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Yup. Back on schedule!  Wanted to post yesterday, but I bought the Compendium and spent almost all my time playing Dota 2. Hahaha.


Wishing all my readers and your family a Happy Chinese New Year! Even if you aren't Chinese. I still would like to wish that you will have a prosperous and happy year ahead!


Btw, do you guys think that there is too much things going on? Personally I feel that I'm introducing new stuff way too fast and at this pace, I would start missing out things that I introduced in earlier chapters. After all it's my first time writing, I wonder if i'm going too fast. Hahaha.


I've added a small portion to chapter 026! the part after Legin shouted at Chrono for pointing the spoon at him.



Chapter 028: Archery or Kendo?

After lunch with Tiffany, Chrono visited The Arena since he would be busy later on and would most probably not have time to visit The Arena.


<Instant Arena>

Level : 1🔽


Stage : 5🔽


Companion : Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]

Name: Fire Boar

Level: 5

Health: 500


Name: Fire Boar King (Boss)

Level: 10

Health: 5,000

[Healing potion (I)] x4 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x5 received.

[Fire Boar Tusk] x1 received.

[Fire Boar Pelt] x1 received

[Tome of Boar] x 1 received


[Fire Boar Tusk] - Material for weapon upgrade

[Fire Boar Pelt] - Material for weapon upgrade

[Tome of Boar] - Increase strength by 2 (Can only be consumed once)


The moment the dungeon was completed and the experience was allocated, a bright halo surrounded Abaddon. Abaddon was then engulfed bright light which almost caused Chrono to turn blind as he was staring at Abaddon.

Name: Abaddon


Level: 10 (Exp to next level: 10,000)


Skills: Fist of destruction II (Passive)



Level up? But Abaddon still only have one skill? Fist of destruction II. Tomorrow will be the wolf stage, shall test how much stronger the skill is.


Hmm… So should I go for Kendo or Archery? If I go for Kendo, I would be breaking my promise with Yoona. But if I choose to go for Archery, I will be kicked out of the class without producing a medical certificate. URGH.


Looking at his watch, Chrono continued to fret as he was only left with an hour till 7pm. If he is going for Kendo class, he would need to leave school as soon as possible.


Let’s see. If I do not attend kendo, what I would lose out would be the personal dungeon which I have not been going for a week or so already. If i do not attend archery, what I would lose out would be the relationship between Yoona and I. If only NTU has kendo. Then I can just join Kendo here. If only I can split…


Chrono suddenly thought of his own stupidity and started to mock himself.


Dumbass. <Forever Not Alone>.


Another Chrono (let’s call him Chrono2) materialised right in front of him. The Chrono2 then opened the door and walked towards the carpark. Shortly after Chrono2 drove the Grancabrio out of school.


Chrono then went to find Mina before he go for archery training.


“Chrono! Over here!” Yoona waved to Chrono excitedly.


“Wow, you are early.” Chrono looked around and saw that they were a few cliques gathered together at the meeting place.


“I just reached too. Anyway, i’m thankful you talked to me yesterday. If not I would be awkwardly standing here all by myself.”


“I’m sure you would be able to make friends easily even if I didn’t talk to you!” Chrono smiled at her as he started to fret over him being totally a newbie in archery.


“Last Sunday, I taught you guys about the equipments and what is reiho. Reiho is the etiquette for kendo. It is important that you learn about the manners and etiquette of kendo. You should bow (ritsu rei) before entering and upon leaving the dojo. However, I noticed that most of you did not bow when you entered the dojo. However, since this is the second lesson, I will close an eye this time.” Sensei Kenji demonstrated the ritsu rei again after reminding the students.


“Today, I will be teaching you what is seiza. Seiza is the traditional Japanese seated position.  It is often difficult for non-Japanese to be able to sit in this manner right away. Therefore, we will all learn how to do a proper Seiza today. We will not continue until every single one of you can do a proper seiza. Now, get into groups of four and there will be a senior who will teach and guide you.”


Seriously? So we are going to spend two whole hours learning how to SIT?


Chrono2 sighed in his heart and accepted his fate as he randomly joined a group to learn how to do a seiza properly.


“Good evening everybody.  I am Wilson, captain of the archery team. I am happy to see you guys here. Firstly, can I have a show of hands who have tried or knows archery.”


A few hands, including Yoona’s were raised. Chrono who totally forgot that he “knew” how to use the bow and arrow did not raise his hand and just continued sitting as if nothing is happening. Seeing that Chrono was not paying attention, Yoona nudged him and signalled for him to raise his hands.


Oh right. I’m supposed to know how to shoot.


Wilson who was counting the number of hands suddenly saw another hand appear. Feeling irritated for that person’s tardiness, he glared at Chrono. Suddenly, he noticed the pretty looking girl who was talking to him. He stared at her as he counted the number of hands that was raised up.


Yoona who was having an idle chat with Chrono suddenly felt someone staring at her. Turning her head, she saw Wilson staring at her. Wilson who noticed her looking back at him quickly shift his gaze away.


“You know him?” Chrono asked when he also noticed Wilson stare at Yoona.


“I doubt so. Maybe he recognise me from somewhere. After all, I am a pretty well known archer who would be going up on National TV soon.” Yoona egoistically boasted.


“Ya. Must be. Cannot be that he was looking at you cause he thinks you are pretty.” Chrono teased her seeing that she was so egoistic.


“Tsk, who says. I am pretty, talented and smart. You wouldn’t understand.” Yoona dismissed Chrono and continued praising herself.


