As Silence waited, someone attempted to talk to her. They couldn't get through the harsh atmosphere that surrounded her though, and gave up soon after starting. A couple minutes later the teacher appeared back into behind his desk in a poof.

"Okay, as said in the meeting, period three is training. So please follow..." He got cut off by someone entering the room. The new person was a unknown female, and she glared at Silence, she didn't appear to be hostile, but Silence still tilted her head in response.

"Rank 73, first-year Silence. You're required to go to the student council room, it's on the top floor of the main block, you can't miss it... Trust me, it is very clearly labeled. Unfortunately I'm busy, so you'll have to make your own way there."

Silence did as she was told, going to the main block instead of going to the training arena like her colleagues. She really wanted to see what training would amount to, but alas, she didn't want to get yelled at, demoted or expelled for ignoring the SC.

The main block was a massive towering structure. It was about twenty stories at least containing all of the club rooms, and at the top of the was the student council room, supposedly.

Since her goal was at the top, poor Silence had to walk up every floor. The reason? The only elevator was for the Student Council's use only, she tried to use it, but even after arguing she was sent to the student council room, was denied access. Whilst walking, Silence gained a great hatred for the inventor of stairs, thinking up a unique way of killing them for every step she painstakingly climbed. And trust me, there were hundreds of steps!


She eventually scaled the tower.

'I somehow think I'm in the right place. This looming door, about two stories high, with the words 'Student Council' looming across the top in a gold font. I pity the fireflies who got attracted by this door and got swatted by doing so, I really do.' As she so eloquently thought, the door was big, and was labeled with the Student Council's name in obnoxious neon lights. The clever girl added in a metaphor, but what it was a metaphor for was unclear.

Silence knocked on the door and upon hearing confirmation to enter, she did so. The room was pretty much a library. Shelves full of generic looking books, most thicker that they were tall, coated the wall like a book-worms wallpaper. In the center were two large leather sofas, a desk and an absent chair.

The person inside wasn't Thor. In his place, a girl with a scowling look on her face sat on the sofa, signalling Silence to join her. This girl had a modest build, long black hair and a cold face, and was elegantly drinking some tea as Silence walked in. 

"Welcome," the girl said, but any warmth in her tone was absent. "We've requested to talk to you, thanks for coming. But what's with that uniform? Aren't you a girl?" She finally changed her cold tone into a confused tone when asking her questions. Not the thank you, the uniform... This only left Silence slightly more annoyed at her though.

"I am a girl, I just hate skirts. Walking in them is just too awkward for me." She answered, quickly continuing to change the topic. "Anyway, what's the real reason I've been requested here?" Silence asked in a annoyed tone. She didn't like getting forced into things for no reason, hence wanted to know the important reason now, if there wasn't one she'd just leave.

"Oh. Then let me explain. You are one of the elite, correct? Basically our records have nothing but the word 'silence' as the only description of your power, your background is equally as skeptical, but we don't like to pry in irrelevant issues. You should know that all the elite are required to enter one event in the national tournament, yes?" The girl explained, although the intrigue in her voice was barely audible...

"I read in the handbook the people ranked top each had to do an event, but I assumed it was the top 50 since they already have added responsibilities the rest of us 'elite' don't have to bother with," Silence openly admitted.

"Well that was meant to say the all the 'elite' members... they must have screwed up the student hand-book again," a bit of blood-lust came evident on her face as she explained the situation, but it disappeared as quickly as it came..

She soon continued, "sorry, but it does include you. Having beaten one of our best mages, Lunar, and your little scuffle with the professionally trained guard at lunch, have solidified you a place on our radars. We are just confused to the intricacies behind your power,"

"By the way, I feel awkward with you knowing my nick-name, but not knowing yours. Could you give me something apart from 'you' to address you as?" Silence changed the topic with a question, she could have put it less dickish, yes. nevertheless, it was still a fair question.

"Oh my. Where are my manners. I'm Anubis, rank 3. Second year military course. I serve as the secretary of the student council. Thor is training, and Death is do some handy jobs around the school." Anubis said, although with her tone, the sincerity of the contents was brought into question.

'For her to be nick-named after the Egyptian god of death, I'm not really sure what to expect. Maybe a power related to seeing truths or something...' Silence fruitlessly attempted to correlate her nick-name to her power through some leaps of logic. Although it's pretty obvious if you think about it.

She somehow gathered she thought this, so explained. "My name is in reference to my tone, not power. If you're that curious, my power is the ability to move metal without touching it. I just don't use it much." To Anubis, Silence seemed content, Silence was faking knowing Anubis actually lied, so Anubis changed the topic. "So, can we start talking about you now?"

"Personally, I don't really care. I just like knowing things. Ask the questions you deem necessary," she answered in an attempt to keep face. She was truthfully embarrassed about being read so easily. 

"Well first. What is it?" She asked a broad question, in hopes most of her specific questions would get answered.

"Well, it's 'silence', and ability that lets me control how much individuals hear," Silence replied, keeping it as conspicuous as possible. Still sore about being read, she brooded over it whilst speaking. Thinking about her blatant lie, something clicked...

"How though?" She pressed on.

'And how comes you lied to me about your ability? You may have a good poker face, but your less than hidden sigh afterwards gave it away. Trust is a two way street, lying to me and thinking I'd tell you more? How silly,' she thought, cleverly trying to trap her prey. She was in the espionage course for a reason, she was smart. Well, smart enough to think about each ability worked, and used this knowledge to cope with different situations. She also knew tells in lying like the back of her hands.

"Oh, you saw through that. I guess you're not rank 73 for your power alone then..." She mumbled. "Fine. My power is 'foresight'. It allows me to see what the best thing to do is in a given situation," she lied again. 

Silence knew this because she had responded to her thoughts, so concluded her ability to be mind-reading. The downside behind mind-reading is many with the ability find it hard to differentiate thoughts and speech. It made sense because of her nickname being Anubis, and reading people's minds is the best way to find the hidden truths of people.

"So you're not going to tell me the truth then miss psychic?" Silence sighed and gave up. "As I 'said', trust is a two-way street. If you don't trust me to know yours, then I won't trust you to know mine. Simple as. Bye~," she finished, waving one her hands above her head as she left.

 This left an embarrassed Anubis, finally realizing what Silence had done, alone in the room shaking her head.

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