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Chapter 016: Date


Beach volleyball, frisbee, building sandcastles, getting buried in sand or just lying down on the sand for a tan. With everyone tanned like a lobster, time flew by and the beach day came to an end.


After beach day, it was the much awaited “Secret Partner (SP) Outing”. Every pair of “couple” was given $20 dollars to dine at a place of their choice. They could opt for a crummy unromantic date at a fast food restaurant which falls within the budget or they could personally fork out more and have a slightly more pleasant date with nicer ambience at some random restaurant.


Everyone was given a choice whether to head back to NTU or to leave Sentosa on their own. Even though it was termed “secret”, for Chrono it would be Tiffany as he was not included in the name list since he was late. Hence he didn’t wait for his OGLs to reveal who his partner was and went straight to Tiffany.






“What do you feel like eating?”


“Well, we only have $20 which isn’t really a lot. So why don’t we just go back to NTU and order a few more dishes at the canteen?”


“When was the last time you went on a date?”


Tiffany laughed and said, “I have never gone on a date before.”


Looking at her disbelievingly, he raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Serious?”


“Of course, why would I lie to you? I’ve never gone out alone with a guy before. Normally it would be with a whole group of friends.”


“No one asked you out before? Are the guys around you blind?”


Tiffany blushed a little and replied, “There were guys who asked me out before, but I rejected them as I wanted to concentrate on my studies.”


Chrono paused for a moment and said, “I see… Looks like it is my lucky day. What would you prefer? Japanese or Italian?”


“Hmm… I’m fine with both. But $20 is definitely not sufficient to eat at any restaurant.”


“Don’t worry. Just leave it to me.” Looking at his watch, “I will go pick you up at 6.30 P.M. What is your address?”


“Where are we going?” Tiffany asked curiously.


“It’s a secret!”


2 hours later…

Chrono sent Tiffany a text message.


“I am on the way. Reaching in 20 minutes.”

“Oh no. I have not put on my make-up.”

“Make-up? You definitely don’t need makeup.”

“Aww. That’s nice.”

“You need plastic surgery instead. HAHAHA. Kidding =P”



(Author: Do not ever try this on your girlfriend or date, you will be in deep shit if you do.)


Standing against his Grancabrio, Chrono waited at the carpark below Tiffany’s house.


“Sorry for making you wait!”


Chrono turned towards the direction of the voice and gaped. Wearing a white and baby blue rosalyn floral dress, a black Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody hung around her left shoulder. The dress revealed her flawless and slender shoulders. The dress was filled with white roses as if to compliment her innocence and purity. The hem was slightly above her knees which revealed a pair of slender legs with a nice tan from earlier. On her feet were a pair of light brown summer heels to finish it off.


“Wow. I take back what I said just now.”


She frowned and said, “I am already angry at you for saying that I need plastic surgery. Your punishment is to bring me to a place with delicious food.”


Just then, Tiffany noticed Chrono leaning against what looked like a really expensive car. She hurriedly grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the car.


“Why are you leaning against other people’s car? It looks like a really expensive car! What if you scratch the car?” Saying that, she hurriedly walked towards the car to and bend down to inspect if there were any scratches caused by Chrono.


Chrono could not help but chuckle to himself.


*Beep beep*


Chrono unlocked the door of his car and opened the door to the passenger seat and said, “Miss, this way please.”


Tiffany looked at Chrono, then at the opened door, then back at Chrono. Seeing that she was in a daze, Chrono walked towards her, held her hand and guided her towards the seat and closed the door after she was seated.


Getting into the driver’s seat, Chrono turned on the engine and dropped the top of the Grancobrio. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s eyes were glued to the retractable top as it folded and the back of the car opened up to store the retracted top.


“So do you like my car? She’s a beauty isn’t it?” Chrono asked as he turned out of the carpark and onto the main road.


“This car is yours?”


“Of course.”


Feeling the wind in her hair, Tiffany closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling and said, “Didn’t know you were so rich. Your parents bought this for you?”


“Nope. I bought this myself.” Chrono then started to narrate what “happened”.


1 hour later.

“Hi, I made a reservation under Chrono for two at 7.30 P.M,” Chrono said to the person in charge of the reservations.


From the time they left the carpark at Tiffany’s till they reached the restaurant, if Chrono could have a dollar for every glance Tiffany was given, he would be even richer.


The place Chrono brought Tiffany to was a restaurant called “Hashido Garo”, a Japanese restaurant that was described as a place where desserts meet art. The restaurant has a large communal U-shaped table centered by a tatami platform anchoring the sparsely-decorated space. The main attraction of the restaurant would probably be averted to the kimono-clad resident tea master preparing a cup of ceremonial-grade Matcha in the middle of the tatami platform for discerning tea lovers. When Tiffany spotted the dessert portion of the menu, she squealed in delight. Excited to share this wonderful place with her friends, the elated girl took a picture to post on Instagram when all of the food arrived.


After a main course of simple bento of rice with grilled eel and shredded egg and an assortment of seaweed-wrapped rice sandwiches which the two of them shared while watching the tea master prepare tea, Tiffany ordered extra Wagashi in addition to the one that was included in the main course. They also took a picture together with the help of a service personnel from the restaurant.


Walking out of the restaurant, Tiffany had smiles all over her face and thanked Chrono for the meal. Tiffany had put in so much effort to help him have a good time in camp, just buying a meal was the least he could do to show his gratitude. In addition, how often do you get to be the first person out on a date with a pretty girl?


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This phrase applies to women too. For someone who rejected all approach from the opposite sex, Chrono was surprised when Tiffany offered to pay for the bill the next time. Which implies that Tiffany is willing to go on a second date with Chrono.


As Chrono drove back to school, they chatted about everything under the moon and got to know each other even better. By the time they reached back, it was already 10.30 P.M. Tiffany thanked Chrono for the wonderful SP date after he walked her to her room. Opening her door, Tiffany, with heart beating very fast and blushing cheeks, turned around, gave Chrono a hug and quickly ran into her room.


(Author: Does it feel like there is love in the air?)


Looking at the closed door, Chrono smiled to himself before heading back to his own room. After washing up and changing into clean clothes, he closed his tired eyes as he lied on his bed. Before he knew it, he fell asleep.


The next day.


“Oh, I have to hear your voice, the one that brings me joy

And your warmth slowly wraps around my heart…

Boy, can’t you see?

The lights are shining on me, and it’s like a diamond

I’m spinning around, rocking around like a diamond”


People danced and spun around in the hall as the melodious voices of TTS (TaeTiSeo) filled the hall.


“Amazing Race” commenced after the mass dance ended. 10 pictures were given to each OG and they have to take a group photo in front of the landmark. The first 2 teams who managed to get all 10 photos correctly will be treated to a pizza party that very night. With free pizza at stake, everyone was motivated and eager to win.


Amazing Race lasted throughout the day and ended in the evening.


Unfortunately, Chrono’s team came in third and missed the second place by a few minutes. Staring at the pizza party that the first 2 teams were enjoying, Chrono and his OG could not help but started to drool when the smell of pizza drifted in their direction. They then went towards the canteen for dinner before going back to the hall to prepare their performance for the Finale.


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