The Bounty Hunter

by writer.101

Original HIATUS Fantasy Romance Gender Bender Harem School Life
Vicious criminals, blood-thirsty monsters, wanted fugitives. As long as there is a bounty on their heads I will hunt them all down. The other world is a cruel place and even as I work there part-time, I look forward to the moment when I can abandon it for good. I simply hope that my remaining time there does not change me anymore than it already has. I have enough regrets as is.

Can I keep my normal life as a high school student in Japan even as I fight and kill in a degenerate other world? Can I keep this secret which would shock my world if discovered? After encountering this unexpected crisis, I’m not really sure. I am a cold-hearted merc, so why am I stuck having to play hero?
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4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: My Part-Time Job ago
Chapter 1: Troll Hunting ago
Chapter 2: The Other World ago
Author's Note ago
Chapter 3: Discovery ago
Chapter 4: The Obligation I Cannot Abandon ago
Chapter 5: The Village of Hafor ago
Chapter 6: I am not a Hero ago
Chapter 7: My First Bounty ago
Chapter 8: My Otaku Friend ago
Chapter 9: The Direct Request ago
Chapter 10: Veronica and the Bounty Hounds ago
Chapter 11: The Young Miss of the Fell House ago
Chapter 12: A New Magic ago
Chapter 13: Sole Survivor ago
Chapter 14: The Beginning of a Major Problem ago
Chapter 15: The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 16: Reunion ago
Chapter 17: Idol Thoughts ago
Chapter 18: Target Acquired ago
Chapter 19: Letting Off Some Steam ago
Chapter 20: Girl Power ago
Chapter 21: Afterschool Date ago
Chapter 22: The Major Problem Gets a Promotion to Colonel ago
Chapter 23: Gentle Persuasion ago
Chapter 24: The 5 Chains of Adligo ago
Chapter 25: Sparring ago
Chapter 26: Going Fishing ago
Chapter 27: Swimming Class ago
Chapter 28: The Hunters Become The Hunted ago
Chapter 29: Project Redemption ago
Chapter 30: Showtime ago
Chapter 31: Consequences of Success ago
Chapter 32: Old Friends and Rivals ago
Chapter 33: Saying Good-Bye ago
Chapter 34: My Feelings ago
Chapter 35: The New Plan ago
Chapter 36: Episode 2 ago
Chapter 37: Getting Locked-On ago
Chapter 38: The Dutiful One’s Request ago
Chapter 39: The Abandoned City of Faulk ago
Chapter 40: The Fallen One ago
Chapter 41: A New Companion ago
Chapter 42: The Next Step ago
Chapter 43: Animal Ears ago
Chapter 44: Date Night ago
Chapter 45: First Modeling Job ago
Chapter 46: It Begins ago
Chapter 47: The Second Target ago
Chapter 48: The Third Target ago
Chapter 49: Time to Improvise ago
Chapter 50: Ghost Town Showdown ago
Chapter 51: The Scars of My Past ago
Chapter 52: Celestial Spirit Steel ago
Chapter 53: Human Experimentation ago
Chapter 54: 3 Is My Favorite Number ago
Chapter 55: Trap-kun ago
Chapter 56: An Unexpected Engagement ago
Chapter 57: A Royal Pain ago
Chapter 58: The Queen’s Request ago
Chapter 59: Into the Woods ago
Chapter 60: Our First Outing ago
Chapter 61: An Anime Cliché ago
Chapter 62: Slaughter ago
Chapter 63: Cosplay Convention ago
Chapter 64: Making Friends ago
Chapter 65: Secrets Are Made For Sharing ago
Chapter 66: 4 is My Favorite Number ago
Chapter 67: Cultural Festival ago
Chapter 68: Threat Level 13 ago
Chapter 69: Rejecting Redemption ago
Chapter 70: Cheating against the Cheat ago
Author's Note 2 ago
Chapter 71: Inferno of Fun ago
Chapter 72: The Council of Nine ago
Chapter 73: Family Ties ago
Chapter 74: A Cat and A Rat ago
Chapter 75: 666 is My Favorite Number ago
Chapter 76: Sparring with Friends ago
Chapter 77: The Boredom of My New Life ago
Chapter 78: Fan Club ago
Chapter 79: No Survivors ago
Chapter 80: A Late Night ago
Chapter 81: Fight Night ago
Chapter 82: The Next Step in the Plan ago
Chapter 83: An Unexpected Transformation ago
Chapter 84: Vision ago
Chapter 85: Investigation ago
Chapter 86: A Close Call ago
Chapter 87: Concert Debut ago
Chapter 88: The Show Must Go On ago
Chapter 89: Reprieve ago
Chapter 90: Revelations ago
Chapter 91: First Day of School ago
Chapter 92: Ignition ago
Chapter 93: Team Terra ago
Chapter 94: So Close and Yet So Far ago
Chapter 95: A Girl's Best Friend ago
Chapter 96: The Return of the Three ago
Chapter 97: Youthful Endeavors ago
Chapter 98: Relics and Remnants ago
Chapter 99: Strip Club Hijinks ago
Chapter 100: Round Two ago
Chapter 101: Take Me Up ago
Chapter 102: Contact ago
Chapter 103: Unexpected Encounters ago
Chapter 104: Even More Unexpected Encounters ago
Chapter 105: Change in Plans ago
Chapter 106: Undefeated ago
Chapter 107: The Hayashi Gala ago
Chapter 108: Good-Bye and Hello ago
Chapter 109: Magic and Training ago
Chapter 110: Basketball and an Invitation ago
Chapter 111: Casino Royale ago
Chapter 112: Distraction ago
Chapter 113: Dog Days ago
Chapter 114: Comeback ago
Chapter 115: Berserk ago
Chapter 116: Invite Accepted ago
Chapter 117: The Peerless Devil and the Redeemers ago
Chapter 118: The Fortress of Flowers ago
Chapter 119: Unlife ago
Chapter 120: New and Improved ago
Chapter 121: A Messy Family Affair ago
Chapter 122: The Fabulous End Game ago
Chapter 123: The Truth Comes Out ago
Chapter 124: And Another One Joins ago
Chapter 125: Life is Good ago
Chapter 126: An April Fool's Day to Remember ago
Chapter 127: The Fabulous End Game Begins ago
Chapter 128: Bring It ago
Chapter 129: Tag Team Deathmatch ago
Chapter 130: Last Stand ago
Chapter 131: The Land of the Rising Sun ago
Chapter 132: The Will to Save ago
Chapter 133: Counterattack ago
Chapter 134: Vengeance ago
Chapter 135: Fifth Tail ago
Chapter 136: I'm a G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) ago
Chapter 137: Aftermath ago

