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Chapter 037: Party (II)


“Whatever. You are so lame.” Touching the tear shaped pendant, Mina smiled dazzlingly. Just at that moment, Mina’s dad called for her.

“Chrono, it’s been a long time since you have seen my dad right? Come with me to say hi!”

Not waiting for Chrono’s reply, she dragged him towards her father who was talking to a few important looking men.

“Dad! Look who's here.”

“Good evening, Uncle Akira..” Chrono greeted politely.

“Who is this young man?” Mina’s dad silently evaluated Chrono when he saw her princess being so intimate with him.

“He is Chrono! He still looks the same, how can you not recognise him!” Mina pouted and chided her father.

“Ah I see. It’s been a long time since I saw him. Mina is busy now and she needs to attend to other guests. Please enjoy the party.” When Akira Mina’s dad knew the identity of the young man, his tone turned cold and tried to dismiss him subtly. 

“Who? I want to spend time with Chrono and his friends!” Mina objected vehemently.

“Be a good girl and follow daddy.” Against her objections, Akira led Mina away. Leaving Chrono standing there awkwardly.

Wow. He is so cold. I wonder why his tone suddenly changed…

Scratching his head, Chrono headed towards his friends who were waiting for him.




As the moon rose high up into the air, the party went full blast and party music could be heard blasting from Streets of Monaco (name of the yacht). Men in tuxedos and ladies littered with shimmering jewelleries could be seen interacting with each other in the ballroom. Whereas on the top deck, women in bikinis and half naked men could be seen lounging at the pool area.


 Chrono and gang could be found enjoying themselves at the pool with all the younger generation. In the ballroom, the majority consists of the older generations taking the opportunity to increase their social circle. Considering that two out of ten of them were billionaires while the rest were at least multi-millionaires.

 With the older folks retiring for the night, Mina was finally able to get rid of her gown and join her friends at the pool. Looking at his watch, Chrono realised that he only had approximately an hour left before the clock strike twelve. Not wanting to waste his daily entry, he told the rest that he had a stomachache and will be back later. Upon reaching his room, he changed into a t-shirt and pants before he proceeded to The Arena. (F.Y.I. Fei left on 30th August, Mina’s birthday is 21st Sept)

 <Instant Arena>

 Looking at the personal dungeon screen, Chrono was pretty excited to see if he had inherited Toyohisa’s skill after experiencing his life.


Level : 1🔽

Opponent : Human🔽 

Number : 0 0 0 5🔽

                           [ START ]

This time, he appeared in a coliseum that looked like those where gladiators fought wild beast in ancient Rome. Chrono did not choose any weapon that was provided by The Arena, he summoned his own weapon instead.

<Feld Gear>

A nodachi and wakizashi materialised and hung from his waist. Grabbing on to the hilt, he could feel the familiar shape that nestled into his palm snugly. With his two trusted weapon, the five warriors of only level one were like chickens in front of a dire wolf. Using his sword skills that were honed through countless battles fighting for Shimazu clan. Within ten breaths, five corpses laid on the floor and the battle ended.

Level : 1🔽

Stage : 10🔽

Companion : Abaddon🔽


Glad that he still had his sword skills available to him, Chrono entered stage 10 confidently. For the ten days that Chrono2 entered the Arena, he was not able to clear stage 10 as there was a steep increase in difficulty for the final stage of the level.

“Player please get ready. Wave 1 will commence in 10 seconds… 5 seconds… Good luck and all the best.”

Standing on the small hill, the two challengers gazed at the humongous and majestic door suspended in the sky. After a minute or so, the door started to open. When the door was fully open, angels started to fly. The angels were equipped with sword and shield or spears. Previously, Chrono was very weak in melee combat. Hence, when Abaddon got surrounded by the Cherubims, he was easily killed and sent out of the dungeon. However, it is a totally different case now. Holding his tanegashima in his right hand and his insane loading speed, Chrono killed fifteen angels before they started to flock towards them. Abaddon dealt with them when they got into close combat range. With his fist of destruction II, he easily destroyed the angels.

Shortly after, Cherubims equipped with claymores and longswords emerged out of the door instead of angels. With 4 wings instead of 2 wings, the Cherubims were able to protect their body with 2 wings while using the other 2 to stay in the air. Hence the tanegashima became almost useless as the rounds were blocked by the two additional wings when they were flying towards the body of the Cherubims. Placing the tanegashima behind his waist, Chrono accompanied by Abaddon sprinted in the direction of the Cherubims. The Cherubims were able to withstand the fist of destruction II but they would be knocked flying, causing them not to be able to surround the two challengers. On the other hand, the deadly samurai was able to behead them easily once their wings were removed from their body.

After killing dozens of Cherubims, the majestic door emitted a bright and piercing light. Twelve Seraphims each holding a greatsword that were glowing very brightly, imbued with holy power, emerged out of the door. With the Seraphims high up in the air and them looking down at him, it gave off a feeling that they did not treat him as a threat and were only an insignificant ant. Abaddon used brute power to tie down one Seraphim while Chrono engaged with the second Seraphim. The other ten Seraphims did not join in the battle as they continued floating in the sky.

What is their wings made of? Each of my attack only caused a few feathers to be shaved off from it.

Cursing the Seraphims in his mind, Chrono persevered in the battle of attrition as he slowly removed the feathers from the Seraphim’s wings in an attempt to cut them off. With adrenaline rushing through his body, he forgot the concept of time as he continued to attack the Seraphim.




Meanwhile, his friends by the poolside was wondering where he disappeared to.

“Why is he gone for so long? Is he alright?” Yuri asked as she picked up a truffle fries with her hand.

