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Silence met up with Rebecca, who mirrored the light smirk appearing on her face after the relieving talk with her Headmaster. Without words, the two started walking back the way the came, crossing the daunting corridors and the perilous staircases, as they returned to Silence's room.


On the way, they talked about things. What the headmaster had said, Silence's opinions of the school... They had a lot of time to fill, dorm's massive size was no oversatement...


As they finally exhausted every 'news' and 'gossip' topic at the twos disposal, they reached her door. Silence yawned, clearly fatigued, as she said her goodbyes and entered the room.


She was greeted by unpacked boxes and bare-bones furniture she called a room and shrugged it off...


'That was tiring. I'm really not good with talking...' Silence thought as her fatigue built up. Remembering all of the interactions she did today, she grimaced as she imagined having to do it regularly.


Shaking her head, she got all of the negative and annoying thoughts out of her head. Instead of doing anymore, she swiftly got on her neatly made single bed, and just flopped on top of it. The instant she felt the soft feeling of her bedding, she lost consciousness.




With a couple of hours of squirming in her sleep, she destroyed her covers. She woke up after about four hours of sleep, peacefully. No knocking, no yelling from her door... Just the birds tweeting and mumbles coming from the ground below.


Silence's head rose, as she took a look around. She noticed that she didn't change into her nightwear, creasing on her shirt and jeans appeared very visible due to her bad sleeping habits. Her covers were ruined, and boxes still overrun the room. She noticed how early it was by the level of light and after reading a nearby clock, she found that it was about three.


She got up, making her first agenda to finish her unpacking. Three boxes of almost identical clothes, one box of dried food such as noodles, a box with a mobile games console, with wires and games, and a box of school books were all unpacked and put in place after a few hours of hard labor.


Working up a sweat, she took a quick bath and got dressed in her usual brand of unfashionably casual.




She still had about two hours before breakfast should have been served, so she ate some of her dried food. She then glanced over her room and became mortified when she noticed a small smear of something on the cover of one of her games. Worrying about possible damage, she immediately started playing through all of her games as quickly as possible.


They all worked perfectly fine, and she finally agreed with this forgone conclusion after three hours of 'scientific research'. The mark probably being some leftover glue from opening the game for the first time.


Looking at the clock now, it read as eight AM, an hour later than she wanted.


'Oh well. They probably still have plenty of food there after one mere hour...' she told herself, finally leaving her room.




On her way to the dining hall, she finally thought about where Spire would likely be, as he had said it yesterday.


'Wait... where did he say he'd be? I knew I should've paid attention...' she thought, noting that her habit of ignoring people politely probably didn't help.


She lightly punched herself and tried to think of a better solution.




Silence soon continued going towards the dining hall, attempting through luck to bump into him there. But she was luckier.


Whilst going down the staircase, Spire was going up as she went down, so tried to stop him.


"Spire? I've decided on which event I'd like to do." Silence said, trying to get Spire's attention.


"Oh, it's you, S... Silence? I have some free time so I don't mind. Let's just go somewhere to sit first, like the dining hall." he replied, turning around as he followed Silence.




An awkward silence engulfed the two, as they continued on their way. Neither dared to try breaking the ice.


They passed some people, who seemed like friends of Spire. It was weird to see him seem social to everyone, apart from the person he was with. But this was expected of a girl nicknamed Silence, also known as the self-proclaimed queen of the socially awkward.


Time slowed down with the lack of stimulation whilst walking. An eternity seemed to pass before reaching their goal, but in reality, it took less than five minutes to get there. As the two sat down, the conversation automatically sparked from Spire, with no resistance from Silence.


"So, which contest do you want to do?" Spire asked, casually brushing off the awkward silence before.


"The beam toppling. If you want to see why, then test me... I'm bored of saying how I plan to do it." Silence answered, as nonchalantly as possible I should add. Her puffed out chest and unwavering eyes both said volumes to Spire about how confident she was.


"Hm... Okay, that position is pretty packed with six of our mages already and since we can only field four, we were planning a competition anyway... So how about this, we'll test your words with an entrance competition. Is that fair?" Spire said in a tone devoid of caring.


After confirmation from a nod, he continued, "The competition was set for today, we'll just do one more competition than we were going to do before. Before I finalize this, though, are you sure this is what you want to do? You could cheat the cheering competition with your skill instead..."


His eyes now met Silence's, in a deadlocked stare which she returned.


"Yeah, amplifying sound with my ability isn't as easy as you think, plus isn't that cheating?" she paused, and with a suspicious grin with clear sweat on his forehead. She continued, knowing the answer already, "Regardless... I counter mages, so this competition should be just as easy."


He thought for a while, attempting to pick out even a shred of doubt.


Coming up empty, he shrugged and stated his conclusion, "Fine. Meet us at training field two at one PM, and we'll test if you can make your promise come true."


He continued to walk off, leaving Silence there for a while. She proceeded to grab some food and eventually left the dorm to go to her entrance test.


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