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Silence's head laid on her desk, her body curled up in her chair. A crumpled booklet on said desk acted as a make-shift pillow, as it was obvious that she was fast asleep.

It was like this for a while, traces of classical music from her headphones coated the scene in a peaceful aura.


A sudden knock on the door made Silence spring back up, snapping her head to face the door.

'I... fell asleep? When?' she asked herself, slightly groggy from just waking up. 

Her joints cracked as she untangled her body from her headphones. Whilst doing this, though, she accidentally moved her chair. She plummeted to the ground with it, soon followed by her MP3 player. It wasn't a 'painful' fall more a startling fall, as it woke her up full. 

A series of knocks followed it, making Silence fight her pain in order to get up and answer it. Wobbling as her legs begrudgingly moved with her, as she eventually got to the door and opened it.

Rebecca stood on the other side, giving out a short sigh as the door creaked open. A small smile appearing on her face as she bowed at Silence's presence.

"Oh, you're awake? The headmaster wanted to see you. It's nothing bad, so please follow me," she said, beckoning Silence's obedience.


She obliged, following the maid through a series of long, twisted corridors as she climbed up numerous floors until a certain door appeared. It was a modest door, being the same size as the others, but with a sign 'Head Master' on the outside instead of a rank numbered room.

Silence felt cold sweat down her back, as Rebecca just stood, arms poised for her to go in.

'It's fine... it's not a bad thing, right?' doubts started to cloud at the back of her mind. She knew Rebecca wouldn't lie, or she wanted to believe this... but...

She shook her head, attempting to ignore her thoughts, as she knocked.

"Yes?" a male voice boomed from the other side.

Her nerves kicked in, making her stutter as she tried to answer, "I... I'm Silence, Rebecca said you needed me?"

The voice became softer as it spoke again, "Oh, come on in then. The door's open."

Applying little to no force, the door smoothly opened as Silence walked in. Behind it was a room, about equal in size to her own. All of the furniture sparkled, as did everything else. Bland but fancy white covers were put on everything, highlighting how well the room was cleaned.

As she stepped into the room, overcoming her nerves as she stepped further in. She noticed a table surrounded by cushioned chairs. The Headmaster was sitting on one and gestured Silence to join him. She sighed, going to the table and taking one of the empty seats.

He seemed to know I was going to ask something, so started talking before I could try to speak, "Now then, let me dismiss one suspicion you may have. I don't care. My job is to get students on the right path because, regardless of their initial paths, they all can achieve it if they tried. I don't care for this villain stuff since most of it is contrived gossip anyway. Your parents may have done bad things, without control over their actions. To me, that means absolutely nothing about you, don't break rules and I won't say any more on the topic..."

Silence had no response. The man in front of her, who, if he wished, could expel her on the spot, just ignore her past like that.

He then bowed apologetically, "Sorry. I know I shouldn't be stating this anyway. It's just how I feel. You seemed to have calmed down from Rebecca's word, so I just wanted to tell you that I harbor nothing against you now and lay down a clean slate for the future. It's the first time in my lengthy career that such a thing's happened, hopefully, it helped."

With a sigh of relief, both the Headmaster and Silence both looked at each other, confirming that this conversation was over.

Silence got up, gathering that was it. But as she started to walk away, she was interrupted.

"Wait! You haven't even heard the reason for you being here yet." the Head Master claimed, increasing his volume to grab her attention. 

It worked, making Silence turn around and stop in her tracks. She didn't move back towards the table but gave him her attention nevertheless.

Receiving her attention, he continued, "My actual reason was to do with the tournament. Have you made up your mind on what you want to do yet?"

"I think so, although I'm not sure I'd be allowed to. The beam toppling conversation, since I think I would suit it well, but I'm not sure if my power counts as hexing or attacking," Silence honestly answered.

The Headmaster thought for a while, clearly confused to her reasoning behind picking it.

"Huh, what a weird choice. Now, it's obvious that even favors mages. Not being a mage yourself, how can you be so confident?" he asked, intrigued.

"I'm 'Silence'... I counter mages flawlessly. Assuming I could silence my competitor and knock over the beams by amplifying sound waves, my win against any mage is almost definite." she replied, puffing her chest out. 

Her response lead the Headmaster to laugh, eventually controlling it enough to reply to the now annoyed Silence.

"Ha ha ha... What an interesting little girl you are. I personally didn't think of that, but your plan would definitely work... Ha ha ha, What an amusing response. Hell, if you can get 'Spire', the person in charge of organizing teams, to accept you. I'd definitely cheer you on." he said, laughing in awe at the plan of the girl in front of him. 

He paused for a second before something clicked as a mischievous smile crept onto his face.

"You... You're Melissa shard, right? Helen's sister?" he asked, seeming to have made the connection between their names.

Not understanding the nature of the question, Silence tilted her head and asked, "Yeah? She's ranked 5 in 8th high school, and my biological sister... What of it?"

"Oh, sorry. I just made the connection... So you're her sister then? Does she have any weaknesses or irrational fears our team could abuse?" he asked, explaining his reasoning with his question. A sly smile appeared, getting ever larger with every second.

"It's been two years since we've met, and her magic was always impeccable. By the way, she said her team was practicing today. Is it normal for teams to start so soon?" she replied.

The Headmaster's posture dropped, his smile vanished and anxiety filled his eyes. Finally working out his motives, Silence turned around again, heading towards the door with no delay this time. 

At the door, she turned, realizing she never said goodbye. So said, "Well, if that's it then I'm leaving to find Spire. I wish your team luck against my sister's, you'll probably need it. Thanks for the motivating speech from earlier, I feel a bit better after hearing it." After finishing she turned around one last time, proceeding to close the door on her, now disheartened, Headmaster.

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