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Chapter 011: Blinded in Love



Removing his helmet, he went to a table not too far from the origin of the voice. With his back facing the two girls, he started to eavesdrop on their conversation after ordering a cup of iced tea.


<Lachesis Eyes>


Use <Lachesis Eyes> a million times. (Reward: Unlock LV3) completed


<Lachesis Eyes> - LV3 (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death) unlocked.



<Lachesis Eyes> - LV3 (Ability to see target’s name, lifespan, current age and cause of death)







[Total life span: 84 years | Current age: 26 | Cause of Death: Natural]





“But I really really like him. I’ve a crush on him since we were kids. He was always nice and kind to me. If only I looked as pretty as Shermaine... “ After saying this, the girl started to sob uncontrollably.


Opening his inventory, Chrono selected the pill and looked at the description. At the same time he checked the two potions he had in his inventory.



[Health potion (I)] - Potion that cures sickness


[Energy potion (I)] - Potion that provides energy


[Head to toe body make-over pill] - Enter body editor mode after consuming the pill



This guy who dumped her is really horrible. I wonder if I should sell the pill to her...


After two hours, the two girls parted and left the cafe. Chrono who had patiently waited and listened to their conversation for the whole two hours left a few minutes after them. He then made a beeline towards Jamie who was a distance away. Trailing her all the way to her house, Chrono felt that he was akin to a stalker preying on a weak, heartbroken and vulnerable girl.


When Jamie was safely in her house and locked her front gate, Chrono quickly activated his skill.


<Life Merchant Contract>


Thinking that she was feeling sleepy after crying for so long, she welcomed the sleep as she would be able to not think about him and not feel the heartache.


A short while after...


“Uh? Where am I?” The girl thought to herself and wondered if she was dreaming. She then walked towards the door that was a stone throw away from where she was.


“Welcome to the Life Bar.” Chrono said enthusiastically as Jamie stepped into Life Bar.


-Who are you? Where am I?

-Good day to you. I am a part-time worker and you are currently at the Life Bar where customers meet and gather to have their problems solved.

-Problem? Any kind of problems?

-Hmm? Does our pretty customer have some sort of problem?

-Me? Pretty? You must be joking. If I am pretty, then I wouldn’t have been dumped. Are you trying to mock me?

-Of course not. Why would I mock a customer? My boss will kill me if he thinks I am driving away his customers.


Chrono then placed a mug of beer in front of Jamie. Jamie looked at the beer in front of her, contemplated for a moment, before she lifted it from the counter and drank it.

From her expression after she drank the beer, Chrono was pretty sure that she do not drink alcohol often.


-Is the beer to your liking?

-Does it matter? As long as it can make me drunk and help me forget all about this heartache, even if it taste like drain water, I would still gladly drink it.

-I would assume that customer have encountered a relationship problem then?

-What do you think? Why else would anyone have a heartache?


Downing the beer, Jamie could feel her face getting flushed from drinking too fast. Chrono refilled the mug and gave it to Jamie.


-Would you like to talk about your problem? Telling it to someone will help you get a load of your chest.

-Sigh. Even if I tell you, would it help? Sean have already left me. There is nothing I can do about it. How am I supposed to fight that sl*t who stole my boyfriend with my kind of looks?


Chugging down the beer, Jamie started to feel tipsy as she slumped on the table. Her eyes started to get moist and she was on the verge of crying.


-What if I tell you that there is a way to change how you look?



Looking at the bartender with his mask on, Jamie thought that she heard wrong and continued to wallow in self pity and started to cry.


-You can solve your problem and change how you look with a cost and a condition, I wonder if you are interested in that.

-What? You can help me look prettier?

-Yes. But there would be a price to pay.

-What is it? How? I will do it no matter what is the price.

-Please calm down, there is also a condition attached to the solution.


Saying that, Chrono placed two contract on the table.



[Life Contract]


Name: Jamie Yeo


Offering: 50 Years


Receiving: Head to toe body make-over pill











[Life Contract]


Name: Jamie Yeo


Offering: 10 Years


Receiving: Head to toe body make-over pill


Additional condition: Jamie is not allowed to get back together with anyone she had a past relationship with.












-Currently customer is 26 years old. Your total lifespan is 84 years.


Staring at the contract, Jamie reread the contract over and over again.


-Can you remove the additional condition and sell me the pill at 10 years?


Jamie asked hopefully as she looked at the bartender.


-Give me a moment, I shall consult my boss on this. Please wait here for a moment.


Chrono refilled Jamie’s mug and walked into the room behind the counter. After doing his routine workout, he walked back to the bar counter.


-I am really sorry. My boss heard that your ex-boyfriend left you for someone who is prettier and hence does not have a good impression of him. Therefore, he did not agree with your request. I am very sorry.



“Tsk tsk. This girl is really blinded with love.”


-I am really sorry about this. I am not able to accede to your request. My boss do not attend to customers as he is busy.

-Then what should I do? Please tell him that I really love Sean and cannot live without him. I beg you. Please!!!


Getting up from the chair, she knelt on the floor and started crying while begging non-stop. Seeing that she really wanted it so badly, Chrono decided that she have to face the consequence herself.


-Alright. If you are so adamant about it. I shall do you a favour.

-Really? THANK YOU!!!


Getting up from the ground she gave Chrono a big hug as he took out a new contract.



[Life Contract]


Name: Jamie Yeo


Offering: 15 Years


Receiving: Head to toe body make-over pill










After she signed the contract, Chrono handed the pill to her. Slowly the bar faded away…


When Jamie woke up, she found herself seated on the bed. Thinking that it was all a dream, she felt disheartened when suddenly she realised that she was holding on to something in her fist. Uncurling her fingers slowly, a red and white pill was revealed in her palm. She immediately swallowed the pill and the transformation began.



[+15 years]


[Lifespan]  75 years




3 hours later…


[+30 years]


[Lifespan]  105 years



Wew. Finally I have enough for another lucky draw.


Opening his status screen, he double checked the number of years needed for a single draw if it was 100 years. Glancing downwards, he realised that he had one quest available and the reward was a lucky draw! If he were to gain 10 stats point, which cost 10 years/point instead, wouldn’t he kill two birds with one stone?


Looking at his stats, Chrono considered for a couple of minute before purchasing 10 stats.



[Power/Strength - Current: 10 STR (49 KG) | +5 KG/STR]


[Power/Strength - Current: 15 STR (74 KG) | +5 KG/STR]


[Intelligence - Current: 30 INT (IQ: 90) | +3 IQ/INT]


[Intelligence - Current: 35 INT (IQ: 105) | +3 IQ/INT]



[-100 years]


[Lifespan]  5 years



Purchase 10 stat points. (Reward: 1 x Lucky Draw) completed


<Lucky Draw>


Once again, Chrono dip his hands into the box with the ?.


Drawing out a ball, a notification sounded in his head.










[Name] Chrono Feldman


[Lifespan] 5 years




<<Life Merchant>>


Ability to shorten one’s lifespan and transfer the number of years to a target or increase one’s lifespan by receiving a specific number of years from a target’s lifespan.




Power/Strength - 15 +

Intelligence - 35 +

Speed - 24 +

Agility - 26 +

Stamina - 15 +

Luck - 50

Charm/Charisma - 29

Recovery - E

Control/Accuracy - D




<Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)


<Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)


<Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)


<Lucky Draw LV1> - (What new skills will you obtain?)


<Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes


<Omniscient LV1> - See everything within a 5 metre radius


<Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena




[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 50 points (1 x Lucky Draw LV2)





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