Which skill should Chrono choose to upgrade?
Lachesis Eyes option 1
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Lachesis Eyes option 2
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Lucky Draw option 1
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Lucky Draw option 2
14.08% 14.08% of votes
Overdrive option 1
1.41% 1.41% of votes
Overdrive option 2
2.82% 2.82% of votes
Omniscient option 1
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Forever Not Alone option 1
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Forever Not Alone option 2
4.23% 4.23% of votes
Midas Touch option 1
0% 0% of votes
Midas Touch option 2
8.45% 8.45% of votes
I am a Stalker option 1
1.41% 1.41% of votes
I am a stalker option 2
9.86% 9.86% of votes
Total: 71 vote(s)

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Chapter 041: T-Rescue


A few pirates holding water hose walked into the warehouse and started to spray water all over the girls. The giant fans that surrounded the warehouse was then subsequently turned on. Every hour, the crying girls were drenched in water and subsequently either punched in the stomach or slapped a few times. In addition, the pirates on captives duty were allowed to touch the girls, hence, they were groped by the pirates after they were punched or slapped.

Looks like I really have to wait for night time before I can attempt to infiltrate into the enemy camp.

Chrono deduced after he sneaked around the perimeter of the enemy base. He then moved a distance away from the enemy camp, found a tall and sturdy tree with many branches, climbed up the tree and took a short nap.




5 hours later…

“Hey. I cannot take it anymore. Can you please release me? I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.” One of the captive finally succumbed to the cold treatment and could not take it anymore. At home, she was treated like a princess and in school she had many suitors who would butter up to her and treat her really well. However, getting cold and wet in addition to getting punched, slapped and groped finally made her throw caution to the wind and to end this treatment as soon as possible. So she asked for release the moment she saw the pirate who was doing his round of abuse approach her.

“Sorry! Boss is still asleep. A couple of more hours before he wakes up. You can ask again then.” The pirate sneered at the girl before he sprayed water and punched her even harder than usual in the stomach before going to the next person.

Within the next hour, more than fifty percent of the girls finally could not take it and begged for release from the treatment. Hanging from the ceiling made it almost impossible to fall asleep, coupled with getting wet and the wind from the giant fans blowing at them constantly made it unbearingly cold. Even if they managed to fall asleep, they would be woken up with a punch in the stomach or getting slapped awake followed by getting drenched by the water. The mental torture was too much for most of the delicate girls, hence it wasn’t surprising that they begged the pirates to stop after just a few hours.




<Instant Arena>

With his stomach growling from not eating since the previous night, Chrono visited the Arena Bakery to grab a couple of pastry to start off his day. After which, he went to Fei’s apartment to take a bath before changing into a set of clean clothes. Walking out of the bathroom, Chrono suddenly felt like he was one of the dumbest person on Earth. He could have came to The Arena to sleep last night...


Level : 1🔽

Stage : 10🔽

Companion : Abaddon🔽


Name: Abaddon

Level: 23 (Exp to next level: 7,980)


Skills: Fist of destruction II (Passive)


[Healing potion (I)] x3 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x4 received.

[Home Teleport] x5 received.

[Feather of an Angel] x7 received.

Damn. Tome of Seraphim did not drop.

Walking out of the dungeon, Chrono looked at his status screen and got reminded that he had over five hundred years currently.



Power/Strength - 40 (+9)

Intelligence - 42 +

Speed - 40 +

Agility - 40 (+9)

Stamina - 40 (+10)


[Lifespan] 271 years (-280 years)


Alright, i guess that should be sufficient. I shall try to do a lucky draw and see if I can get a skill or item that will help me to save Tiffany more easily.

<Lucky Draw>

Chrono took his time to choose a ball that felt right and after a few minutes he finally pulled one out.


[Lifespan] 171 years (-100 years)


[The ultimate indestructible underwear] x1 obtained.


[The Ultimate Indestructible Underwear] - A pair of underwear made by the latest technology and made by the best material in the Universe to protect your family from all external threats.


Seriously? A pair of underwear? What a waste on point 

After grumbling over his poor luck, Chrono changed into his newly obtained underwear to see how good it is. The moment he put on the ultimate indestructible underwear, he became speechless. There is totally no difference from the normal piece of underwear he was wearing before! Feeling that his luck was totally horrible, he went to the toilet to wash his hands eighty-eight times.

<Lucky Draw>


[Lifespan] 71 years (-100 years)


Something good please!

[Skill tree upgrade] x1 obtained.

Nice! A skill upgrade!

A tree materialised before Chrono when he used the [Skill tree upgrade]. Above the tree were 7 small circles and he found out that each circle represents the skills that were upgraded. The tree was similar to using a smartphone where swiping the tree left and right will rotate the tree to the skill that he desire to upgrade. Each skill had two options for him to choose from and he could only pick one and the other would be forgone for good.


<Lachesis Eyes LV4>

- (Ability to see target’s remaining lifespan and cause of death)


- (Ability to see target’s lifespan and the exact cause of death of target)


<Lucky Draw>

-50% chance of upgrading <Lucky Draw> to <Lucky Draw LV2>


-Increase the number of balls picked to two per draw but decreases chances of drawing [Skill tree upgrade] from 1% to 0.01%.


<Overdrive LV2>

- Increase the basic stats by *100 for 10 minutes


- Increase the basic stats by *10 for 100 minutes


<Omniscient Lv2>

- See and hear everything within a 10 metre radius and ability to blink to any location covered by <Omniscient> every 10 seconds.


-See and hear everything within a 100 metre radius and ability to blink to any location covered by <Omniscient> every 100 seconds.


<Forever Not Alone LV2>

- Create two clone.


-Create a clone and learn <Mind Control>

 <Mind Control> - Ability to take control over a target for 24 hours (10% chance)


<Midas Touch LV2>

- Turn an item into gold (twice per day)


- Turn an item into an element of your choice (once per day)


<I am a Stalker>

- Instantly teleport to target’s location (once per day).  


 -Summon invisible tracking bugs that will leech onto a target to know the location of target 24/7 (Maximum number of bugs: 10)



A note from YoonTaeTifYu


RedDragonyte13 @RedDragonyte13 in reply to this comment on Chapter 040: Party Vago



When's the next chapter coming?

Soon, like now. Hahaha.


Dogface2016 @Dogface2016 on Chapter 040: Party Vago


Well it's pretty cool that a chap came out I guess. I wonder can he hire normal ppl so they can do the scouting of miserable ppl? Or manage the bar as well?. Thx for the chap.


-Thanks for the compliment! Glad you liked it. Hmm... That will be taken note of and may be included. Thanks for your input! Appreciate it =D


Tetsuya @Tetsuya on Chapter 040: Party Vago


Thanks for the chapter ^_^

Tetsuya @Tetsuya in reply to this comment on Chapter 040: Party Vago


Also, { Seeing that he released his grip on him,} him should be her

-Thanksss, I've changed it =D


Lucas @Lucas on Chapter 040: Party Vago


I think you should have scrapped the entire party, but oh well.
Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

-What party??? Thanks!

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haven ago

Gold is an element btw. 

ElGatoSupremo ago

I wonder in the future can he make like one of those mysterious stores that appear randomly to people who needs it. That would make more mysterious I guess. Thx for the chap.

exseen ago

im torn between omnisecent 2 and stalker 2, omnis seems more useful overall, but stalker is better to take care of his friends/family and track "suspicious" ppl

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