Just curious who you guys ship Chrono with. Wouldn't affect what I have decided. But just really curious who is your favourite female character. Naming them in alphabetical order!
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Ok, after the poll. I've decided to include a summarised version of the status window after every chapter and the full one every 5 chapters. btw, my prelims and finals are coming soon. So I might have a hiatus soon to prepare for my exam! Will give a heads-up before I disappear.


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Chapter 031: Revived


Chrono2 was placed in a gunny sack and dragged towards a nearby van.

Chrono collapsed onto the floor as he felt an acute sharp pain in his brain, it was as though someone stabbed a stiletto right through the cerebrum to the cerebellum. The pain persevered for almost ten minutes before it started to subside. When the pain was gone, he realised that his connection with Chrono2 had been severed.




“Young master. I have succeeded in my mission. Chrono is dead and is stored in the freezer.” A man dressed in black knelt down on one knee and reported to Legin.

“Yes! Good job! Contact my dad’s secretary and ask him to give you a bonus! Finally, he is dead!” Legin jumped up from his recliner and cheered loudly. “Where is the freezer? Quick, bring me there and cut off his head! I can’t wait to see Mina’s face when I serve the head to her on a silver platter.”

“Very good. This is indeed Chrono’s detestable head.” Legin grabbed the hair of the severed head as he laughed out loud. “Burn the rest of the body. I only need his head. Thomas, you are really a professional. I will be going to America. Dad has asked me to go over immediately. With his head in the bag, I can go in peace. Stay here and continue to monitor Mina. Update me every ten minutes.”

Legin returned back to his room and shortly after, thumping noises could be heard coming out of his room. Thomas grimaced when he heard the noise and felt pity for the life-sized doll.




What the heck? Why did Chrono2 suddenly disappear? <Forever Not Alone>

Instead of Chrono2 appearing in front of him, he received a notification.


[100 years required to create a clone]


What happened to Chrono2? I only remember that my neck had a sharp pain and I blacked out afterward.

Chrono did not even consider the fact that he could have been murdered in cold blood in the school campus. To solve the mystery, he left his room and went to the place that Chrono2 last went to. However, after half an hour of searching, he was not able to find a single clue. As he did not have a single clue, Chrono decided to sleep first and think about it when he wakes up.




The next day.


“Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby~

Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby~”

Chrono’s alarm rang and he stretched his body lazily as he switched off the alarm.

{What time should we meet?}

Chrono texted Yoona as he brushed his teeth. 

{I’m free the whole day. What time do you prefer?}

{How bout now?}

{I’m leaving school soon. I’m bringing home my dirty laundry to wash. Any time after that is fine.}

{Do you need a ride? I can fetch you home and we can go straight after.}

{You have a car? Didn’t know.}


{Of course, since you offered. It would be rude for me to reject. HAHAHA.} 

{See you at your hall’s car park in 15 minutes.}

{Alright! Hall 10!}

*Vroom vroom*

Chrono’s Grancabrio sped out of school shortly after. 




“Welcome!” The man behind the counter said out loud without lifting his head when he heard the door open. 

“Coach! I’m here!”

“Aigoo. If it isn’t my dear Yoona. What wind so kindly blew you to my desolate shop?” 

“I’ve brought my friend here to purchase a bow! I met him in NTU.” Yoona skipped to her coach and gave him a big hug.


Jake Lee

[Total life span: 79 years | Current age: 45 | Cause of Death: Natural]


“You must give him a huge discount okay?” Yoona said as she browsed through the new stock of bow that just came in.

“It’s okay. Coach Jake is running a business, how can his business survive when you ask for a huge discount for me.” Chrono who did not lack money said, as he too started to look at the shiny bows that were hanging on the wall.

“Yoona, I approve him as your boyfriend!” Coach Jake guffawed as he smacked Chrono on the back.

“Coach! Stop spouting nonsense. He is just purely a friend!” Yoona said irritatedly as she gave a death stare to her coach.

