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Chapter 021: Shopping


Chrono managed to earn 20 years after exiting from Yoona’s room.


<Instant Arena>

Level : 1🔽


Stage : 6🔽


Companion : Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]

Name: Wolf (Gray)

Level: 6

Health: 700 / 700


Name: Wolf (Himalayan)

Level: 6

Health: 750 / 750


Name: Wolf (Arctic)

Level: 6

Health: 800 / 800


Name: Wolf (Red)

Level: 6

Health: 700 / 700


Name: Wolf (Dire)

Level: 6

Health: 1000 / 1000


Name: Werewolf (Boss)

Level: 10

Health: 6,000 / 6,000


This time round, after killing the mobs, Chrono started to kill the dire wolves before they started initiated their transformation. Seeing that their brother’s getting killed, the dire wolves rushed towards Chrono and Abaddon instead of waiting for the moon to rise.


By the time the full moon appeared, more than three quarter of the dire wolves were killed. Hence, Chrono managed to complete the stage by “cheating”.

Name: Abaddon


Level: 7 (Exp to next level: 1489)


Skills: Fist of destruction (Passive)

[Healing potion (I)] x2 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x3 received.


[Wolf fang] x1 received.


[Wolf pelt] x1 received.


[Tome of werewolf] x1 received.

[Wolf fang] - Material for weapon upgrade


[Wolf pelt] - Material for weapon upgrade

Wolf fang and pelt? I wonder how do I check what materials are needed. Considering that everyone in the Bronze Arena is avoiding me because of Fei... Looks like the only way is to wait for Fei to come back and tell me about it.

[Tome of werewolf] - Increase power/strength, speed and agility by 1 (Can only be consumed once)


Tome of werewolf? Then would there be tomes for the other bosses? Maybe I should go back and farm for them. This tome gives 3 stats which equates to 30 years.


Chrono opened the tome and “consumed” it.

Power/Strength - 16 (+1)

Speed - 25 (+1)

Agility - 27 (+1)

Feeling a little lazy, Chrono decided to skip the personal dungeon until he started attending the kendo lessons (it is definitely not me being lazy to type personal dungeon scenarios… Maybe…)


“So you think letting your mother visit the hospital is a very fun thing to do?” Chrono’s mother chided him.


“Sorry mum! It’s for a good deed!”


“I know, my son has become famous for being a superman.”




“Your sisters told me that there is a video of you saving Tiffany and that is it going viral.”


“What? Really?”


Chrono quickly unlocked his phone and searched for the video on YuoTube.


“Superman to the rescue!!!” - 657,859 views


Chrono watched the video with his mum.


It’s just 3 days and I have 657,859 views. I am indeed quite cool, look at my awesome superman pose.


“Excuse me, Tiffany have regained consciousness.” The nurse said after entering the room.


“Oh? Good. Which ward is she at?” Chrono replied.


“She’s in the room two doors down.”


He then dragged his mum along to Tiffany’s ward.


“How are you feeling?” Chrono asked Tiffany after the doctors and nurses left the room.


“I’m alright. You? How come you woke up so fast? Didn’t you bear the brunt of the impact?” Tiffany started to rain down questions out of concern.


“Slow down. I’m perfectly fine. See?” Chrono flexed both his biceps as though he was a bodybuilder.


Laughing at his silly antics, a weight was lifted of her chest seeing that he was alright.


Chrono’s mum seeing that both Tiffany and her son was perfectly alright left them to their own accord and went back home.


Chrono accompanied Tiffany till late into the night before he went back to his own ward.


The next morning.


*Bzz bzz* *Bzz bzz*


Chrono’s phone vibrated incessantly and woke him up from his sleep.


“Hello?” Chrono replied groggily.


“Hi. I am Sean. The main coordinator for the Hall Bash.”


He spoke to Sean for a couple of minutes.


“Okay. Thank you! See you tmr.” Chrono ended the call and went back to sleep.


A couple of hours later, he was discharged from the hospital. Tiffany, on the other hand was still warded as she had to undergo more tests to make sure that she is perfectly fine.


After paying for Tiffany’s and his hospital bills, he took a cab and went to NTU to retrieve his car.


{Are you in school? I’m on my way there to get my car. Will be going to shop for clothes for bash. Are you free? Want to join me?}


{Sure! I do not have anything on. Tell me when you reach. I’m in Hall 10.}


{Ok. See you later!}


Chrono then chatted with the driver to make the ride less boring.


{Okay. I’ve reached Hall 10. Are you ready?}


{Yup. Give me a minute, will be right out.}


A few minutes later…


{Where are you?}


{Can’t you see my car at the shelter?}


{Ya. But I don’t see any other car nearby.}




{That’s my car.}




“Wow. I didn’t know you were so rich.” Yuri exclaimed as she closed the door.


“Roof down or up?”


“Down, definitely down. It’s my first time sitting in a convertible.”



The car sped out of NTU and Yuri’s long hair could be seen fluttering in the air.


Reaching the nearest shopping mall in 15 minutes. The duo went to the food court to grab a quick meal before proceeding on to shop for clothes. After an hour of visiting boutiques and departmental store, Chrono managed to buy a pair of royal blue essential slim fit chinos, a pair of indigo linen modern fit pants, tan plaid modern fit pants and a couple of long sleeve shirt.


“Chrono, is your household really that rich? What you’ve just bought costs a few hundred dollars right?” Yuri asked.


“You can say so. Although all these money is what i earned myself. He then started to explain to her how he got rich.”


