What should happen between Mina and Legin?
Nothing. Chrono save her even before anything happen.
56.88% 56.88% of votes
Just the off clothes and minor stuff before Chrono save her.
18.75% 18.75% of votes
Ligen humilated Mina to a certain extent before Chrono arrive and save her.
15% 15% of votes
Last option... Imagine the worst and Chrono arrived only after that...
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A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Surprise chapter! Felt like writing it out as I had the whole story for this chapter in my head today. Was contemplating to release it on Saturday or not, but decided not to. Please do help me out by commenting below! You will find out what I'm talking about at the end of the chapter!

Do search for Streets of Monaco on your favourite search engine for a better understanding and picturisation of the yacht!



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Chapter 038: Party (III)


When the object was revealed, screams of shock and horror resounded through Streets of Monaco.

“Ch.. Chro.. no?” Mina stuttered as she stared disbelievingly at the head that was on the silver platter.

Lifting the head off the platter by grabbing the hair of the stone cold head, Legin grinned widely as he looked at his beloved that started to walk towards him.

“I knew that you will definitely love my gift. Isn’t it a masterpiece? Now you know why he went missing.”

“What the f*ck?” Did that bastard kill Chrono?” KS shouted angrily as he rushed towards Legin.

“No. Don’t!” Yoona hastily grab hold of KS’s hand to stop him from rushing to his death.

Tiffany also wanted to rush towards Chrono’s head to confirm whether it was real or not, but was stopped by Yuri.

“Quick, stop Mina from going over to that dangerous guy!” Yoona shouted at Mina’s bodyguards.

Her guards did not stop Mina but followed closely behind her as they were confident they were able to keep her safe from any harm.

Releasing the head, Legin ruthlessly stepped on Chrono’s head and laughed maniacally. Mina who finally arrived in front of Legin stared at him coldly and gave him a tight slap across his face. Receiving the full brunt of a woman’s fury, Legin staggered three steps back as he looked at Mina disbelievingly while holding his sore cheek. No one had hit him before, not even his beloved father. On the other hand, Mina ignored the furious cockroach in front of him as she picked up Chrono’s head delicately. She still had doubt whether the head was real or not when it first revealed. However, after looking at the head that was held in both her hands, she finally accepted the fact the Chrono is dead. Tears welled up and streamed down her face.

Looking at Legin with hatred, Mina said in a cold voice, “You won’t get away with this. Guards, catch him and tie him up!”




Meanwhile in castle A.

“Sir. There are some pirates that are attacking the yacht.” The chief bodyguard reported to Akira.

“What? Pirates? How dare they. Kill them all off!”

“Yes Sir. However, for safety measure, we should evacuate from the yacht, just in case they have prepared a bomb or something that will cause the yacht to sink.”

“Alright. Grab Mina and other important guests and make sure that they are safe. We shall leave now.” Picking up his coat, Akira left with steady steps towards the helicopter pod.





*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Gunshots filled the air and all the lights on Streets of Monaco turned back on. Looking around, Shane who finally got out of his drunken stupor noticed that the exit towards the lower deck were filled with armed gruff looking men.

“Shiver me timbers! What have we here?” A man dressed like Johnny Depp who played Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series said loudly. “Women and riches. The two favourite things of Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Holding a shotgun placed on the back of his neck, he swaggered towards a woman that was standing a few steps away from him. The woman stepped backwards fearfully as Captain Jack Sparrow advanced towards him. A man who was standing behind the woman, held her shoulder and he pulled her behind her back. Captain Jack Sparrow halted his steps and looked at the man dissatisfactory.

“Get lost. You are spoiling my mood.” Captain Jack Sparrow pointed his shotgun at the man and gestured for him to move away.

“No. Who the f*ck are you?” The man courageously retorted in response.


The next moment, a headless corpse collapsed onto the floor with a plop.

A blood chilling scream resounded through the air as the woman looked at headless corpse of her boyfriend.

“I’ve lost my mood to play around. Gather them in the middle, kill anyone who resists.” Captain  Jack Sparrow gave his orders.

“Ahoy Captain!” The pirates shouted excitedly in response as they rushed towards the crowd.




