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Chapter 034: Shimazu

[You have entered the shinigami realm as Oda Nobunaga’s successor]

Looking up, Chrono saw a humongous gate right in front of him. Stepping through the gate, Chrono arrived at a big and spacious courtyard. However, the only thing that was in the courtyard was a booth like structure smacked right in the middle of it. Holding the necklace in his hand, Chrono approached the booth and the dozing man was was sitting behind the booth.


<Lachesis Eyes>

Mori Ranmaru

[Total life span: - | Current age: 17 | Cause of Death: Natural]

17 years old? Isn’t he just a kid?


“Hi, sorry to disturb you.” Chrono greeted Ranmaru as he placed the necklace on the counter gently.


Opening his eyes, Ranmaru looked at Chrono before he glanced down at the necklace that was lying on the counter. Chancing upon the Oda clan emblem on the necklace, he immediately sat up and inspected the necklace closely.


“Who are you? How did you get this necklace?” Ranmaru asked curiously when he found out that it was an authentic Oda necklace.


“Umm… My name is Chrono Feldman. The necklace was gifted to me after I saved him from three young punks from beating him to death.” Chrono scratched his head as he could imagine how incredulous his story sounds.


“I see… Then do you know what does this necklace do and what it does?”


“Nope. I am totally clueless and was hoping that you can tell me where is this place.”


“You are in the shinigami realm. Do you know what is a shinigami?” Ranmaru started to explain patiently.


“I have no idea what is a shinigami.”


“Shinigami is similar to the grim reaper from western culture. We welcome the dead into the shinigami realm where they prepare themselves to be reincarnated. It is very rare to see a living person entering the shinigami realm. This necklace allows you to visit the shinigami realm and provides the chance of you gaining the power of a shinigami.”


“Power of a shinigami?”


“Yes. The power of a shinigami allows you to materialise a weapon of your choice in the world of the living.” Saying that, the ground started to tremble and statues could be seen emerging from the ground slowly. The statues occupied the empty spaces that was surrounding the booth.


Each of the statues were holding onto different weapons. Ranging from a kusarigama wielded by a ninja; to a unique looking seven bladed sword placed above the head of a fierce looking warrior; to a bow notched with an arrow by a very pretty looking female archer.


“Place the emblem here.” Ranmaru pointed to a slot that weren’t present on the counter previously.


Chrono took out the emblem from the chain and inserted the emblem into the slot.




“Okay. You can go and choose the weapon of your choice by touching the statue. However, I have to warn you that you only have one chance to choose.”


“What happens after I touch the statues?” Chrono asked curiously.


Ranmaru shrugged his shoulders due to his lack of knowledge. “I have not met anyone a second time after they touched the statue, so I am not sure what happens after this.”


Chrono navigated around the statues carefully to prevent touching a statue by accident. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him. Looking around, he tried to locate the source of the voice. Chrono walked towards the left and felt that that the voice was getting softer, hence he walked towards the right. Shortly after, by following the voice, he arrived at the base of a statue of a young man with short black hair and light grey eyes. He was dressed in a red armor with a nodachi, wakizashi and an ancient looking tanegashima hung around his waist.


Looks like this statue is meant for me. Here goes nothing…


Thinking that, Chrono raised up his hand and touched the statue.


Year 1570


*Sound of baby wailing*


“Lord! Congratulations! It is a boy!” The midwife opened the door to the room and announced the good news to Lord Shimazu Iehisa.


Feeling elated, Iehisa quickly rushed into the room. Seeing his wife smiling warmly at his son as she cuddled him in her arm, Iehisa could not help but feel that he was the luckiest man in the whole of Japan.


15 years later (Year 1585)


After Shimazu Toyohisa’s coming of age ceremony, Iehisa brought his son along on a bandit subjugation for him to experience bloodshed so as to be considered a fully qualified samurai of the proud Shimazu clan.








Cheers resounded through the forest which was littered with bandit corpse.


“This was your first battle, yet you’ve brought back an enemy’s head. I am so proud of you!” Iehisa lifted Toyohisa off the ground as he continued praising him. “Good job! What a fine and valiant boy!”


Toyohisa then trained in the way of the samurai as he gained proficient in the use of his favourite weapons, nodachi, wakizashi and the tanegashima. He was a excellent and powerful samurai as he slayed the enemies of his lord with his well-honed skills. However, he had an addiction with chopping off the enemy commander’s head whenever he went into battle.


Year 1600

“Uncle! Please withdraw! From here on, not a single enemy shall pass through!” Toyohisa declared.


“You will return to Satsuma as well! You have to go back as well. Toyohisa!” Shimazu Yoshihiro shouted.


“I would love to go back. If I were to die, I would rather die in Satsuma. But… Uncle, if you managed to go back to Satsuma safely. Even if all the soldiers and I die right here, we will still win the battle.” Toyohisa unsheathed his Nodachi. “Vanguards! Ready your guns and souls. The time to die have arrived!”


The sound of horses galloping could be heard as the enemy forces started to draw near.


“Our enemy is the red devil of the Il branch of the Tokugawa! They are the strongest and fiercest enemies we will ever face. The time to throw our lives… is NOW!” Rallying his soldiers, Toyohisa walked forward and prepared himself for the last battle of his short but fulfilling life.  


“I will be waiting for you! I will be waiting for you Toyohisa! You are not allowed to die here. I will be waiting!” Yoshihiro voice could be heard as his horse sped off towards the direction of Satsuma.


He is a good uncle. However, I don’t think I could be a good nephew and listen to his instructions… However, Toyohisa is happy. Well then! Time to fulfill my duty as a warrior of the Shimazu clan.




Rounds were fired off the tanegashima as soldiers and horses were shot and cries of the wounded filled the air.


Toyohisa faced Il Naomasa as his soldiers started to get picked off by the cavalries of the red devil. After clashing for a few breath of time, Naomasa’s soldiers rushed and surrounded him to protect their lord from the savage Toyohisa.


Facing the wall of spears, Toyohisa sneered at Naomasa.


Let’s go.


Sprinting forward, Toyohisa leaped into the air as he closed the distance between himself and Naomasa. Numerous spears stabbed into Toyohisa’s body as he was mere inches away from Naomasa.


“Idiot! Dying a dog’s death.” Naomasa jeered at the bloody man that was dangling in the air.


“You are the idiot! Die, Il Naomasa!” Toyohisa muttered as he whipped out the tanegashima from his back.




Il Naomasa was shot and he collapsed from his horse.




“Lord Naomasa!”




Naomasa’s soldier’s rushed towards him and swiftly retreated after to return back to camp to save their lord’s life.


“Wait! Naomasa! Get back here! Are you trying to mock me? Leave your head here!” Toyohisa feebly stood up as he looked at the back of the retreating enemies.


With no one left around him, he struggled with blood pouring from his wounds as he staggered towards the direction of Satsuma. Shortly after, he finally collapsed and breathed his last.


*Huff* *Huff* *Huff*


Chrono jerked up from his bed as he touched his chest to feel the wound that was there a moment ago.

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-Alrighty! Will need to think of a way for him to do that...


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Thanks for the chapter! But why did he say "Uh? Shinigami’s heirloom?" when it said "[Oda Nobunaga’s Heirloom]"?

-Thanks for the heads up! Was contemplating to use Shinigami heirloom or Oda Nobunaga heirloom while I was writing and missed out the change after i decided on Oda.


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