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Chapter 033: Successor

Chrono, filled with righteous anger stormed towards them while his stomach continued to growl.


“Hey!” Chrono shouted at them as he approached the trio.


Halting their actions, they glanced at Chrono. Seeing that he was alone and looks like the average joe, they ignored him and continued beating up up the old man who was shielding his head with his frail looking arm as he whimpered in pain.


Chrono took out his phone and started to video their actions down. “Stop it! If not I’m going to send this video of you three beating up the old man to the police.”


Hearing that, the trio finally stopped. However, they glared at Chrono menacingly and they walked towards him.


“Who the f*ck are you. Just f*ck off and mind your own business. Before you scram, delete the video. If not don’t blame us for being nasty.”


<Lachesis Eyes>

Zato Chan

[Total life span: 66 years | Current age: 19 | Cause of Death: Natural]


Davey Pan

[Total life span: 79 years | Current age: 19 | Cause of Death: Natural]


Sawyer Go

[Total life span: 59 years | Current age: 19 | Cause of Death: Natural]

“Davey, you are only 19 years old. Better show some respect to someone that is older than you. Didn’t your parents teach you manners?” Chrono continued to use his phone to film as he ignored Davey’s threat.


“What the f*ck. How do you know my name and age?” Davey suddenly got flustered when he realised that his identity was exposed by a stranger.


“Well, I’m not obliged to reply you. Just know that your wrongdoings will be reported to the police if you continue to be a brat. So you, Sawyer and Zato better stop what you are doing.”


Suddenly, the trio felt that something was amiss. They started to worry if this person was someone their parents hired. If the video was submitted to them, they would definitely be grounded or ever worse, annexing of their credit cards.


Davey, Sawyer and Zato are 3rd generation nouveau. Their parents and grandparents were high ranking personnels in the government sector. In addition, they were the only child in each of their family. Hence, they were very spoilt and did whatever they wanted to. Born with a golden spoon in their mouth, they had a very elitism mindset. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Whenever they saw a beggar begging by the roadside, they would not be able to resist the urge to beat them up.


“Should we quickly leave? He said if we stop, he would not report to the police.” Sawyer whispered to Davey.


“Leave? Why should we? We are three and he is alone. In addition, we have guards protecting us. If he dare to beat us up, our guards will beat him up. We must get hold of the video, if not he might threaten us with it.” Sawyer thought for a moment before answering.


“Hand us your phone and quietly f*ck off from here.”


“You brats really don’t understand simple English. Well, if you really want my phone, you gotta pay up. If not, you three can try to snatch it from me.” Chrono taunted them with a smirk.


“D*mn you!” Davey who could not control his anger anymore clenched his fist and rushed towards Chrono.


Sawyer and Zato, seeing that Davey was rushing towards the stranger, followed behind him.








A fist flew past Chrono’s face as he dodged it. Tapping Sawyer’s back lightly, he cause him to stumble forward and crash onto the pavement. Sawyer and Zato flanked Chrono and attacked from the left and right side. Easily avoiding them by squatting down, Chrono grabbed onto their ankle and pulled. Losing their balance, the duo landed on their back with a crash.


Davey, wielding a swiss army knife, attempted to sneak attack Chrono while he was distracted.


Too bad sneak attack do not work on me.




Chrono spun round and gave Davey a bloody nose and he became one with the pavement again.


By the time the guards, who were standing a distance away, realised that their charges were in trouble, the three young men were already on the floor. The guards immediately rushed over to attack the assailant.


“Wait. They are perfectly alright!” Chrono shouted when he realised that there was nine man wearing shades running towards him.


Let's see… Nine against one. What’s the chance that I can win… twelve minutes left with <Overdrive>. Let’s kick some asses.


Raising both his hands in front of him, Chrono readied his stance as he prepared himself for the biggest fight in his life.


The guards arrived shortly. However, instead of attacking haphazardly, they surrounded Chrono.


Oh shit. I just realised that they are trained guards… The wouldn’t be like these three fools attacking me haphazardly. I’m so screwed.


