note from YoonTaeTifYu

haven @haven on Chapter 041: T-Rescue (I)ago


Gold is an element btw.

-Yup. I know. So for the 2nd skill option he can change to other elements other than just Gold.


Dogface2016 @Dogface2016 on Chapter 041: T-Rescue (I)ago


I wonder in the future can he make like one of those mysterious stores that appear randomly to people who needs it. That would make more mysterious I guess. Thx for the chap.

-Yup, that is feasible. Will note it down =D


exseen @exseen on Chapter 041: T-Rescue (I)ago


im torn between omnisecent 2 and stalker 2, omnis seems more useful overall, but stalker is better to take care of his friends/family and track "suspicious" ppl

-Same. I was thinking of either those two.


Roknar @Roknar on Chapter 041: T-Rescue (I)ago


quit dragging it out

 -Yes boss, Sorry boss.

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