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Chapter 019: Superman

Shortly after, the bus rumbled out of NTU.



30 minutes later.


“Uncle, we are reaching the campsite soon right?” Tiffany walked towards the front of the bus and asked the bus driver politely.


The bus driver turned his head and said, “Yes, we are very near the campsite. We will be reaching in 5 to 10 minutes after we exit the expressway.” Instead of shifting his attention back onto the road, the bus driver’s gaze lingered on Tiffany.


“Watch out!” Tiffany shouted.


Just when the bus driver turned his head back, he realised he had veered off course and was about to hit the truck on the right. Startled, the bus driver frantically slammed the break and turned the steering wheel furiously to the left. Fortunately, Tiffany managed to warn the bus driver in the nick of time and the bus driver managed to avoid crashing into the truck.


However, Tiffany was not that lucky. There was a car tailgating the bus and the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol.


Alcohol could affect your driving by causing:

  • Impaired vision
  • Reduced reaction times
  • Reduced concentration and vigilance
  • Feeling more relaxed and drowsy, which may cause a driver to fall asleep at the wheel
  • Difficulty in understanding sensory information
  • Difficulty doing several tasks at once (e.g. keep in the lane and in the right direction, while concentrating on other traffic)
  • Failure to obey road rules
  • Overconfidence, which may lead to risk taking

(Author: Do not drink and drive! Keep your keys at home!)


Therefore, the car which was travelling at 120km/hour rammed straight into the rear of the bus.






The students on the front were thrown forward by the impact. However, they were all seated down and only they hit the back of the seat that was in front of them. On the other hand, Tiffany was sent flying out of the windscreen.


As Tiffany crashed out of the windscreen, Chrono who was originally at the backmost seat was already at the mid portion of the bus. With <Omniscient>, he noticed the speeding car when he heard Tiffany shout. Even before the car hit, he had already bolted out of his seat and dashed towards Tiffany. He only managed to reach her after she crashed out of the bus through the windscreen. With his body outstretched, in a superman pose and soaring towards the front, his figure resembled Superman flying to the rescue.


Tiffany who crashed through the windscreen had both her eyes closed and was prepared for the worst as she started to lose her consciousness as she lost momentum and started to fall towards the ground.


However, she felt someone grab her ankle. Thinking that it was the grim reaper coming to collect her soul, she couldn't help but think of the things she have not done and regrets filled her mind. Saying goodbye to her parents silently in her heart, she accepted her fate and relaxed her body. The hand that was grabbing her ankle exerted strength and pulled her. Shortly after, an arm hugged her waist and a hand covered her forehead which was dripping with blood. Chrono’s face unexpectedly flashed across her mind as she lost her consciousness.


Seconds before Tiffany crashed into the ground, Chrono managed to catch up to her and caught her in his embrace. Centimetres off the ground, he positioned Tiffany’s body above his so that he will absorb all the impact when they crash.


Sheesh, I bet it will hurt really bad. Dear God, please have mercy on me. At least I managed to prevent Tiffany from getting injured…




Our hero lost consciousness after they crashed to the ground. Blood could be seen seeping out from under Chrono’s body.


Tiffany had some cuts and scratches caused by the broken shards from the windscreen. As her blood trickled down her forehead and down the side, it dripped into the pool of blood...


After the crash, the student who was sitting nearest to the front door alighted from the bus. He only sustained some bruise. When he saw the blood seeping out, he became pale in the face and fainted. The second student, who happened to be a medicine student, quickly dialled the emergency number as he rushed towards Tiffany and Chrono.

*Wee-woo* *Wee-woo* *Wee-woo*


10 minute later, sirens filled the air as 5 ambulances and a fast response vehicle from the ambulance service arrived at the scene. Chrono and Tiffany were put on neck support and lifted onto the stretchers and transported onto the ambulance.


2 days later.


Opening his eyes slowly, Chrono saw that he was in an unfamiliar room.




He screamed in pain when he attempted to move his body.


