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Chapter 039: Party (IV)

Soul & Fate (Nodachi = Soul and Wakizashi = Fate) materialised out of thin air and appeared in Chrono’s hand as he rushed towards the two pirates cosplayer.


Seeing that Chrono suddenly had weapons in his hand, the round faced man hurriedly fire his gun twice in the direction of the madman rushing towards him. Smiling smugly, the round faced man was confident that his two shots would send the man to his death. However, not even in his dreams would he expect that the two bullets would be sliced into two clean half. By the time they dropped onto the floor with a tinkle, Chrono have already arrived in front of him.


Soul stabbed into the left foot of the first victim.

“ARGHHH” The round faced man screamed loudly as he collapsed to the floor while holding to his bleeding foot.

The other pirate started to walk backwards as he looked at Chrono like he was the devil’s incarnate.


“Ahhhhhh!” The man ran away in fright.

“Tsk, what a cowardly person. He even left his comrade alone and ran away himself.” Chrono berated him as he walked towards the door of the room that the two pirates were trying to open.

*Knock knock*

“Excuse me! Can you please open the door? I would like to find out what is happening.” Chrono knocked on the door and said politely. Seeing that there was no response after a minute, he started to feel impatient and decided to just look for his friends to find out what is happening.

Weird, why is there no signal on my phone?

In the control room, a pirate started the engine and the yacht started to move.




The door to the room was suddenly unlocked.

“Shit!” Aloy exclaimed as he rushed towards the door.

“Oh! Why is everyone here?” Chrono walked into the room and realised that everyone was staring at him dumbfoundedly. “Why are you guys looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

Tiffany ran towards Chrono and hugged him as she started to sob uncontrollably. Shocked by her action, Chrono stood on the spot awkwardly.

“I… I thought *sob* I would never ever *sob* see you again.”

“Uhh. I just went to the toilet for a little longer than expected. Why would you never ever see me again?” Chrono separated himself from Tiffany and wiped the tears off her face.


“So you are saying that Legin have kidnapped Mina and there are currently a bunch of pirates that have taken over the yacht?” Chrono looked at his friends unbelievingly as he tried to see if they were colluding together to fool him or not.

Meanwhile, on the top deck… “Captain! Trouble!” A pirate ran towards Captain Jack Sparrow (CJS) as he shouted loudly.

“Mhm? What’s the problem Harry?” CJS asked as he pushed the girl on to the floor.

Harry then narrated the whole incident to CJS detailedly.

“A man attacked the two of you with two swords that appeared out of thin air?” CJS looked at his underling as though he was crazy. “In addition, you left Tom and ran away by yourself?” Saying that, he took out his gun and shot Harry in the head without warning and caused a few scream to resound through the air.

“Cross, go check out the situation below.” CJS commanded.

“Yes captain.” Cross nodded and ran towards the staircase.


“So, are we going to just stay here? Shouldn’t we go up and have a look?” Chrono asked as he looked out the window and saw that the ship is moving even further away from the harbour.

“Are you crazy? They have guns. Look at my freaking leg.” Shane got up from the bed and said weakly.

So tempted to just give him a potion… Potion… Wait, don’t I have the item that can send them home from the dungeon?

Opening up his inventory, Chrono took out six [Home teleport] and passed one to each of his friends.

“What is this?” Aloy asked as he peered at the paper with the strange symbol in his hand.

“This is something that can send you to my house instantaneously. Convenient uh?”

“What? Do you think you are in a RPG game or something?” Shane laughed at Chrono when he heard his nonsensical reply.

“If you don’t believe, you can try it now. Tear the paper and count to ten.”

Seeing that Chrono looks so confident, Shane sat up from the bed and tore the piece of paper. A white glow appeared on the bed and a circle started to form around him. Exactly ten seconds later, the circle was completed and Shane disappeared into thin air.

“Oh my gosh. He really disappeared?” Yuri ran up to the bed and tried to feel around to see if Shane really is gone.

“Why would I lie to you?” Chrono looked at them and smiled.

“Where did you get this item?” Tiffany asked.

“It’s a secret. Don’t ask anymore. You guys should quickly leave this place and send Shane to the hospital. Remember not to leave the circle while it is forming or it will not work!”

“Aren’t you leaving with us?” Tiffany asked with a tinge of panic when she saw Chrono walking towards the door.  

“Of course not, I have to go and look for Mina. You guys quickly tear the [Home Teleport]. I will go up and see what is the current situation. Our phone do not have any reception and sooner or later, they will come knocking on our door.” Saying that, Chrono left the room against the violent objection from his friends.

