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Chapter 010: Arena Dungeon



Chrono hesitantly walked towards the dungeon and stepped into it.


“The commencement of the dungeon will begin in 5 minutes. Please choose your weapon.” A voice sounded out the moment he entered the dungeon. Looking around, Chrono saw all kinds of weapons floating in front of him.


Hmm… A weapon? What should I choose?


After browsing through the weapons a couple of times, Chrono finally decided on the arcane rifle and a long and shiny katana.

In the past, Chrono had the chance to handle and use a rifle when he enlisted in the army. It was a compulsory two year of enlistment to the army him. Hence he had almost two years of experience with the rifle. The reason for the choice of a katana would purely because Chrono thinks that he would look really cool when wielding one.


After selecting the arcane rifle and katana, the rest of the weapons disappeared. A short while later, the voice sounded again, “Player please get ready. Wave 1 will commence in 10 seconds… 5 seconds… Good luck and all the best.”


Chrono found himself on a hill surrounded by lush green grass. Beside him, Abaddon stood as still as a statue. Suddenly, movement was spotted at the base of the hill. Squinting his eyes to have a better look, he realised that it was a group of green slime bouncing up the hill towards his direction. Even though the slimes looked weak and squishy, Chrono felt his heart stir and adrenaline rush occurred. Proning down on the soft and comfortable grass, he started to take aim with his rifle.



Name: Slime


Level: 1



“Abaddon, attack the monsters when they come near.”


Abaddon took position in front of Chrono after the command.


*Bang, bang, bang*


In a few moments, all the slimes were killed. In their wake.


“Wave 2 commencing in 10 seconds… 5 seconds… Good luck and all the best.”


This time round, there were 2 groups of slimes coming from two directions.


“Abaddon, kill that group of slime.”


After receiving instruction, Abaddon immediately ran towards the 2nd group of slime. This will be the first time Abaddon will show what he is made of. As the 1st group of slime was still a distance away, Chrono looked at Abaddon who was rushing towards the 2nd group of slime. When he was in attack range, Abaddon clenched his fist and punched towards the slime. The word “1” materialised in front of his clenched fist. The word glowed crimson red and the slime was blasted into oblivion. Furthermore, it was not just one slime getting obliterated. The remaining group of slime was blasted into smithereens with just one punch. Chrono was shocked silly. He stared at Abaddon with his mouth agape until he felt something slimy attach to his hand. Regaining his senses quickly, Chrono got on his feet and was about to shoot the slimes with his arcane rifle when he saw a blur in front of him and the slime was smashed into flying pieces.


Aren’t you a bit too overpowered? Even if they are just slimes, do you have to kill them so mercilessly?


The 3rd and 4th waves consisted of even more slimes. After which, Abaddon went on a killing spree in subsequent waves with Chrono leisurely sitting on the top of the hill looking at the massacre down below.



Name: Kobold

Level: 1



Wave 5 to 7 had kobolds in addition to slimes and they numbered close to two hundred in total.



Name: Goblin

Level: 1



Wave 8 and 9 had goblins, kobolds and slimes. Each wave had close to two hundred monsters. However with Abaddon’s overpowered fist of destruction which is a passive skill which does not have any cooldown or mana cost, he made short work of the mob and advanced to level 4 at the end of wave 9. “Wave 10, boss stage will be commencing in 10 seconds… 5 seconds… Good luck and all the best.”


After the voice spoke, a humongous slime ten times the size of Chrono appeared.



Name: King Slime (Boss)

Level: 1



However, the moment it appeared, it vanished. One punch and it was gone.


Is Abaddon perhaps One-punch man?


When the King Slime dissipated, a couple of treasure chest were left behind .


“Wave 10 cleared, exiting dungeon in 5 minutes.” The voice announced.



Name: Abaddon


Level: 1 (Exp to next level: 625)



Chrono walked towards the chests, picked them up and sat on the grass. Looking at his inventory, he saw that he had 10 white chests. After selecting the option “open all”, a string of notification appeared.


[Health potion (I)] x5 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x3 received.


[Head to toe body make-over pill] x2 received.


Head to toe body make-over? What’s this?


However, before Chrono could think any further, he was transported out of the dungeon and appeared at the entrance of the dungeon where the crowd was.




Looking up, he saw Fei making her way through the crowd and towards his direction. He smiled wryly, closed his inventory screen and walked towards Fei.


“How was the dungeon? It is very easy right?” Fei cheerfully said.


“Ya, it was pretty simple and the monsters were very weak. The boss dropped a couple of chests too.”


“Chests? What chests? The dungeon only provides experience for player’s companions. They definitely do not drop any chests.” Confusion could be seen on Fei’s face.


“Oh. Maybe I saw wrong. Can you help me enter the dungeon again? I want to try a higher level dungeon and help Abaddon increase his level.” Chrono quickly changed the topic.


Hmm. Maybe the items appeared because of my skill...


“I would gladly help you. However, each player can only enter a dungeon once a day. There is still 3 weeks or so before the next Arena ranking. There should be sufficient time to help Abaddon level to a suitable level for the Arena ranking.”


“Alright. Then I guess I do not have anything much left to do here. Maybe I should return to my world. It should be around dinner time now.” After Chrono said this, he suddenly realised that he do not have any idea how to return.


“I am so jealous that you can return to your world.” Fei replied Chrono sulkingly.


“Don’t worry. Very soon I will become an Overlord and you can go home as and when you like.” Chrono puffed up his chest and said confidently.


“Stop bragging and go home.”


“How am I to go home when I do not know how to?” Chrono replied and chuckled.


“Don’t worry. Follow me.” Fei gave a sweet smile and replied.


Back in his room, Chrono peeped out of his door and found that the house was dark.


Looks like my absence was not noticed.


Looking at the clock on his wall, Chrono realised that the time flow in the Arena and on Earth is the same. When he left, it was around 12.30 A.M. Currently it is 4.50 A.M. The time he spent in the Arena was about 4 hours.


Feeling tired from his adventure in The Arena, Chrono fell asleep shortly after.






*Gee gee gee gee baby baby bay~

Gee gee gee gee baby baby bay~*


Chrono woke up groggily as he turned off his alarm. After breakfast, he decided to visit The Arena again as he was curious what the next dungeon would be.


<Instant Arena>


30 minutes later…


Chrono left The Arena because he had already used up his try for the day. With nothing much on his plate, he decided to go earn some years so as to have a try at the lucky draw. It has been quite some time since he last drew from it.


Lifting his newly bought roadbike from the rack, Chrono cycled towards the park to look for potential victims… customers.


“Cheer up babe, that piece of sh*t is not worth crying over. You are beautiful in your own way. It is better that you break up with that jerk now instead of in the future. Such a superficial guy is not worth being together with.”


Chrono perked his ears as he cycled past a cafe that was in his neighbourhood. Stopping his bike, he turned back and cycled towards the stairs leading to the cafe.


Removing his helmet, he went to a table not too far from the origin of the voice. With his back facing the two girls, he started to eavesdrop on their conversation after ordering a cup of iced tea.





1 - the word means kill in Chinese.



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