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A note from YoonTaeTifYu

I'm back! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry for the long wait =P

Am really sad today. Just found out that my bias, Soyeon, from T-ara is not continuing the group anymore. Looking forward to their last album as 6 on 1st June. Any KPOP fan here?

Did some edits on from Chapter 31 onwards. If you do not want to re-read from Chp. 31, you can scroll down to see the changes for each chapter.

Chp 31 - Legin went to America instead of Malaysia

Chp 35 - Explained why Legin did not know that Chrono was not "dead"

Chp 37 - Mina's dad appeared, to make the story more realistic after i read the constructive comments from my readers =D

Chp 38 - Changed what happened to Mina, on the deck after Legin showed the head.

Chp 39 - Some minor changes here and there.

Overall I think the story is less forced and more smooth. Please do leave a comment and tell me what you think of the changes!

Chapter 040: Party V


As she rounded a corner, she collided into something and was knocked onto the floor. Looking up, Tiffany saw a rough looking man with a scar across his face. He suddenly stooped down, grabbed her chin and sniffed a few times before he revealed a toothy grin that sent shivers down her spine. Feeling that something was wrong, Tiffany bit the hand that was grabbing her clothes. Seeing that he released his grip on her, Tiffany scrambled onto her feet and tried to run away from him. However, even before she could take two steps, her hair was yanked from behind forcefully.

“Let me go! It hurts!” Tiffany screamed as Cross pulled her across the carpeted floor by her hair. She struggled futilely as she tried to get up on her feet without much success as Cross headed back towards the deck after catching a prey which had the scent of Chrono on her. In addition, she was a very pretty girl and the Captain would definitely be thrilled to have her.

Oblivious to what had happened to Tiffany, Chrono was lead further down the yacht to the lower levels when he heard someone scream for help.




“Captain. I have caught one of the rats on the ship. She has the scent of the man on her.” Cross reported to CJS as he dragged her in front of him.

“Well, well, what do we have here. A beautiful lady ripe for the picking.” CJS oogled at Tiffany as he pushed the girl who he was playing with onto the ground and kicked her away. Lifting her chin up, CJS caressed her cheeks and asked, “So where is your boyfriend of yours?”


“Like hell I’m telling you.” Tiffany spat at CJS’s face and replied him.


“Looks like we have a feisty one.” CJS slapped Tiffany across her cheek as he liked the spit off the side of his mouth..

“Shark, bring her back. I will enjoy breaking her once we are back. Cross, get rid of the nuisance and bring his head back, the rest of the people can be disposed of. Let’s go!.” Saying that, CJS headed down to the exit with his lackeys dragging the women and the loot they gathered towards their boat. With their hands tied up, the women would definitely drown even if they choose to jump into the water.




[Lifespan] 101 years (+30 years)

Alright. Saved three people. Doesn’t look like there is anymore pirates here. I should go up to the deck to have a look now.

*Bzzz* *Bzzz*

Chrono’s phone suddenly vibrated.


“Oh my gosh. What happen to your phone?” KS voice could be heard roaring through the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Chrono asked puzzledly as he did not know why KS was so anxious to be able to contact him.

“Tiffany is still on the yacht! She disrupted the channeling of the teleport and did not come back with us!”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Chrono shouted back in panic.

“Why would we kid with you at this time! Quickly go find her!”

Chrono paused to think for a moment before he sprinted back to the direction of their room.

Ok… So which one is Tiffany’s?

Chrono looked around the room that looked as though a hurricane had just ravaged pass it. Clothes were strewn all around the room. Walking around, Chrono randomly picked up pieces of clothes hoping that there will be some indication on who the owner is. After a thorough search, Chrono found a pretty looking pink coloured laced underwear with Tiffany’s name sewn on it.

Right… Looks like I need to run around the yacht while holding a pair of panties. I hope no one calls the police thinking that i’m a pervert.

Securing an item that was definitely Tiffany’s, Chrono initiated <I am a Stalker> and left the room.



A bullet whizzed past Chrono’s face the moment he stepped out of the room. Cross gave a shocked face when he saw that his shot did not hit his target. At a range of a hundred metres he could hit his target ten out of ten times. However, this time he was right outside the door and the distance was not even 1 metre but he missed his shot. In addition, he was sure that he did not leaked any killing intent.

What the heck. Thank God I turned on <Omniscient>, if not I think I can kiss my ass goodbye. <Feld Gear> <Overdrive>.

*Slash* *Stab*

Chrono wielded Soul and Fate and assaulted Cross.


Cross’s body fell onto the ground while his head was skewered on Fate. Cross was quite proficient in close combat, however, compared to Chrono who spent almost ten years on the battlefield and buffed by <Overdrive> was like a toddler and a sumo wrestler.




