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Chapter 008: Introduction to The Arena



The duo soon reached a secluded area, a peaceful and quiet garden, and Fei stopped Chrono to look at him inquiringly.


“You know what you’ve gotten yourself into, right?” She wondered worryingly.


“I have no idea what is this place, but I do know I need my beautiful manager to enlighten me.

By the way, how come I can understand you? Are we speaking the same language?”


A trace of hopelessness and despair in her voice, Fei sighed. Would she be fine with a player who knew nothing about the Arena? However, she was in no position to be picky. Sitting on a stone bench, Fei dejectedly declared, “You should quickly go back and find Shant to apologise. I have already been marked by her, so it won’t make much of a difference for me. I am really grateful that you stood up for me but you should really leave now. If not, you will be dragged into hell along with me.


In response to Chrono’s second question, Fei continued, “We understand each other because there’s an AOE (area of effect) spell in the Arena that enables the meaning of our sentences to be comprehended by the other races.”


As Fei was speaking, Chrono walked up to her, cupped her cheeks in his hand and spoke to her, “My beautiful manager, when are you going to start explaining to me what this is all about? I am still waiting for you to tell me how this Arena work.”


It was the first time a stranger touched her face. Moreover, she was down when it happened, therefore Chrono’s action made her feel safe, protected. Exactly as Chrono had intended. Regardless, she still removed Chrono’s hands hurriedly and bashfully inquired, “Are you really sure you want me to be your manager? You cannot regret later and abandon me like the other players.”


“Don’t worry, I will not abandon you.”






Seeing a ray of hope, Fei stood up with a newfound vitality and expectantly stared at Chrono. She then took out a scroll and handed it to him with a pen. After reading through the contract, he realized that it wasn’t binding in any way. The contract only purpose was to help managers recruit players into their team, not keep them. There wasn’t any additional clauses restricting players or bind them to the Arena. To Chrono, the contract was a paper as useful as the toilet paper in his bathroom. By signing at the end, Chrono officially became part of Fei’s team.


“So what is the Arena all about?” Chrono questioned his manager as they were eating the food they had ordered after arriving at the Arena restaurant.


“The Arena is a place where players from all over the Universe gather together to battle each other to obtain obtain rare and powerful items. These items are given as rewards after every Arena ranking. From what I have gathered so far, every planet has a portal that leads to the Arena. However, the last time a human was seen in the Arena was a century ago. Each planet have different protocol, some allow their inhabitants to freely travel, some collects fees and some only allow those with tokens to access the portal ”


A century ago? Why does she make it sound like a very short time? And other planets? Isn’t other planets other than Earth inhabited?


Finishing her last morsel of food and sipping some tea, Fei continued.


“In the Arena, there are two main highlights. The monthly Arena ranking and the Arena dungeon. The Arena battle is used to gain Arena points, which is the currency used in the Arena. The Arena dungeon helps players to level up their companions, and increase their level of intimacy. Companions are summoned when cards are purchased using the Arena points. The Arena points could can also be used in at various location like the Arena restaurant and the Arena medical centre.


There are five tier in the Arena, Bronze Arena, Silver Arena, Gold Arena, Platinum arena and Overlord Arena.To advance to the next Arena from the Bronze Arena, players must reach the top of the rank board in the Bronze Arena and challenge a randomly chosen Silver Arena player. If the Bronze Arena player defeats the Silver Arena player, he will advance and take over the Silver Arena player’s position. This process applies to all five tier.”


Fei paused and took another sip of tea.


“Every player’s goal is to reach the Overlord Arena, to be an Overlord. However, no one has been able to threaten the current Overlords’ position in the slightest over the past 10 years. The Overlords are ranked from 1 to 10. The 10th Overlord is already so strong that she can be described as invincible. One could imagine how strong the 1st Overlord, Ken is. Ken has absolute power and dominance over the Arena.”


As Fei mentioned the 1st Overlord, Ken, she had a trace of fanaticism in her eyes. Truth be told, the Ten Overlords were beings worshipped as Gods by everyone in the Arena. They were Divine existence holding absolute power over the Arena.


To think beauties adore him just because he’s the 1st Overlord. Looks like I should aim to defeat him and to have beauties infatuated with me, flocking to me whenever I appear. As Chrono was daydreaming, Fei resumed her explanation.


“Now I will explain to you my role as a manager. I have 2 main duties. Taking care of the administration and logistic matters for my players and helping them in the acquisition of companions. Players are not allowed to battle in the Arena unless they are contracted with a manager. The manager will be able to place bets on his or her players during the monthly Arena ranking to earn extra Arena Point. There are different tiers for managers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and King. Shant is a Gold tier manager, she has many players in the Arenas up to the Gold Arena. Platinum tier managers would have even more players.”


