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Chapter 012:Martial Art



Once again, Chrono dip his hands into the box with the ?.


Drawing out a ball, a notification sounded in his head.


<Magic Pen> obtained.



<Magic Pen> - A pen that is magic which has lots of function.



Seriously? A magic pen? 100 years for a pen? Oh well… At least the pen looks nice.


Staring at the pen in his hand, Chrono couldn’t help but lament over his draw. Shaking his head, he stored it in his inventory and cycled home.


Looking into his mirror, Chrono realised that his muscles have became a tad bigger and more define. Flexing his muscles, he did a couple of poses as though he was at a bodybuilding competition. Hoping to make use of his new found strength, he decided to learn some martial art for self defence. In fact, he went for trial lessons at a couple of gym before. However, the fees were quite expensive and he gave up on the idea. However, money is definitely not an issue for him now.


Turning on his computer, he easily found a gym that specializes in Muay Thai. Seeing that they are open till late, he packed his bag and left for the gym.





1 hour later…


“Good evening Sir, welcome to Muay Thai Gym (MTG). How can I help you?” The man at the counter asked politely.


“Hi. I would like to enroll for Muay Thai. Is there any beginner sessions going on currently?”


“You are in luck, we have a beginner session that will be starting at 8 P.M. Would you like to sign up for that?”


Looking at his watch, he saw that it was thirty minutes to eight. Thanking his high luck stats, he paid for the registration fee and walked towards the changing room.


“Good afternoon. I am Sanchai. Your Muay Thai instructor for this session. First, I would like to inform you that learning Muay Thai is definitely not a walk in the park. For the first month, I will be focusing solely on your fitness. You will not be in contact with any pad work until I am satisfied with your basic fitness. I know that you are paying to attend these lessons. Hence, I am telling you in advance what to expect. So as to not have any dispute over the lessons only focusing on your fitness. If you are already fit and ready to go, then you would be able to start on pad work earlier. However if you are not ready, it might take more than a month. So it all depends on your individual effort. This is so as to make sure that you do not sustain injury for being weak. Anyone not satisfied with this? Please sound out now. If not will start our warm up immediately.” Sanchai looked around to see if there were anyone who had issue with what he said when he ended his speech.


Seeing that there were no one that had any problem. He instructed everyone to start warm up by jogging around the gym for 5 minutes.






1.5 hours later…



Chrono massaged his sore shoulders as he stood under the shower nozzle. Throughout the session, they did countless number of sit-ups, burpees, push-ups and lots of running. At the end of the session, there was not a single soul standing upright except Sanchai.


Starting up his car, Chrono told himself that for the next session, he will just call a cab. With his sore muscles, driving is a pain in the *ss.


Wait... Don’t I have a couple of energy potion in my inventory? I wonder if it is useful…


Opening his inventory, Chrono took out the vial which contained a dark red liquid. Taking a sip, he waited to see if there was any effect. Not sure if he was really feeling much better or it was all in his mind, he threw caution to the wind and chugged down the dark red liquid.


A minute later, he could feel his muscles relaxing and became less sore. Taking out a second bottle, Chrono downed the dark red liquid in one go. After the second vial, he could still feel some soreness in his muscles. Drinking his last bottle, his muscles were rejuvenated and the soreness was all gone.


Satisfied with the effect, he looked forward to visiting The Arena again to get more vials.




The next day.


<Instant Arena>


A wormhole appeared and Chrono was transported to the Arena. Chrono tried to look for Fei but was not able to find her. Hence, he went to the dungeon alone with Abaddon tagging along behind him. After reaching the dungeon entrance, Chrono looked at the screen of the dungeon selector.



Level : 🔽


Stage: 🔽


Companion: 🔽

                           [ START ]



There were option 1 to 10 for both level and stage. Feeling ambitious, Chrono wanted to select Level 3 but it was greyed out. The only option was Level 1. Whereas for the options for stage, 1 and 2 was available. Abaddon was his only companion, hence Abaddon was chosen.