Once the guards got into formation, they started to assault Chrono in their groups. Each of the nouveau had three guards and they acted as a team. Guard team Sawyer attacked first while guard team Davey and guard team Zato moved backwards to make space for them. They did not attack all at once as they might hinder each other’s movement.


Thank goodness, it's a three VS one. But my <Overdrive> is only left with 9 minutes…


Chrono started weaving in and out of the punches. As he dodged the punches by mere inches, he tried to look for openings to sneak in an attack. However, the guards were too well trained and  were covering for each other. It was almost impossible to land an attack on them at all.


Shit. three and a half minutes left. Time to bail.


“Police!” Chrono pointed and shouted.


The guards were shocked and turned in the direction Chrono pointed. If the police were involved, they might get into trouble. With their attention averted from him, Chrono quickly slip past the guards and ran back towards the stadium.


“Stop him!” Davey exclaimed when he saw a silhouette rush past him.


Realising that they were duped, the guards immediately gave chase.


<Forever not alone>


Chrono initiated his skill the moment he ran past the toilet that was near the entrance. He entered the toilet while Chrono2 ran off in another direction. After a few seconds, Chrono exited the toilet and headed back out of the stadium.


“Who is he? He managed to dodge my guards for almost ten minutes.” Sawyer said as he rubbed his sore arm.


“No idea. It’s all this old man’s fault!” Zato walked towards the old man and started to kick him again.


“You kids really don’t learn your lesson.”


The trio were startled when they heard that familiar voice and quickly look in the direction of the voice.


“Wh..wh...why are you here? Where are our guards?” Zato stammered as he took a few steps back.


“Why not? I’m here to punish you three pesky kids. Your guards are all sleeping on the floor in the stadium. Anyway, let’s play a game of catch. When I count to three, I will start to chase you guys. Ready? One..”


Zato, Sawyer and Davey turned tail and ran for their lives.


“Dumbasses. My overdrive is on cool down. Why would i chase you guys?” Saying that, Chrono walked towards the old man and fed him a recovery potion.


After a minute, the old man regained consciousness and started to cough and gasped for air.


“Are you alright?” Chrono asked concernedly.


“Thank you young man. I am indebted to you.”


“It’s a small matter. I’m glad you are alright. I’ve already dialled for an ambulance. Don’t worry and have a good rest in the hospital. I will settle the rest.”


*Wee-woo* *Wee-woo* *Wee-woo*


The ambulance arrived at the scene shortly.


“Here. Take this.” The old man took out a necklace that was hidden in his boots. He shoved it into Chrono’s hand before he was transported up the ambulance.


[Oda Nobunaga’s Heirloom] x 1 received.


Uh? Oda Nobunaga's heirloom?

[Oda Nobunaga’s Heirloom] - Object that allows one to enter the shinigami realm.

A notification then popped out in front of him.

[Do you want to enter the shinigami realm?] [ YES / NO ]

With Chrono2 available to handle things here, Chrono could not help but gave in to the temptation of choosing yes.

[ YES ]

A circle of light appeared under his legs and he disappeared shortly after.


[You have entered the shinigami realm as Oda Nobunaga’s successor]

A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Humpuny humberto @Humpuny humberto on Chapter 032: World Kendo Championship ago



hello if you must know see the anime mirai nikki the girl yuno is a yandere.


 thx for the chapter

-Alright. Will consider in the future.


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 Is the no harem tag permanent because to be honest I was only here for that (apart from the story of course :) ) I won't drop it just curious.

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Why no harem? Is it just gonna be like a pseudo-harem? Like he will only choose one girl but there will be other girls that like him? 

Thanks for the chapter either way!

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If the story is pseudo-harem can you tell me that's worse than an actual harem :/


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bummer i liked the harem tbh


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I liked the harem please can you put it back

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are from germany?

because u wrote Köln instead of Cologne

thx for the chap btw

-Nopez. i'm from Singapore!

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Skill Pill ago

Please become worse at writing cause then i wont have to feel the sadness of having to wait for a new awesome chapter :(

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