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Chapter 015: Night Walk

As the sky turned dark, the hall started to have less and less people. After getting called out of the hall by his OGL, he was suddenly blindfolded and lead to where everyone was gathered with their partner. Sitting beside Tiffany who was also blindfolded, they started to engage in idle talk. After a couple of minutes, they were herded into the back of a van.


After some time, the van started to stop periodically and pairs were dropped off. Chrono and Tiffany were the last pair and when it was their turn, the OGL instructed them to wait for about 5 minutes before removing their blindfold and to head to the top. As the van drove off, Chrono and Tiffany was left alone on the roadside. Feeling their way forward, they managed to find pieces of stone jutting out from the ground. The pieces of stone were big enough to be used as backrest which they leaned against as they sat on the ground comfortably. Chatting happily, the two talked while waiting for the 5 minutes to be up. Not even a minute into the wait, a faint scream could be heard.


“Did you hear that?”






There was no reply.


Feeling creeped out, Tiffany lifted her blindfold and took a peek. What greeted her was tombstones of different shape and sizes. With fear starting to gnaw at her heart, she quickly stood up and attempted to look for Chrono.


“Chrono, where are you? Stop playing. I am really creeped out.”


Feeling amused and laughing to himself, Chrono continued hiding behind the tombstone. On the way to the cemetery, he was instructed by the OGL to hide behind the tombstone and scare Tiffany.


Silence. Well, there was the sound of crickets calling for a mate.


“Stop it. If not I will be angry and not talk to you anymore.”


“BOO!” A figure jumped out from the back of a tombstone the moment Tiffany finished her sentence.


Tiffany gave a scream, closed her eyes and furiously walked backward.




She tripped over a tombstone and fell backward. Landing flat on her back with her legs dangling above the tombstone she tripped over, it was a sight to behold. Whipping out his phone, he secretly took a few picture before he rushed forward to check if Tiffany was alright. (Author: Douchebag)


“Are you okay?” Chrono lifted Tiffany’s leg off the tombstone and accidentally saw a flash of pink.




“Ouch. My elbow hurts.” Oblivious to what just happened, Tiffany groaned while she slowly pushed herself up from the ground. Helping her up slowly, Chrono checked whether there was any serious injury or not. After a few minutes, she got over her pain and started to hit Chrono for scaring her which made her trip over the tombstone.




Suddenly both Tiffany and Chrono felt a chill which caused them to have goosebumps.


Silence. This time for real.


Feeling that something was off, the two stopped goofing around and looked around. Suddenly Tiffany saw something white hanging off a tree not too far away. She hid behind Chrono’s back while she turned him towards the tree. After focusing to have a good look, they realised that it looked like a person dressed in a white dress with really long hair hanging from the tree suspended by a rope. The ”person” was swaying back and forth for a few second when it suddenly stopped moving.  Something started to drip from her legs.












Suddenly, two hands appeared out of nowhere and pointed towards them. The “person” started to float towards them at an increasing speed.


Rooted to the spot, both Chrono and Tiffany continued staring at the “person”.


Suddenly, the “person” lifted her head and gave an ear-splitting scream. With blood dripping from her eyes, nose and mouth. It was a really gruesome sight.


Tiffany went weak in the knees and fainted. Feeling the crumbling Tiffany, Chrono finally woke up from his daze. He turned around, princess carried Tiffany in his arm; who was unconscious and started to sprint for his dear life.


What the f*ck. Shit. Shit. Shit. Why the f*ck is there a ghost chasing us?


Chrono cursed as he hurdled over tombstones as he ran uphill. Well, that was the only direction he could go considering that there was a ghost chasing him in the opposite direction.




Thanks to his skill, he was able to carry Tiffany who was getting heavier as time goes by and sprinted towards the top of the hill.


At the same time, the rest of the OG was already at the top of the hill. While waiting for the last pair, most of the OG was sitting on the grass chatting while enjoying the night view from the top of the hill.


“Hey, isn’t that Chrono? Is that Tiffany in his arms?” Someone pointed out as he saw Chrono running up the hill.


