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Chapter 036: Party (I)


The car behind horned at Chrono when he didn’t move after the traffic light turned green. Grabbing a ball randomly, Chrono quickly took his hand out from the box and drove off.


[Souls of a hundred elves] x1 obtained


Souls of a hundred elves?


Suppressing his curiosity (OMG, I didn’t know that curiousity is wrong…), Chrono sped back to school.


[Souls of a hundred elves] - Wearer will age a hundred times slower.

(History of Souls of a hundred elves: King Exo wanted to gift his only daughter princess Alethea an item that will maintain her youthful appearance on her 21st birthday. Hence, he instructed Grand Wizard Comon to create an item that will fulfill his request. Grand Wizard Comon lead a legion of holy knights on an expedition to capture a hundred elves. After which, Grand Wizard Comon used time magic to trap the souls of the hundred elves in a hundred diamond shards and created a necklace that slows down aging of the wearer by a hundredfold.

Back in his room, Chrono look at the beautiful necklace in his hand and was amazed how this item appeared just in the nick of time and solved his problem of getting Mina a gift. With just a couple of hours left before the party, Chrono took out the magic pen and started to write on the birthday card for Mina after he messaged the three girls that he would be picking them up at 5 P.M.


Hmm… Should I draw? My drawing sucks though. Oh well, it’s the thoughts that count. Let’s see, what should I draw?


Finally, he decided to draw a picture of Mina, in stick figure form when the magic pen started to move by itself. Shortly after, a portrait of Mina, drawn to detail as what he had in mind (non stick figure form). Throughout the whole process, Chrono just stared at the paper with his mouth wide open. Taking an A4 sized white paper, Chrono searched for the image of one of the most famous painting, Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da vinci. After ten minutes or so, an exact replica of Mona Lisa appeared on the table top. Excited, he took out a few more pieces of paper and proceeded to draw the top ten most famous painting he found after typing “most famous painting” in his search bar. After completing the ten masterpiece, Chrono started to “draw” portraits of his favourite female idols when suddenly his thoughts drifted to the video that he watched the previous night. Before he knew it, a vivid image appeared on the paper. Realising that he might fall to the dark side if he continued, he frantically release the magic pen in panic. Looking at the half drawn in full colour, Chrono was tempted to finish up his artwork when he heard the sound of the door being unlocked.


F*ck! <Overdrive>


Chrono destroyed the evidence with lightning speed and toss it into the rubbish bin.


“Hey. Why are you still not changed?” Shane who just entered the room asked.


“I’m going soon. Give me a minute.” Chrono replied as he wiped off the sweat that formed from the close encounter. He tied a ribbon around the case containing Souls of a hundred elves and placed the birthday card together into a bag before heading towards the shower.


“Chrono, what did you buy for Mina? We are sharing the present right? How much is it?” Yoona asked Chrono while on the way to Sentosa Cove where Mina’s yacht was harboured.


“Ah. I got her a very pretty necklace. Sharing is unnecessary though. The only things the four of you need to do is to enjoy the party.” Chrono said smugly.


Throughout the journey, Shane could be seen peeking at the rear view mirror very frequently. Chrono did not lower down the roof as the wind would mess up the hair of the three girls. If not, the three beauties in their stunning dresses would have caused numerous accident on the road.


Meeting up with Aloy and KS who arrived at the place by themselves, they headed towards the VIP harbour where Mina’s yacht was harboured.


“Hey, why are there so many helicopters hovering there?” Tiffany pointed off into the distance.


“Not sure. Maybe there is a military exercise or something similar.” KS gave a plausible response.


“Okay. We have reached the place, but I don’t see any crowd except for the few man dressed in black and wearing shades acting as guards.” Chrono looked at the map on the invitation letter.


“Halt. Proceed no further. State the purpose of your visit.” One of the guard who spotted the six of them said loudly.


“We are looking for VIP harbour 5 to attend Mina’s 21st birthday party.” Chrono took a step forward and replied.


“Do you have the invitation card?”


“Yes. Here is six invitation card.” Chrono revealed the six invitations card.


The guard walked towards Chrono and took the invitation cards from him. After inspecting the invitation cards and confirming that it was real, he spoke into the microphone.


“Please follow me.” He gestured towards them to follow him as he walked towards a speed boat.


After the six of them boarded the air-conditioned speed boat, the guard started the engine. With a roar, the speed boat sped off from the harbour. The journey was fairly comfortable except for occasional jumps.


“Hey. Is that where we are headed towards? Tiffany pointed at the humongous yacht that had a couple of helicopters hovering above it. Looking at the 150 foot yacht, the six of them were shocked silly as they stared dazedly at it. (


Twenty minutes later, Chrono and gang was greeted by two rows of ladies dressed in french maid attire. Each of them had appearance that did not lose out to Victoria secret’s models. One of the maid, stepped forward and introduced herself as Renee and told them that she will be their guide for the entire trip. Chrono, Shane, KS and Aloy absorbed in the sight of wonderfulness greedily as the three girls dragged them after Renee.


