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Health potion (I) -> Healing potion (I)




Chapter 020: Archer

After talking to Tiffany’s parents for an hour, and seeing that there was no trace of her waking up, Chrono bade them farewell and went back to his room.


Picking up his phone, he made a call.


*Truu-truuu* Truu-truuu*


“Hello. This is the Songopore Kendo Club. How can I help you?” The call got true and a feminine voice could be heard.


“Good afternoon. I am calling to enquire on how I can sign up for Kendo classes. Could you give me more information?” Chrono answered politely.


“Of course! I am more than happy to supply you with the information. There are no pre-requisite to join Kendo, the only thing needed is the passion and dedication to pursue it. Anyone above 13-years of age may sign up.

Kendo may be physically demanding and members are reminded that they will need to be healthy and reasonably fit to participate. And be mentally prepared to follow strictly to rules and etiquette of Kendo. Each beginner course is a duration of 6 months.

All beginners are required to attend both and every Wednesday evening sessions (7pm - 8.30pm), and Sunday morning sessions (9am - 10.30am) at Changgi Japanese School for the duration of their course. Absentees will be discouraged from continuing, as they will disrupt the progress of the class.”


“I see. Wednesdays and Sundays. When will the beginner course start?”


“The first lesson is this coming Sunday. The next one will be 6 months later.”


“6 month later? Is there still available slot for the class this coming Sunday?”


“I am sorry to inform you that the class is fully book. However, you can come down on Sunday and see if there is anyone that fail to turn up. If there is, you can join in immediately.”


“Ok. Thank you very much! Will make a trip down on Sunday then.”




Putting his phone back to his pocket, Chrono turned on his “know-it-all” skill and walked out of his room.


As he was staying in the A class ward, he could see that all his neighbours belong to the high-income group. He looked for places where he could observe and eavesdrop on the patients in the surrounding wards. After 30 minutes of eavesdropping, he finally found a familiar and suitable target.

Yoona Lim

[Total life span: 82 years | Current age: 19 | Cause of Death: Natural]

“Coach! Tomorrow’s competition will determine whether I can qualify for the Olympics or not. How can you forbid me from entering the competition?” An angry voice could be heard shouting at someone, even without using <Omniscient>, from the corridor.


“Yoona. Look at the wound on your hand. Do you think you can compete tomorrow? You are only 19 years old. You still have a bright future ahead of you and many more years you can compete. Do not give up long-term benefit to short-term ones.”




The girl started to get red in the eyes after hearing what her coach said. She already knew that she could not participate in tomorrow’s competition. But she was indignant about it. She had trained so hard for 4 years, just to take part in the Olympics. She just have to get into the top 10 tomorrow to qualify. However, it was so near yet so far.


“What about the assailant? Did he get caught yet?” Controlling her tears, she asked in an aggrieved voice.


“The police are still doing their investigation. However, it is not very successful. The place you were attacked did not have any surveillance camera around and the assailant was covered up from head to toe. In addition, there weren’t any eyewitnesses.” The man replied and sighed.


“Coach, please let me be alone. I am tired and want to rest.” Saying that, she laid down on her bed and back faced her coach.


“Alright. Yoona, have a good rest. I will drop by later during dinner and buy you your favourite ice cream!” Looking at the unresponsive and distraught girl, he was heart broken but decided to give her some alone time. However, the exited the room but stayed by the door. Waiting for her to fall asleep, afraid that she might do foolish stuff to herself.


Once her coach left the room, Yoona buried her face in the pillow and started to wail out loud. After crying for half an hour, Yoona stopped crying. However, after a few seconds, she thought of how much she had sacrificed for this chance and she resumed crying. Approximately 30 minutes later she stopped once again, but then she thought of how much her parents were looking forward to her standing on the grand stage of Olympics competing with the world's best archers, she started to cry again. The cycle repeated for 3 hours before she finally fell asleep.


Originally Chrono wanted to leave and come back later. But he wasn’t sure how long she would stop crying and whether her coach will suddenly come back or not. Hence, he had no choice but to wait for her to fall asleep so that her coach will leave and he can sneak into the room to initiate <Life Merchant Contract>.


Finally, Yoona fell asleep and her coach left. Chrono made sure that there weren’t anyone around before he sneaked into Yoona’s ward.


<Life Merchant Contract>


Yoona suddenly found herself in a cave. Standing up, she looked around and noticed that there was a light source in the distance. Not knowing what was going on and why she would suddenly not be in the hospital, she plucked up her courage and walked towards the light source. The light source was actually a sign board that says “Life Bar”. Knocking on the door politely, she opened the door and entered the life bar.


“Welcome!” The bartender with the half mask greeted enthusiastically.


“Umm. Hi. Why am I at this place?” Yoona asked after she sat down on the bar stool.


“The reason you are at the Life Bar would be because you have something that is plaguing you and looking for a solution, hence you need a place to seek solace. Would you like to have a drink?”


After some consideration, Yoona ordered a cup of Lychee Mojito.




- Is there by any chance my problem can be solved? Considering that I suddenly appear here,   

 there should be some magic or something involved. Doesn’t feel like a dream either.


Looks like we finally have an intelligent customer.


-That would depend on what is your problem. Would you like to share it with me?

-My right hand. I injured my right hand. No. Someone attacked me and now I am not able to pull the bowstring.

-So I would assume that you have a competition but will not be able to participate because of the wound that was inflicted.

-If only my hand is alright, like now, where I can use my right hand to hold this cup of mojito. So is there any way that you can help me?

-There is a way, however, there will be a price to pay.

-What it the price?

-4 years of your life for the complete recovery of your hand.

-4 years?

-Yes. Your current age is 19 and you total lifespan is 82.

-So coincidental? 4 years will be the next Olympic…

-What do you think? Are you willing to trade 4 years of your life to recover the wound on your hand?

-Is there warranty? What if I get assaulted again and injure my hand? Olympic starts next year, there is almost 11 month before it begins.

-Warranty? Well, I would need to ask my boss. This is my first time encountering this request. Please give me a moment.


Chrono did his routine workout before returning back to the counter.


-My boss said that your hand will definitely recover within 3 months. Hence, he is willing to provide a guarantee for the next 3 months.

-3 month only? Please make it 6 months! Pretty please.

-Hmm… 4 months. I’ll secretly give you an extra 1 month.

-Deal! Thank you!

[Life Contract]


Name: Yoona Lim


Offering: 4 Years (4-month warranty)


Receiving: Healing potion (I)




Completing the contract, Chrono quickly exited the room as Yoona started to stir from her sleep.

[Lifespan] 21 years (+4 years)

When she woke up, she saw a vial in her left hand. Using her teeth to remove the stopper, she drank the content in one go unhesitatingly. After which, she lay back down and started to pray in her heart that her hand will recover by tomorrow.


3 hours later.


Chrono managed to earn 20 years after exiting from Yoona’s room.

[Lifespan] 28 years (+7 years)

[Lifespan] 33 years (+5 years)

[Lifespan] 41 years (+8 years)


Feeling that her hand was not in pain anymore, Yoona wriggled her fingers that were in a cast and quickly called her coach. After much persuasion, she managed to persuade her coach and doctor-in-charge that her hand was fine and to remove the cast on her hand. The doctor was shocked and bewildered when he saw that Yoona’s hand was totally recovered and there was not even a scar to be found. She was then brought to the x-ray lab to make sure that her hand had really fully recovered.


Overflowing with happiness, she quickly texted her family and friends that she was able to compete in the competition the next day and the Olympics is achievable after all.



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