Electronic Pulse

Electronic Pulse

by Derunih

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

An interplanetary and introspective journey in the far reaches of the system, come and join our eccentric crew as they explore what it means to be human. Amidst crazy creations and a few awkward moments, can everyone keep a level head?

[18+]Sexual Themes... Occasionally.
Oh, and mild course language.

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Word Smith (IX)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1: A thought ago
Ch2: Silence ago
Ch 3: Growing ago
Ch 4: Taking shape ago
Ch 5: Curious ago
Ch 6: Ideas take time ago
Ch 7: Tense ago
Ch 8: Unspeakable horror ago
Ch 9: Emotions ago
Ch 10: The second stage ago
Ch 11: Alone ago
Ch 12: Visitors ago
Ch 13: Buff-Drone ago
Ch 14: Healthy advice ago
Ch 15: Book ago
Ch 16: Ahead of schedule ago
Ch 17: Brace for impact ago
Ch 18: Arrival ago
Ch 19: Group call ago
Ch 20: Busy and idle ago
Ch 21: Robo arms ago
Ch 22: Twice the fighting power ago
Ch 23: Lingering effects ago
Ch 24: Grey Smile ago
Ch 25: Tipping point ago
Ch 26: Verbal contract ago
Ch 27: Pillow talk ago
Ch 28: Hightened expectations ago
Ch 29: Situational gravity ago
Ch 30: Utterly Blinding ago
Ch 31: Coming soon ago
Ch 32: The third component ago
Ch 33: Wasted contemplation ago
Ch 34: Always busy ago
Ch 35: Preperations underway ago
Ch 36: Asking for trouble ago
Ch 37: Test results ago
Ch 38: Old plans ago
Ch 39: Packing ago
Ch 40: Power struggle ago
Ch 41: Last Minute Training ago
Ch 42: Feel the burn ago
Ch 43: The night before ago
Ch 44: Departure ago
Ch 45: Space Madness ago
Ch 46: Pomp and Ceremony ago
Ch 47: Quiet Castle ago
Ch 48: The Morning After ago
Ch 49: Bliss in the haven ago
Ch 50: A Quick Bit of Fun ago
Ch 51: Half of a Gift ago
Ch 52: Rehearsals ago
Ch 53: A Grain of Truth ago
Ch 54: Means of Protection ago
Ch 55: Regret ago
Ch 56: Small Haven ago
Ch 57: Preparations ago
Ch 58: PEWPEW ago
Ch 59: Bruised but Unbroken ago
Ch 60: Patienceless Patients ago
Ch 61: An Enticing Offer ago
Ch 62: Children ago
Ch 63: Midnight Curiosity ago
Ch 64: My Ears Deceive Me ago
Ch 65: Two Way Bargain ago
Ch 66: Innocence and Curiosity ago
Ch 67: Neon Fantasy ago
Ch 68: Aftershock ago
Ch 69: Space Sorcery ago
Ch 70: Shift ago
Ch 71: Android Adolescence ago
Ch 72: Memories ago
Ch 73: Looking Ahead ago
Ch 74: A little dizzy ago
Ch 75: Midnight Visitor ago
Ch 76: Bye, I Guess ago
Ch 77: Setting the Hook ago
Ch 78: An Afterthought ago
Ch 79: Playing Around ago
Ch 80: It's Settled, Then ago
Ch 81: Testing Performance ago
Ch 82: Overheard Plotting ago
Ch 83: Waiting ago
Ch 84: A Tight Situation ago
Ch 85: Lost Contact ago
Ch 86: Comparing Physics ago
Ch 87: Exhaustion from Exhilaration ago
Ch 88: Drifting Away ago
Ch 89: A Glimpse of a Memory of a Dream ago
Ch 90: Fictitious Delights ago
Ch 91: Inconvenient Timing ago
Ch 92: Preemptive Prospects ago
Ch 93: Veteran Back in Action ago
Ch 94: Past as a Present ago
Ch 95: The Talk ago
Ch 96: Alpha Testing ago
Ch 97: Briefing on the Mission ago
Ch 98: More Game Modes Coming Soon ago
Ch 99: Changed Sleeping Arrangements ago
Ch 100: Intamacy ago
Ch 101: Out of Order ago
Ch 102: Near to the Truth ago
Ch 103: Electric Brain in a Jar ago
Ch 104: Exertion Once More ago
Ch 105: Back Online ago
Ch 106: Degrees of Seperation ago
Ch 107: Meet Our Mechanical Genius ago
Ch 108: Quiet Discussion ago
Ch 109: Easing Tension ago
Ch 110: Unconfirmed assistance ago
Ch 111: A Quiet Corner of Space ago
Ch 112: Treading On Glass ago
Ch 113: Sally Forth ago
Ch 114: Sproing, Bang, Boom ago
Ch 115: Explosions at their Best ago
Ch 116: Balancing Act ago
Ch 117: Bio Mechanics ago
Ch 118: Who's There? ago
Ch 119: Game Over ago
Ch 120: Singularities and Supercomputers ago
Ch 121: Ahead of Schedule ago
Ch 122: Yet, Out of Time ago
Ch 123: Wiggling Under His Nose ago
Farewell ago

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The story is pretty good, as is the writing style and grammar, only a few hiccups here and there.


What spoiled the reading experience for me, however, is the ambiguity of the author in regards to the use of pronouns. 

By constantly using "they/their" for the protagonist it is very difficult to visualize what's happening and immerse myself into the story.

Using "They" is fine in cases where the gender is simply unkown, but using it for the entirety of the story simply sounds stupid.

Even if a protagonist is able change their gender (see, this is the correct usage of this pronoun), the used pronoun should always match whatever gender something or someone is.


If you still want to give it a read, be my guest and go ahead, should you also have trouble with those pronouns, just follow the law of the internet where everything you don't know the gender of (and probably even more), is male and replace the pronouns in your head.


weir ,why there are no single review here ?

although I haven't read this,but for some reason the novel don't have a single review when there are more than 100k view right here ?,and it aready more than 100 chapter ? ,oh well,just left this here to suppor author