Arriving on the deck, Chrono saw the male captives huddled in a group surrounded by a few pirates who were waiting for Cross. A few of them was showing signs of impatience as Cross was taking too long and the coast guards would be reaching soon. To prevent any loss of number of years he could gain, Chrono rushed towards the pirates without warning. In a few moments, all the heads of the pirates were severed from their body.


[+10 years]

[+10 years]

[+10 years]

[+10 years]

[+10 years]

[Lifespan] 551 years (+480 years)


There were a total of 48 male captives on the deck which gave Chrono a total of 480 years. After severing the ropes of three male captives, Chrono ignored them and activated <I am a Stalker> while holding on to Tiffany’s undies. Looking at the direction that the arrow was indicating, Chrono could only see the the deep dark sea under the pale moonlight. Looking around, he finally found a speed boat manned by a pirate who was waiting for the remaining pirates on the deck. Jumping onto it, he placed Soul beside the pirate’s neck as he instructed him to head towards Tiffany’s direction.




“Urgh…” Mina groaned as she slowly opened her eyes.

“My dear, you are finally awake! How are you feeling?” Mina’s mother asked concernedly when she saw that her precious daughter had finally woken up.

“Where am I?” Mina slowly sat up as she looked around.

“You are in your room. Are you okay?”

“Mum, why are y…” Suddenly Mina winced as she felt a sudden sharp shooting pain in her head.

“Dear! Call the doctor here!” Mina’s mum panicked when she saw her daughter in pain suddenly.




“Where are you? Have you found Tiffany?” Yuri called Chrono and enquired.

“Not yet, I’m on the way to where she is now.”

“You managed to contact her? No one picked up even though we called countless times.” Yuri breathe a sigh of relief when she heard that Chrono knew where Tiffany was.

“Something like that. The reception here is pretty bad and I can’t hear you clearly. I’ll call you back later when I find her. Don’t worry. We will be back very soon.” Chrono reassured Yuri before hanging up the call.

Looking at the distant island that was getting bigger, Chrono knocked out the pirate and took over the control of the speed boat. Numerous silhouettes could be seen patrolling the docks of the island. <Forever not alone>. Chrono slipped into the water when they were about 200 metres away as Chrono2 continued to drive the speedboat towards the dock.

Causing a huge ruckus at the dock, Chrono2 attracted all the attention of the guards on duty towards the dock as Chrono silently slipped into the shadows of the forest. Chrono2 then spent a few more minutes massacring the guards on duty before he jumped into the water when reinforcement arrived.

Holding on to the damp piece of cloth in his hand, Chrono silently moved towards the location of Tiffany. After an hour, he arrived at a heavily guarded cluster of buildings surrounded by barbed wires. As the sky had started to brighten, Chrono had no choice but to climb up a tree and hide while he planned how he was going to save Tiffany.




“So many fine specimens.” CJS licked his lips as he looked at all the terrified looking girls who were suspended in the air with their toes barely touching the ground. Walking towards Tiffany, CJS looked at her with a toothy grin. 

“Captain! There is an intruder!” Shark rushed into the warehouse to inform CJS when he received the intruder alert notification from the dock.

“How many people are there?” CJS asked as he stood before Tiffany who was glaring venomously at him.

“Just one. Captain.” Shark let his gaze wander as he absorbed in the sight of the feast of naked girls in front of him.

“One intruder and you dare to interrupt my enjoyment time!” CJS gave Shark a kick to show his displeasure.

“So.. sorry Captain!” Shark grovelled in pain on the floor as he clutched his stomach.

Turning around, a spit landed on his eyes which caused him to curse out loud.


“Bitch! You really do not know your place.” CJS punched Tiffany in the stomach with full force as he wiped of the spit from his eyes.

Tiffany groaned in pain as she tried to curl her body to lessen her pain but hanging from the ceiling prevented her from doing anything.

Looking at his captives, CJS said out loud, “All of you will be given the cold treatment until I wake up. Those who cannot endure it can give up and you will be sent to my room the moment I wake up. First come first serve.”

A few pirates holding water hose walked into the warehouse and started to spray water all over the girls. The giant fans that surrounded the warehouse was then subsequently turned on. Every hour, the crying girls were drenched in water and subsequently either punched in the stomach or slapped a few times. In addition, the pirates on captives duty were allowed to touch the girls, hence, they were gropped by the pirates after they were punched or slapped.


A note from YoonTaeTifYu

A couple of picture of my bias Soyeon from T-ara <3



Soyeon 2

Soyeon 3

Pictures don't really do her justice. Watch this fancam on youtube of her and you will understand why I like her<3

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