As per usual, Coach Jake ignored Yoona as he continued, “Well, he looks like a nice young man. In addition, you are at the age where you should start dating and experience life! Chrono, what do you think about Yoona? She’s pretty isn’t she? Just that she is a tad egotistic (found out that there is a difference between egotistic and egoistic) and thick skinned. ”

“Whatever, I can’t be bothered with you two.” Yoona rolled her eyes and ignored her coach who always spouts this sort of rubbish when she brings male friends over.

Chrono spent almost an hour at Coach Jake’s shop for him to take his measurements so as to personalise the bow for him before he brought Yoona to a nice meal at a nearby cafe.




<Instant Arena>


Level : 1🔽

Stage : 9🔽

Companion : Abaddon🔽


Goddamnit. F*cking mosquitoes.


Chrono cursed when he saw throngs of mosquitoes flying around. There were 3 types of mosquitoes present. One being the normal type you see in everyday life, which doesn’t give any exp or drop any item. Chrono gave the bigger mosquito the name, cooper mosquito, because they are the size of a mini cooper. The last one was a queen mosquito high up in the air and giving birth to the first 2 mosquitoes constantly.


*Bzzzz* *Bzzzz*


Countless normal mosquitoes attacked Chrono and sucked his blood.


F*ck. I am wearing long sleeves, jeans and a helmet the next time I come here.


Chrono was pretty useless this stage as he ran around haphazardly trying to avoid and prevent the mosquitoes from sucking his blood. Occasionally when he met a cooper mosquito would he bother to kill them. After killing about 200 of the copper mosquitoes, the queen mosquito got enraged and descended from the air to take revenge for her children. The exoskeleton of the queen bee even though was quite sturdy, it could not be compared to the carapace of the giant death worm. As a result, Abaddon managed to kill the queen bee with a single fist of destruction II.


[Healing potion (I)] x5 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x5 received.

[Mosquito Blood] x3 received.


[Mosquito Sucker] x2 received.


[Mosquito Blood] - The best repellant for mosquitoes is to smell like one!

[Mosquito Sucker] - Material for weapon upgrade


Name: Abaddon

Level: 13 (Exp to next level: 12,650)

Skills: Fist of destruction II (Passive)


Looking at the time, Chrono decided to go to Orchard Road (a shopping district in Singapore) to look for customers as it was a weekend and there would be many people there. In addition, he needs to earn an extra 100 years before Wednesday to be able to summon a clone again.


[Lifespan] 70 years (+6 year)

[Lifespan] 73 years (+3 years)

[Lifespan] 77 years (+4 years)

[Lifespan] 81 years (+4 year)

[Lifespan] 90 years (+9 years)

[Lifespan] 91 years (+1 year)

[Lifespan] 99 years (+8 years)

[Lifespan] 104 years (+5 years)

[Lifespan] 110 years (+6 years)


Alright, I will summon a new clone and attempt a lucky draw when I save up 100 years again.


[Lifespan] 10 years (-100 years)


After getting enough to revive his clone, Chrono decided to stop for they day as he had plans to meet his best friends. He met up with Shane, Aloy and KS for a meal and spent the rest of the night catching up with many rounds of alcohol at a famous bar. At the same time, he gave them the invitation to Mina’s party that would be held the coming Saturday.


The next day. 

Ouch. My head. Shouldn’t have drunk so much last night.

Chrono massaged his temples as he sat up from the bed and glanced at the clock.

Shit. I’m going to be late for Kendo!

Chrono jumped out of bed as he speedily washed up and headed towards the Dojo.






[Lifespan] 10 years


 <Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)

 <Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)

 <Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)

 <Lucky Draw LV1> - (What new skills will you obtain?)

 <Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes

 <Omniscient LV1> - See everything within a 5 metre radius

 <Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena

 <Forever Not Alone> - Create a clone.


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