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Man, what an entertaining discovery this was.

A simple style; a strong and "real" mc, although it could be discussed if OP he ain't OP-OP, an existence of cheat level does not currently exist in this world, and he knows his shit, seriously... he plans, prepares and executes like someone who has really experienced battle of life and death, and he actually does things, how much "real" can an MC get? And he is a complete Gary Stu but it is not bad, circumstances are not normal, and he has paid with things he wouldn't have wanted to let go if it weren't for circumstances, still MC is pretty likeable; the harem ain't bullshit even though female protagonists aren't very deep, it doesn't feel forced but like an actual harem, there is love and genuine desire with reasonable enough development to feel right, damn there is even the posibility of some posible relationships not happening (but come on, we know its real) because again, circumstances; entertaining stuff, the swimming class chapter is a good example of the entertaining potential; the world travelling is pretty charming, having to deal with both worlds, one which made the base of his being and the other which mold him both lead him to become who he is currently.

Something I'm expecting to be adressed is the fact that he is a wizard originally from earth, which proves that people from earth have the talent to become one, even if it is at a awful minimal rate, so I'm expecting something to come out of this thought.

Well to resume, watch as a witted young man go through these worlds, one in which slavery is religion, turned into a bounty hunter, a Gary Stu in earth's standards, makes a path out of killing monsters, subduing criminals, massacring enemies, as he deals with perverts, idols tournaments, world destruction, fame, magic, guilt, love and highschool.


Give it a try.

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Let's get to the point

First and foremost, I would like to make it absolutely clear that this fiction is one of the very best I've read on RRL. Infact I marathoned it in one night. I'll try writing a constructive review for this amazing work. So let's get to the point. 


Style : Definitely the selling point of this fiction (atleast for me). The fiction has been written in a first person POV with few different POVs as well. Instead of following the generic weak to strong MC pattern, the writer shows us few flashbacks of what's happened around the MC in the past and very objectively justifies the reasons for his actions. Once I started reading this fiction, I thought it would be just another silly Rom-Com but to my surprise, it turned out to be completely different. I got sucked into this piece of work. Yeah, I didn't even realize that I ended up reading the fiction in one night. 

