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A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Sorry for the late chapter! Was busy yesterday! please do reply to the poll! The comment has abit of a sneak preview. So read it if you are interested!!!


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Chapter 030: Assassinated

By the time they were done, it was almost midnight. Chrono quickly looked for a secluded place and entered The Arena before the day ended.


I don’t have to go stage 6 and 7 again as I’ve got already got the werewolf tome. So I should be attempting stage 8 now.

Level : 1🔽


Stage : 8🔽


Companion : Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]



The huge death worm boss with razor sharp teeth burst out of the ground. Chrono tumbled and rolled from his original spot. If he continued standing there, he would have dropped into the pit of the huge ass death worm. Taking the chance that the death worm emerged, Abaddon sprinted forward and gave the death worm a punch. A 1 appeared beside the word . From the looks of it, additional words would appear to form a circle. A small crack appeared on the thick carapace of the death worm that received Abaddon’s punch.


What the hell? Such a tiny crack? If fist of destruction II only caused such a small crack, then wouldn’t fist of destruction not have any effect?


By the time the duo managed to kill the death worm boss, it was already 2am in the morning.


[Healing potion (I)] x3 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x2 received.

[Death Worm Carapace] x4 received.

[Home teleport] x1 received

[Death Worm Carapace] - Material for weapon upgrade

[Home teleport] - Time to go home! (Choose target and location to activate)


Name: Abaddon


Level: 11 (Exp to next level: 6280)


Skills: Fist of destruction II (Passive)


The next day. (Friday 9 Sept 2016)


Chrono overslept due to exiting the dungeon late. Hence, he only managed to sign the contract with only a couple of customers.

[Lifespan]  50 years (+1 year)


[Lifespan]  54 years (+4 years)


[Lifespan]  64 years (+10 years)


*Bzz* *Bzz*


{Do you want to meet me for dinner before training?} Chrono received a message from Tiffany.


{I can’t! I’m eating with Mina. Her roommate is not back from her overseas exchange. She is forcing me to eat dinner with her everyday…}


{Oh… Everyday?}


{So far, for the past few days, I’ve been eating with her. Maybe if she is busy then I would be spared from it. I guess.}


{Ah alright then. See you later at 7!}

7… Oh shit. Archery is today too! So volleyball was the thing I forgot on Wednesday. Looks like I need to use my clone skill again later.


Chrono then started to pack his bag for his lecture.


After his lecture, Chrono had dinner with Mina before he returned to his room to change into his exercise attire.


<Forever Not Alone>


Chrono2 appeared beside Chrono wearing the exact same attire. Chrono2 opened the door slightly and peeked out. After making sure that there was no one in the surrounding, Chrono2 quickly left the room and headed down towards the archery ground.


Ten minutes later, Chrono left the room and headed down to the volleyball court.


When Chrono2 reached the archery ground, he saw Wilson talking to Yoona. Recalling that the archery captain was a rude little prick, Chrono2 unceremoniously interrupted their conversation to greet Yoona.


“Are you atta…”


“Hey, Yoona!” Chrono interrupted Wilson as he was about to ask the most important question.


“Hi, Chrono.” Yoona turned her head and greeted Chrono2. After which, she turned back and asked, “Sorry, what were you saying?”


Wilson stared at Chrono2 scornfully before he replied Yoona hopefully, “Ah. Nothing much. Since Chrono is here, I’ll make a move first. As the captain, I will need to settle some stuff before training starts. Talk to yo...”  


“Uh, what time did you reach? Why are you always so early?” Chrono2 interrupted Wilson again and gave him a smirk.


“Isn’t it a good thing? Ain’t you early too?”


Seeing that Yoona had given her attention to Chrono2, Wilson cursed Chrono2 in his heart before leaving unwillingly. (COCKBLOCK)


“Here!” Tiffany waved at Chrono excitedly the moment she spotted him. For the past ten minutes, she had been looking at the direction of his hall periodically.


“I really have no idea how to play volleyball. Are you sure I should be here?”


Not that I know anything about archery either...


“Of course! I’m confident you will be good at it once you learn how to play volleyball. Sadly, guys and girls train separately. If not volleyball would be even more enjoyable.” Tiffany gave a deep sigh and for the first time loathed the idea of volleyball having separate training for the males and females. Previously, she was glad that training was separate as the guys would keep staring at her whenever she happened to walk by their court which made her very uncomfortable.


“Tiffany, I think your teammate is calling you.” Chrono tapped Tiffany on her shoulder lightly as she was lost in her thoughts.


“Ah. Okay. See you later!” Tiffany hurriedly ran back to her team.


Chrono then gathered with the other new members for the introduction.


“Do you have your own bow?” Yoona asked Chrono2.


“Nope. I don’t. You?” Chrono picked up one of the many standard bows that the University provided.