Hearing the gunshots, her guards surrounded her tightly as they assessed the situation and received instructions to evacuate Mina from the yacht.

“What are you guys doing? Catch him!” Mina who was oblivious to her surroundings due to her anger had only Chrono in her mind and how she would kill Legin for revenge. 

“Miss, we have to leave the yacht now. There are pirates attacking the yacht.” On of the guards said to Mina.

“No. I will not go. Go catch Legin NOW!” Mina shouted at the guard that talked to her.

Seeing that she was not cooperative and that Akira and the important guests were all waiting for her before they evacuate from the yacht, two guards walked up to Mina, each holding one of her arm as they forcefully dragged her towards the helicopter. Mina screamed and struggled desperately as she tried to break free from their grasp. Seeing that it would take a very long time to bring her to the helicopter, and that they were given permission,  one of the guards knocked her out and they hurriedly carried her to the helicopter unconscious.

“They are taking her away!” Yuri pointed out as she suddenly heard Mina’s cry for help.

Hearing Yuri’s shout, KS and Shane ran towards Mina but came to a halt when one of the guard took out his gun and shot Shane in his thigh.

“Shit!” Shane fell forward and cried out in pain.

“This is bad. Let’s go back to our room to hide! The pirates are closing up soon.” Tiffany said as she glanced around to assess how dire the situation was.

As their room was located in the castle, the way to it was not blocked as the pirates entered the top deck from the other end of the yacht. KS and Aloy, who ran back after he heard the gunshots, supported Shane while the girls followed closely behind as they headed towards their room to escape from the mayhem.




After half an hour, dead bodies of the security personnels and pirates could be seen strewn on the top deck of the yacht. With all the top notch bodyguards gone as the important personnels have all been evacuated, the yacht was quickly taken over by the pirates.

“Is this everyone?” Captain Jack Sparrow asked as he fondled the terrified looking girl who was trying her best to suppress her voice as she sat on his lap.

“There is still some resistance from the lower deck and there are still some people who locked themselves up in the rooms. Our boys are trying to knock down the door as we are speaking.”

“Very good.” As he looked at the group of man who were staring daggers at him. If stares could kill, he would have died a hundred times over. “Stop staring at me. I know I am very good looking, but sadly I do not swing that way. I prefer pretty looking woman with huge breasts.” Saying that, he grabbed the breast of the girl forcefully with both his hands and the girl could not help it but let out an erotic moan.




Name: Abaddon

Level: 22 (Exp to next level: 6,980)

Skills: Fist of destruction II (Passive)


Whew. Finally done. These Seraphims are really tough.


[Healing potion (I)] x3 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x5 received.

[Home Teleport] x2 received.

[Tome of Angel] x1 received.

[Tome of Cherubim] x1 received.

[Feather of an Angel] x10 received.


[Tome of Angel] - Increase charm by 1 and intelligence by 1

[Tome of Cherubim] - Increase charm by 3, intelligence by 1, power/strength by 1 and agility by 1

[Feather of an Angel] - Material for weapon upgrade



Power/Strength - 31 (+1)

Intelligence - 42 (+2)

Agility - 31 (+1)

Charm/Charisma - 35 (+4)


Charm? Nice! Looks like I need to re-enter this stage to hunt for Tome of Seraphim.

<Gear Upgrade>

A screen with three tabs appeared in front of Chrono.

Let’s see. With the ten [Feather of an Angel] I can finally upgrade all my weapons to level one. Okay. Here, here... and here.

After placing the 10 materials for each of the weapon, Chrono pressed the [Upgrade] button.


[Tanegashima +1] - A matchlock configured arquebus (+1 - auto reload and unlimited ammo)


[Nodachi +1] - A traditional Japanese field sword (+1 - anti regeneration)


[Wakizashi +1] - A traditional Japanese side sword (+1 - Keen eyes)


Pressing on to the words anti regeneration and keen eyes with his finger, information appeared below them.

So anti regeneration slows down the regeneration of wounds inflicted by nodachi while keen eyes enables me to see fast moving objects at a slower speed. The options looks pretty useful, guess I do not need to waste materials on rerolling the options.