However, on the other hand, there were certain POVs which were clearly unnecessary and there were few which I feel if were included in the fiction would make the story more impactful. 


Story: Very refreshing to finally find a fiction on RRL which deals World Migration but not Reincarnation. I really liked this casual format of story telling wherein you already know that the MC will ultimately save the day. The way in which the actions and the personality of the MC was justified through the use of timely flashbacks was engaging to me personally as an avid reader. Afterall, atleast I don't like the typical fiction where the MC is a complete loser and gets reincarnated in a new World and then I'm forced to read through his childhood brilliance to only find the work abandoned sooner or later.  

Its kind of like a slice of life with doses of action and romance. I'm sure there are quite a number of readers on RRL who would like to read an Action/Fantasy/Romance/School Life fiction with readable grammar. 


The pace of the fiction is perfect. Its neither very slow nor rushed. The Romance is acceptable. The writer has smartly used Dates to perform time leaps in the Story.


Now coming to the negatives, firstly there's no explanation on how the MC is able to travel to another World or use Magic. Characters like his parents are mentioned in almost every second chapter but they're as good as non existing, no screen time for them. What annoyed me the most was that the Story is very clichéd. I could almost predict whats going to happen next or what had happened in the past. The Romance was also very cliché. The Story itself is a Cliché. I can guarantee that any avid reader on RRL would be able to predict some events in this work. I definitely would have been more entertained if a few unexpected events would have occurred. 


THERE IS NO DEFINITE PLOT. For God's sake, its a slice life :P


Grammar: The only word to describe the grammar is... "legible". Clearly, you wouldn't mind the grammar but it definitely isn't the selling point of this fiction. It isn't "kiddish" but at the same time it definitely isn't comparable to a few other fictions on this site. Overall, its one of the better fictions on RRL, grammatically. 


Character: The MC is Gary Stu. Handsome, intelligent, athletic. You would almost want to be him. Oh right, he doesn't have a tragic past and he definitely isn't "dense". The only term I can use to describe him is "flawless". 


The Female leads are likeable but they are ABSOLUTELY shallow in comparison to the MC. The MC totally steals the show. Its like playing a game where everything revolves around you. 


The side characters too are likeable, especially the MC's friend. Little forced comedy which surprisingly blends well in the fiction. 


Though what really stand out are the villains. This isn't a fiction where all the villains are "Evil". There are justifiable reasons for their actions and motives. The MC too isn't a Hero of Justice. He's selfish but cmon who isn't. He definitely isn't the strongest character in the fiction either though he's very OP. 


After reading innumerable fictions, I was very pleased to read a fiction with "tolerable" villains. I promise you that you won't come to hate ANY prominent  character in this fiction. Even the Perverted Dutiful bitch has a charm of her own. Inspite of all the positives, the fact remains that the development of any character except the MC is almost negligible. The reason for this is the lack of ample screen time to few characters. The writer tried to do "Everything" and this made some of the characters turn out out to be one dimensional. 


One of the other selling points of this story is indeed the reactions  of the various characters towards the actions of the MC. To summarize this, it's like reading an Otome Light Novel with a Non-Dense Male Main Character. 


Although this fiction is tagged Harem and I really hate Harems, I've come to like this one. The only other being Mushoku Tensei. So my compliments to the writer for a "passable" Harem. 


Inspite of all of the flaws, the Fiction is highly entertaining. You will definitely end up marathoning it in a day or two. 


Last but not the least, the third selling point of this fiction is its complete release. Being a believer of the binge, I strongly support the writer who has delivered to us a complete masterpiece. Atleast I won't have to go through the Reading List everyday to only find a "Hiatus" update sooner or later. 


In conclusion, I strongly recommend all Action/Romance lovers to read this fiction. Had this fiction been on a daily release, it would have definitely topped the Charts. Don't let the generic fiction name or the low views discourage you from reading this. 


I have overrated this fiction cause I really enjoyed it. 

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Promising start but fails to deliver.

This review is as of chapter 70.  


