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Chapter 035: Keychain

*Huff* *Huff* *Huff*


Chrono jerked up from his bed as he touched his chest to feel the wound that was there a moment ago. Looking at the wardrobe that was strangely familiar to him, memories started to flood into his brain.


While Chrono was trapped in Toyohisa’s life, Chrono2 continued to look for customers every morning, attending his lectures and going for the CCAs that he signed up for. However, he was not able to enter The Arena in the ten days Chrono was gone.

In addition, a major activity that he personally missed was the Hall Bash. He managed to win it with the help of Mina’s and Tiffany’s help. As the two of them were well known and very popular in school. They easily helped Chrono garner many votes on facebook. Thus Chrono owned the “like my picture” segment on facebook which took up a huge percentage of the final score. Coupled with Yuri in her Adrianna Papell dress, she wowed the crowd that night and Chrono was carried by her to win the hall bash as hall king and hall queen.

On the other hand, Legin went to America after his dad summoned him there. Thomas who was supposed to monitor Mina decided to skive and give false report. In addition, Mina’s schedule was the same every week, hence, he could just use the past reports to smoke his way through.

Resulting in Legin not finding out that the head belongs to Chrono2 instead of Chrono himself.


[Lifespan] 461 years (+418 years)

<I am a Stalker> - Acquire the direction of a target using an item that belongs to the target.


[Lifespan] 361 years (-100 years)


Power/Strength - 30 (+3)

Intelligence - 40 (+5)

Speed - 40 (+4)

Agility - 30 (+3)

Stamina - 30 (+5)


[Lifespan] 161 years (-200 years)

<Feld Gear> - Summon a nodachi and wakizashi and/or a tanegashima 

<Gear Upgrade> - Improve the weapon prowess with materials

<Midas Touch> - Turn an item into gold (once per day)


So… ten days have passed since then… Looks like three years that I experienced as Toyohisa is equivalent to one day on Earth. Thank God nothing happened and I have a clone to fill in for these ten days.


In his inventory, there were three gold items, a golden crown (the plastic crown he was obtained from hall bash), a golden pillow (his pillow he accidentally turned into gold) and a golden apple (just an apple he bought from the fruit stall).

Lying back down on his bed, Chrono closed his eyes to slowly reorganise his thoughts. As he had just lived “30 years” as Toyohisa, it is as though his original life suddenly intruded into his life. After an hour, Chrono finally sat up from his bed.

Whew. Alright, back in my original self. I hope I will not encounter this type of situation again. If not, I might be confused over living three lives and go crazy. It’s a Friday and I have to attend lecture in an hours time.

Touching his stomach, Chrono decided to visit the hall canteen to grab a bite before going to the 3 hour war that will be even more difficult than the battle of Kyushu.




“So who are you bringing along tomorrow?” Mina asked as she twirled her spaghetti with her fork.

Tomorrow? Oh shit. Her birthday is tomorrow? I just came back and I totally forgot about it.

“Umm… Shane, Aloy, KS, Tiffany, Yuri and Yoona.”

“Six people? I thought I told you five?”

“Come on, don’t be so stingy. It’s just one more person.”

“Do you think my yacht is very big? There is limited space y’know!” Mina said as she reached out to steal a piece of chicken cutlet from Chrono’s plate.

“Just one more!” Chrono defended his food valiantly as though he was fighting Won Kyun's navy of the Seven-Year War on the Korean peninsula.

“I’ll let you bring one more if the present is worth the while. So what did you get for me?” Mina smiled triumphantly as she put the piece of chicken cutlet into her mouth.

“Present? Haven’t you been receiving my present all these while? You think that me accompanying you for dinner all these while is free? My time is worth a lot of time (literally).”

“Tsk. What a miser.” Mina clucked her tongue in response to Chrono’s answer


(If you do not remember, the CCAs/activities he participated in are Volleyball <Monday and Friday>, Track <Tuesday and Thursday>, Archery <Wednesday and Friday>, Kendo <Wednesday and Sunday&gtWink

What should I get for Mina?

Chrono contemplated as they walked towards the running track.




The next day.


Hmm… I don’t see anything nice here.

Chrono was at the shopping mall trying to do some last minute shopping.

Uh? What’s this?

Chrono bent down and picked up a keychain that was lying under a bench. With his <Omniscient> switched on, he naturally was able to notice the keychain that was hidden from sight.

A shinai? Looks like the keychain belongs to a fellow kendoka. Oh right, a perfect chance to use the new skill that I obtained while I was in Toyohisa. 

<I am a Stalker> 

The shinai keychain that was lying on Chrono’s palm started to float and the tip of the Shinai pointed towards the ceiling.

Alright. Time to search for your owner.

Soon after, the shinai led Chrono to  a familiar figure who was searching high and low for something frantically.  

“Hey.” Chrono walked up to Momo who was looking under a bench and tapped her shoulder.

“Ouch!” Momo landed on the floor as she accidentally hit her head on the bench as she tried to look up to see who tapped her. As she rubbed her bump, she looked up, “Uh? Aren’t you the guy from the stadium?”

