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The two men told him the name of the ship was the Dauntless, named after its captain, and that most of the crew were as loyal to him as his own children were. They told him the route the ship took and where the incident happened, what the cargo was, the crew compliment, and they also confirmed the woman's story. It was her husband and 3 other men that had fallen overboard and captured by the Sea Dwellers. He could tell they were telling the truth because they were scared out of their wits.

“Thank you, gentlemen.” Ren said, then gave them a shake.

“Hey! Stop! We told you everything!” One of them yelled.

“Relax, I'm just shaking off the splinters.” Ren said and turned away from the booth and stood the two men on their feet. “Stay right there.”

The two men nodded several times and Ren walked over to the bartender.

“Do you have a broom I can borrow?” Ren asked him.

“Don't worry about it.” The bartender said and banged on the wall. “Clarence! Cleanup duty!”

A young boy came out from a cubbyhole under the bar and stood up. The bartender pointed to the smashed table and the boy ran right over with a broom that was only as big as him. He made short work of all the splinters, even the ones on the seats of the booth, and took the pile of wood and shoved it inside the cold stove in the corner.

“I can make you a new table.” Ren said, and the bartender shook his head.

“I know yer type. It'll be all fancy and sturdy, and my customers will hurt themselves when thrown against it or over it.” The bartender smiled. “That'll hurt my business.”

Ren chuckled and saw the boy pull out another flimsy table from the back room and slid it over to the booth. “I should apologize for the mess and the inconvenience; but, it was neither for you, apparently.”

The bartender nodded and Ren walked over to the two men.

“Have a seat, gentlemen.” Ren said, and the two men slowly sat back in the booth. He put two plates of food in front of them and they stared at them. “Enjoy the meal, and I'll be paying for your drinks for the next hour, too.”

“Geez, are you crazy?” One of them asked. “We can drink a lot in an hour!”

“Most sailors can.” Ren said. “In fact...” He smiled and turned to the bar. “Hey, everyone. Sorry for the ruckus. For the next hour, drinks are on me.”

The patrons that had been completely quiet the entire time burst into cheers and hurrahs for him. Ren waved to them and walked over to the bartender.

“Yer in for a hefty bill I think.” The bartender said.

Ren took out 2 platinum coins and slid them across the bar, then leaned in to whisper. “If you give them the strong ale first to get them going, you should have a lot of change left over.”

The bartender barked a harsh laugh and took the two coins. “All right, you scum. You heard the man! Free ale for an hour!”

Ren had to dodge out of the way of the sailors, including the two he had just talked to, and then he left the bar. “Thanks for waiting outside.” He said to Artemis. “It was nasty in there.”

“I would trudge through a hundred seedy bars by your side.” Artemis said and smiled. “But, not the hundredth and first. I have to draw the line there.”

Ren snorted a laugh and put his arm around her waist. “Let's get back to the shop and check on Anabelle, then we can go to the county to get Princess.”

Artemis nodded and they walked down the dock to the exit at one of the East Gates, then they walked down the street to get to the Artesian District. They stopped in the shop and saw that Anabelle had brought in all three girls for extra help.

“Hi, Anabelle.” Ren said and gave her a kiss when she came over to greet him. “Now that you're so busy, I was thinking of giving you one of my Dedicated Servant Crafters.”

“That would be nice...” Anabelle said and looked away.

“But?” Ren asked, because he could feel her reluctance.

“My King, I... I'll lose these moments with you if you have someone else here to do all the work for you.”

Ren took two steps up into the air and put his hands on her shoulders. “If that's what you want, then you will never lose these moments with me.”

“You promise?”

“I do.” Ren said, then leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I'll come back tonight for a few hours before I have to go for Adventurer's business.”

“A... few hours?”

Ren nodded. “It seems I don't really have a lot of pressing matters to attend to, so I'll have some free time...”

“Oh, Ren!” Anabelle said and kissed him several times. “I'll wear something nice, just for you.”

“You don't have to, but I appreciate it.” Ren said.

“I know you do.” Anabelle said, and she shivered slightly as she felt his emotions through their shared Freedom Aura. “Until tonight.”

