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Chapter 013: Day 1



Shit. Can’t believe I forgot all about this. Where is my bag?


After washing up, packing his bag to bring to school and eating his breakfast (why was he eating breakfast even though he was late? Because breakfast is a very important meal for a growing man), he rushed out of the house towards the carpark.


By the time he reached Hall 16 carpark, it was already 11.58 A.M. As he looked around, he finally spotted Shane waving to him. Grabbing his bag, he ran towards him. Shane brought him to their room to put down his bag before bringing him to look for his orientation group (OG). When he found his OG, he apologised for being late. Luckily from 8 to 10 was the pre-camp briefing where they settled administrative and logistic matters like informing the camp participants about the Do’s and Don’ts of the camp and distributing of name tags. The itinerary starts actually after lunch at 1 P.M. The long hours were also partly due to taking into consideration that there would be people who would be late. After mingling with his group for 45 minutes, they were dispatched to the canteen for lunch.


After lunch, the camp activities officially started. With the mandatory ice breaking games kickstarting the camp. They started the game with “Wacko” to introduce themselves and to get the blood flowing after lunch.


Continued with “Two truths, one lie” to break the awkwardness between each other. For each person, he or she shares three statements (in any order) to the group. The goal of the icebreaker game is to determine which statement is false. The group votes on which one they feel is a lie, and at the end of each round, the person reveals which one was the lie.


When it was Chrono’s turn, what he said was “I was struck by lightning on a sunny afternoon after my run”, “I have never watch porn before” and “I became filthy rich after randomly obtaining a rare stone”. One of the OGL after hearing Chrono’s three options reminded him that it was TWO truths, ONE lie. His group consists of 32 other people including 4 OGLs, however one of the OGL was missing.


Out of the 31 people, 27 chose “I was struck by lightning on a sunny afternoon after my run” as the lie, 3 girls (well only a particularly pure and innocent girl would believe that not watching porn was possible for a man) chose “I have never watch porn before” while the last person chose ““I became filthy rich after randomly finding a rare stone”. When he revealed which was the lie, his group was shocked and started to ask him questions about how and why he got struck by lightning and about the stone he mentioned. However, there were about half of the group that have not had their turn. Hence the OGLs stopped the questioning and proceeded on with the game.


After the icebreaker, there were some performances and introduction of the hall’s mascot followed by a talk by one of the main sponsor of the camp, dinner and mass dance. One of the girl in Chrono’s OG fell sick and did not turn up for the camp causing the guy girl ratio to be uneven. And Chrono who was late for 3 hours was thought to be absent which would have balanced out the ratio. Hence they did not schedule him any partner for the camp. Thus causing him to be standing at the back of the hall alone when the mass dance started.


“Chrono right?” A familiar voice sounded as Chrono felt someone tap him on his right shoulder.


Turning around, he saw a girl smiling at him.


Wow, she is pretty.


<Lachesis Eyes>



Name: Tiffany Hwang

[Total life span: 84 years | Current age: 26 | Cause of Death: Natural]



Oh. So she is Tiffany that called me this morning.


She had soft black hair tied in a ponytail and her fringe was swept to the side with a tinge of brown at the end. However what really caught Chrono’s attention was her eyes. She has an almost perfect eye-smile. Why almost? Because nothing is perfect in this world!


“Tiffany?” Chrono blurted out without much thought.


“Uh? You know who I am? Have you seen me before?”




“Ah. Looks like my guess is correct. I was just trying my luck.” Chrono said as he gave an awkward laugh.


As everyone else has already started dancing, they kept their introduction short and started to sway to the beat and tempo of the music. After dancing for an hour, both Tiffany and Chrono started to feel tired and decided to go get a drink from the vending machine. After talking for a couple of minutes, Chrono found out that the reason Tiffany was missing the whole time before dinner was due to her trying to look for a partner for him.


If a participant from their group does not have a partner, one of the OGL of the group has to go to the other halls to find a partner for them. However due to the person who was late by almost 4 hours, he was thought to be not coming for the camp. Coincidentally there was an equal number of male and female in the rest of the OGs. Hence, Tiffany who wished that Chrono would enjoy the camp which had majority of their games needing a partner, went to the committee to ask for permission to be his partner. Luckily their group had more than enough OGLs, hence Tiffany’s request was approved. (50 Luck at work)


The mass dance ended at about 9.30 P.M. After dancing for almost 3 hours, Chrono’s OG went to a nearby prata shop to silence their growling stomach. By the time he returned to his room, it was already 2 A.M. and Shane was already fast asleep. He went for a quick shower before he collapsed on his bed and entered the Arena.


{Instant Arena}


With him wasting quite some time the past two days, he went straight to the Arena Manager district to look for Fei while he drank an energy potion.


The district was divided into 5 area. North (Bronze Managers), South (Silver Managers), East (Gold Managers), West (Platinum Managers) and Central (Overlord Managers). Whereas for players, there was a separate district for them where they can rent lodgings by using Arena points.


After half an hour, a perspiring Chrono finally reached the Bronze Manager district. Wandering amongst the houses, he noticed that there were two naga guarding the door of a house not far away. Feeling curious why the house was the only one with guards, he walked towards it. To his horror, the house was actually Fei’s house. Chrono prepared his speech in his mind as he approached the door.


Surprisingly, the two naga did not even spare him a glance. Feeling bewildered, Chrono knocked on the door since they did not stop him. A short while later, Fei opened the door. When she saw Chrono, she couldn’t help but rush forward and gave him a big hug and started bawling on his shoulders. Not knowing what to do, he just stood there like a log and waited for Fei to finish crying. After a few minutes, he lead a still sobbing Fei into the house and asked her what happened.


After her explanation and occasional inaudible gibberish because of her sobbing. He finally got the full picture. Apparently Fei was under house arrest for a crime that she did not commit. Fei does not have a single idea what was stolen from the Platinum Manager’s apartment. Somehow, Fei became a suspect and her house was searched two days ago.


There’s a high chance Shant is behind this framing...


Even though nothing was found in her home, she was still under house arrest since yesterday as the culprit was still not caught. Fei was indignant about it and upset for being accused. Hence when she saw a familiar face, she burst out uncontrollably after suppressing it in her for the past two days. After comforting her and glad that nothing serious happened, Chrono told her that he will visit her everyday until she get released from her house arrest. After accompanying her for a few hours, he left Fei’s house after she fell asleep from exhaustion due to her excessive crying and worrying.



Level : 1🔽


Stage: 4🔽


Companion: Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]



This time the dungeon spawned harpies.



Name: Harpies


Level: 4



Name: Harpie Queen (Boss)


Level: 10



With his one shot one kill shooting skill and Abaddon’s tight defense, they breezed through the stage even when the enemy was airborne. However for the boss stage, the Harpy Queen was a pain in the *ss due to her hit and run tactic. Chrono had to dodge many times to avoid being squashed into a meat paste. In addition, the harpie queen had an aoe (area of effect) attack where she shoots her razor sharp feathers out of her wings. Her body glowed before she activated her aoe skill. Chrono almost died the first time she used the skill. Thankfully Abaddon shielded him with his body. After a few punch, the harpie queen was blasted into oblivion.



Name: Abaddon


Level: 4 (Exp to next level: 3625)



[Health potion (I)] x3 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x5 received.


[Head to toe body make-over pill] x2 received.






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