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Chapter 18: F4


Opening one of his eyes to take a peek, he saw her took a step forward.


Chrono gave a loud sigh.

“죄송… Sorry, I made a mistake. I’m F5, not F4.” She gave a bow and apologised.

OH YES. 50 luck is AWESOME.

“M5 and F5.”

Chrono walked towards F5 when the curly haired guy called his number.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Chrono Feldman.” Chrono said as he offered a handshake.

“안녕하세요, 제 이름은 권유리 입니다.”

Looking at Chrono’s dumbfounded face, “Ah, shit. Sorry. I mean, my name is Kwon Yuri.”

After chatting a little and exchanging their number. Chrono found out that Yuri was a Korean international student on scholarship. She had only been in Singapore for slightly more than a month. Hence she had the tendency to converse in Korea. In addition, she didn’t know anyone in Singapore; and for the past month, she stayed in NTU almost the whole time. Therefore, she was very happy that she finally made some friends in this camp. Chrono offered to bring her around if they had free time before school starts.

The participants were then briefed by the curly haired guy on what were the expected to happen the following week. After hearing that Monday does not have any activity scheduled, Yuri became very excited and asked Chrono if he is free on that day. After telling her that he had no plans, she made him promise her that he will bring her around. Meanwhile, the curly haired guy also asked for all the participant’s number and created a chat group for easy communication between the organising committee and the participants. The participants then went back to their OG to prepare for the finale of the camp. When they were done, they were given an hour to wash up and prepare to leave for the camp sit

Chrono took the opportunity to enter the arena as he figured that he might not be able to go to the arena later as he would be surrounded by his friend. So it is impossible for him to disappear and go to the Arena without inducing any suspicion.

Feeling that he was still able to handle two opponent yesterday. He decided to increase the number of opponents by one to challenge his limits.

Level : 3🔽

Opponent : Human🔽

Number : 0 0 0 3🔽

                           [ START ]


This time, his opponents were equipped with a halberd, pole and spear respectively. With all 3 opponents having a much longer reach than him. Chrono had a hard time closing the distance between them. In addition, fighting with 3 armed opponents was way more difficult than fighting with 2 in a small ring. Therefore, he was not able to defeat the 3 opponents before <Overdrive> went out. Resulting in him getting pierced in the head by the spear wielder 

Touching his forehead, Chrono dragged his feet as he walked towards the Companion Dungeon. This was his first time getting “killed”. Hence he was unnerved and his heart was beating really fast.

Looks like I really need to sign up for kendo lesson to make use of my katana. It is almost as useful as a scrap piece of metal in my hands.


Level : 1🔽

Stage : 6🔽

Companion : Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]

Name: Wolf (Gray)

Level: 6

Health: 700 / 700


Name: Wolf (Himalayan)

Level: 6

Health: 750 / 750


Name: Wolf (Arctic)

Level: 6

Health: 800 / 800


Name: Wolf (Red)

Level: 6

Health: 700 / 700


Name: Wolf (Dire)

Level: 6

Health: 1000 / 1000


This time round, the monster that appeared were wolves. Each wave had wolves of all shapes and sizes, gray wolves, arctic wolves, red wolves, Himalayan wolves and an occasional dire wolf leading the pack which were way stronger and faster. However, Abaddon being an overpowered companion easily crushed them into wolf paste. “Wave 10, boss stage will be commencing in 10 seconds… 5 seconds… Good luck and all the best.” In the distance, Chrono could see a dire wolf staring ferociously at him, more and more dire wolves appeared but they continued staying at the spot. As he looked at the wolf, he suddenly realised that the sky was getting darker. As the sky got darker, a full moon slowly rose into view. The moon was like a backdrop for the wolves. When the moon rose to its highest point, the wolves suddenly gave a fur-raising howl. With tens of dire wolves howling at the same time, it gave Chrono goosebump and a bad premonition. Looking at the silhouette of the wolves, he suddenly realised that they were changing.

Name: Werewolf (Boss)

Level: 10

Health: 6,000 / 6,000

CRAP. Full moon and wolves. WEREWOLVES. I’m screwed. Did I just stupidly wait for them to transform into werewolves?

