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Alright. Cleared the chapters I owe. Anyways, please do respond to the poll! Your answer to the poll will decide the flow of the story for the next few chapters or maybe more. So please do think carefully! Hahaha. Will churn out the chapter tomorrow. Saturday is day 1 of CNY. So I doubt I would have time to write. Enjoy!

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Chapter 027: Legin

Legin was just a couple of metres away when he threw the knife and the flying knife was flying towards Mina even before she knew it. She closed her eyes subconsciously and shrank back as she turned her head slightly. One second, two seconds, three seconds, nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she saw the silver tip of the knife right before her eyes. Then she saw something red dripping from the fist that was grabbing the blade of the knife.


Chrono managed to activate <Overdrive> and grab the knife just in the nick of time.


Whew. Thank God my speed and agility is high enough.I


“Are you okay?” Chrono looked at Mina as he continued holding the knife in mid-air.


“Yo-you-your hand is hurt!” Mina stuttered as she came out of shock from Chrono’s voice.


“Ah. This.” Chrono opened up his palm and removed the knife. “It’s fine, just a small wound.”


Damn it. Hurts like hell. Why didn’t I knock the blade away?


On the other hand, Legin who almost scarred her Goddess had turned pale from fright.


“Master are you okay?” The middle-aged man went forward and assisted Ligen up from the floor.


“Mi-mi-na, are you okay? I-I-I didn’t mean to throw the knife at you. It was meant for him. I need to go and practice my knife throwing skills now. Next time my knife will hit the correct target. Let’s go.” Without waiting for Mina’s reply to his question, he quickly scampered out of the canteen with the middle-aged man in tow.


“Hey you! Get back!” Mina screamed at the retreating figure.


“It’s okay. I didn’t know vice-piggy have such a scary friend. I better stay a distance away from you just in case something like this happen again.” Chrono teased Mina as he stanched his wound with his t-shirt.


“How can you still be joking at this time! Let’s go to the school nurse quickly!” Saying that she pulled Chrono towards the sick bay.


“What happened? How did you get such a deep cut?” The school nurse wrapped the wound and asked Chrono.


“Someone threw a knife at me and he grabbed it with his bare hands.” Mina interjected .




“Nah, she’s kidding! I tried to catch the knife when it fell of the table. Should have just let it drop to the floor. Hahaha.” Chrono laughed and corrected Mina.


“Ya. You should have let it drop. It’s a knife for goodness sake. Don’t you want your hand anymore?” The school nurse shake her head in disapproval. “Alright. It’s all done. Here is a roll of gauze for you to change the dressing daily, Come back to see me in two to three days to check if there is any infection.”


“Okay. Thank you!” Chrono thanked the school nurse before leaving the sick bay with Mina.


“Tell me when you want to change your dressing, i’ll come over and help you with it.” Mina instructed.


“It’s okay. I can change it myself. I have high regeneration, like Wolverine in X-Men. My wound will be healed by tonight!”


“Whatever. I’ll come over at dinner time, then we can eat dinner together.”


“But I don’t want to eat dinner with you again. What if that cockroach guy attack me again?”




“You don’t have a choice. You are stuck with me as my dinner partner until Jennie comes back from her exchange.”


“Don’t you have any other friends? I’m busy you know?” Chrono rubbed his injured shoulder.


“Nope. I don’t. So you must eat with me. If not the cockroach will come. You will be my cockroach repellant.”


Chrono sent Mina back to her hall before he returned to his own room.


*Gulp* *gulp* *gulp*


Chrono gulped down a bottle of health potion (I). He then undressed his wound and saw that the wound was closing at a visible rate.

Wew, healing potion (I) is already so potent. I wonder how effective will healing potion (II) be.


<Instant Arena>

Level : 1🔽


Stage: 4🔽


Companion: Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]

Name: Harpies


Level: 4

Name: Harpie Queen (Boss)


Level: 10

[Healing potion (I)] x2 received.

[Energy potion (I)] x2 received.

[Harpy feather] x1 received.

[Tome of Harpy] x 1 received.


[Harpy feather] - A pretty looking feather that can be collected for decorative purposes.

[Tome of Harpy] - Increase speed by 1 (Can only be consumed once).


Speed - 31 (+1)

Once again, Chrono became an internet sensation overnight, this time even faster than before.

The title was “Superman to the rescue!!! (Part 2)” - 889259 views



“The girl in the video is f*cking pretty. Is she a celebrity???!!!” - TapTap (6328 likes)

 “She is the number one flower in NTU!” - RibenaLover (10 likes)

    “Captain please!” - StalkerBoiBoi (54 likes)

       “Jocelyn Wildenstein.” - Unon (234563 likes)

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             “Koui? Isn’t one of the top 10 richest in the world Bill Koui?” (40 likes)

                “That’s her father!” - RibenaLover (80 likes)


“How cool can this guy get? First he save someone from a car crash. Now he save someone from getting her face scarred. Especially when the face is the most important for a girl.” - Rolypoly (222 likes)

 “Anyone knows who is the guy?” - SkaterGirl (11 likes)


“Isn’t this a police case? Too bad the assailant’s face isn’t shown clearly.” - HonourNGlory (123 likes)


The next day.