“Until then, my dear.” Ren said, took her hand and kissed the back of it, then he and Artemis left the shop.

“She's really excited.” Artemis said.

“I don't spend as much time with her as I should.” Ren said and started to run through the air. “Of course, I guess that can be said about almost everyone in my life, not just her.”

Artemis flew beside him. “Lara and I definitely have the time compression advantage there.”

“I'm tempted to make sanctuaries for everyone and try to get them acclimated, then I wouldn't have to worry about splitting my time up so much.”

“Can you do that?” Teepo asked. “You had to modify the one you made for Lara so that we could all fit inside. With only one extra person, the enchantment quadrupled in size.” He said. “Won't having that much of a change be dangerous for new people?”

“Oh, definitely.” Ren said. “That's why I've been trying to figure out a way to expand it and not increase the time compression.” He said. “Anti-time runes won't work, since that just reduces the amount of time itself, not how fast it runs.”

“What you need is a way to edit spells and change how they affect what you use them on.” Teepo suggested. “I have no clue where you could learn that ability, or even if it exists.”

“Me, either.” Ren said, and he ran for the few minutes to get to the county, and came to a stop in front of the Main House. “I'm going inside for a minute to visit and let them know what's going on.” He said, and went up to the apartment to see Frikara and the others. He took about half an hour to tell them all about what happened in the Water Realm and about his new quest.

“I'm surprised you could get this kind of quest, considering you're a Sea Dweller.” Frikara said out of the blue. “You would think it's a conflict of interest and it goes against your own kind.”

Ren stopped talking and looked at her with wide eyes, and he could feel her conflicted emotions. “Frikara, are you okay?”

“I... Ren, I... don't know.” Frikara said. “Why did I say that just now?” She shook her head. “It doesn't make any sense! I know you're not really one of them...” She put a hand over her mouth. “By the gods! Why am I saying 'them' like it's a dirty word?”

“Shh, it's okay.” Ren took her into his arms and she started crying. “Don't talk. I can feel the conflict inside of you.” He said and looked at the other maids. He could feel traces of the same thing in them as well. “Unfortunately, I think I won't be taking you on any adventures for a while.”

“Yes, you can't trust us to have your back like this.” Navruth said, and Ren could feel her Practicality ability assert itself. “Our... decision making is... questionable right now.”

“I'll look into this right away.” Ren said. “I'll let you know if I find out anything.”

“No, don't.” Frikara said. “It... might...” She shook her head. “Please, go.”

Ren tried to give her a kiss goodbye, and she leaned away from him and cried even harder.

“Why am I... not letting you?” Frikara said as streams of tears rolled down her face. “I love you so much and... and I...”

“I'm tearing you apart.” Ren said as he gained the Angered condition and stood up. “I'll make those responsible for this pay.” He said and went to the apartment door. “They will pay dearly for hurting you like this.”

“R-Ren...” Frikara tried to speak, but now all of the maids were crying.

“I miss you already.” Ren said and left the apartment. He ran down the stairs and to Xuunah's apartment. The door opened before he could knock.

“I am unaffected by whatever it is that's changed them.” Xuunah said. “I can feel the conflict in them as well.”

“If you know, then please forgive me for this.” Ren said and took two steps up into the air and kissed her. She was surprised for a moment, then Ren poured all of his love for the maids out into the shared Aura. Xuunah let her own feelings join his and accepted his loving kiss for what it was. An apology for what the maids were going through.

Ren could have stayed that way forever; but, he knew it was pointless to do it for more than a few moments. “Please stay here and protect them for me, since my very presence hurts them.” He said when he broke the kiss.

“But my vow...”

“They are as much a part of me as you are, My Angel.” Ren said and gave her a kiss meant only for her, and her body shivered as he gave her just as much feelings of love as he did the maids. “Please, protect my heart while I cannot.”

“Ren.” Xuunah said and rested her forehead against his, and he felt her love in return. “I will do my best.”

“I'll come back if I find out anything.” Ren said. “Until then...”

“I will watch over them for you.” Xuunah said. “You have my word.”

“Thank you.” Ren said sincerely, and gave her another kiss. Xuunah sighed loudly when he broke it, because he was leaving her as well as the maids. He left the apartment and met Artemis outside, and they walked over to Princess' house beside the Main House.