I hope that I get a skill that makes me immune to pain…


Bearing the pain, he gulped down a health potion. After a couple of minutes, he tried to move his hand and found that it was less painful than before. With more than a dozen potion in his inventory, he gulped down another bottle.


Just as he threw the empty bottle back into his inventory, a nurse entered the room. Seeing that Chrono was conscious and moving, he immediately exited the room to call for the doctor-in-charge.


After running through some tests, the doctor found out that the superficial injuries that were present in the morning had suddenly disappeared. Only the more serious ones were left, and even those were almost fully recovered.


“Doc, is Tiffany alright?” Chrono asked immediately after they were done with the tests.


“She is still unconscious. So far we have not found any problem after running all the tests. She only has some cuts and scratches from crashing out of the bus. She should be waking up soon.”


“I see. Can I visit her?”

“Are you able to move?”


Flexing his arms, Chrono pushed himself up from the bed and got off the bed.


“I guess so? My body feels a little sore though.”


After assuring that Chrono is fine, the doctor left as he needed to attend to another patient.


“Umm, sorry. Do you know which ward is Tiffany in?” Chrono stopped the nurse and asked.


“She is in ward B-5-22.” The nurse replied.


“What? Ward B? Why is she in a B ward? Is all the A ward full?”


“No. Her insurance only covers B ward. Hence, she can only be admitted into a B ward.”


“Oh… Is there any A ward available, preferably beside or near mine?”


“Give me a moment, I will check for you.” The nurse exited the room and returned shortly.


“The room beside you is currently empty.”


“Alright, can you please shift Tiffany up?”


“Uh, her insurance only covers her medical bill if she stays in a B ward.”


“No problem. Just arrange her into an A ward. I will settle the rest. Thank you!” Chrono left the room and went towards B-5-22.


Opening the door, Chrono saw two unfamiliar people sitting by Tiffany’s beside. As he entered the room, they turned and looked at him.


“Umm… Hello. I’m Chrono. Tiffany’s friend.”


“Oh, so you are Chrono.” The middle-aged man stood up and walked towards Chrono.


The middle-aged man held onto Chrono’s hand and gripped it very tightly and said, “Thank you very much for saving Tiffany. I heard from the doctor that somehow you were able to reach Tiffany before she crashed to the ground and cushioned the fall. If not we could have lost Tiffany.”

Saying that, the woman couldn’t help but to start tearing and started to sob.


After talking to Tiffany’s parents for an hour, and seeing that there was no trace of her waking up, Chrono bade them farewell and went back to his room.


At the same time, a certain video on YuoTube was going viral.


The title was “Superman to the rescue!!!” - 330959 views



“Is that guy on steroid? How did he run so fast? Usain Bolt in disguise?” - TomHank (50 likes)


“Is the girl his girlfriend? If not I would give it a shot, she looks very pretty.” - Troller8654 (22 likes)

    “You? Look at your ugly face before you type this kind of shit.” - RoadofLight (40 likes)

         “Any captain? Name, school and hospital please.” - StalkerBoiBoi (10 likes)

              “The video is quite blur, but she looks like someone from my Uni.” - kiddo000 (3 likes)

                   “So who is it?” - StalkerBoiBoi

                        “You can find her on insatgram @xolovestephi” - kiddo000 (80 likes)

                             “Thanks capt, time to put my stalker skills to good use.” - StalkerBoiBoi

                                  “She is 1 of the school belle in my school. Not difficult to stalk.” - kiddo000

              “Ya, she do look like Tiffany. Is this video from the expressway accident?” - Uhu

                   “Maybe?” - kiddo000

                        “I think it is! I recognise someone from my secondary school in the video!” - NNN


“He really looks like superman right? 00:52. Maybe he should have worn a cape and underwear outside too” - RilakkumaLover (15 likes)

    “Maybe this video is fake or scripted.” - qqtop

         “Your mum is fake too. You got picked up from the rubbish bin.” - Flamerthongs (40 likes)



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