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Chapter 029: Till death do us apart


Friday… Why does it feel like I forgot something important? Whatever, I’ll remember it on Friday if it’s important.


Chrono returned back to his room and prepared the materials needed for his lecture.


Late in the night...


“I’m a little nervous.” An old lady dressed in traditional clothes said to the mysterious man as she tidied her hair again. “I’m old enough to know better.”


“The journey will be long. He will be here soon.” The mysterious man smiled at the old lady and assured her.


“This feels longer than 80 years…”


The mysterious man smiled at her as he prepared the second cup of tea.


The wind chime sounded as the door to the room opened. Standing outside of the door was an old man who was dressed in his military uniform. As he stepped into the room, it was as though he was one again 22 years old. As the old lady turned her head, she went back to the time when she was 20 years old.


The young girl stood up expectantly as the young man slowly walked towards her. Her eyes started to turn red and tears started to form at her lateral canthus (corner of her eye).


Standing in front of the young lady,  the young man gazed at her lovingly and said “I’m sorry. I’m very late.” The young lady started to sob. “How many years has it been since we saw each other?”


As tears flowed down her eyes, the young lady replied, “It’s been 69 years. It was my first birthday after we got married. You said you’d be back after the exercise. You said you’d be right back.” Tears flowed down uncontrollably as she spoke.


“There was a landmine… We thought that the minefield was cleared as the sign had been removed.” The young man opened up his hand and revealed a pretty little hair pin in his palm. “It took long to finally give this to you.”


Blushing at his words, the young lady smiled and said, “I’m too old to be putting on such a pretty little hair pin.”


Taking a step forward, the young man raised his hand as he inserted the pretty little hairpin into her hair. “You are still as pretty.”


The young lady with a smiling face filled with tears said, “ I’ve aged, waiting for you. How am I still pretty? If you were going to make me wait this long, you shouldn’t have said you’d be back soon.”


“Why don’t you sit and talk, the tea has gone cold. It will take awhile for me to reheat the tea.”


“Thank you.”


The young man and young lady held hands and sat down facing each other.


“I’m so glad that I can see you like this before I go. I have no regrets now.” The young man held her squeezed her hand tightly, as though he was afraid she would suddenly disappear (not possible since both of them are dead…).


“So where are you buried? Were you buried somewhere warm?”


“I was buried in the North. So azaleas will bloom on that mountain in spring.”


The old couple continued their conversation as the mysterious man waited patiently.


A few hours later, the mysterious man left the room alone, glad that they were finally reunited after so many years.


The next day.


“Morning lectures are the worst.” Shane complained.


“Of course. Too bad we did not manage to get a later slot for this module.”


“What are you doing later?”


“After lunch, I have hall bash rehearsal. We need to practice catwalk or something.”


“Oh ya. The voting on facebook is out right?”


“Yup. Please ask your friends to vote for me. I’ll send you the link later.”


Seeing that the lecturer started to talk, Shane and Chrono stopped talking and listened to him attentively. However, after 2 hours, they started to doze off and slept until the lecture ended.


“No. You have the place your hands here and here. Then cross your legs in this manner and walk down like this!” Valerie, the fashion coordinator corrected the pair that was on the stage.


Meanwhile, Chrono and Yuri was helping each other point out their mistakes according to what Valerie said.


“Why can’t you eat dinner by yourself?” Chrono complained as he scooped up his fried rice and put it into his mouth.


“What’s wrong with eating with me. The line that people would queue to eat a meal with me would be from one end of NTU to the other. You should count your blessings that you can sit opposite me and share the same table as me.” Mina bragged shamelessly.


“Whatever. I hope your roommate would come back soon. I had to turn down the offer to eat together with those from hall bash. Where’s my social life? Not like you are my girlfriend.”


“Tsk. You don’t have a choice. Anyway, are you coming for my birthday?” Mina quickly changed the topic and lowered her head before her face gets any redder.


“I’m still considering. I really do not know anyone there except you.”


“Fine, I’ll allow you to bring five friends along.”


“Oh. Really? Okay. I shall ask around to see if anyone wants to go with me.”


*Bzz* *Bzz*


Mina’s phone started to vibrate. An unknown number was shown on the caller ID.


“Hello. Mina speaking.” Mina picked up her phone and answered the call.


“Finally I managed to contact you. Do you want to eat dinner?”


“You are?” Mina asked questioningly as she found the voice very familiar.


“I’m your beloved cockroach!”


*Toooooo* *Tooooooo*


Mina hanged up the call and blocked the number immediately.


Legin smashed his phone on the coffee table and kicked it.




Grabbing up the knife on his table, he stabbed the picture of Chrono that was mounted on the war countless times until his rage subsided.


“Just you wait. Since you like him so much. I will present his head to you as a present on your birthday. Then I will make you mine. You will be MINE. No one else can have you except for ME!!!” Ligen roared as he stroked the life size doll of Mina that was in his room gently.


Picking up his phone, he called a couple of people as he started to hatch his nefarious plan.


“Where are you going now? I’m going to the stadium.”


“Council meeting. Sigh. Countless meetings every day. Can’t wait to pass all these duties when I reach year 4.”


“Okay. See you tomorrow then!” Chrono then headed towards the stadium for his first track and field training.



“Welcome to Track and Field. I am Fathur. The Captain of the Track and field team. I would like to ask if there is anyone with track background present here.” Fathur introduced himself to the new members.


They were then asked which was their preference, short distance or long distance. For those who was undecided, they were asked to join the short distance for the time being. After the administrative matters were completed, they gave hand-made name tags to stick on the back of every member. The purpose of the name tags was to play a game called “running man”. Which was a very popular South Korean variety show. As the name of the game suggests, the players need to run and complete objectives given to them while preventing others from removing the name tags on their back.


After the game concluded, Fathur suggested going to the nearby coffee shop to have supper to fill their hungry stomach and get to know each other better.


By the time they were done, it was almost midnight. Chrono quickly looked for a secluded place and entered The Arena before the day ended.















Roknar @Roknar on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

 seriously can you stop with the comments at the end of the chapter. I keep starting to read them because I think they are part of the story. Very annoying wall of texts. Btw TFTC.

-This shld be alright right?


chazzi @chazzi on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

 Thank you for the Chapter 

kay.lenson @kay.lenson on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

  Thank you for the chapter..

T4roth @T4roth on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

 Thx for the chapter Very Happy


pwninator @pwninator on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

 Chrono takes life hacks to the next level lol

-What do you mean? What life hacks?


Kyroath @Kyroath on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

 I think I saw it in the first chapters and you wrote it was locked... But I may be remembering wrong.

 Thanks for the chapter!

-Okay! Will check!


fraulcruz @fraulcruz on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

  Thanks for the chapter! Hope he can be a support and a damage dealer at the same time. All around guy but will have mastery of everything in the long run.

-Will take that into consideration =D


TheGuy @TheGuy on Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo? ago

 Thanks for the chapter and can u explaion limits of clane skill, Example:No. of clones what happens when a clone dies. that sort of thing.

- Will do it in the next chp!


IcyResistance @IcyResistance in reply to this comment on Chapter 003: Casino ago

 My literal thought as I was scrolling down to read the comments while thinking what people might think about this.

-Whats ur thought?


NoobPotato @NoobPotato on Chapter 023: Reaper ago

 Isn't the reaper a bit too similar to the Grim Reaper from the K-drama, Goblin? I wonder if you got your inspiration from that...

-Yup yup. Its the same concept. I just watched finish yesterday. HAHAHAHA. Love Woo-Bin and Sunny.


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