Kingdom of Monsters: La Guardia

Kingdom of Monsters: La Guardia

by malevolent human

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

After beating Kingdom domination Scitus, our Protagonist is told by a strange man that he has been chosen to be a god for universe six. Scitus believing that the man is with the creators of Kingdom domination, his favorite game,  decides to play a long. Little did he know that the man spoke the truth and Scitus would become a god, The God of Monsters

 chapter out every monday, 12:00 pm est.

Goes without saying but the art isn't mine. Quizzical kisses on deviant

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malevolent human

malevolent human

destroyer of worlds

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Table of Contents
117 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Chosen ago
Chapter 1: Arrival ago
Chapter 2: Our Past And Our Future ago
Chapter 3: We Hunt So That We Can Eat ago
Chapter 4: Foundation Of A Kingdom ago
Chapter 5: The End Of A Turn ago
Chapter 6: Status Report ago
Chapter 7: Preparation ago
Chapter 8: The Assassin knights ago
Chapter 9: The Sealed Door ago
Chapter 10: Preparation ago
Chapter 11: Rescue (part 1) ago
Chapter 12: Rescue (part 2) ago
Chapter 13: Rescue(Conclusion) ago
Chapter 14: Disappointment ago
Chapter 15: Two Fates ago
Chapter 16: Home ago
Chapter 17: The Day Before ago
Chapter 18: The Day Before Part 2 ago
Chapter 19: Total Defeat ago
Chapter 20: Law and order: ago
Not chapter: Update ago
Chapter 21: Powerful ago
Chapter 22: The Red Witch ago
Chapter 23: Looming Danger ago
Chapter 24: The Pilgrimage ago
Chapter 25: Growth ago
Not chapter: Small map ago
Chapter 26: They Approach ago
Chapter 26: No Longer The Weakest Part 1 ago
Chapter 27: No Longer The Weakest: Part 2 ago
Chapter 28: The Question ago
Chapter 29: A New Enemy ago
chapter 30: Phase 1 ago
Chapter 31: Phase 2 ago
Chapter 32: The Minotaurs And The Fairies ago
Chapter 33: Long Night ago
Chapter 34: Slayn ago
Chapter 35: Rules Of Engagement ago
Chapter 36: future Allies? ago
Chapter 37: Kingdoms ago
Chapter 38: God Realm ago
Chapter 39: Meeting Of Gods ago
Chapter 40: Two Meetings part 1 ago
Chapter 40: Two Meetings part 2 ago
Chapter 41: Plans Part 1 ago
Chapter 42: Plans Part 2 ago
Chapter 43: What Lurks Beneath ago
Chapter 44: Broken Blood Ties ago
Update: ago
Chapter 45: The Doll ago
Chapter 46: Encounter ago
chapter 47: Relationship ago
Chapter 48: Grand Committee ago
Chapter 49: The Spider ago
Chapter 50: A Country Far Away ago
Chapter 51: War ago
Update: ago
Update: ago
Chapter 52: A monstrous Alliance ago
chapter 53: Two Generals Part 1 ago
chapter 54: Two Generals Part 2 ago
Chapter 55: Awoken ago
chapter 56: New plans, New Allies, New Enemies ago
Chapter 57: Might Of The Godless ago
Chapter 58: Divine Vessel ago
chapter 59: Child's play ago
Chapter 60: Fire And Ice ago
Chapter 61: Resolution ago
Chapter 62: His Return ago
chapter 63: Six King Beast Hills ago
Chapter 64: Hunting The Warbeasts ago
Chapter 65: Wyvern Queen ago
Chapter 66: Glimmers Of A New Era ago
Chapter 67: Forbidden Territory ago
Chapter 68: Gathering Forces ago
Chapter 69: Plans ago
Chapter 70: Warning ago
Chapter 71: Cruelty Of War ago
Update: THEME SONG ago
Chapter 72: Deal With The Yokai ago
Update: Oasis Map And Territory ago
Chapter 73: Growth ago
Chapter 74: Three Way War ago
Chapter 75: Ploy ago
Chapter 76: Blind-sided Attack ago
Chapter 77: La Guardia's Elites ago
Chapter 78: Among Gods ago
Chapter 79: Hero From The Ashes ago
Chapter 80: Judgement ago
Chapter 81: Soul Binding Contract ago
Chapter 82: The Legendary Beast Of Eruit Part 1 ago
Chapter 83: The Legendary Beast Of Eruit Part 2 ago
Update: Some Drawings ago
Chapter 84: Consequences Of Broken Tradition ago
Chapter 85: Breaking The Curse ago
Chapter 86: War Games ago
Chapter 87: Before ago
Update: Future ago
Update: Patreon? ago
Chapter 88: Dawn Of Rebellion ago
Chapter 89: From The Shadows Stalk The Wretched ago
Chapter 90: Securing The Garden Territory ago
Chapter 91: Mern's Plans ago
Chapter 92: Confrontation At the Third Desert Ring ago
Chapter 93: Berdek Moves ago
Chapter 94: Battle At The Forth Desert Ring ago
Chapter 95: Minvaral The Liar ago
Chapter 96: Minvaral The Liar Part 2 ago
Chapter 97: The Serpent ago
Chapter 98: Eveline The Tyrant ago
Chapter 99: Warfare ago
Update: Late chapter ago
Chapter 100: Battle At Flower Mountain Valley ago
Chapter 101: Victorious ago
Chapter 102: Hollow Heart ago
I'm still here ago