Seeing that Chrono have already left the room, and after much discussion, they finally decide to leave the yacht together as they wouldn’t be of much help. After tearing the paper, a white glow appeared and a circle started to form below all of them. Shortly after, Yuri, Yoona and KS disappeared one by one. As the circle was about to be completed, Aloy saw Tiffany move out of the circle, causing the spell to be incomplete and voided. “Tiffany what…” Before he could complete his sentence, Aloy was teleported out and the last scene he saw was Tiffany running towards the door.



<Feld Gear>

Chrono activated <Omniscient> and summoned Soul & Fate the moment he left the room.

“No! Stop! Please! Somebody help me please!” Someone screamed for help.

“No one will come to your rescue. This room is soundproof. I must applaud the designer of this ship. Now I can have fun with you without anyone disturbing us. So stop resisting and we can have some happy time together.” A pirate started to strip off the clothes of a defenseless young lady.

However, Chrono who had the ability to see and hear everything in a five metres radius,  heard the cry for help loud and clear.

Knocking down the door of the room, Chrono rushed into the room. At that moment, one of the pirate was holding down the woman on the bed as the other tore off the clothes on her body. Hearing the loud sound, both of them looked in the direction and was shocked to see a man wielding two katana standing at the doorway.

“Who are...” Before the pirate could finish his sentence, Chrono had already rushed up to the pirate and attacked him with the scabbard.


Chrono smacked the face of the first pirate and he blacked out immediately as his nose got crushed by the stone hard scabbard. As both the pirates were half naked, by the time the second pirate retrieved his gun, Chrono have already arrived before him. Shortly after, he too were lying on the floor unconscious.

“Are you okay?” Chrono looked at the naked woman who was covering her breast with her hands.

However, after such an event, the woman had her guard up as she stared at Chrono without saying anything. Seeing that the woman was keeping quiet and that he should not be staying in a room with a defenseless naked woman. He left the room after throwing her a bathrobe that was lying next to him on the floor.

Trying to remember the layout of the yacht, Chrono was planning on how to head to Mina’s room to obtain an item for him to use <I am a stalker> to track down Mina’s location.




At the previous location that Chrono encountered the Tom and Harry, Cross stood over the dead body of Tom as he kept his .44 Magnum revolver.

Sniffing the air, Cross headed towards the direction the scent trailed off.




Choosing a direction randomly, Tiffany prayed that it was the correct way as she tried to look for Chrono.

As she rounded a corner, she collided into something and was knocked onto the floor. Looking up, Tiffany saw a rough looking man with a scar across his face. He suddenly stooped down, grabbed her chin and sniffed a few times before he revealed a toothy grin that sent shivers down her spine. Feeling that something was wrong, Tiffany bit the hand that was grabbing her clothes. Seeing that he released his grip on her, Tiffany scrambled onto her feet and tried to run away from him. However, even before she could take two steps, her hair was yanked from behind forcefully.

A note from YoonTaeTifYu


Tetsuya @Tetsuya on Chapter 038: Party (III) ago


Hi. Thanks for the chapter.

-Thank you for your support! =D


Lucas @Lucas on Chapter 038: Party (III) ago


The whole birthday thing is shit in my opinion.
This legin character is really cliche and the indifference of Mina and her family to his advances can only 
be described as a bad plot device, like the lack of defence to someone so important like her. Now the worst
 thing to me is Chronos dumbness, it really can't be measured. Like, "lets forget everything else, 
because I need to go to the arena", only bad japanese charactersdo that. Other people think rationally.
I had already felt like that for his lack of interest in the disappearance of his clones, they were fucking killed alright.
So, I never liked forced plot devices, noone likes it. Others might say I am exaggerating but it's getting really hard to read this.

-Okay! Thanks for your feedback!!! Will look into it after my finals!!!


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If the last option happens im dropping this story

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Also it they should have requested backup from the coastguard the minute undidentified crafts were approaching closely without identification unless the captain was coerced as well (I'm assuming that Minas guards were well selected and only betrayed her due to some abducted family members or something like that) which means that there had to be an incredible risk just in the preperations for this.

-Hmm... Gonestly I've never planned that much for the plot. What you mentioned, I could say thats why he went missing for a week. But I don't think I should. Could you please tell me whether I should explain it in details in previous chapter or do it in a later chapter?



Humpuny humberto @Humpuny humberto on Chapter 038: Party (III) ago


TT TT im getting really bad at calling thing but that is a good thing because then your story is so unic i cant predict what happens keep it up rooting for you😃

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Just kill off Jack Sparrow, and the other guy whose name I totally forgot. Also thanks for the chapter

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Hey, thanks for the chapter and with the pen thing, doesn't that mean he can design buildings, clothes, and everything else he imagines? He could sell those or work with other people to create what ever he drew.

-Yup, he can. As long as he (or me to be exact) have a good imagination.


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If this is in Singapore I don't think it's water's have this kind of pirates

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If the last option happens I'm gonna recommend this novel to all my friends and everyone I know. Wink

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