Well, the truth is close enough…


Yuri and Chrono continued to browse through the different shops. Jurong East has 3 different shopping malls in its vicinity. Hence there were many stores that they could take a pick from. A drape gown caught Yuri’s attention when the duo entered a flamboyant looking boutique. The aubergine lace yoke drape gown was fitted on a mannequin in the middle of the store. The gown has a cut-out lace design for the neck and sleeves and it drapes nicely around the hips and finishes off as the gown folds inward to the middle like waves ebbing off the shore. Standing in front of the mannequin, Yuri could not help but reached out to touch the dress as she admired it.


“Miss, how can I help you?” A sales attendant walked to Yuri and asked. Chrono who was walking around headed towards Yuri when he saw her talking to the sales attendant.


“아, 이거 얼마예요?”




“Ah, sorry, I meant how much is this dress.” Yuri quickly corrected.


“The dress is $1,200. It is a new design from Adrianna Papell.”


“$1,200? Is there any discount for the dress?”


“I’m sorry. As the dress is a new arrival, there isn’t any discount on the dress. The dresses that have discount are the ones on the rack in front of the entrance.”


“Ah. I see. This dress will really go well with my oxford.” Yuri muttered as she thanked the sales attendant.


“Umm sorry!” Chrono interrupted. “Can you please let her try on the dress?”


“아니요. Umm. I mean it’s okay. Just ignore him.” Yuri quickly blurted out as she pulled Chrono away from the sales attendant.


“The gown is too expensive. I can buy 400 plates of chicken rice with that money.” Yuri said to Chrono.


“Well, it doesn't mean that we have to buy it after trying it on. Since we are already here and I can see that you really like that dress, why don’t you just try it on. There is no harm doing that.” Chrono tempted her.


“But we would be troubling the sales attendant, which is not very nice.” Yuri hesitated before saying.


“Just do it. It’s such a small matter. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. In addition, you will definitely regret it if you don’t try the gown on.” Chrono continued to tempt her.


After thinking for a few seconds, Yuri gave in and agreed to try on the dress.


After getting a hold on the dress, Yuri happily went into the changing room to change into the dress. After a few minutes, Yuri walked out of the changing room. Gorgeous. The first word that came to Chrono’s mind when she saw her walk out of the changing room.


“Do I look nice in the dress?” Yuri asked as she turned a few rounds to let Chrono have a look. “The dress fits perfectly. What a waste. If only it is cheaper. I would definitely get this gown.” The stunning looking girl said with a sigh.


Finally when she was satisfied looking at her reflection from the mirror, Yuri walked back towards the changing room. On the other hand, Chrono was secretly talking to the sales attendant and secretly put something into his inventory after paying.


Leaving the boutique, Chrono bought a charcoal (more of dark grey than black) modern fit casual coat. Fortunately, Yuri did not see any other dress that she liked. Hence, she did not buy anything and decided to wear the dress that she wore for her high school graduation.


A note from YoonTaeTifYu


A little information (ok it's not a little).


Yoona Lim

[Total life span: 82 years | Current age: 19 | Cause of Death: Natural]

An explanation on what Lachesis Eyes show.


Total life span: 82 years

This shows how many years someone have in total. Dying by old age, from my understanding is when telomeres run out and essential DNAs are removed. When essential DNAs are removed, it would cause organ failure etc etc. Hence people die in their sleep when their telomeres run out.

(Note: This is what I think and consider is the reason when people die in their sleep. You may or may not disagree, but this is not important in the story. You can pluck in the reason why you think people die into the story anytime, anywhere.) So this total life span is where people die in their sleep.


Current age: 19

Self explanatory.


Cause of Death: Natural

My story follows this 4 causes of death.


Natural Causes: Quite simply when the body ceases to function of its own accord or if there are mitigating medical factors such as terminal illness, heart disease or the like, which would bring about death - this is generally referred to as death by natural causes.


Homicide: The taking of one human life by another human being by means of pre-meditated murder. The term pre-meditated means to have purposely planned and executed the murder of another human being in cold blood whilst trying to elude capture by the authorities also known as murder.


Accidental Death: As the term would suggest the death of an individual by means other than natural death, murder or suicide. Accidental death can sometimes be manslaughter - murder but committed out of an involuntary act of violence towards another. Likewise accidental death can also be categorised as death by misadventure. This means that the victim has died by accident either whilst doing something they should not have been doing or by taking risks that would put them in mortal danger.


More information on manslaughter if you are confused.



Suicide: The deliberate taking of one's own life due to extreme emotional distress often brought about by severe depression. Suicide is neither accidental nor is it classified as death by misadventure simply because the individual has set about on a course of action that would end with their own inevitable death. Normally this would occur by means of drug overdose, the cutting of one's wrists to induce uncontrollable bleeding, or indeed stepping out in front of a moving vehicle.




Food for thought: EVERYONE will die a natural death. Lachesis Eyes is level 3 and so far only natural death is the only cause shown…

Zeo Lothryn:

Using your example of cancer, I think someone would still want to have more time to spend with their family, or more chance to last for a cure.


Well. Looks like I should consider that there might be people who wants to do that. A mistake on my part!

So ultimately, an adding and deducting of life can be attributed to adding telomeres to one’s DNA.


Really appreciate Zeo Lothryn’s constructive feedback. Helps me think more in-depth and make my storyline more solid. Afterall, I’m still considered a noob writer. Hahaha. Looking forward to more feedbacks to make reading my story more enjoyable to you guys. THANK YOU =D

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