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Chapter 025: Childhood


[Lifespan]  112 years (+5 years)


[Lifespan]  122 years (+10 years)


[Lifespan]  130 years (+8 years)


[Lifespan]  134 years (+4 years)


[Lifespan]  140 years (+6 years)


[Lifespan]  155 years (+15 years)


[Lifespan]  157 years (+2 years)


[Lifespan]  179 years (+22 years)


[Lifespan]  195 years (+16 years)


[Lifespan]  203 years (+8 years)

Chrono continued looking for customers in the train until 10am as the number of people started to dwindle. He then went back home to prepare for his first lecture of the semester. On the way back, he opened his status screen.


203 years. I should increase my stats. I’m quite interested what would come out of a LV2 lucky draw.

Power/Strength - 25 (+9)


[Power/Strength - Current: 10 STR (124 KG) | +5 KG/STR]


Stamina - 25 (+10)


[Stamina - Current: 25 STA (Ability to run 25 KM without stopping) | +1 KM/STA]

[Lifespan]  13 years (-190 years)


Alright. All my stats are at least 25. My strength now is 124 KG and my stamina is 25 KM without stopping. I wonder if 124 KG is bicep curl or bench press. Shall test it out later at the school gym.


{Chrono. Where are you? Wanna meet before going to the lecture?}


Chrono received a text message from Shane.


{Sure. Meet outside the lecture hall?}




Standing outside the lecture hall, Chrono leaned against the wall as he activated <Omniscient> to see if there was any potential customer.


Uh? That girl looks familiar.


As the girl approached Chrono, Chrono realised that it was the archer girl from the hospital.


Yoona Lim. Didn’t know she is studying in the same school as me. I wonder if she got into the Olympics… And I just realise that I do not have any way to contact her. She still have 4 month warranty.


After contemplating for awhile, Chrono decided to satiate his curiosity and to try to get her number..


“Excuse me, you are Yoona right?”


“Yup. I am. You are?”


“You were at the recent archery competition right?”


“You are also an archer? Nice to meet you!”


“Oh. Umm ya. I am. Nice to meet you too. So did you get into the Olympics?”


“How did you know?”


So she did… I should get her handphone number. I totally forgot to get it from her that day.


“Sorry! My friend is calling me over. Anyway, do you mind exchanging numbers? It’s my honour to know someone who qualifies for the Olympics.”


“Hahaha. The way you put it, if I say no, wouldn’t you say that I am a pretentious b*tch? My number is 91234123.”


After saving her number, Chrono gave her a miss call before he bade her goodbye and walked towards Shane who he saw in the distance.


“Who is that you were talking to?” Shane asked curiously as he squinted to look at Yoona who was walking away,


“Someone I saw at the hospital.”




“Let’s go! The lecture is starting soon.”




“3 hour lectures are really terrible.” Shane yawned and stretched his body as they walked out of the lecture hall. “Are you going to the CCA bazaar? Wanna go together?”


“Okay. What are you planning to join?”


“What else? Of course I’m joining choir. Me and my melodious voice. Where else am I able to showcase my talent?”




Saying that, they headed towards the multi purpose hall where the bazaar is held.


“Abs, biceps, triceps, you name it, you can have it. Join the bodybuilding club!”


“Do you feel very lucky and that lady luck is always smiling at you? Join the poker club and strike rich using your luck!”


“Fly like a plane. Run like Usain Bolt! Join track and field!”


The multi purpose hall was bustling with activities and filled with shouting from the various sports and clubs trying to attract the attention of the year 1.


[Judo Club]




[Contemporary Dance]


Shane signed up for three CCA after walking one round. They walked one more round around the hall as Chrono haven’t seen any CCA that he really felt like joining.


“Hey, aren’t you going to join any CCA? We’ve already walked one whole round.” Shane asked as he realised that at the rate they were going, even 10 rounds wouldn’t be enough.


“Uh… Haven’t really seen any CCA that looks interesting. If they have Kendo, I would join. Then I do not have to go all the way to the other end of Singapore to attend classes.”


“Chrono?” Someone called his name with uncertainty.


Turning his head towards the origin of the voice, he saw a gorgeous girl with a figure sculpted like an hourglass. Her waist was delicately tapered, the perfect match for her peachy cream-like complexion. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she smiled at him. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon-shadow black hair swaying as she strode closer to him.


“Isn’t she Mina? The school flower? How come she knows you?” Shane nudged Chrono as he whispered under his breath.




“Okay! I’ll be the president and you will be the vice president!” Chrono said as he climbed into the treehouse.


“Why am I vice president! I want to be the president!” Mina whined and refused Chrono’s suggestion.


“You know, my daddy always say that for behind every successful man is a woman. So I will be the president and since you, the vice president, will be behind me!”


“No. You stupid. The woman in that sentence is the wife of the man. You cannot use it for president and vice president. So I will be president”


“Fine! Then you be my wife! I want to be the president!” Chrono declared.


“Hmph. Who wants to be your wife. Stop dreaming!” The blushing Mina retorted.


“Why not? I will be the President of the Piggy Club and you will be Vice-president of the Piggy Club.” Chrono ignorantly laughed and said.


“Chrono. Mina’s daddy will be bringing his family to USA. So this will be the last time you will see Mina until they come back to Singapore.” Chrono’s mother said to him as Mina and her family prepared to check-in at the airport.


“How long will they be there?”


“For a few years at least.”


“Chrono!” Mina shouted and ran towards him.


“Wait for me okay? I will be your vice piggy forever.” Saying that, she planted a kiss on his face before running back to her family and waved to Chrono.


Touching his cheek, Chrono waved back at Mina dazely.


“Vice Piggy?”


“What vice piggy! So many years since we met and the first thing you say is vice piggy? I’m going to kill you!”


“Hahaha. It’s indeed vice piggy! How long have you be-”


Mina hugged Chrono before he could finish his sentence.


“I’ve missed you!”


Shane and all those around them could not believe their eyes as they stared at the overwhelming affection Mina was giving Chrono. It was a well known fact that Mina was an unapproachable ice cold queen who have rejected countless number of suitors. She was the President of NTU’s student council, Hall President and Captain of the Netball team. She was also on the Dean’s List for CN Yang Scholars Programme. In addition, her father was rumoured to be on “Forbes top 10 richest man on Earth”. Thus, she was named as the NTU untouchable ice Queen.


“Oh. So you are in your 4th year now?”


“Yup. I came to NTU last year as an exchange student. But decided to change school when I was offered to join CN Yang Scholars Programme.”


“I see… It’s a good thing I’m in the same school as Vice Piggy! By the way, isn’t uncle like a billionaire or something? How come Uncle didn’t contact us? Should be quite easy for a billionaire right?” Chrono said as he used his spoon to scoop some ice cream.


“Stop calling me that!”






“Why did you hit me! My ice cream is gone now! Furthermore, you are the one who said that you will be my vice piggy forever! Since you made me drop my ice cream, hand over yours now!” Chrono attacked Mina’s ice cream.


“No! The ice cream is mine! You don’t even like matcha flavour!” Mina dodged Chrono and started to run away from him.


Hiding somewhere in the distance, a shadow left after observing for some time.




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