Howdy, this is basically a chapter in which I'll explain certain things with the series so far, and some explanations to my motives behind different aspects of this series. If you don't actually care, please wait another release today, since I'll be releasing chapter 9 once I've finished it. I hope this doesn't turn you off the series, but I feel like there are a few things I feel are necessary to explain. 

Well, first things first. This is a 'Slice of Life', not an action or adventure. Now, I feel this is important to state, since, some of you may read 'superpowers' as epic and cool fight scenes and little talking. This is the opposite, I'll have some training chapters and the tournament to showcase how I planned Silence using her ability in action, but this'll mainly be about other aspects such as the 'villain' debacle.

The second thing I want to state is, I'm planning to do the three arcs simultaneously. There are three main issues, and when they're all done with, it'll be the end of the series. Now, I would state them now, but I feel like they should be obvious enough without my confirmation. Hell, I'd be surprised if most of you didn't know them all by now anyway.

I guess another thing I could explain is Silence's social anxiety. It's based off my own experiences, the whole thing about the emotional thing turning into physical symptoms represents how I feel in similar circumstances. Yeah, there's a reason I have so much time for writing and it's that I don't like socializing.

Yet another thing is the way schooling works. Basically the way I had it is primary school starts as the child gets introduced to their ability, you graduate through to high school when your control is acceptable. If you don't graduate in 5 years, you're called a failure. For instance, Silence's ability was found when she was 8, and she graduated when she was 12 for having such a good level of control. I find this makes more sense in such a fictional world then basing it on an actual schooling system, so apologies for any confusion.

The last thing I want to explain is why the Shard dynasty thing was so sudden. This was the point! It was like chapter 5 out of a 50+ series... did you expect me to just milk all of it at the start? It's the same with the other claims that I need to flesh out everything right now, I'm not going to since that'll leave the later chapters so empty. Just don't worry and wait, and everything will be just as fleshed as you want.

Okay, now for my motives behind writing. The main series was mainly inspired by Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's a manga series, in which has only a school, which is basically a city, has with a similar concept with each student having their own power. The students make 'councils', and fight one another for power and resources. I liked the concept, obviously, so went with a different aspect of it affecting everyone in the world instead of just a city-like school. I hope I've made this series different enough to make it not just a clone.

I was wanting to write a one-shot series for some way to get through my ideas and still devote my time to Myth of Men. Yeah... the one-shot with this idea ended up having the first four chapters in and had a male MC. I just ended up liking the concept too much, so made a series of it.

I changed the gender because I wanted to change the gender. I have a certain ethic in which I don't give a damn about gender, race, group... practically any difference between two groups of humans. I call myself apathy incarnate for a reason you know. Basically I wanted to write a female MC with this mind set to see how realistic it would be, and I accept that anything I made Silence do, I, a male, do in real life too. Except the dresses and cosplay stuff, seems like way too much of a hassle since I don't care about how I look. I have been forced to dress up as 'manly' as possible, a description for which I have no meaning for, so reversed it for Silence, and for comic relief.

Another thing I'd like to explain my reasoning for is the 'villain' witch-hunt concept. Yeah, this can be summed up as me despising mob-mentality, and opinionated stances in which people always go with the apparent 'underdog' instead of actually using their brains and thinking about situations of both sides fairly. Imagine it as a metaphor for people's stance of males declared innocent in a rape case, random claims of people's 'real' identities, trolling and other things that are just despicable to say the least. 

And the last thing I want to mention is my use of words. You see, I only see words as a unique series of syllables which have their own meanings. And with my given apathy, I sometimes disregard how hard-hitting my words can be on others. For instance, my usage of the words 'retard' and 'cretin' don't relate to the conditions. I grew up with them literally meaning 'slow' and 'uncivilized' so use them with only those definitions, not in relation to the actual conditions which I have no reason to mock or call out. I wing chapters, to the shock and awe of no one, so if I've offended with the previous, or later chapters with uses of these words I apologize, but I still keep my innocence in claiming my real meanings behind my word choice.

Well, that's really it. If I've managed to turn you off the rest of the series, it's your choice. But for those who I haven't turned off, please enjoy the rest of the series, and thanks for reading this. The growth of this series, compared to MoM is ridiculous, after only 8 chapters compared to the 27 in MoM, there's a 100 average reader gap favoring this series, with more followers and surprisingly a lower overall rating. I'd like to say thanks and I hope you guys like the rest of the story.

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