“Why is he running?” Someone else asked.


“Help!... *Gasp* Quickly… *gasp* start the.. *gasp* van!!!” Chrono shouted while gasping for air.


Not sure what was happening, they started to board the van without asking much questions. Chrono and Tiffany were the last pair anyway and it was getting late. After a couple of minutes, Chrono who was carrying Tiffany finally arrived and he leaped into the van and quickly slammed the door close. The OGL who wanted to help to close the door was given a shock. He then went to the front seat and the van left the hilltop.


In the van, Tiffany who was knocked out was lying on Chrono’s lap while he continued gasping for air while everyone stared at them curiously. When they finally noticed that Tiffany was unconscious, the van suddenly became very noisy.


Still gasping for air, Chrono attempted to answer all the questions.


After explaining, the rest of the OG finally got the whole story. However, when Chrono finished his story, they were skeptical about the ghost. On the way back, Tiffany finally stirred and regained consciousness. Ultimately, a majority still thinks that Tiffany and Chrono were playing a prank on them but did not comment on it.


When they finally got back to Hall 16, instructions for Day 3 were disseminated to them. Not knowing whether it was real or not and unable to prove the authenticity, everyone was asked to keep it a secret and the matter came to a close.


“Are you okay?” Chrono asked as Tiffany as everyone started to disperse and return to their room.


“I still feel a little weak. Can you support me back?” Tiffany asked as she slowly stood up from the bench.


With a nod, Tiffany placed one of her arm across Chrono’s shoulder while Chrono supported her by holding her waist.


After everyone dispersed, the OGLs grouped together and whispered to each other.


“Looks like the drone disguised as a ghost is a success. We can use this method to scare the freshies next year. Didn’t expect Tiffany to faint though.”


Sniggers could be heard as the OGLs walked away into the distance.


However, unknown to them, Chrono who had the skill <Omniscient> heard what they said even though they were whispering.


B*astards. I will definitely return this favour. How dare you play a prank on us and made Tiffany faint. Just you wait…


“I think you should lose some weight. If that happens again, I doubt anyone else would have the strength to carry you all the way up the hill.”


Tiffany scowled and gave Chrono a light punch. When they reached, feeling inappropriate to enter a girl’s room in the middle of the night, Chrono bade her goodbye as she entered.


“No! Stop! Don’t go!” Tiffany stopped Chrono from leaving.


Feeling that it was something a girl from a soapy drama would say to her lover, Chrono could not help but to laugh at her.


Punching him again, Tiffany explained that she was scared. Her roommate was not involved in the camp, so she is alone in the room. In addition, she did not dare to go to the toilet alone. Hence Chrono ended sitting outside the toilet while Tiffany went in to bathe. Every few seconds Tiffany would as, “Chrono are you there?”.


Once, Chrono did not reply and Tiffany almost rushed out of the toilet. He managed to stop her before she ran out when he realised what she wanted to do. After her bath, Chrono being a gentleman, sat at her doorstep and talked to her until she fell asleep. He left the lights on when he left, just in case she woke up in the middle of the night.


The next day.

“Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby~

Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby~”




Chrono got up from his bed and stretched lazily and started to sing in his head.


Sentosa~ Beach~ Sun~ Bikini time~


Waking Shane up as he was also going to Sontosa, they left their room in high spirit and went towards the bus bay.


After an hour on the bus, they’ve finally reached their destination. Soon, cheers and laughter filled the air. As the blazing hot sun suspended high up in the air and not a single cloud in the sky, the weather was perfect for a day at the beach. With the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, feeling of nice warm sand under one’s sole and biki… Wait. Why are there no one wearing bikinis? As Chrono frantically looked around for a glimpse of goodness, he could not help but feel his hopes shatter. The truth was that the girls were told that bikinis were not allowed and the bare minimum was singlet and shorts. If Chrono knew the truth, he would have started cursing whoever gave that instruction.


Beach volleyball, frisbee, building sandcastles, getting buried in sand or just lying down on the sand for a tan. With everyone tanned like a lobster, time flew by and the beach day came to an end.


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