“Ya. I am. Fancy meeting you here. Are you okay?” Chrono offered his hand.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” Momo took his hand and was pulled up from the floor.

“What are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a keychain. I think I dropped it somewhere here.” Momo said with a sigh.

“Keychain? Just buy a new one?”

“The keychain was given to me by my late grandfather.” Momo looked like she was about to burst out in tears when she realised that her keychain might be lost forever. 

Suddenly, her keychain appeared in front of her eyes. Blinking her eyes and then rubbing it, she realised that they keychain was still dangling from Chrono’s hand.

“Do you want to take it? My hands are getting tired.” Chrono said jokingly.

“OH MY GOSH! MY KEYCHAIN!” Momo took the keychain from Chrono while exclaiming loudly and proceeded to give Chrono a big hug.

“Sorry. I was too excited and happy. Where did you find it?” Momo asked shyly when she realised that she just hugged someone she only met twice.

“I found your keychain below a bench, someone might have kicked it there after you dropped it.”

“Wait a minute… Both time I met you, you helped me a great deal and I still have no idea what is your name. I am so so so sorry. I am normally not so rude. Not sure what got into me.” momo bowed and apologised to Chrono.

“It’s fine. My name is Chrono and you are Momo right?” Chrono hurriedly stopped her from bowing in the middle of the shopping mall

“Uh? How do you know my name?”

“I am learning kendo under Sensei Kenji and we went to watch your competition the week before.”

“Nice! A fellow kendoka. Where are you going now?”

“I’m looking for something to buy for my friend’s birthday. What about you?”

“I was on my way back home. Do you need help? Is your friend a girl?”

“Yup. Why?”

“Do you need help? A girl’s opinion might help you select a good present more easily!” Momo offered to accompany Chrono hoping to be helpful, since she had received help from Chrono twice.

“Sure. Why not. Shopping alone is boring.” Chrono agreed to her request readily. Which sane guy would reject the company of a pretty girl?

Three hours later…

With Mina’s dad being the top ten richest man on Earth. None of the items that could be found in a shopping centre caught Chrono’s eyes even after walking through the shopping centre twice. After exchanging numbers with Momo, Chrono bade her farewell and went back to school dejectedly.

Maybe I should just give her the magic pen that is lying in my inventory. It’s a pen that cannot be bought with money. I guess it would be precious enough… I hope…

Opening his status screen while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, Chrono opened his status screen to check if there is any new quest that he was unaware of.




[Name] Chrono Feldman

[Lifespan] 161 years


<<Life Merchant>>

Ability to shorten one’s lifespan and transfer the number of years to a target or increase one’s lifespan by receiving a specific number of years from a target’s lifespan.


Power/Strength - 30 +

Intelligence - 40 +

Speed - 40 +

Agility - 30 +

Stamina - 30 +

Luck - 50

Charm/Charisma - 31

Recovery - E

Control/Accuracy - D



<Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)

<Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)

<Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)

<Lucky Draw LV1> - (What new skills will you obtain?)

<Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes

<Omniscient LV1> - See everything within a 5 metre radius

<Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena

<Forever Not Alone> - Create a clone.

<Feld Gear> - Summon a nodachi and wakizashi and/or a tanegashima

<Gear Upgrade> - Improve the weapon prowess with materials

<Midas Touch> - Turn an item into gold (once per day)

<I am a Stalker> - Acquire the direction of a target using an item that belongs to the target.



[Quest Log]

  • Upgrade all stats to 50 points (1 x Lucky Draw LV2)


Oh. I have 161 years left. Should I do a lucky draw? Maybe I can get an item that i can give Mina.

<Lucky Draw>

Ok, which should i pick? Chrono’s fiddled with the balls slowly as he tried to feel which ball will give him something good.

*Honk honk*

The car behind horned at Chrono when he didn’t move after the traffic light turned green. Grabbing a ball randomly, Chrono quickly took his hand out from the box and drove off.

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Thanks for the chapter.

- =DDDDD Thank you!


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Just a friendly advice if you already start to mix some historical event, figure, or story  and culture to make a new path in your story pkeasrmake sure you have proper foundation of it, because it will be a sad thing if a good writer like you make a very fatal mistakes writing something related to rl event without proper basic knowledge

-Yup. I do alot of research before I even embarked on the first word. I spent almost 5 hours reading up on the different characters... #lifeofanauthor Thank you for your kind advice =DDDDD


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so going with the bleach route fair enough never had an issue with the series, best of luck with the hardcore fan boys/girls though Wink

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Drifters! Ahahahah! I really like the references you're putting here and there. I just hope you get good results in your finals cause then once you do, you'll have a better mood and a better attitude = better work ethic. So win-win for all of us. Make sure to get a good score!

 t.hanks for the chapter!

-Ya. Hope i get good results too after all the hardwork i put in. Haha. thank you!



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did you use the Drifters anime as reference for this chapter. if you did good job! lol

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