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Chapter 007: Instant Arena


As it was close to dinner time, Chrono chose to visit The Arena after having his meal. Driving his Grancobrio, he brought his family of five to a well known Korean BBQ after going online to look for a good place to have dinner.


The pork belly and bacon sizzled on the hot plate and the aroma they released caused Chrono’s stomach to growl incessantly as he waited patiently for the meat to cook.




Three hours later.

 After bathing and changing into new clothes, Chrono decided to find out more about his new skill as he had nothing much to do.

 <Instant Arena>

A portal appeared in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he boldly stepped forward. He was usually careful, but as the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat”. Chrono was then teleported to the Arena.


Massaging his butt as he stood up, Chrono’s vision slowly adjusted to the darkness surrounding him. He was in a stone cave. The stalagmites rising from the ground were of a rather unusual variety - they were round, irregular, hollow cones; they seemed like they wanted to touch the sky, but would never be granted their wish. The walls of the grotto were sprinkled with sparkling embedded gems. Studying the shiny jewels greedily, he tried to pry them out. After a few failed attempts, he gave up and continued his exploration. Dozens of steps later, he saw a  faint light in the distance. His curiosity guiding him, he continued moving onwards unhesitantly. As he drew closer, he realised that the he had been attracted by was a signboard. It was inscribed with a barely visible “ARENA”, and pointing at a metal door strangely devoid of anything.

Not even a doorknob could be seen on the door’s slick surface. As it was obviously a door, Chrono decided to knock.

*Knock knock*

A pair of eyes suddenly emerged on door.

"Who’s there?” A voice could be heard, coming from the iron door.

“Chrono”, he said after recovering from the shock of the appearance of eyes out of nowhere.

“Chrono who?”

“Chrono Feldman.”

“Purpose of visit?” The voice asked.

“Registration?” his uncertain voice betrayed his hesitation.

“Put both of your hands on the door.”

Chrono lifted his hands and placed them as he was told to. A horizontal white line then appeared above the tip of his middle finger and moved downwards. This situation could be compared to a printer’s scan. When the horizontal white line reached the base of Chrono’s palm, the voice authorized Chrono to enter and a red button materialised in front of him. Chrono pushed the button and the door grated as it slid upwards.

Hustle and bustle were now blooming everywhere. In front of Chrono, there was a huge rock golem, flames burning all over its body, battling a skeleton wearing a crown, wielding a huge scimitar and a scarlet kite-shield on a large platform. As they clashed, sparks flew and debris rained. The crowd surrounding the Arena plaza was cheering loudly, boiling with excitement over the fight between the two creatures. Chrono was absorbed in the atmosphere of the Arena and engrossed in  the fearsome battle of the two gigantic creatures, when a sweet voice floated towards him.

“Welcome to the Arena. Is this your first time here?”

Chrono turned his head in the direction of the sound. Spotting the delicate features and a pair of pointed ears, Chrono realised that the lady talking to him was a female elf.

Wow, an Elf. I wonder if her abilities are like those described in mythological stories… Let’s try this out..


[Total life span: 625 years | Cause of Death: Natural]


What the hell? 625 years? Doesn’t this mean that I will be able to easily gain live from trading with them?

As per the elves shown in movies such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Eragon”, the female elf standing beside Chrono was tall, her blond hair was flowing down her waist, as soft and glossy as silk. She had a pair of dazzling sharp eyes above her perfectly shaped pointed nose. Her lips were rosy pink and a set of dazzling white teeth peeked out when she smiled. She looked at Chrono who was lost in his thoughts and gave him a nudge.

“Excuse me, are you okay?”

Broken from his train of thoughts, Chrono smiled awkwardly and apologised. As the elf was about to reply. However at that moment, a green-coloured hand appeared beside her and shoved her to the side. An orcish monster, with two ridiculous plaits hanging from her head emerged to take her place. The orcish monster was… well, really a female orc, ‘her’ hair tied in pitiful braids, with a very masculine body, clothed in leather 


[Total life span: 322 years | Cause of Death: Natural]


After making sure that she had caught Chrono’s attention. The Orc grunted, “Interesting, a human, how rare. I am a Gold tier five star manager. Join me if you want to enjoy endless benefits.”

Chrono peered at Shant, then glanced and pointed at the elf, before asking, “What about her?”

