The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

by writer.101

Vicious criminals, blood-thirsty monsters, wanted fugitives. As long as there is a bounty on their heads I will hunt them all down. The other world is a cruel place and even as I work there part-time, I look forward to the moment when I can abandon it for good. I simply hope that my remaining time there does not change me anymore than it already has. I have enough regrets as is.

Can I keep my normal life as a high school student in Japan even as I fight and kill in a degenerate other world? Can I keep this secret which would shock my world if discovered? After encountering this unexpected crisis, I’m not really sure. I am a cold-hearted merc, so why am I stuck having to play hero?
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Word Count (12)
6th Anniversary
Table of Contents
140 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: My Part-Time Job ago
Chapter 1: Troll Hunting ago
Chapter 2: The Other World ago
Author's Note ago
Chapter 3: Discovery ago
Chapter 4: The Obligation I Cannot Abandon ago
Chapter 5: The Village of Hafor ago
Chapter 6: I am not a Hero ago
Chapter 7: My First Bounty ago
Chapter 8: My Otaku Friend ago
Chapter 9: The Direct Request ago
Chapter 10: Veronica and the Bounty Hounds ago
Chapter 11: The Young Miss of the Fell House ago
Chapter 12: A New Magic ago
Chapter 13: Sole Survivor ago
Chapter 14: The Beginning of a Major Problem ago
Chapter 15: The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 16: Reunion ago
Chapter 17: Idol Thoughts ago
Chapter 18: Target Acquired ago
Chapter 19: Letting Off Some Steam ago
Chapter 20: Girl Power ago
Chapter 21: Afterschool Date ago
Chapter 22: The Major Problem Gets a Promotion to Colonel ago
Chapter 23: Gentle Persuasion ago
Chapter 24: The 5 Chains of Adligo ago
Chapter 25: Sparring ago
Chapter 26: Going Fishing ago
Chapter 27: Swimming Class ago
Chapter 28: The Hunters Become The Hunted ago
Chapter 29: Project Redemption ago
Chapter 30: Showtime ago
Chapter 31: Consequences of Success ago
Chapter 32: Old Friends and Rivals ago
Chapter 33: Saying Good-Bye ago
Chapter 34: My Feelings ago
Chapter 35: The New Plan ago
Chapter 36: Episode 2 ago
Chapter 37: Getting Locked-On ago
Chapter 38: The Dutiful One’s Request ago
Chapter 39: The Abandoned City of Faulk ago
Chapter 40: The Fallen One ago
Chapter 41: A New Companion ago
Chapter 42: The Next Step ago
Chapter 43: Animal Ears ago
Chapter 44: Date Night ago
Chapter 45: First Modeling Job ago
Chapter 46: It Begins ago
Chapter 47: The Second Target ago
Chapter 48: The Third Target ago
Chapter 49: Time to Improvise ago
Chapter 50: Ghost Town Showdown ago
Chapter 51: The Scars of My Past ago
Chapter 52: Celestial Spirit Steel ago
Chapter 53: Human Experimentation ago
Chapter 54: 3 Is My Favorite Number ago