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Syafiq Rosnan

Please if you can improve the earlier chapters.

Reviewed at: Chapter 40: Two Meetings part 1

This is going to be addressed for chapter 40. It may improved later on but I can't keep on forcing myself to continue.

Overall, the author have a concept that he wants to write. There is a universe that the author had put an effort in constructing.

But, it still seen as lacking, banal, and generic. There's the divinity aspect that comes into play, but it isn't explore or used to it's fullest (as of chapter 40, but damn it's chapter 40).

Infact there isn't a point in making divinity a main characteristic because the MC act like a normal generic (isekai) ruler. If so why make him a god? Especially if making him an exceptional man with an extraordinary gift could have the same effect.

While in the same issue, the MC is all in all boring. He is expressionless in practice, his overall action and adventure are quite simple and unassuming. 

For all it's worth the MC is sometimes feels like a side character with how he is written.

Now the flow of the story, they are some parts where it feels disjointed. Especially when the location changes, or when there is more than two conversation are being shown.

The story also suffer from lack of tension. There isn't any. There is an attempt to do so but it would usually fell flat on its back and does nothing.

While the interaction between the MC and the goblins are cute, his interaction with everyone else needs a lot of work.

This is especially jarring when you're trying to follow his train of thoughts, it would be a jumble because his personality changes either too often or not enough.

He doesn't feel like someone whom you could relate to, or form an empathic connection with.

The grammar of the story also comes into play, sometimes there is no distinction from the primitive goblin speak to normal human speak.

The difference should be highlighted because this method is to show the underdeveloped mental state of the goblin but it got lost because the supposedly "civilized" people also sometime speak in aa grammaticall incorrect way.

The main idea of the story is quite interesting, but the execution especially it's continuation is highly debatable.


I wanted to enjoy it, author may want to treat this as a first draf

Reviewed at: chapter 59: Child's play

this story got off to a good start and parts of it got me excited for where it was going to go, but there are some glaring issues when it comes to pacing, transitioning and asspull.

Genuinely this could be a good story but the author is rushing things, and throwing too much and too many things into the mix way too early, it doesn't give the characters the chance to develop properly or the story to build in suspense.

I hope you read this review author, your story had/has potential and you should finish it but treat this as a first draft, read some cultivation novels for learning how to power scale and lead to more powerful foes, but tbh you had a good idea of how to do that already, even if it didnt work out.

The various races that have fued with eachother could have been handled differently you could have spent time exploring the different cultures and the characters within.

I'm not meaning to be harsh but maybe take the time to write a rough outline of the story and sub plots and take your time with each part  dont rush.


RIGHT off the bat, you can notice that this has terrible grammar. Try hiring an editor or installing something like Grammarly.


It's nice to read but hey, the story is filled with cliché and the characters are absolutely not original ...


(i'm chapter 30)


Something to keep an eye on.

The stories pacing is good. Originally I had issue with what apeared to be spelling and grammar mistakes but was pleasently surprised to figure out they were just speaking another more primitive language. The start up seamed unpoloshed but was quickly forgotten when the story progressed. I highly recommend reading this story or at the least saving it for latter so you can read 30+ chapters. Releases so far have been quick and this trend continues. If you love world building, empire building and character interactions then you will enjoy this story.


Intresting concept. Cant wait for more.



Looks good, and am looking forward to more.