“The skinny ugly elf? Elf sh*t. Bronze tier no star. Not a single benefit.” Shant looked down on the elf that she had pushed to the ground, her disdain barely hidden.

Brewing with anger, the elf retorted, “My name is not Elf sh*t. My name is Fei. Fei Lightwings. And if you hadn’t snatched all the newbs from me, like you’re doing right now, would I still have no Arena players under me? Just because you are more experienced than me, you abuse your authority and power. So what if I have no player to manage?

Fei picked herself up and brushed the dirt off her dress preparing to storm away after seeing Shant steal her player yet again. However, to her surprise, someone grabbed her wrist, preventing her from leaving. Turning back, Chrono was watching her playfully, and he asked, “Why is my manager walking away from her player? Are you sure it’s Shant that stole new players and not you leaving them behind for her?”

 Fei glared at Chrono disbelievingly, her mind in turmoil. It was the first time someone rejected Shant’s invitation and chose her instead. Previously, Fei had recruited a few players when Shant had been distracted. However, Shant had retaliated by instructing her own players to crush those contracted with Fei, leading them to leave her after a month to escape the bullying.

 Fei had signed a two year bond with the Arena when she had heard that it was a very interesting, lucrative and fulfilling job. She was the only elf in the Arena. Elves were generally proud creatures that would only stay within the forest, very rarely would they venture out of the forest. However, Fei was different, she had been unsatisfied with the elves simply way of living and dreamt of going on a grand adventure and explore the world. Hence, she left a letter and sneaked out to join the Arena when she heard of it from a travelling elf merchant.

The first few days in the Arena were very good for Fei, new players swarmed to her like wasps, attracted by her beauty. And unfortunately, there had been Shant. She had been notified that there was an elf steadily making a name for herself in the bronze Arena. Normally, higher tiered managers would leave new managers alone. However, since she had a grudge against elves, she decided to make life difficult for her. Shant was one of the powerhouses in the Arena, it was very easy for her players to cause trouble for Fei’s. Even though they had wanted to resist at first, they were ultimately powerless against Shant. After a month or so, all of them ran away, for all sort of reasons and excuses.

Most of the new Arena players collected information before choosing their manager. They were warned of Shant ostracizing Fei and thus wouldn’t sign with her. Therefore, for five months, newcomers would either reject Fei or ignore her when she approached them. Chrono was definitely the only one that had ZERO knowledge regarding the Arena.

“Why are you standing there in a daze? Is there something I need to sign? Like a contract?” Chrono asked Fei, shaking her shoulder.

Fei suspiciously urged Chrono, “Do you know what you will get into if you join me?”

“What? Do you have a boyfriend or a husband? Will I be beaten up?”

According to the informations I have gathered on my ability, my progress rate is most likely very high. But competition, preferably a harsh one, could stimulate my potential even further. I also need more data on the battle application of the ‘life merchant’ job.

Not quite appreciating the feeling of being ignored, Shant interrupted Chrono’s train of thoughts and grunted, “Hey newbie, do you know who am I? Why join this frail elf sh*t? If you join her, I promise that you will never advance to the Silver Arena.”

Chrono examined Shant’s appearance mockingly and commented in a righteous tone, “I, Chrono Feldman, am an advocate of peace and justice. I do not support the act of bullying a weaker person. In addition, Fei came to me first. I would have joined her regardless of who you are.”

With that, if I can’t control the elf within a few weeks… But that orc would be even easier to manipulate if my initial plan fails; she’d be delighted to see me come to her defeated, seemingly unable to advance in the ranks because of Fei’s lack of skill as a manager.

 After his virtuous declaration, Chrono, pulled Fei away from the green monster.

Shant was fuming mad after being humiliated by Chrono. Had the Arena not forbid its members from attacking one another, she would have lifted him and squeezed him to death. Since she couldn’t do anything, she bitterly went back to her players, vowing to annihilate Chrono thoroughly. She wanted to see him crawl before her feet, begging her to take him in. If she was in a good mood that day, maybe she would consider actually making him one of her players… Fei wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of the only one who had accepted her, a human, working for her worst enemy.

The duo soon reached a secluded area, a peaceful and quiet garden, and Fei stopped Chrono to look at him inquiringly.



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