Monsters Dwell in Men - B2: Jehovah's Harmony

by Monsoon117

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural

Saint Jericho - "There are doors better left unopened, but those secrets never haunted me. No. What makes my hands tremble are the doors that can never be closed."

The wind whispers of a monster spawned from hollows of hatred and the torment of souls. He leaves calamity in his wake, and even the Immortal Saint, Solomon, has fallen. This abomination is known by the prophecy given by the oracle - The Darkened One.

Distorted by the desire of an unstoppable hunger, walking with the corpse of a king, he journeys across the continent of Alta. Known as Jericho by many, known as Jack by others, he faces golems of flesh, his waning humanity, and the corruptor of worlds, Gaia.

If you relish in brutality, delight in carnage, or enjoy tales that are remarkably human, please enjoy the read. Otherwise, leave for less heavy hills.

You've been warned.

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  • Overall Score

Better than the first book

this story improved on everything put together in the first book with a more refined style and larger look into the psychological state of the chatacters 

  • Overall Score

It's a great story that has improved with every chapter. Most of the focus seems to be on character development and dialogue. 


Just wanted to say that you've really improved over the last year of writing. My only criticism would be regarding the flow of your writing. I've noticed that when I'm reading your stories it can be hard to stay immersed due to too much detail in a single sentence.

  • Overall Score

this story is amazing but after i read the orginal i thought that it would continue if i hadn't noticed this in latest updates i wouldn't have found this and then i wold be deprived of this story

  • Overall Score

more darkness, good job but... give me more xD

i really enjoyed it. At some point it felt a little hurried. And i miss his wordy escapades and the emotional description of music. I guess it is hard to write but i still miss it. But i hope for book 3 there still many shards, enemies and relationships and hardsips left to enjoy. I hope it continues one day

  • Overall Score

Amazing plotline Great writing and Phenomenal characters. P.s. On chapter 26 is a short discussion/list of interesting books to read here on RR.