“It has almost been an hour right? Should we go check on him?” Tiffany asked concernedly.

“Maybe he saw a hot chick and is now having a sexy time with her?” Shane under the influence of alcohol did not process what to say as he shot out an answer.

“He dare? I’ll throw him off my yacht if I found out that is true.” Mina sounded very angry when she heard Shane’s answer.

“I’ll go and look for him.” Aloy who only drank a little offered to look for Chrono.


After ten minutes, Chrono finally managed to cut of the six wings and behead his opponent. The remaining Seraphim was dealt with more easily under the combined attack of Chrono and Abbadon. Four Seraphims then entered the fray and started to attack them.


 Chrono finally activated Overdrive as it only had a duration of ten minutes. With his power/strength at 300, the wings of the four Seraphims were removed and then they were beheaded after five minutes. The remaining six Seraphims attacked them immediately after, not giving Chrono and Abaddon any room to rest.

 When the duration for Overdrive ran out, only three Seraphims remained. Once again, Chrono entered a battle of attrition as he slowly shaved off the feathers of the Seraphims.




{Hey. Chrono isn’t in his room.}

KS received a message from Aloy shortly after he left.

“Aloy says that Chrono isn’t in his room. The pants he is wearing just now is lying on the bed but he is nowhere to be seen.” Just as KS finished his sentence, all the lights on the Streets of Monaco was turned off. A few shriek could be heard from the sudden disappearance of light. Picking up her phone, Mina dialled the number of the control room to enquire if it was a power outage. However, there was no response from the crew in the control station.

The sound of a few helicopter could be heard as they approached the Streets of Monaco. One of the helicopter landed and spotlight appeared when the door of the helicopter opened. Getting out of the helicopter, Legin walked towards the pool that Mina was seated at. The spotlight continued to shine on him, bringing everybody’s attention onto him. In the darkness, numerous boats appeared silently as they closed in to Streets of Monaco.

“My dear Mina, happy birthday! I’ve really missed you. It’s been fourteen days since I last saw you. Do you know how much pain I’ve suffered from you ignoring my love calls?” Legin oogled at Mina who was wearing a bikini, revealing her perfect figure, as a spotlight shone on her.

“What are you doing here? I don’t remember inviting you to my party. Guards, chase him away!” Mina’s good mood turned sour the moment she saw Legin walked towards her. Mina’s bodyguards rushed towards Legin.

“Wait! Why the hurry? I’m here just to present you a gift for your 21st birthday.” Saying that, Legin clapped his hand twice and a man appeared holding a veiled item in his hand.

“With this present, I have eradicated the obstacle to your heart and you will finally be mine.” Saying that, Legin pulled off the cloth and revealed the object that was hidden under it.

When the object was revealed, screams of shock and horror resounded through Streets of Monaco.

A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Tetsuya @Tetsuya on Chapter 036: Party (I) ago


Hi, thanks for the chapter!

Also, now that chrono knows the uses of the pen, could he either:

A) "Accidentally" draw/sell some of the pictures he made.  OR

B) Use the pen in the "Dream Bar" (Forgot the name of the bar tbh) to help people by drawing loved/lost ones.


Btw, dont know if it was just me, but isn't this chapter a little shorter then normal?

-A) Ya he could. Sell counterfeits of Mona Lisa maybe?
 B) But how would Chrono know who is the person they wanna see?
Nope, the chap isnt shorter. Haha.



adiwsp @adiwsp on Chapter 036: Party (I) ago


Thanks for the update....

Now he got another arsenal in his possible service aka the magic pen...

Btw why in some sense i simehow think you forget about his partner or manager in arena?

Hope i am wrong at least you are not dbz author.....if you get my joke.

-Fei will be back in approx 9 more days.


Humpuny humberto @Humpuny humberto on Chapter 036: Party (I) ago


i can see how things will go in the party mina will be taken away the the cockarouch and he will present the head then mina will drop to the floor crying then run away to her room and chrono will be at the party or going away after the party ended and will have no idea of what happened. That would be my perfect development but hey its your call friend. Thx for the chapter<img src=">

-Close. Haha.


Dogface2016 @Dogface2016 on Chapter 036: Party (I) ago


 I would make ero manga and sell like crazy with that magic pen . Thanks for the chapter

-I dont think the readers will like it... Maybe?



adiwsp @adiwsp on Chapter 036: Party (I) ago


For comedy and best moment part i think it will be hillarious when the cockroach come and tell mina he kill chrono and somehow show the pfoof but then he see chrono besides Mina

-Wait for the next chapter!

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Tetsuya ago

Hi. Thanks for the chapter!


Also is { (Picture for better visualisation) } meant to be a picture?  Because there is no pic...

      Tetsuya ago

      Just wanted to know, but if you dont mind, could you tell us if it is actually possible for him to earn skills? Like will Chrono get a sword skill? I know that he has gotten skills so far from the "Lucky wheel/dip" (cba to find the name), but will he get a skill that earned himself? 
      E.g. {Swordsmanship},  provides a bonus in attacking speed/dexterity and also make it easier to attack vital points.

Namsar ago


Humpuny humberto ago

so close TT TT. Well nnow i call that mina will ask to kill the guy or she will get a knife and kill him perdonaly

Mangodrop ago

Thanks for the chapter. Also, if I had that pen I would draw all over my room so that when people come in, they'll be like whoa, that's cool. 

Belgrieve ago

Chrono's head on a silver plate.

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Of course every body will say yes on the poll I mean who doesn't like ero manga, and even if you say you don't you are just being tsun-tsun.

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