“I am so sorry, My King.” Princess said as she came out to meet them. Riley and Stacy were there by her side.

“Not as sorry as those responsible are going to be.” Ren said and knelt by the two dogs. “I charge you with the protection of the maids and Xuunah. Guard this house and keep them safe.”

Both dogs barked once and wagged their tails, and he pet them.

“Thank you.” Ren said and stood up. “Princess, we have a bit of travelling to do.”

“I am up for anything.” Princess responded, and followed Ren across the road.

“Tee-one, I'm changing your assignment back to the business.” Ren said as they entered the warehouse, and Tee-one was already waiting for him. “Symmetra will stay and keep making anything that is needed, and the constructs will stay with her and keep an eye on things.”

“We'll do our best in this time of upheaval.” Symmetra said, then picked Ren up and hugged him with all 6 of her arms. “I'm so sorry this happened.”

“Me, too.” Ren said and hugged her back. “I hope it won't take long for me to fix things.”

“If anyone can do it, you can.” Symmetra said and let him go.

Ren, Artemis, Princess and Tee-one left the warehouse, and Ren attached a cart to Princess. Tee-one climbed inside and they went down the street to the pixie encampment. He wanted to warn them that he wasn't going to be around for a little while. When he stopped by the sign, he saw several of the 1 foot tall pixies call to the others, and a bunch of them came over.

“Well, well, well. Look at you.” Suniva, the Fire-based pixie said and grinned at him. “A Sea Dweller on dry land.”

Ren closed his eyes and made fists, which cracked all his knuckles, and he took a deep breath. He opened his eyes and looked at her sadly, then turned and started to walk away without saying a word.

“R-Ren!” Suniva said and ran forward through the air and ran around him to face him. “It was a joke! I was joking!”

“It wasn't funny.” Ren said and stopped walking. “I have to leave the maids because of it.”

“Wh-what? Why?”

“Whatever this new event is, it changed what they say and how they feel about things.” Artemis said. “They were crying almost hysterically when we left.”

“Oh, no.” Suniva said. “Ren, I... I'm so sorry.”

“I've got the Angered condition, so not much is going to set me off.” Ren said. “I could calm down, but I don't want to.” He said. “I only stopped by to tell you I might be gone for a while, depending on how long it takes to try and fix things.”

“Then I'm coming with you.” Suniva said and walked over to sit on his shoulder. “I won't let you face this alone.”

“I didn't mean for...”

“My playful joke hurt you.” Suniva said and kissed his cheek. “Let me make it up to you.”


“You're taking some of everything with you anyway.” Suniva said. “You can't say no.”

Ren opened his mouth to say no, and she quickly tossed a little fireball inside. It exploded and made a large puff of smoke come out of his mouth, and Teepo, Artemis, Princess, and Tee-one laughed at the sight. He couldn't help but chuckle at the mirth they felt, and he nodded.

“Thank you.” Suniva said and kissed his cheek again.

Their next stop was the succubi roost, and when they were close enough for Ren's Aura to cover the entire roost, 4 of the succubi came out to greet him.

“We felt your emotions, My King.” Seldanna said. “The others have someone to keep them fed, so we will come with you.”

“But, I just...”

“We will come with you.” Seldanna repeated. Ren sighed and she felt his acceptance, so she darted forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey!” Suniva said as she had to lean out of the way. “I'm right here!”

“Aren't you a tasty morsel.” Seldanna said and licked her lips and locked eyes with the pixie.

Suniva's hands glowed with Fire. “Just try it, horny demon!” She said. “You don't want to see what a pissed off pixie can do!”

“Ooo, I'm so scared.” Seldanna said and grinned.

“Seldanna.” Ren said to caution her, and she looked at his face.

“She does look tasty.” Seldanna winked at him, and he felt her teasing emotions.

“Give it a rest and hop aboard.” Ren said and motioned to the cart.

“We're better at air patrol.” Seldanna said, and the 4 succubi lifted off and hovered around him and his group. Ren climbed onto Princess and sat down on her saddle, and the group took off into the air to travel to the starter city of Aurora. He felt bad as they left the county for an indeterminate amount of time, and he didn't know when he could come back.