Fei paused, taking another sip of tea.


“As for the 10 King tier managers, the 10 of them are in charge of the Arena and have the final say in the various disputes over the rules and regulations of the Arena.”


Looking at Chrono who was almost falling asleep because he was getting bored, Fei couldn’t help but giggle; seeing his silly expression and the drool coming out of his mouth. Hearing her, Chrono woke up and wiped his mouth before apologising to Fei.


“Do you want me to continue? I’ll tell you about companions, it will be more interesting.”


With a nod, Chrono sheepishly replied, “I was just resting my eyes. I heard everything you said, don’t worry. Please continue.”


Fei highly doubted Chrono’s words. However it was not really important as Chrono would slowly come to know more about the Arena as he spend more time here. And she was a little bit too lazy to re-explain. Hence she carried on with her “lecture”.


“In the Arena, companions have different attributes and they are physical attack (PA), magical attack (MA), defense also known as tanks (DEF), speed (SPD) and support (Sup).


Pouring tea into her empty cup, Fei drank a few more mouthful.


“Now, I will explain to you how to get companions. Companions are summoned by purchasing cards from the card store. Each player is allowed to have a maximum of five companions. Every companion has a specific skill, unique to its species. If you are lucky, you might get a companion that has never been seen before. The 10 Overlords currently have at least each three unique companions out of their five. Ken himself has 5 unique companions, which is why he has been able to maintain his position.” Once again, Fei said Ken’s name in a dreamy tone.


“Do you know what are their unique companions?” Chrono asked.


“Of course I know Ken’s companions. Legendary sea monster - Kraken (DEF), Legendary bird - Phoenix (MA), Legendary fairy queen - Titania (SP), King of good dragons - Bahamut (PA) and Legendary king of werewolves - Lycaon (SPD). His team encompasses all the aspects of an ideal team.” Fei was revealing her fangirl side again.


I’m pretty sure I asked what unique companions THEY have. She replied me only with Ken’s companions. Looks like I should avoid anything that has got to do with this Ken person just in case I get on her bad side.


Putting down her cup, Fei lowered her head dispiritedly and apologized, “ I am really sorry to tell you that I can only provide you with a single card as of now.” Fei was apparently depressed, thinking of how powerless she was in the Arena.


Taking advantage of the situation, Chrono grabbed Fei’s hand and comforted her, “My dear beautiful manager Fei. You have me by your side. I promise that I will become the 1st Overlord so that no one will dare to bully you.”


With Chrono’s sudden emotional attack, Fei could not help but turn as red as a tomato. She quickly withdrew her hand and shyly muttered a thank you.


“Fei, for the past hour or so, you’ve only been talking about the Arena. Shouldn’t we get to know each other better? The only thing I know about you is that you are an Elf and your name.” Chrono said as he finished his chicken cutlet.


Fei raised her head at Chrono and replied, “I am from the Lightwing clan, Fei Lightwing. I was born in the city of Eärwa on Mars. I am 156 years old, and it’s been half a year since I left home. I can only leave the Arena if I become a Silver tier manager, or when my contract with the Arena expires.” When Fei mentioned the last sentence, Chrono could sense her longing she had to return back home.


Hearing that Fei was 156 years old, Chrono was a little shocked. However, he decided that if Fei was to hide her ears, she would look like a pretty 20 years old girl on Earth and was quite excited to bring her to visit Earth for a tour if possible.


“What about you?” Fei asked curiously.


“I am Chrono Feldman. I am 21 years old this year. From the planet Earth, birthplace of humans. It is my first time encountering non-human beings. It is a pleasant surprise for me though. You mentioned you come from Mars?”


“Yup. Right after Earth in the solar system.”


I wonder what the scientists on Earth are doing, they don’t even know that there are living creatures on a planet so close to ours. I wonder how they would react if I informed them about this. They’ll probably think I’m crazy.


“Are there other living beings on Mars and the other planets of the solar system?” Chrono wondered out loud.


“Of course. On Mars, which is a very peaceful planet. We have treants, sprites, pixies, sylphs, gnolls, ogres, trolls and goblins. And obviously elves. I’m not too sure about the specific species on the other planets, but there are definitely living beings there too.”


Cleaning up her plate, Fei asked, “Chrono do you want to go to the card shop?”


“Of course. Let’s go!” Chrono exclaimed as he abruptly stood up from his chair.


Laughing lightly, Fei also pushed her chair aside gracefully and the duo left the restaurant.


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argantonio ago

wtf mars is full of aliens and we know now?

Futhark the Elder ago

I have to say, getting bored to the point of drooling while being given needed information is just not cool. I am being driven to the conclusion that Chrono is a dim bulb.

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