The Bounty Hunter starts with an interesting premise, a boy who is able to travel to another world that he detests so that he can support someone who he feels responsible fore, while also juggling his own life in our world.  Though, when I say our world, I mean our world many years in the future where society has changed enough to make several parts of the story more convenient.  This world instead comes off as a parallel world with a slightly different history and fancier phones.  The year is 2088 and the only technological advancement worth noting is holographic phones.  Did I mention that it is set in Japan, seemingly only so that the author can rather blatantly hit several of the classic tropes of a LN and use Japanese honorifics even though they add nothing to the story from the perspective of a western reader other than to make the story feel like a LN.  The other world is set up as a dark fantasy world where humans don't exist, and the worldbuilding done for this world makes it much more interesting than the MC's native world, and it serves as an excellent backdrop for the MC's job as a bounty hunter.

 The MC himself is set up as a tortured protagonist who experienced culture shock in the form of a tragedy and finds himself drawn to a world he has come to detest. Problems start to arise however as the MC appears more and more powerful, pulling out one trick after another as his seemingly always prepared mentality turns into more of an always has the right answer  without to much of a struggle.  His character has several issues as he is seemingly perfect, he gets the best grades in his class, is extremely handsome, lives a very privileged lifestyle, and his closed off personality only serves to make him more attractive.  It would be a lot more compelling to see an ordinary person who has to deal with an extraordinary situation, rather than a person who has everything get even more.  

None of the other characters are particularly compelling, and this can be attributed to several factory.  First, every character is introduced by having that character monologue about herself, explaining their story and who they are.  This is problematic because it jumps the reader out of the current story, and it takes away from the readers discovery of the character over time.  Backstory is important, but it isn't fun to learn everything at once.  Instead of telling about the character, show the character and gradually reveal who they are.  The other major characters are also mostly perfect, being either stereotypical (Reiji is a good example of this), or extremely bland (Hikeri has feels like little more than a generic childhood friend character).  Also, why is it that everyone the MC is acquainted with is extremely beautiful, He goes so far as to say that his experience in the other world has numbed him to beauties and caused him to place emphasis on personality, so why is it that everyone hi interacts with is extremely attractive.  It would be much more compelling if his convictions were placed to the test.  

Overall, This story started with a compelling idea but devolved into the power trip fantasy of the week.  The flavor is different but the lack of seriousness killed an compelling story this had going.  The read was enjoyable and the technical writing skills were up to par, but if you are looking for a deep story with colorful characters and a complex story, you should probably keep looking.  

  • Overall Score

Please for the sake of god do not use Japanese terms in your story. Not everyone in royalroad is a damn weebo, you just don't know how irritating it is to come across terms like San,  Bishoujo, ojou sama, etc. 

These goddamn honorifics and terms are so fucking annoying,  I stopped reading Japanese light novel altogether. 

Other than that,  it is a really good story. I am not deducting stars from the story for the weebo terms but please know that it is extremely irritating to some. 

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I found a Unicorn, A descent Harem Story

First of all, I vote Rin as best girl and look forward to what will happen with her in the second arc.

Now im quite tired as i just finished binge reading this (even though i should of been doing something more productive), so i'll just say that this story was worth me possibly not completing some assignments that will potentially effect the rest of my life.

That is all and once again Rin is best, Rin is life.

  • Overall Score
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As of chapter 64:

This is still pretty early in to write this review, I know.

So, where to start. I was amazed by my surprising discovery of this story. It has a great premise, an interesting and well developed MC. The fights, planning, and the story's atmosphere all hooked me into the story, and I binged read the whole thing... until this chapter.

It was ok for the first few times, felt a little forced but the MC being indecisive wasn't a major turn-off "the first few times". As of now, when something goes wrong the MC almost always ends up following the desire of all the other characters instead of his own. Rendering his character development pointless, putting his personality(which I personally like) to shame.

When he had to follow the orders of nobles sure, believable and interesting. But instantly erasing all of his guilt and accepting a relationship with someone he himself decided was not a love-interest, because said someone told him a few sentence? Helping a random stranger, going back on his decisions, AND falling in love with the stranger, because said STRANGER had the same "look" that he has? I'm sure there's gonna be something dumb for the childhood friend as well, but I digress.

Those details really annoys me. Sure if it were about some minor issue I'd be fine with it. But.... you made a fucking Harem, those problem will (I'm assuming here) follow through the whole story, all the way to the ending. The entire atmosphere that was introduced in the beginning has already completely disappear, it made me lost all motivation of continuting.