If Ren couldn't convince the programmers to undo what they did to the maids, then he didn't know what he was going to do next.


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    WewereHarbinger @WewereHarbinger ago

    I wonder if it was an honest mistake or if someone didn't read the 'leave Ren alone' memo.


      Via @Via ago

      I think it was a game wide thing, any land dweller race that travel the seas will automatically be hostile to sea dwellers. Think about it, people who never traveled on the ocean wouldn't care unless it effected their lives. I bet even the whole Dwarf Kingdom dislikes sea dwellers since they travel by boat.


      Bokuboy @Bokuboy ago

      Someone's really on the ball today. :)

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      Honestly shouldn't matter for those that are part of Ren's domain. He is their king, so small matters like what race he is shouldn't be a consideration. It should matter even less for those that have a direct connection to him like the maids anyone that is under contract and the ex fiance.

      To be honest if this wasn't true right now the people of his county should be raising in revolt due to the fact their Lord is a Sea-Dweller.

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      Lmao! Just imagine the chaos if he turns around and posts his social media sites...

      Would make a great threat in order to take his demands seriously.

      Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

      Honestly by now I really want to see the user agreement that the players signed for this game cause the developers keep messing with what would be considered Ren's in game property for any legal cases. Thanks Bokuboy for another great chapter.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Additionally, re. Ren's inclusion, I think that it is reasonable to connect him to the Sea Dwellers for more reasons than just his Honorary Sea Dweller title. Keep in mind that he was, albeit only for a short time, the Soverign of the Sea Dweller Kingdom; for the record, when a soverign abducates the throne they gain the title of "Prince" of that Realm... Fun Fact for BB. Ren's ability to polymorph into a sea dweller may or may not have something to do with it as well. (The system would recognize the ability, even if the admins, other players, or Ren himself wasn't certain about the ability's existence.) So, for the record, Ren has, or should have, held the following royal titles;

      Royal Consort (Drow Kingdom), Duke (Human Kingdom), [Former] King (of Water Dwellers), King-Emperor (Upon recieving his title of King, when you additionally consider his cities just outside the Elven, and Giant Kingdoms as well as his duchey/county with its ghoul-marked citizens, Prince* (as a retired Soverign) ... possibly also his Titles related to Vasalor, once his status is more widely known and understood, if you consider Holy States (similar to the Pope of Rome or Caliph of a Caliphates/Muslum Empire).

      *Prince Charming not included, since it is not a Royal Title.

      I can imagine the blue-screen explosion next time he is introduced in court, as he has gained a few new titles since he last was in the presence of the King; as a "King" (former) he is now impossible to intentionally ignore in royal society (he was a bit snubbed previously). Certainly if the game and digital beings recognize his titles, his noble peers would also be notified, once he is in their presence.  (His previous popups were achievement and aura related; any noble titles would probably be noted once he encountered land-dwelling nobles, since these titles are unimportant to water races and are not recognizeable by common folk.)

      ... it will be interesting to see if Ren's cities have become domain of, or retain affiliation with, the Water Kingdom, since he was King of the Water Kingdom while ruling over those cities, but was defeated and had to turn over the rulership of [part of?] his domain.  If he has maintained his control over the land portions of the Empire, because the water dwellers don't care about land, once he goes back to get Princess, (blue screen notification, Long live Emperor Ren!  Emperor of __________"). ... would that make Princess an actual Princess?!!!

      Via @Via ago

      As far as his cities and forfeiting his "domain" to the Water Kingdom. I feel like we still aren't sure just what exactly his "domain" entails and what being part of it really is. It feels like we have a general idea now but it will be deeper later on. It seems like his domain is something more than just a crown, people are basically branded with his mark and feel a connection to him. People of a kingdom wouldn't feel that, they can leave whenever they want with no real attachment. I imagine Ren's people who stayed in the human kingdom still feel a connection to him.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the devs started a new continent or decided to start a war as sort of a player land rush. Players fighting over control of land and areas.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      If humans/land-dwellers object to his county being in/near the kingdom, could we please make his city(s) fly or create a flying continent (connect his flying cities), or something awesome like that? (... I'm not sure if BB is "doing" requests this week.) Keep in mind, one need not enchant the city further, you could just enchant the ground beneath it. Maybe even bring along some adventurous earth spirits for good times.  ... We already have flying carts and a succubi air force.

      Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

      I am waiting for him to meet the Air/Wind elementals and see their cities so he sees how it is done then he improves it to make his own.

      RandomUsername @RandomUsername ago

      If the sovereign is overthrown(albeit wilfully) does he still get the title of prince? He technically didn’t abdicate.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      I think everyone in the throne room knew he abdicated... Raylese was the only one in the dark, until AFTER she became queen.

Dave @Dave ago

Thanks for the chapter


mjkj @mjkj ago

Thank you for the chapter :)

Edit: so, the easiest way for him to make a sanctuary like that would be: make not one - but more of the same size right next to each other - then connect them... ;)

Mad Hobbit @Mad Hobbit ago

they will refuse and the event will go on

tarakis @tarakis ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Very Happy CHEERS ©

Via @Via ago

thanks for the chapter.

Hmm... So I'm guessing they didn't let the NPCs think for themselves and automatically made them enemy aligned to sea dwellers, wow. Now what can Ren do to get them back or get them to change it back. Time for a doomsday accountability booster?

Could he make water walls that enforced the treaty ? I mean they are talking about shipping lanes so what if Ren just makes actual water borders with water walls and such? Wouldn't that basically just end their entire event? hahaha

ShadeMage @ShadeMage ago

Thanks for the chapter, villain ren strikes again

Misery's End @Misery's End ago

Actually, even though it's indirectly, they are still directly effecting his group. As they are bound to him they have no choice but to interact together. Fucking with their AI like that should be considered the same as directly messing with him, and they've been told not to. So will have to fix it or remove that part of the event.

Otoh they could remove the honorary Sea-Dweller title, but that bucket of milk has long spilt and soured for the same reasons Ren doesn't just turn off his aura.

    Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

    Ren has become so prominent that it is impossible not to affect him. Why should Ren's NPCs get special treatment? Lots of players interact with NPCs whose choices are affected by admin intervention. The question is, was it intentionally directed at him.

      Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

      It is fine to affect the regular NPCs but the maids are actually considered Ren's personal property so they could have easily written an exclusion protocol for the maids. Also the location for the NPCs for his domain should be easy to find as well and thus they should also have been able to write an exclusion protocol there. Plus Ren has such a high reputation that it should have prevented any negative feelings towards water kin that they suddenly had.

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      The maids should have been excluded for reasons that are easy to explain. Think about it, the maids share deep magical, emotional, physical and spiritual bonds with Ren. It started with the contractual magic, next came the emotional bond thrue their shared aura. Over the last game year they have built up a very close physical relationship which is what triggered their spiritual bonds. The maids willingly gave everything they had to Ren! Yet it was easily subverted and twisted with a bit of code and a push of a button.


      As for the people of his domain I feel it would be the same code based attachment that is plaguing him now. While it doesn't enforce blind loyalty, it seems to implant feeling that you feel to a parent or family head. He is their Lord and savior in every sense of the words. Something like who he is affiliated with shouldn't cause intense mistrust or dislike for their Lord. At the most it should be no more then the dislike of coworker that gets to go home earily due to medical reasons. Sure it's inconvenient but it's not something to hate the person for.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      I agree to part of the argument, disagree with others. I agree that the "bond" they share shouldn't be overwritten by the admins. But, at the end of the day THIS IS A GAME! If the admins have a legitimate reason for toggling a value that says "use formula that calculates discrimination/hate based on Reputation*X-Water Affinity*Y+A+B+K-Z" and it results in SOME of Ren's NPC chums questioning Ren's life choices, well... IT IS A GAME! So far, nobody has attacked him or acted out of character against him; so far, it seems like a pretty mild response in light of WAR. (And we all know that Ren is insanely dangerous and has been an anti-royalist, merperson sypathizer for years! ... j/k... or am I?)