“Of course I have my own one.” Saying that, she opened her bow case and a bright pink bow coupled with pink arrows were revealed. “My bow is called “Cupid.”


Staring at the bright pink bow, Chrono could not help but feel that it was too girly for his liking.


“Isn’t it nice?” Yoona placed the bow beside her cheek and stroked it like a baby.


“Ya. Your bow is as pretty as you. By the way, do you know where I can buy a custom made bow?” Chrono picked up the heaviest bow and still found it too light.


“Of course! My coach opens a shop that sells bows and arrows. I’ll inform my coach and bring you to his shop. When are you free?”


“I’m free on tomorrow.” Chrono checked his schedule before replying Yoona.


“Tomorrow? I don’t have any plans either. Anyway, I think we better go. No one else is here.”


The duo stopped talking when they realised they were the only one left at the resting area and quickly proceeded towards the field to start shooting.


“There are 6 main positions in volleyball. The wing spikers, opposite hitter, setter, middle blocker, libero and defensive specialist. Wing spikers are…” The volleyball captain, Haik, started to vomit out all the technicalities and information regarding volleyball.


After half an hour, Haik realised that if he were to continue his verbal diarrhoea, he would cause more than half of the new members to not turn up next training. Apologising to them, he quickly commenced the ice breaking games.


“How was training?” Tiffany asked Chrono while they walked back to their dorm.


“Training was alright, but Haik almost bored us to death.”


“Oh ya. Haik tends to talk on and on unknowingly. Other than that, he is really a nice person!”


“Ya, he is very nice. Handsome too! So how? Interested in him? From what I observed, the way he talks to you is very different from how he talked to the rest of the team. Is there something going on between the two of you?” Chrono teased Tiffany.


“No! There is nothing on between us!” Tiffany frantically declared as she was afraid Chrono would get the wrong idea.


However, Chrono already had the wrong idea and when he saw her object so quickly, it made him think that she was hiding something.


“Sure… If you say so.”


“Serious! There really is nothing on between us!” Tiffany highlighted her point vehemently.




The arrow shot out of the bow and hit the target.


Wew. It has been almost a hundred shots but I still haven't hit anywhere near the bullseye. Must be due to my control/accuracy stats which is only at D. I wonder how can I improve it…


Chrono2 rotated his right fist as he pondered on how he can improve his archery. Wilson, who was somewhere not too far away, gloated at Chrono2 when he realised that Chrono2 was bad at archery. Feeling superior, he was confident that he would be able to snatch Yoona away from him. However, unknown to him, Chron2 have totally no affection for Yoona and they were just purely friends. As the saying goes, “love is blind”


After an hour of practicing, Chrono2 only managed to hit the bullseye 3 times. Whereas for Yoona, she hit the bullseye 99 out of 100 times. As they were the last two to enter the archery ground, they were separated. Hence Yoona did not know how lousy Chrono2 was.


“So how was training?” Yoona asked Chrono2 as she cleaned her bow with a piece of cloth.


“It was alright…” Chrono2 sat down next to her and helped her clean the arrows.


“I missed once. If my coach knew, he would definitely kill me.” Yoona said with a sigh.


“One...Once? You mean bullseye right?”


“Of course. If not what else am I supposed to hit?” Yoona looked at Chrono2 questioningly.


“Are you done yet? I’m so hungry. Supper?” Chrono2 averted her question and quickly changed the topic.


“No thanks. I have a diet. You just have to ask me, right?” Yoona clucked her tongue in annoyance.


It’s Saturday tomorrow? What should I do? Oh wait. I’m meeting Yoona to buy my bow.


Chrono2 was deep in thoughts as he walked towards his hall.




A shuriken embedded itself into Chrono2’s exposed neck. Blood could be seen gushing out of the wound which was targeted at the femoral vein. Clutching his neck, Chrono2 crumbled and laid on the ground motionless.


*Shuffle* *Shuffle*


Chrono2 was placed in a gunny sack and dragged towards a nearby van.





[Name] Chrono Feldman


[Lifespan] 64 years




<<Life Merchant>>


Ability to shorten one’s lifespan and transfer the number of years to a target or increase one’s lifespan by receiving a specific number of years from a target’s lifespan.




Power/Strength - 27 +

Intelligence - 35 +

Speed - 36 +

Agility - 27 +

Stamina - 25 +

Luck - 50

Charm/Charisma - 31

Recovery - E

Control/Accuracy - D




<Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)


<Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)


<Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)


<Lucky Draw LV1> - (What new skills will you obtain?)


<Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes


<Omniscient LV1> - See everything within a 5 metre radius


<Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena


<Forever Not Alone> - Create a clone.



[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 50 points (1 x Lucky Draw LV2)



[Special Event]


Hall Bash - Win the title <Hall King>


Reward: <Midas Touch>




A note from YoonTaeTifYu



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