Level : 1🔽


Stage: 2🔽


Companion: Abaddon🔽


                           [ START ]



Name: Abaddon


Level: 1 (Exp to next level: 625)



Chrono pressed the start button and was moved to the starting ground along with Abaddon. Once again choosing the arcane rifle and katana, he waited patiently for the stage to start. The terrain was still the same where they were at the top of the hill and monsters in wave attacked from all directions. The monsters were kobolds and goblins and a Kobold King at the end of the stage.



Name: Kobold


Level: 2



Name: Goblin


Level: 2



Name: Kobold King (Boss)


Level: 10



Looks like the monsters gain level according to the stage number.


With Abaddon’s destructive power and lightning speed. They cleared it easily.



Name: Abaddon


Level: 2 (Exp to next level: 1875)




[Health potion (I)] x4 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x4 received.


[Head to toe body make-over pill] x1 received.






After lunch, Chrono drove his family, who were all at home because it was a Saturday, to their new house. After inspecting the new house, they went to AEKI, a furniture retailer company, to purchase new furniture. For the rest of the day, they packed their belongings so as to shift to the new house the next day.






The next day.



Only after dinner was Chrono finally free to visit The Arena.


{Instant Arena}


Once again, he attempted to find Fei before visiting the dungeon. However he was not able to meet up with her. As it was only the second day Fei is uncontactable, not wanting to get overly paranoid considering that it was only his third day here, he decided to complete the dungeon first.



Level : 1🔽


Stage: 3🔽


Companion: Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]



Chrono entered the dungeon with Abaddon. With his arcane rifle, still not used katana and overpowered Abaddon, they breezed through swarms of goblins. The boss was surprisingly -or not- the Goblin King.



Name: Goblin


Level: 3



Name: Goblin King (Boss)


Level: 10



Chrono sat on the grass patch leisurely as he left the clearing of monsters to Abaddon.



Name: Abaddon


Level: 3 (Exp to next level: 1125)



After finishing his daily dungeon stage, Chrono searched for Fei in the Arena Restaurant, after buying some food and drink (using Fei’s credit of course), Arena Plaza and the garden. However she remained out of sight. Feeling a little tired and bored, he decided that he would try his luck in the Arena Manager district the next day.


[Health potion (I)] x3 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x7 received.


[Head to toe body make-over pill] x1 received.



After exiting The Arena, he went to MTG for his Muay Thai session. The session was exactly the same as before. Just that during the breaks that they were given, Chrono secretly drank his energy potion. However, he cannot show such a drastic improvement only after two session. Hence, Sanchai was still the only one left standing after the session.






The next day.



*bzzt* *bzzt* *bzzt*


Chrono’s phone vibrated for quite some time before it finally woke him up.


“Hello?” Chrono said groggily.


“Where the heck are you?! It’s 10 A.M. and you are still sleeping?!” Shane shouted the moment he picked up.


“Why would I be awake? I’m planning to go back to sleep after I scold you for waking me up so early.”


“Sleep your big fat *ss. Today is the first day of orientation. Don’t tell me you forgot all about it.”


Hearing what Shane said, Chrono immediately jolted up from his bed.


“What’s the date today? Orientation starts today? Sh*t!”


“You don’t say. Hurry up and get your fat *ss here ASAP.”


After hanging up, Chrono realised that there was a miss call from an unknown number.


*Ring ring* *Ring ring* *Ring ring*




“Hi. This is Chrono speaking. I received 3 missed calls earlier just now.”


“Ah Chrono. I am Tiffany, your orientation group leader (OGL). I called to ask if you are coming for camp or not.”


“Sorry for being late. I was busy the past few days, was shifting house and I totally forgot about orientation. I will be going over ASAP.”


“No problem! We are at the open area of Hall 16. See you soon!”


“Okay. Thank you!”


Shit. Can’t believe I forgot all about this. Where is my bag?


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