      Regarding the "they're my property" argument. (1) YUCK... what a cruddy argument to make. (2) In midevil society ALL people were chattel within the desmain of their lord; serfdom sucked pretty much because it was a form of slavery. So, by that measurement, Ren is himself a slave which, via the transative property, really makes those women the property of the King[1]. (3) Even setting aside point #2, Rens ownership of the ladies has no impact on their feelings for him per se. They are no more compelled to love and respect him than they were compelled to love and respect the theif who originally owned them.

      [1] Note: Not much has really changed.  Government still asserts ultimate ownership over pretty much anything it sees, can grab, or quantifies.  It just lends it to you while you're alive, so that you keep working for them.  Don't believe me?  Try avoiding payment of taxes on your property income, or labor income, or intellectual property... or die, and see what happens to your stuff.  Tax = Rent.  Don't pay tax, they take your stuff.

      Regarding Ren's peoples feelings of loyalty to Ren via the mark (or some other magical connection). Just because you feel loyalty or love towards someone, does not mean that you like them or admire them. If you need an example of this, there are numerous wars where brothers, parents-childeren, lovers fought on opposite sides. 

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      Your own arguments invadate the point your trying to make. This game world is set in a medieval setting and as their Lord everyone in his county beholden to the king first and Ren as a Lord second. But that changed when his class changed to that of a king. Ren is now has an equal standing to that of the human king. So those of his county should not be affected by another kings declaration of war unless he supports it.

      As for the maids, they willingly gave up their country to be with ren. Secondly they never jointed the human kingdom. Their sole allegiance had Ren as it's focus. So tell me, why would they give two shits about which side Ren supports when they solely support him and only him!?

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      You can be a king in one place, but only a lesser noble (Duke)elsewhere. Ren is not a king in the human kingdom. But, in royal court, treated like a visiting dignitary.  Unfortunately, the gals are living in the human kingdom.  Also... it was just an example.  The main point; they are NPCs; the admins don’t need to explain anything, so long as Ren isn’t being targeted.

      Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

      We haven't seen him using his king title while in the human kingdom truly yet. He has been trying to lessen the responsibility he has to handle but the game just wants him to run everything.

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      Eh, the maids have sworn no oath to the human king. There oath is to Ren alone. So shouldn't be affected by another's actions. So I see no reason why other than shear neglect on the devs part as to why they should be affected as they are.

      I just really hope it's not an arbitrary excuse to separate the maids from Ren to give other harem members screen time. That could have been handled in other ways without causing them pain.

      Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

      Yeah though I figure something is going to happen to completely derail the storyline quests cause in just 73 chapters Bokuboy will have to figure out a way to write about Ren visiting Satan.

      jimmyclear @jimmyclear ago

      But Ren was the Nameless King now Tainted King. He has the power to make anyone part of his domain, in other words, "I have marked you by your choice and you are now immune from the Ghoul infection and your free to come live over at my place with a chance to start over"

      So if we factor his alignment, it would be non-royalist and more capitalist who has charmed Flame, Light, Water, and Earth; Threatened Void, and destroyed a Lightning God, and literally talked to the AI/God of this game, Vasalor (Whose stance is that of a Father that wants the best for his children and not be a mediator for their squables.)

      In a basic sense, HE IS KING! While others are working on levels, he's been working on skills and that paid him ever so dearly, both up and down.

      Misery's End @Misery's End ago

      Here's the kicker though. I place my bet that Ren is in the top 10%(if not higher) for levels, and at the top for skills, stats, and combat power. So there is few of any that can actually stand up to him in a fight. I doubt even a well planned ambush could do much more issue then a minor speedbump.

      I mean just as an example something like 6 months to a year ago one of the game developers tried to kill him with a tweenked out character because Ren was ruining his plan for the giants. While I won't say he stood no chance of killing Ren, the dev was easily dispatched. And iirc, at the time Ren was around level 40ish. Ren now has at least 3 times the levels and equipment I'm not even sure how to compare.

      Tbh unless they have some obscenely special ability like the suicide bomb of the lightning elemental, or whatever ability the bog witch? had, normal players and npcs stand no chance against Ren.

      (..... I'm not even sure where I was going when I typed this diatribe up. I could be reading. Today's chapter instad...)