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Chapter 022: Captain

Leaving the boutique, Chrono bought a charcoal (more of dark grey than black) modern fit casual coat. Fortunately, Yuri did not see any other dress that she liked. Hence, she did not buy anything and decided to wear the dress that she wore for her high school graduation.


“Thanks for accompanying me to shop today!” Chrono said after Yuri alighted from the car.


“No problem. It was my pleasure. In addition, I got to sit in a convertible for the first time. See you tomorrow at the shoot!” Yuri smiled brightly and said before turning her body to head back to her room.


“Yuri! Catch!”


Turning around, Yuri saw a black object flying towards her. Hastily opening up her arm, she managed to catch the package before it dropped on the floor.


“See you tomorrow!” Chrono’s voice could be faintly heard as the Gran Cobrio sped away.


Holding the package in her hand, Yuri looked at the car suspiciously before looking at the package curiously. She then went back to her room to take a bath before opening the package to see what it was.


{OMG! It’s the Adrianna Papell dress!!!}


{Hope you like it!}


{This won’t do. It’s too expensive for a gift! I’ll pay you back as soon as I save up the amount!!!}


{Nah. It’s fine. Just help me win the Hall Bash and this investment would definitely be worth it.}




{Nevermind about that! Have a good rest. See you tomorrow!}


{Alright. Goodnight =D}


Ability to turn things into gold… Looking forward to winning Hall Bash and see how it works.


Putting down his phone, Chrono hurriedly entered The Arena before the day ends.


{Instant Arena}

Level : 1🔽


Stage : 1🔽


Companion : Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]

Name: Slime

Level: 1

Health: 10


Name: Kobold

Level: 1

Health: 20


Name: Goblin

Level: 1

Health: 30


Name: King Slime (Boss)

Level: 1

Health: 100

Name: Abaddon


Level: 7 (Exp to next level: 489)


Skills: Fist of destruction (Passive)

[Healing potion (I)] x1 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x1 received.


[Slime bubble] x1 received.

[Slime bubble] - A useless piece of bubble dropped from King Slime

DAMN. What a waste of time...


The next day.


Chrono met up with Yuri for breakfast before they head down to Sontosa for the photo taking.


“Yuri and Chrono. We will take your formal shots at RWS (Resort World Sontosa). We have already gotten permission from the management. After that, you can put your formal wear in our van to prevent it from getting dirty if you want to. The rest of the participants will be coming at noon. So we will have our lunch before they arrive.” Sean declared when they reached.


1 hour later…


“Ok. Very good. We should be done with 5 to 10 more shots.” Said the cameraman.


“Wow, my cheeks are aching from smiling for so long.” Yuri complained as she massaged her cheeks.


“Ya, same. Photoshoots are so tiring. I wonder how models endure through all of it. They really have my respect. Anyway, what do you want to eat?”


“Hmm… I’m not sure. This is my first time here. What do you suggest?”


“How bout Hard Rok cafe? I’ve never been there before. Have you been there before?”


“Nope. It’s western food right?” Yuri said as she massaged her legs.


“Yup. Shall we?” Chrono stood up and offered his hand.


“Yes please.” Yuri held onto Chrono’s hand and Chrono pulled her up.


4 hours later.


All the participants managed to complete the shoots for casual and beachwear. As the shoot ended earlier than expected, everyone decided to enjoy some time at the beach since they were already in their beach wear.


As the sun set, Yuri and Chrono bade the other participants goodbye and left for dinner.


“Wanna go and have a look at the casino after dinner?” Chrono asked Yuri as they walked towards Din Tao Fung, a Chinese restaurant famous for it’s xiao long bao.


“Casino? I don’t mind! I’ve never been to a casino before.” Yuri replied cheerfully.


After a filling meal of Chinese cuisine, Chrono brought Yuri to the VIP area to enter the casino.


“대박1. You are a VIP here?” Yuri looked at the exquisite decorations and asked in amazement.