Chapter 55: Trap-kun ago
Chapter 56: An Unexpected Engagement ago
Chapter 57: A Royal Pain ago
Chapter 58: The Queen’s Request ago
Chapter 59: Into the Woods ago
Chapter 60: Our First Outing ago
Chapter 61: An Anime Cliché ago
Chapter 62: Slaughter ago
Chapter 63: Cosplay Convention ago
Chapter 64: Making Friends ago
Chapter 65: Secrets Are Made For Sharing ago
Chapter 66: 4 is My Favorite Number ago
Chapter 67: Cultural Festival ago
Chapter 68: Threat Level 13 ago
Chapter 69: Rejecting Redemption ago
Chapter 70: Cheating against the Cheat ago
Author's Note 2 ago
Chapter 71: Inferno of Fun ago
Chapter 72: The Council of Nine ago
Chapter 73: Family Ties ago
Chapter 74: A Cat and A Rat ago
Chapter 75: 666 is My Favorite Number ago
Chapter 76: Sparring with Friends ago
Chapter 77: The Boredom of My New Life ago
Chapter 78: Fan Club ago
Chapter 79: No Survivors ago
Chapter 80: A Late Night ago
Chapter 81: Fight Night ago
Chapter 82: The Next Step in the Plan ago
Chapter 83: An Unexpected Transformation ago
Chapter 84: Vision ago
Chapter 85: Investigation ago
Chapter 86: A Close Call ago
Chapter 87: Concert Debut ago
Chapter 88: The Show Must Go On ago
Chapter 89: Reprieve ago
Chapter 90: Revelations ago
Chapter 91: First Day of School ago
Chapter 92: Ignition ago
Chapter 93: Team Terra ago
Chapter 94: So Close and Yet So Far ago
Chapter 95: A Girl's Best Friend ago
Chapter 96: The Return of the Three ago
Chapter 97: Youthful Endeavors ago
Chapter 98: Relics and Remnants ago
Chapter 99: Strip Club Hijinks ago
Chapter 100: Round Two ago
Chapter 101: Take Me Up ago
Chapter 102: Contact ago
Chapter 103: Unexpected Encounters ago
Chapter 104: Even More Unexpected Encounters ago
Chapter 105: Change in Plans ago
Chapter 106: Undefeated ago
Chapter 107: The Hayashi Gala ago
Chapter 108: Good-Bye and Hello ago
Chapter 109: Magic and Training ago
Chapter 110: Basketball and an Invitation ago
Chapter 111: Casino Royale ago
Chapter 112: Distraction ago
Chapter 113: Dog Days ago
Chapter 114: Comeback ago
Chapter 115: Berserk ago
Chapter 116: Invite Accepted ago
Chapter 117: The Peerless Devil and the Redeemers ago
Chapter 118: The Fortress of Flowers ago
Chapter 119: Unlife ago
Chapter 120: New and Improved ago
Chapter 121: A Messy Family Affair ago
Chapter 122: The Fabulous End Game ago
Chapter 123: The Truth Comes Out ago
Chapter 124: And Another One Joins ago
Chapter 125: Life is Good ago
Chapter 126: An April Fool's Day to Remember ago
Chapter 127: The Fabulous End Game Begins ago
Chapter 128: Bring It ago
Chapter 129: Tag Team Deathmatch ago
Chapter 130: Last Stand ago
Chapter 131: The Land of the Rising Sun ago
Chapter 132: The Will to Save ago
Chapter 133: Counterattack ago
Chapter 134: Vengeance ago
Chapter 135: Fifth Tail ago
Chapter 136: I'm a G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) ago
Chapter 137: Aftermath ago