“Those that knows archery, please follow vice-captain Atlas. Those who don’t, please follow vice-captain Jia Min over here. “ Wilson instructed the year 1s after he was done settling some administrative matters.


“Please tell me your name, phone number, age and course of study one by one.” Atlas walked to the nearest person and started to record down his particulars.


After they were done recording down the year 1’s personal informations, they had ice-breaker games to help them get to know each other. Throughout the session, Yoona kept feeling that someone was looking at her, but when she looked around, she didn’t see anyone that was paying any attention in her direction. Thinking that she was thinking too much, she ignored it and shifted her attention back to the games.


My legs are killing me. I can’t believe that we really spent two whole hours practicing the Seiza. In addition, next session seems to be another lame session. Sigh. If only there is a skill that instantly gives me the ability and knowledge of how to fight using a katana.


Chrono2 complained in his heart as he performed a ritsu rei before he exited the dojo.


After they were dismissed, Wilson approached Chrono when he was waiting for Yoona outside the toilet.


“Hey. Can I ask you something?” Chrono looked up from his phone when he heard someone speak to him.


Without waiting for Chrono’s reply, Wilson continued asking, “Are you Yoona’s boyfriend?”


After hearing Wilson’s rude tone, Chrono looked at him ludicrously, “What if I am and what if I’m not? What has that got to do with you?” Since the person wasn’t showing any respect, Chrono did not see the need to answer if nicely.


“I’m just asking nicely. Why do you have to be so rude?” Wilson suddenly raised his voice when he noticed that Yoona was coming out of the toilet and was looking at them.


Seriously? You were the one who were rude and now you are raising your voice at me?


Chrono was about to get back at him when he suddenly turned and walked away. He then acted like he just saw Yoona and said hi to her before he walked away.


“What happened?” Yoona asked curiously as she walked towards Chrono.


“No idea. That guy suddenly came up to me and asked me some really ridiculous question. Anyway, do you want to go for supper? It’s still quite early and I’m hungry.”


“Ah. I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m an Olympic archer remember? I have a strict diet to follow. My coach will kill me if he finds out that I went out for supper! Let’s go after the Olympics!”


“Alright! Then see you Friday!”


Friday… Why does it feel like I forgot something important. Whatever, I’ll remember it on friday if it’s important.



A note from YoonTaeTifYu

Kyroath @Kyroath on Chapter 027: Legin ago


What happened to his gold mining skill?


-That skill was in my previous version (Alpha)! I don't think I mentioned it in this version (Beta).


Tetsuya @Tetsuya on Chapter 027: Legin ago

Thanks for the chapter! 

One thing I have been wondering is the "One time use" items like the "[Tome of Harpy] - Increase speed by 1 (Can only be consumed once)."

When it says "(Can only be consumed once)" Does that mean that he can only use that one particular item once and he can use the next one he gets as well, or, if he gets the same item again, can he not use it. Im guessing that it is self explanatory, but the idea just came to my head, and im not not so sure anymore.


-Ah. What i mean is that only one tome can be consumed. So if he get another, he wouldn't be able to use it. Sorry if it's not clear. =P


Belgrieve @Belgrieve in reply to this comment on Chapter 027: Legin ago

 The competition is still ongoing, he is not king yet


-Yup. The Hall bash is still going on. Next chapter or so!


fraulcruz @fraulcruz on Chapter 027: Legin ago

 Thanks for the chapter! What a degenerative family. lol


-I would have to agree with you. But it's fun writing these two characters.


Famine @Famine on Chapter 027: Legin ago

Archery makes more sense since he has his summon for close range so maybe archery with some martial arts


-Might change his arcane rifle to bow and arrow. Not confirmed yet.


AndragonLea @AndragonLea on Chapter 027: Legin ago

A nice chapter for sure. I'll eagerly await cockroachs ascension to the sunniest of all dimensions (if only I could be this grossly incandescent).

Until then, I've voted for archery - not only will his acquintance probably be a huge help for becoming better at it (olympics level prodigy as a personal trainer? Sign me up!) but it is also a good match to One-Punchmon until it evolves into something else. Very Happy

A guy with support monsters should always go for the ranged option, as the battle is typically lost when they die or get incapacitated anyways.


-I think I have been slack in The Arena aspect. There is the Arcane Rifle... Hahahahaha.


Golan87 @Golan87 on Chapter 027: Legin ago

 Man since kendo is not a cca find a way to have him do both archery and kendo! It would be good for his fighting with abaddon to train both, I'd say. Anyway thank you for the chapter.


- Yup I did. Haha.


adiwsp @adiwsp on Chapter 027: Legin ago

Hinestly if you not make him into archery it will feel like the scene with him and archer girl just becime something you write to fill the pages

Because from this and prev chap ypu already foreshadow archery abd have no hint about kendo except a really tiny bit.


-Thanks for pointing that out! A good lesson for me and something that I must take note of =D


manfin @manfin on Chapter 027: Legin ago

It seem that the clone skill will come in handy


C3rb3rus @C3rb3rus on Chapter 027: Legin ago

why cant he use his clone and go to both archery and kendo


-Smart *Thumbs up*


EPICpanda65 @EPICpanda65 on Chapter 027: Legin ago

Why doesn't crone just take cockroach to the life bar and swindle him of his life.

Literally say " 83 years of life and I'll get rid of chrono after one years time"

Problem solved


-Hahaha. That can be an option other than sending him to the sun. Haha. But something that he would give up his life for would most probably be Mina's love for him which I doubt would happen


chazzi @chazzi on Chapter 027: Legin ago

 Thank you for the chapter.


-Thank you too =D


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