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Chapter 024: More than one


Before going to bed, Chrono entered Life Merchant Mode and initiated his new skill.


<Forever Not Alone>


Staring at the clone, Chrono was thoroughly amazed with it. He could also feel that the clone was him and he was also the clone. Words were not needed for communication as they think and act as one. Both the Chrono rubbed their hands and grinned evilly at each other.


The next day.


Waking up early to catch the morning crowd, Chrono went to the train station to look for potential customers. With his clone managing Life Bar, Chrono would be able to slowly observe each and every commuter with <Omniscient> so as to pick up potential customers.


The moment he entered the train, he saw a lady frowning as she typed furiously on her phone. Reading what she was typing, Chrono smiled to himself for finding a customer so quickly.

Rachel Tan Ying Ting

[Total life span: 84 years | Current age: 29 | Cause of Death: Natural]

<Life Merchant Contract>


Feeling drowsy, Rachel rubbed her eyes as she struggled to stay awake. After a minute of struggling, she could not help but succumbed to it. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep.


“Welcome to the Life Bar!” Chrono greeted Rachel as she walked in.


“Where am I?”


“You are in the Life Bar, where problems are solved, desires are granted and dreams are fulfilled as long as you are willing to pay the price for it.”


“What kind of problem, desire or dream? Any kind?” Rachel asked.


“Yes. Please have a seat and tell me what beverage would you like to have.”


“Can I have a pint of Blanc?”


Just at that moment, the door opened again and the second customer walked in.


“Welcome to the Life Bar!” Chrono greeted again while he filled the beer mug with Blanc.


Looking at Chrono and the person who was seated at the bar, Francis walked towards the counter.


“Uh hi. Where am I?” Francis asked uncertainly as he sat at the counter.


“You are at the Life Bar, where problems are solved, desires are granted and dreams are fulfilled as long as you are willing to pay the price for it.”




“Ya. I’m also still figuring out what he meant by that.” Rachel replied as she drank her beer.


“What would you like to have?”


“Can I have Tequila on the rocks?” Francis pondered for a moment before replying.


“As I mentioned just now, the Life Bar is a place where problems are solved, desires are granted and dreams are fulfilled as long as you are willing to pay the price for it. As for the reason that lead you to the Life Bar, would be that you have something that is plaguing you and looking for a solution, hence you need a place to seek solace.” Chrono replied as he poured the Tequila in the the cup of ice.




“Who doesn’t have problem?” Rachel sighed out loud as she continued drinking her beer.


“Ya. Definitely. Who doesn’t?” Francis chortled in agreement.


“Can I have a refill please?” Turning her head to look at Francis, “So what is troubling you?”


“Me? Well, I’m quite embarrassed to say it out loud.”


“Come on. Don’t have to be shy. This is a bar man!”


“Alright. I’m too busy to look for a girlfriend. My mum has been bugging me to give her a grandchild for the past few months.” After finishing his sentence, he realised that Rachel’s mouth was gaping as though he said something very shocking.


“I… I also have the same problem. I’m too busy with work to do any form of socialising.”


Not sure if this situation played out as a coincidence or it was all planned out, Rachel and Francis turned to look at Chrono who was smiling as he wiped dry a beer glass.


“Welcome to the Life Bar!” Chrono ignored both their gaze and greeted the third person who entered the door.


“Hi. I would like to introduce myself. I am Francis, the executive chef at Grand Harett Hotel.” Francis offered his hand to Rachel.


“Nice to meet you. I am Rachel. I’m working as a banker at Overseas Union Bank (OUB).” Rachel shook the outstretched hand that was offered.


“Would you like to move over to the other bar table for a drink?”


“Sure. I would love to.” Rachel gave a charming smile as she followed Francis to the empty table.

[Secret Achievement Unlocked]


3 - Matchmake two strangers (Reward: Love is in the Air)

<Love is in the Air LV1> - View the compatibility of a target with everyone in a 10 metre radius.


Secret achievement? Let’s try it out.


<Love is in the Air>


Choosing Rachel as the target, a bow and arrow materialised above her head. Outlines of hearts started to materialise above the head of Francis and the third customer. There were a total of ten outlines of the hearts. Slowly, the hearts started to fill up. Once a heart was fully filled, it started to beat as though it was a real heart pumping blood to every part of the body.

💕 💕 💕


Six hearts were filled up above Francis’s head.

💕 💕

Four hearts were filled up above the third customer’s head.

Looks like I would be joining the matchmaking business to I wonder how I can earn from it...


“Where am I? Weren’t I on the train?”


“You are in the Life Bar, where problems are solved, desires are granted and dreams are fulfilled as long as you are willing to pay the price for it.”


Maybe I should record this phrase and play it on repeat…


-Any drinks for you Sir?


-I don’t drink alcohol.

-What about a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice?

-Hmm… Ok. Give me one of those. You mentioned solving problems, granting desires and fulfilling dreams, how do I go about doing them?

-First, you need to share with me what problem, desire or dream do you have.” Pointing at Rachel and Francis, “For example, the two over there have an issue where they were not able to find someone due to lack of time. Hence, they were able to solve this issue by coming to the Life Bar and meeting each other. As the saying goes, seeing is believing.

-Okay. I desire to have the energy to have sex over a longer period of time. Somehow, I am not able to last in bed, couple of minutes and i’m wasted. I’ve tried all brands of viagra and other related products but they are not effective for me. Do you have a solution for me?

“Definitely. Here.”

-Chrono placed a bottle of Energy potion (I) on the counter.

-This bottle will give you energy to last throughout the night. 5 bottles for a price of a year.

-A year? What year?

-A year of your life.


-You are currently 32 years old and your total lifespan is 94 years. Thus you have 62 years left.

-Isn’t 5 bottles only useful for 5 nights? You want me to trade a whole year for a measly 5 bottles? This is a scam!”

-Please calm down sir. 1 bottle can last for approximately twelve hours. Unless you are planning to have sexual intercourse for twelve hours straight, you can pour the content into a cup and use it depending on how many hours you would like to have sexual intercourse for. In addition, you mentioned that you could only last for a couple of minutes per night. The difference in pleasure experienced by your partner and yourself is not a simple case of adding them up. It is like compound interest, the longer you do it, the more you pleasure you experience.


Considering that both of us have no experience in this matter… I’m not sure what I say is true or not, but Iguess whatever I say can be pulled off since he is desperate for it. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

-Alright. I shall give you a discount and add a bottle more. So six bottles for a year. Please do not tell my boss. At the rate I’m giving discount, he would fire me soon.”

-I shall trust what you said. Then give me thrity bottles!

-Sorry sir. The maximum amount I can sell you is twelve bottles. There is a limited stock for this item.

-Then what happens when I run out of this potion? Wouldn’t I be reduced back to square one? Give me more bottles please.

-Give me a moment. I will ask my boss.


Chrono did his routine workout before returning back to the counter.


-Well, there is an option of a long term plan. For a price of twenty years, you will receive one bottle every month for twenty years. It will amount up to a total of 240 bottles.”

-Ok. Give me that long term plan! I don’t want the first option anymore.”

-Sir, the long term plan only comes with the first purchase. It is a further discount that my boss offered.

-Fine. Give me both then.

-Please prick your finger and sign on the contract. In addition I would need your address. The potion will be delivered to you on the first day of every month.

[Life Contract]


Name: Yeo Li Ren


Offering: 21 Years


Receiving: Energy potion (I) x 6 and Energy potion (I) x 1 every month for 20 years




[Lifespan]  107 years (+21 years)


To be continued...


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