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like the title said i would tell and hopefully that author can somehow cover the few major plot-holes and plot-logic. well like they said land without holes bring more value rather than one with hole all over the place.


  • the first problem i saw is the year its 2088 but the lack of tech-improvement is super bothering me. there is lots of way i can think of to cover this hole for example; MC reading history for his homework or something and then u (author) can just make few reason why the lack of tech-improvement, like "i wonder if WW2 happen would the world fall into chaos or something bcuz technology break-thru usually happen bcuz of war." or "i wonder if calamity not happen at that year 20xx our technology not becoming stagnant as today."
  • the second problem, u dump information easily while u can just put it in dose on a chapter or something. | not to big of problem for most but yeah it is for few.
  • the third problem, the world building is missing by a LOT of LOTS.
  • the fourth problem, the char too shallow, his parent shows up from time to time but i cant see distinct char of them
  • the fifth problem, the MC is a bit flawless from my perspective and flawless MC would usually lead into horrible ending.



My pen is mightier

This is THE BEST story I have read on this sight and I hope you keep up the good work.


As the author inclined a story to waste some time, though a really good one.

Not really a reviewer but anyway.


I find the story really good and read through it all in one go, whitout feeling like I needed a real break (Small breaks like sleep and dinner)

There is no problem wiht the grammar and it is easy to read and understand. Of course nothing is perfect so there might be some misspelled words or misstyped ones but nothing that I can remember and that in itself points to the good grammar.


I lke the characters, but I am not a fan of judging the characters so I will only say that I personally don't see a problem with anyone of them.


The style is the "biggest problem" for this story as I feel that I have read a lot of stories with a lot better and more fluent style. (Ths is the Authors first story and he has himself said some words about this, and trying to improve)

I feel like there could be a more fluent style so that you could follow the connection between the chapters. In this case the chapters almost feel like an entirely dfferent part of the story so that the previous chapter has no connection with the current one. (Maybe a bit exagerted)


But considering this is the authors first story I hope that he improve on this for the next arc or story he decide to write.


All in all it was an enjoyable read and a very good story that I recommend

Hwit Draca of Albion

This story is definitely worth the time it takes to red and then some, all charicters seem fleshed out, it understands that it has cleceas (how the fuck do yo spell that) and makes jokes about them and so much other stuff.

I do hope one day the writer comes back, but life just happens sometimes so its understandable if he never does. I'll just sit here eagerly waiting for their return.

Hope lifestyle treating you all well


Love the story and pleas continue your craft.

I have read this work many times and it is still one of my favourites. Even though writer.101 stated before hand that he dumps full content after completion. It still pains me that it has been over a year since the second arc passed and no updates.

Spoiler: Spoiler
T Dot.

Absolutly LOVE this Book it is Amazing. Exactly the type of book I've been looking for, was hooked for an entire weekend binge reading this book, who needs sleep. Can't wait for next chapter and am currently fidgeting like an addict thats just been "hung out to dry". Of course had a few issues here and there where the story didn't flow just right or a grammical mistake but nobody is perfect. 

The gender Bender tag on this book put me off for Quite a while but never have i been so Wrong. though on upside more chapters were released whilst i was hesitating :D. 

The MC is Badass, Cool, Calm and Collected also Straight forward (most of the time) love the way he was written wish there was more like him. 

Well anyway you can add another devoted Fan to your ranks, can't wait for the next Arc. I truley can't find the right wording for how much i love this series !!!

P.S. Drop it and I will humt you down.  No Pressure :D


Fast paced with good general world building

Fantasy + modern world. Seperate and even mashed together to bring an enjoyable speedy ride(mostly) on a well built world that is constantly getting fleshed out. Story focuses alot on the plot which includes many twists and turns. OP protagonist with some OP enemies.


Arc 1

Extremely fast paced that it actually makes you keep guessing what will happen.

Fights are short and sweet. Enemies come and go, with no one overstaying there welcome to slow the pace down. 


Arc 2

Focuses more on bringing fantasy  to a futuristic modern world. The pace gets slowed down by alot. Plot becomes predictable halfway through the arc. Some out of character decisions. Repeatedly fighting the same enemies throughout the arc gets old fast. Not a good successor in that regard Arc 1.

Arc 1 > Arc 2 by a lot. Nevertheless, a good story overall.


Really unique and interesting story

The story actually keeps you hooked! It doesn't  get boring and the story actually moves. Unlike some stories that stick to one part of the story and gets stuck there. Really recommend reading.


Mileage may vary, but it was okay for me

There were parts that weren't to my tastes. Like too much edge and pessimism and nihlism at times. Pandemonium seemed more annoying than interesting most of the times, though it didn't tank the arc for me, and there were signs of originality and cool things. Harem wasn't awesome, but it was good enough. Plots in general were mostly meh in concept, but carried out well and in relatively interesting ways.



A good mix of suspense romance and comedy, really good stuff once you get into it.

(By ridiculous I mean funny btw)