“Ya. Kinda. How much do you want to exchange?”


“Hmm… I only have about $300 in my bank account, is it enough?”


“Nevermind, I’ll get some chips for the both of us.” Saying that, Chrono used his black card and exchanged for $10,000 worth of chips.


“Here’s $5,000 for you and $5,000 for me. Is it enough?”


“Oh my goodness. $5,000?! How rich are you? You just took out $5,000 so easily? Wait. You are driving a car that is worth more than half a million...” Yuri stared at the chips in her hand and chided herself for making a hill out of a molehill.


Chrono chuckled and said, “I would say I am pretty rich. Don’t worry about the money. Just enjoy yourself here. What would you like to try out first?”


He then lead Yuri to the different games the casino offered. At the same time, he activated <Omniscient> so as to look out for any hardcore gamblers that is on a losing streak.


At the end of the day, Yuri lost about $500. On the other hand, Chrono gained 45 years and lost about $1,000 worth of chips. Chrono did not let Yuri know that he had in fact changed almost 1.6 million dollars worth of chips and it is all gone.

[Lifespan] 86 years (+45 years)

By the time he reached back his room, it was already past midnight. Feeling tired, Chrono decided to leave The Arena for later as he have to wake up early to go for Kendo.


The next day.


“Please wait for 15 more minutes. If these two participants doesn’t turn up, you will be able to take over their slot. Would you like to proceed to the changing room to change first?” The receptionist at the Songopore Kendo Club said.


“Alright. I will come back in 15 minutes then.”  


After 15 minutes, the two participants were still absent. Hence, Chrono was given one of the two slots and he walked towards the hall where the rest of the beginners were gathered. (P.S. Not due to his luck. It is normal for people to sign up for something but does not turn up.)


“Keep your back straight! Bend your legs lower! Straighten your arm!” Shouts could be heard half an hour into the session.


Are these people crazy? It’s only the first lesson and they are acting like we are in a boot camp. Are they perverted or something? The beginners are dying but they are laughing and smiling at their agony…


“Hey you. Not bad. Your posture is good. Do you have martial arts background?” A guy with a slick-back hairstyle walked towards Chrono and said.


“Kinda. Went for Muay Thai class previously.”


Only two sessions though.


“Who do you think you are talking to? I’m the captain of the Kendo club. You have to address me as captain when you talk to me. Get it?” The captain roared at Chrono.


What’s wrong with him? Does he have an inferiority complex? How would I know he is the captain. They did not even introduce themselves.


“Uh. Okay.”


“You should say. Yes, Captain! Not uh okay! Continue horse stance for 15 more minutes as punishment. You think you are all that good just because I praised you?” The captain guy sneered at Chrono and swaggered off to bully some other beginner.


Half way through his “punishment”, the youngest participant, an 8 years old boy, could not take the harsh training started to cry. However, the captain instead of consoling the boy, started to shout at him even louder. Seeing that, Chrono stood up and walked towards the crying kid and started to pacify him.


“Hey, newbie. What do you think you are doing? Can’t you see I am teaching him how to be a man? Why are you interfering?” The captain hollered at Chrono.


Ignoring him, Chrono carried the boy in his arms and walked towards the door.


“Do you want to die? Get back here! I’m talking to you!” The captain felt humiliated by Chrono for ignoring him in front of everyone.


Chrono continued to ignore him and proceeded towards the door.


Filled with rage, the captain lifted the shinai in his hand and rushed towards Chrono, wanting to teach him a lesson.








Chrono stepped to the side and dodge the thrust aimed at his back. Missing his target, the captain staggered forward due to the momentum of the strike. Coincidentally, his back was facing Chrono who then gave a gentle kick to his ass.




The captain could be seen sprawled on the floor after Chrono gave his assistance.

Xiao Long Bao


The reason why Chrono needs to go for Kendo lesson!

대박1 - Super cool/Awesome/Wonderful


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