Renee first brought them to the room allocated to them. Entering the room, Chrono was reminded of the presidential suite that he stayed in previously. Only one word is needed to describe the room, “luxurious”. Soon after, change of clothes were delivered to their room after they indicated their sizes when they registered at the counter. For the girls, there were all sort of clothing, bright coloured bikinis and even sexy looking lingerie.


{Have you arrived?}


Chrono received a text message from Mina.


{Yup. Renee is bringing us around.}


{Who is Renee???!!!}

{The girl dressed in the maid outfit?}


{Oh. Ask her to bring you to castle A! I’m at the ball room of castle A.}


{Okay. Will be there shortly. See you!}


“Chrono! Here!” Mina waved excitedly when she noticed Chrono enter the ball room.


“Happy birthday Mina!” Chrono gave Mina a hug. “They are my friends. You have met Tiffany, Yuri and Shane before. Yoona is my archery friend while Aloy and KS were my juniors in Junior College.


After they wished her happy birthday, Mina apologised and said that she would find them later as she needed to greet the other visitors.


“Wait. I haven’t give you your present yet!” Chrono grabbed Mina’s hand to stop her from leaving.


Mina’s face turned red as she glanced around to see if anyone saw Chrono grab her hand. Seeing that no one was looking at her direction, she quickly shake off Chrono’s hand. Tiffany who was standing beside looked at Mina enviously.


“Here. Your present.” Oblivious to what had happened, Chrono took out the present and gave it to Mina.


“Can i open it now?” Mina asked.


“Sure. Why not? It’s your present.”


Removing the ribbon, Mina opened the box and saw the beautiful necklace.


“Oh my gosh. This necklace is so pretty, perfect to match my taffeta Vera Wang gown”


“Of course. It’s a present for vice…”


However, before he could finish his sentence, Mina stomped on his foot with her heels.


Watching Chrono hopping around holding on his injured foot, Tiffany, Yuri, Yoona, Shane, Aloy and KS laughed at him and said that he deserved it.


“Stop hopping around. Can you help me wear this necklace?” Mina asked as she fumbled with the catch of the necklace.

“Of course. By the way, the wearer of this necklace will age a hundred times slower.” Chrono said to Mina as though it was the most normal thing ever.


“Age a hundred times slower?” Mina repeated Chrono’s words doubtfully.


“Yup. So you will be forever twenty one.” Chrono burst out laughing as he blurted out his pun.


“Whatever. You are so lame.” Touching the tear shaped pendant, Mina smiled dazzlingly as she left to attend to the other visitors.

A note from YoonTaeTifYu


adiwsp @adiwsp on Chapter 035: Keychain ago


Is it me or its weird for the crazy stalker of mina doesnot make a fuss or know that chrono still alive? Because if we refer to his personality you wrote the first thing he will do is boasting to her although i understand you want to save it on birthday of mina

-I think I had the reason in my mind but i forgot to add it into the story. HAHAHA. As you guys know, after Legin "killed" Chrono. He left for some secretive place. Hence, his new bodyguard who did not see the need to stalk Mina when he is not around, faked the reports that he submit everyday to Legin. I should add this part in one of the previous chapter...

Mangodrop @Mangodrop on Chapter 035: Keychain ago


Not sure what got into me.” momo bowed and apologised to Chrono.

----•Momo bowed

Thanks for the chapter

-I don't get this...


Tetsuya @Tetsuya on Chapter 035: Keychain ago


Hi, Thanks for the chapter.

{Chrono’s fiddled with the balls slowly as he tried to feel which ball will give him something good.} I literally died laughing reading this. Well Chrono, which one will give you the good stuff?

(Also, technically this has nothing to do with this chapter, but can you go on your discord and go on next updates, and delete the mini conversation there? It hurts my OCD, knowing that there is only updates the entire time, but now there is someone else writing in it.)

-I attempted to add some humour into the story. Looks like I was successful =P I removed it =D


adiwsp @adiwsp on Chapter 035: Keychain ago


The only thing can keep me from continuing this story despite your slow update is creativity of your story hope you will not lose it

I still waiting for ss of what happen to his client   

Because it kind of waste if ypu only tell about them in the beginning of the case but not after ward

-Okay! I will take note of this and reveal them soon. Or maybe slot them into old chapters! Will be tough work. So I will do it after my finals. Sorry!



kohryu08 @kohryu08 on Chapter 035: Keychain ago


Im pretty sure Chrono would forget about this ball and just remember it after a few chapters.

Thanks for the update xD

-He didn't =P


Mr Salfredolph @Mr Salfredolph on Chapter 035: Keychain ago


Thnx 4 chapter

-Thank you!!! =D

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