Regretting his decision of not attacking them before they started to transform, Chrono started firing at the dire wolves that were transforming. Abaddon also rushed towards the wolves after receiving Chrono’s command to attack. Standing at a height of 3 metres with a massive frame with bulging muscles, the werewolves which managed to transform before getting shot by the marksman on the hill started to charge towards them. Previously, the monsters were one-hit KO-ed by Abaddon. However, the werewolves were able to take a couple of hits from Abaddon and even managed to land a few hits on Abaddon before they got blasted away by Abaddon’s fist of destruction. Hence, after Abaddon was surrounded, the remaining werewolves flocked towards Chrono’s direction. After a couple of minutes, Chrono was killed once again. Two times in an hour.

When he exited The Arena, he realised that he have exceeded the 1 hour that they were given and he had a few missed calls from Tiffany. He hurriedly changed his clothes and rushed out of his room towards the gathering area.

Spotting Chrono, Tiffany shouted, “Hurry up! If not we will leave you in school!”

Shortly after, the bus rumbled out of NTU.




“Hey, so how's your house?” Sunny asked Romen.

“Not really. We just received the letter from HDB (House Development Board - government board that handles housing and related matters). They mentioned that if we are not able to pay up the remaining sum of money, they will evict us.”

“How much do you owe HDB?”

“I think it’s about 300 thousand.”

“So much?” Sunny exclaimed.

“Shhhh. Don’t be so loud. It’s not something I want others to find out!” Romen hurriedly covered Sunny’s mouth.

They then continued on the topic and tried to think of ways to solve Romen’s problem.

Chrono who was at the back of the bus could eavesdrop on their conversation perfectly and decided to earn some money and help out a friend in need.

<Lachesis Eyes>

Romen Ro

[Total life span: 94 years | Current age: 21 | Cause of Death: Natural]


<Life Merchant Contract>

*Yawn* Romen suddenly felt very sleepy and fell asleep. Sunny who was sitting at his side was still chattering on oblivious that Romen was knocked out.

“Welcome to the Life Bar!” Chrono in his half mask greeted Romen cheerfully.

“Life Bar? Why am I here? Weren’t I on the bus towards the Finale site? Am I dreaming?” Romen muttered under his breath as he pinched himself.

“Dear customer, would you like to have a seat?” Seeing that he was standing in the doorway awkwardly, the barman asked.

“Umm… Sure.” Romen walked towards the counter hesitatingly. As he felt pain from pinching his arm, he was really confused.

-Where am I?

-You are at the Life Bar. A place where you can fulfill your dreams and wishes or solve your problems at a certain price.

-Dreams and wishes? Is getting rich also possible?

-Of course. Is money what you lack now?

-If I say yes, what is the price I have to pay?

-That would be your life, but just a tiny portion of it.

-Life? Am I dead?

-Of course not! Would you like a beer or a cocktail?

-Hmm… a margarita would be nice. So how can I trade my life for money?

- You would have to tell me what is the amount of money that you would like to exchange for, then I would tell you the exchange rate for that.

-$300,000… No. Make it $500,000.

-Sir, he is your margarita. I will consult my boss on the price for $500,000. Please enjoy your drink and I will be back shortly.

Once again, Chrono went to the room and did his routine workout before appearing back at the counter.

[Life Contract]

Name: Romen Ro

Offering: 12 Years

Receiving: $500,000





-Sir, this is our offer for $500,000. Your current lifespan is 92 years. Hence, after deducting 12 years, you will be left with 80 years. 12 years for a quick cash amount of $500,000. $3,472.22222 a month. An offer slightly higher than the market rate.

-That’s all? Will I receive $500,000 right away?

-It would take a couple of days for this huge sum to be processed and you will be able to receive the money within a week.

-Alright. I don’t think I have too much of a choice, considering that I do not want to be chased out of my house. How do I sign this?

Passing Romen the needle, Romen pricked his finger and signed the contract.

-Thank you very much!

-Sir, a moment please!


-Your bank account number please.



[Lifespan] 17 years (+12 years)


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