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Chapter 014: Day 2



After the monster dungeon, Chrono went to look at the player dungeon.



Level : 🔽


Opponent : 🔽


Number : 🔽

                           [ START ]



Opening the options for “Opponent”, Chrono browsed through the choices. Elf, Orcs, Rakshasa, Centaur… There were even an option of choosing to fight with a Dragon. As he was unsure what to expect from the personal dungeon as Fei was not around, Chrono decided to select something that he was familiar with. Human. There was a choice of level 1 to 5 while the maximum number of opponent was 9999.



Level : 1🔽


Opponent : Human🔽


Number : 0 0 0 1🔽

                           [ START ]



Chrono was only allowed a choice of melee weapons. After he chose his weapon, katana, he arrived in a ring. At the opposite corner of the ring stood a warrior with a short sword and shield in his hands.


“Match commencing in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Begin!” The voice said.


As it was his first time fighting someone with a sword, Chrono decided to fight defensively. Keeping his guard up, he planted his foot firmly and waited. The warrior, keeping his shield up, charged towards Chrono and started to swing his sword.




Feeling a surge in power, Chrono weaved left and right as he avoided the slashes. He used the time period of 9 minute to find out what he was capable of with the usage of <Overdrive>. As the warrior was only level 1, the speed of each slash was dodgeable. Not feeling tired even after 9 minutes of dodging, Chrono finally decided to go on the offence. At the start, Chrono was constantly blocked by shield of the warrior. Starting to feel annoyed, Chrono feinting a punch towards the warrior’s head, the warrior lifted the shield which blocked his view. At the same time, the warrior swung his sword horizontally. Evading the swing by squatting down, Chrono then jumped up and headbutted the warrior in his stomach. With his guard wide open, Chrono knowing that the opponent was not real, beheaded him with a single swipe.


I should go take up kendo lesson when orientation is over. The only time i made used of the katana was just the beheading of my opponent...


As the Arena Restaurant was close to the Arena Dungeon, Chrono decided to buy some pastry for Fei so that she can eat them when she was bored. Putting his bill on credit, he bought vanilla icing cupcakes, chocolate cookies and a tiramisu cake from the bakery section in the Arena Restaurant. There were all sort of pastries from gooey slime like pudding to exotic bugs filled with some weird smelling filling. At the same time, he also bought some food that were popular with nagas for the two guard. Being nice to Fei’s jailers is definitely a smart move. After delivering the food, he left the Arena.


By the time he returned back to his room, it was already 5 A.M.






The next day.




Shane smacked his pillow on Chrono’s still sleeping face. Chrono was still sleeping. Shane smacked his face with the pillow again. Still sleeping. Shane repeated the process. After about twenty over times. The sleeping hunk finally woke up.


“Stop it. I’m awake.”


“Good. You have half an hour. Hurry up.” Shane replied triumphantly.




Not even 3 hours of sleep…


After washing up, Chrono downed two bottle of energy potion before heading out.



After breakfast, the committee that organised and planned the camp was introduced to all the participants. After an hour, they were dismissed back to their own OG for further bonding through ice breaking games. The OGLs told them they would be playing “Angel and Mortal”. “Angel and Mortal” is a game where members of a group are randomly assigned a person, to be their mortal, to whom they anonymously do nice things for. Opening the paper that held his fate and fervently praying that it is one of the prettier looking girls in his OG.




Staring at the paper happily, Chrono folded it carefully and put it into his pocket.

The next game was the M&M game. Each of the participants were given a bite sized pack of M&M and a small slip of paper.



Colour                                                  Share…

Red                                                      Basic info (e.g. Age/previous schools/course)


Orange                                                 Favourite food/colour/number          


Yellow                                                   Favourite song/singer/band/idol groups


Green                                                   Favourite hobby/pastime


Blue                                                      Favourite TV show/movie/drama/actor/actress


Brown                                                    Anything you like!          



Looking at the list, Chrono realised that this was a game to help the “angel” understand the “mortal” more.


Age: 20

Birthday: 1st August (Leo)

Course: Psychology

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite number: 7

Favourite hobby: Playing the flute

Favourite food: Pizza, yakiniku and wagashi

Habit: Cutting her food before eating


That was what Chrono managed to gather when the game ended. After the M&M game, they played “Shark and Fish”. They were brought to an open area and asked to pair up. A shark and Fish was chosen to start the game. The shark is supposed to catch the fish and the fish have to escape from the shark. The rest of the players who are in pairs with their arms hooked are coral reefs. When the fish run to a coral reef and hook his/her arm with one of the ‘coral reef’, the other ‘coral reef’ becomes the fish and will have to escape from the shark. With laughter and occasional shrieks, they played “Shark and Fish” till lunch time. After lunch they were given half an hour to digest their food and change into pool games attire.


<Instant Arena>


<Instant Arena>


Wanting to visit Fei with the 30 minute break, Chrono tried to enter The Arena.


Oh right… I entered the Arena just now at 2…


Wearing a singlet and training shorts, Chrono arrived at the pool. After an exhausting time at the Arena, he was hoping that the girls would wear two piece swim suit for the games and give him the energy to play the games. However, every single one of them wore t-shirt and shorts. Feeling disappointed, Chrono drank an energy potion to replenish his energy instead.


“Dodge balloon” was the first game. The width of the pool was divided into two and two OG was on each side and each equipped with a water balloon. As all of the participants are still dry, it was easy to spot those that got hit by water balloons when the game started. When the balloons ran out, those that were hit by water balloons were asked to leave the game area. Round 2 started with new water balloons equipped and the game continued until one team ran out of players. Chrono artistically evaded all the water balloons with moves as though he was dancing and easily won the game for his team.


With everyone pretty much drenched from “Dodge balloon”, they proceeded to play “Fireman’s relay”. The players formed a line. The first person in line will stand approximately 10 feet from the next person in line who has a water hose. The first person will have to catch the water coming out of the hose 10 feet away with a cup. Once the cup is filled, the player will then dump the contents into a bucket, the players will rotate forward after every try.


After “Fireman’s relay” was “Chair and questions”.As the name suggested, a chair was placed by the edge of the pool. Players from two team will each sit on a chair facing the pool. They would be asked general questions and whoever fail to give the answer would be pushed into the pool. If both players were not able to give the correct answer after 10 seconds, both would be pushed into the pool. The last team with players still un-pooled wins.


The last game was “Hula race”. 10 Hula hoops were suspended above the pool. Each team was divided into mini teams of three. The mini teams needed to help 1 player cross all the hula hoops stretched across the length of the pool. Once a mini team crossed the first hoop, the next mini team can proceed forward. The team with all the mini teams crossing the pool first wins.


Chrono’s OG managed to win 3 games and hence got 3 points. The pool game ended after 3 hour.


After which, they played “Catch me if you can”. Each OG was split into two teams. One team was the catcher (needs to remove all the name tags from the back of the other team to win) while the other team has to avoid getting their name tag ‘stolen’ (while searching for 15 balloons and putting them all into a big bin to win). The catcher team was paired up and the hand of each pair was tied together. Players who were caught were lead into a room and was not heard from after that. On the other hand, with his enhanced speed, agility, stamina and endurance, Chrono who was on the non-catcher team managed to evade all the catchers and help his team win the game.


After dinner they had OG time and Finale preparation (preparation for the performance on the last day).


As the sky turned dark, the hall started to have less and less people. After getting called out of the hall by his OGL, he was suddenly blindfolded and lead to where everyone was gathered with their partner. Sitting beside Tiffany who was also blindfolded, they started to engage in idle talk. After couple of minutes, they were herded into the back of a van.



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