Finally done with both the personal and companion dungeon, Chrono looked at his watch to check the time.

Shit. It’s 12.20 A.M. already. I’m here for more than an hour. They are definitely searching high and low for me.

Thinking that, Chrono hurriedly exited The Arena. Stepping onto the carpeted ground, Chrono glanced around and saw that the door to his cubicle was open.

Whew. Thank goodness no one is in the cubicle. If not it would be awkward as hell.

Stepping out of the toilet, Chrono glanced around and saw that two man cosplaying as pirates were trying to force open a door into the room that was near the toilet.

“Hey! What are you doing? Do you need help?” Chrono called out to the two man cheerfully.

“Do you know him?” One of the man asked as he continued to push against the door.

“Nope. Is he new? He doesn’t look like one of us though.” The other man replied as sweat dripped down his round face.

“Let’s get him first. We’ll come back with more people to open this door.”

Chrono continued to walk towards them when he suddenly saw the round faced man point his gun at him.

What the heck?

“Stop where you are. Lift your hands up in the air before I shoot your brain off your neck.” The round faced man shouted.

“What? You are kidding right?” Chrono continued to walk towards them.


A round landed just centimeters away from Chrono’s feet as he jumped back in shock. Shrieks could be heard from the room when the round went off.

“There will not be a second chance. Raise your hand in the air and my friend will go over and tie you up. Any suspicious movement and the bullet will not be landing on the ground anymore.” The round faced man warned Chrono.

“To hell with you.” Chrono was furious that his leg almost got blasted off for no reason at all.

<Feld Gear>

Nodachi and Wakizashi (I want to give a name to Nodachi and Wakizashi, please do give some suggestions by commenting below! =D) materialised out of thin air and appeared in Chrono’s hand as he rushed towards the two pirates cosplayer.


A note from YoonTaeTifYu


Tetsuya @Tetsuya on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago


Hi. Thanks for the chapter!

Also is { (Picture for better visualisation) } meant to be a picture?  Because there is no pic...

- Search for Street of Monaco on google for a clearer picture of how the yacht looks like!!!


Namsar @Namsar on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago




-Haha. Yup.


Tetsuya @Tetsuya in reply to this comment on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago



Just wanted to know, but if you dont mind, could you tell us if it is actually possible for him to earn skills? Like will Chrono get a sword skill? I know that he has gotten skills so far from the "Lucky wheel/dip" (cba to find the name), but will he get a skill that earned himself? 
E.g. {Swordsmanship},  provides a bonus in attacking speed/dexterity and also make it easier to attack vital points.

-Hmm... That's a good question. I guess I would say that he can obtain these type of skills =D it's just lucky draw. Haha.


Humpuny humberto @Humpuny humberto on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago



so close TT TT. Well nnow i call that mina will ask to kill the guy or she will get a knife and kill him perdonaly

-Nope, not anywhere close.


Mangodrop @Mangodrop on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago



Thanks for the chapter. Also, if I had that pen I would draw all over my room so that when people come in, they'll be like whoa, that's cool.

-That's a good idea. I will have Chrono draw it when he gets to go back to his room.


Belgrieve @Belgrieve on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago


Chrono's head on a silver plate.


-Yup. Literally.


Dogface2016 @Dogface2016 on Chapter 037: Party (II) ago


Of course every body will say yes on the poll I mean who doesn't like ero manga, and even if you say you don't you are just being tsun-tsun.

-Honestly, I highly doubt I would add that to my novel. If my friends read stuff like that, they might start judging me. HAHAHA.



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Tetsuya ago

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      fanta955 ago

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The whole birthday thing is shit in my opinion.
This legin character is really cliche and the indifference of Mina and her family to his advances can only be described as a   bad plot device, like the lack of defence to someone so important like her. Now the worst thing to me is Chronos dumbness, it really can't be measured. Like, "lets forget everything else, because I need to go to the arena", only bad japanese characters do that. Other people think rationally. I had already felt like that for his lack of interest in the disappearance of his clones, they were fucking killed alright.
So, I never liked forced plot devices, noone likes it. Others might say I am exaggerating but it's getting really hard to read this.

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