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Chapter 026: Cockroach

Hiding somewhere in the distance, a shadow left after observing for some time.


“Boss. I have something to report.”


The middle-aged man knelt down on one knee and said respectfully to the young man who was sitting leisurely and staring out of the window.


“What’s the matter?” Still looking out of the window, the young man asked lazily.


“Miss Mina embraced an unknown man and they are acting very intimately and flirting with each other.” The middle-aged man exaggerated in his report.


“WHAT? MY MINA HUGGED ANOTHER GUY WHO ISN’T ME? WHO IS HE?” The young man roared as he turned around to face his retainer and slammed the table.


“This is my first time seeing this person.”




The middle-aged man quickly left the room to find out who the young man was.


“How dare you hug my Mina. She only gives me one word replies every message I send her everyday. She is my Goddess and you dare defile her. You better be prepared to be destroyed.” The young man muttered under his breathe.


Unknown of the storm brewing, Chrono was still chatting merrily with Mina after buying another cup of ice cream.


“Chrono. It’s my 21st birthday in two weeks time. Do you want to come?”


Looking at his watch to check the date, “Oh ya. Your birthday is 21st September right?”


“Wow. You still remember. I’m impressed.” Mina was shocked that Chrono still remember her birthday even after having no contact in almost 15 years.


“Of course! Why wouldn’t I remember my wife’s birthday?” Chrono winked at Mina and declared cheekily.


“Who is your wife! Stop talking rubbish.” Mina hit Chrono again.


“But, wouldn’t I not know anyone there? It will be so awkward.”


“Don’t worry. You can bring a few of your friends along. Daddy will be sailing his yacht over from the US for my birthday. It will be reaching next week.”


“Yacht? Wow.”


“Ya. Actually daddy bought it for me as a present for my 21st birthday.”


“What is your yacht called? Yacht have names right?”


“I’ve not thought of it yet. Do you want to help me decide?”


“Piggy club!”


“Get lost!” Mina tried to hit Chrono again as he dodged and ran away from her.


After accompanying her for another hour or so, they parted as Mina needed to attend some student council meeting.


{Bro, where are you?}


{You b*stard child. Finally remember about your friend you ditch over a girl uh?}


{Hahaha. Sorry about that. Where are you?}


{At the canteen. You coming over?}


Just then, he received a message from Yuri.


{Chrono! Have you gone to the CCA bazaar yet? I just ended lecture. Do you want to go with me?}


{Sure! Meet you at the entrance? I haven’t decide on what to join anyway.}


{Sorry Shane. Yuri asked me to accompany her to the bazaar. See you later ok!}


{The f*ck, you flirtatious piece of sh*t…}


Chrono didn’t bother finish reading Shane’s curses as he headed towards the multipurpose hall.


Whew. So tired.


Chrono laid down on the carpet after returning back to his room.


<Instant Arena>

Level : 1🔽


Stage: 2🔽


Companion: Abaddon🔽


                           [ START ]

Name: Kobold

Level: 2


Name: Goblin

Level: 2


Name: Kobold King (Boss)

Level: 10

[Healing potion (I)] x3 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x4 received.


[Kobold’s nail] x1 received.


[Tome of Kobold] x 1 received.

[Tome of Kobold] - Increase agility by 1 (Can only be consumed once)

Agility - 28 (+1)


The next day.


Chrono woke up early to catch the morning crowd again.

[Lifespan]  23 years (+10 years)


[Lifespan]  25 years (+2 years)


[Lifespan]  26 years (+1 years)


[Lifespan]  34 years (+8 years)


[Lifespan]  45 years (+11 years)


[Lifespan]  50 years (+5 years)


[Lifespan]  55 years (+5 years)

Okay. 55 years, enough for 5 stats. Speed it shall be then. Considering that I decided to join Track and Field, I should concentrate on increasing my speed first.

Speed - 30 (+5)

[Lifespan]  5 years (-50 years)


After going for hall bash meeting with Yuri and the other participants, Chrono met up with Mina to eat dinner together.


“Boss. Miss Mina is on a date with Chrono now.” The middle-aged man reported.




*Bzz bzz* *Bzz bzz* *Bzz bzz* *Bzz bzz* *Bzz bzz*


Mina’s phone vibrated incessantly.


“Aren’t you going to pick up the call? It has been vibrating non-stop.” Chrono then looked at the caller ID. “Cockroach? Who is that?”


“Some insignificant obsessed freak who bothers me everyday and even after countless rejections, he crawls back like a cockroach.” Saying that, Mina picked up her phone and switched it off.


30 minutes later…

“Boss. They are having their date at this canteen.”


“What does my Goddess see in this pathetic fool? To think he brought her to such a cheap and run down place the plebeians consume their food.” The young man snorted in disgust as he stepped into the canteen.


The moment he stepped into the canteen. He spotted Mina and Chrono chatting merrily and having a good time. Filled with jealousy, he clenched his hands and stormed towards them. The middle-aged man followed behind him closely.


“Hi Mina. Such a coincidence!” He sat down uninvited right beside Mina.

Legin Chu

[Total life span: 84 years | Current age: 29 | Cause of Death: Natural]

“Your friend?” Chrono pointed his spoon at Legin.


Before Mina could reply, Legin roared at Chrono, “HOW DARE YOU POINT YOUR FILTHY SPOON AT ME!”


Chrono, who dropped his spoon, Mina and everyone in the canteen was shocked at the sudden uproar and silence ensued right after.


Seeing that Chrono stopped pointing the spoon at him, he cleared his throat and looked at Mina, “So when are you free? I thought you said that you were busy with student council meetings and studying. You look quite free now. Let’s get out of this filthy place, I’ll bring you to somewhere really nice.”


What the f*ck is wrong with this guy? He shouted at me for pointing my spoon at him but the next moment he is alright? Seriously?


“Chrono let’s go. I’ve lost my appetite. To think that I switched off my phone to avoid him and here he is.” Mina placed down her cutleries and stood up from her seat.




“Who else but him?” Mina said as she glanced at Legin.


Looks like this guy likes Mina. Let’s try my new skill. <Love is in the Air>.


Choosing Mina as the target, An arrow appeared above her head.



A single heart appeared above Legin’s head.

Wow. A single heart. Looks like this guy have no chance at all.


On the other hand, knowing that Mina gave him a nickname, he was elated and jumped up with joy. Thinking that he was one step closer to Mina’s heart. “My dear Mina, where do you want to go? I’ll give you a lift.”


Ignoring him, Mina grabbed Chrono’s hand and pulled him away.


Staring at Mina holding Chrono’s hand, Legin’s mind short circuited as he kept repeating “I’m going to kill him” in his head. Suddenly, he picked up the steak knife that was laying on the table and rushed towards Chrono.




Turning their heads, Chrono and Mina was shocked to see Legin rushing at them with the steak knife. However, just a few steps away from them, he tripped over an uneven tile. Even as he fell forward, he did not forget his objective as he threw the knife at Chrono. Legin who was not proficient in the art of throwing projectiles, ended up throwing the knife towards Mina’s face.


Legin was just a couple of metres away when he threw the knife and the flying knife was flying towards Mina even before she knew it. She closed her eyes subconsciously and shrank back as she turned her head slightly. One second, two seconds, three seconds, nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she saw the silver tip of the knife right before her eyes. Then she saw something red dripping from the fist that was grabbing the blade of the knife.







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