As usual, Chrono woke up early to look for potential customers. Halfway through his morning routine, he received a text from Yoona.


{Hey! Are you going for training tonight?”




{Ya. Archery training! Did you sign up?}


{Didn’t know someone who is participating in Olympics would join. Don’t you have your own personal coach?}


{I do. But it would be nice to enjoy school life by joining a CCA. You are the only person who I know here that is an archer too. That’s why I texted you to see if you want to go together.}


{What time is training? I didn’t receive any message or anything.]


More like I didn’t even sign up for it…


{It’s at 7 P.M.! Okay. I gotta go for lecture. See you tonight!” =D}


{Uh. Okay. See you!}


DAMN. My Kendo class is also at 7 P.M.

Keeping his phone, Chrono continued to look for customers as he contemplate on which one he should go.

[Lifespan]  32 years (+19 years)


[Lifespan]  42 years (+10 years)


[Lifespan]  47 years (+5 years)


[Lifespan]  49 years (+2 years)


*Bzz* *Bzz* *Bzz*


Chrono’s phone vibrated.


{Chrono! Is your hand okay? Sorry for not contacting you for so long. I was busy with my volleyball stuff.}


{Good morning Tiffany! My hand is fine! See?}


Chrono then send a picture of his left hand to Tiffany.


{Don’t worry! =)}


{Do you have lecture later? Want to grab lunch?}


{Sure! See you later!}


“Sup Shane?”


“What the hell dude. What is happening between you and Mina? You just met again for a day and you grabbed a knife for her. I don’t want to buy you a coffin so soon!”


“What coffin! I will live till a ripe old age! I would most probably be alive even after your child, grandchildren, great grandchildren or even great great grandchildren.”


“Whatever you say bro. Lunch?”


“Sorry! Tiffany just asked to meet for lunch. Wanna join?”


“Tsk. No thanks. I don’t wanna be a light bulb. Dinner?”


“Dinner eating with Mina. She is forcing me to eat dinner with her until her roommate come back from exchange. Such a burden girl.”


“Burden? Do you know how many males in her fanclub wants to eat with her but cannot? Can’t be bothered with talking to you anymore. Bye.”


Should I purchase 4 stats? Hmm… Ok, maybe not. Shall save up for a lucky draw chance.


“Is your hand really okay?” Tiffany asked concernedly as she examined Chrono’s hand. “By the way, how do you know Mina?”


“Mina? Oh, she is my childhood friend!”


“Childhood friend…” Tiffany muttered under her breath as she looks like she was lost in thoughts.


“You there?” Chrono waved at Tiffany with his other hand.


“Ah. Ya. So you are close to her?”


“Kinda? Why? Do you know her?”


“Ah. Nothing much! Of course I know her. She is like famous in school. Anyway, have you decided on a CCA?” Tiffany quickly changed subject after Chrono’s question.


“Kinda. I signed up for Track and Field, but somehow or another, I might be going for archery tonight.”


“Oh I see… I wanted to ask you to join volleyball.”


“When is Volleyball training?”


“Tuesday and Friday.”


“Okay. I’ll think about it. I feel like joining a team sports anyway.”


“Really? That’s awesome. Hope to see you on Friday then!” Tiffany smiled widely and continued eating her carrot cake.


“Dad. Do you have any assassins that are proficient with throwing weapons?” Legin asked as he stared at Chrono’s picture that was mounted on the dart board. Surrounding the picture was countless pictures of Mina.


“What’s my dear boy doing? How is your quest to conquer my future daughter-in-law?” A booming voice could be heard from the speaker.


“Not good. I got beat up by a guy named Chrono and Mina saw. I’m afraid she would think I’m a weakling and dislike me now. However, she gave me a nickname!” Legin got excited when he thought of Mina giving him a nickname.


“WHO DARES TO BULLY MY SON? WHAT IS ALFRED DOING? SUCH AN INCOMPETENT FOOL!” Legin’s dad slammed the table. “I’ll get you a new one. Don’t worry! What nickname did my daughter in law give you?”




“Huh? Cockroach? Isn’t that a bad thing? Being named after a cockroach.” Legin’s dad was baffled from the unexpected reaction from his son being called a cockroach.


“Dad you wouldn’t understand. Quickly send me someone who is good in throwing projectile. So I can get rid of Chrono!”


“Alright. He’ll arrive by tomorrow. Dad is having a gang war now, will talk to you again soon.”


After hanging up the phone. Legin’s dad ordered his underling to get rid of Alfred and to get Legin a new bodyguard who was good at throwing projectiles.





A note from YoonTaeTifYu



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On second thought, make that a lot of therapy.

Alternatively, he should be shot. Out of a CANNON. Into the SUN.


-I'll consider sending him to the Sun once he outlived his usefulness! Hahaha.


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