This story had so much potential... I just feel really, really sad that it deteriorated so much. I honestly saw all of the signs, the female childhood friend, taking care of the lonely child, saving a beauty who has trust issues. So many signs I ignored because I placed my trust in the author's ability, I'm just... dissapointed, thought I finally found a really good story, but it turn out to be another miss.

The grammar has problems here and there but nothing major. And I really like the style, it makes for interesting transitions and adds some suspense to the cliff- hangers.

The story was entertaining and interesting, a brand new twist to the Isekai genre. But like many, MANY other Isekai genre stories it slowly dies. Like seriously I was dissapointed, the first few chapters the author killed off an entire village, made the MC a socialpathic killer, with loner syndrome. Then suddenly Gender-bending is introduced(I honestly didn't mind it  at all, it really helped with the plot). Then the dreaded harem genre was added, it's almost never done right, and here we are another harem genre done wrong. It just feels so forced how all the female characters are heads over heels for the MC. Going from extremely realistic and dark to fluffy and happy is not transition done mid-way into the story, at the end maybe, but not in the middle.

I'm sure there are a ton of people who loves everything about this story, but with a lot of major turn-off introduced to the story, I'll be dropping it here.

Hope this review helps... cry

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Great first Arc, sucks afterwards..

Very good read during the first Arc but somehow turns utterly stupid during the second.. *Sigh* Such a waste!

There are already enough extensive reviews so I'll only give some short opinions:


  • Style: Very nice if you ignore the overuse of POV changes. Those are a big fat minus for me. Not generally though. It's just that they're oftentimes pointless which makes them annoying to read.
  • Grammar: Except for the occasional blunder there's nothing much to criticize.
  • Story: Like i mentioned before, great first Arc but fails afterwards. The whole genderbending shebang is also kind of a turn off. It was fun at first because there were still some valid reasons that forced him to do it, but afterwards it just turns into one of those overly annoying tsundere "i don't want to but i'll still do it because of reasons that aren't really any" jokes.
  • Characters: Somewhat bland harem members, inconsistencies in MCs decision-making and the fact that he mysteriously turns into an imbecile in the second Arc are the points that irk me the most. Aside from that you have your usual Gary Stu, nothing groundbreaking. I can't really say much about the villains motivation during the first Arc, because it never really goes into detail. But it fits the story, so i guess that's a plus. The villain of the second Arc is pretty simple. Which means he's also pretty boring...

Meh, I still recommend reading if the story premise is interesting to you. It's definitely one of the better ones here on RRL. I just can't find it in me to power through that second Arc... It's just so dissapointing.

I want a Dragon
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Love the novel, What I want to happen but doesn't need to happen because it is your novel....

Please take Notice slight SPOILERS might be ahead idk.

I have read a lot of novels(fewer on this site but dozens on others) and this is one of the best so far and I hope you continue to strive to improve and make the novel as best it can be.


Now I would like to say this novel has the right amount of everything mixed in that I like and the romance/harem brings the needed character and love that I like in a novel. Now for what I would like to happen...... Romance Candidates: Vivian Pendragon, Rin, and/or new character. Story Development: Mana is introduced into earth/less favorable option for me. Minato finds other worlds and Hikari is teleported into the other world and Minato goes to save her. Vivian maybe to idk. Something along these lines is what I would like to happen. I like this novel and I will not stop reading it so whatever you do I will respect it. SO know I do not want to control the novel because you have done a suburb job yourself so what I have writen is just my selfish wants but I know this novel will be great even if you don't do the things I have listed. 



  • Overall Score

If you want a Marathon here ya go

Like what a lot of others are saying this novel is absolutely amazing (the Japanese honorifics are a little annoying but if you don't like it just tune it out) and definitely should be read by many more people. I don't usually enjoy the harem route in novels but to me this one isn't as bad as others and is actually pretty enjoyable. overall good action, good harem (for once), and needs more. Author please release as fast as possible... or on your own schedule ya know what ever works.

  • Overall Score

LIke the story and concept

I am not a professional reviewer like some people like to act like,so i will say this interesting take on other world that is fantasy. OP Mc but not because of bullshit b ut actual hard work, and is op not one punch op but more "i can solo a boss that needs a group but it will still give me a very hard fight kinda OP. Give it a chance you might like it peace out.